South Wales Police accuse Maurice again of Intimidating Policemen

Mr Justice Males deliberately misled by Cardiff Crown Court

Mr Justice Males RO judgment

Mr justice Males

RCJ 1st RO Judgment

Review the progression of Mr Kirk’s significant irreversible brain damage?

1. It is now eight years since in 2009 Dr XX said there was significant irreversible brain damage where Dr XX said he could not predict how that condition would progress. Does it therefore follow for the Court to reassess Mr Kirk’s health to see how Mr Kirk’s significant irreversible brain damage has progressed?

2. Or do we follow up and find the result of the radiological investigations of 2009 where there are Judge Cooke’s comments of the 24 June 2010 saying:-

“..there were clearly radiological investigations undertaken…”

3. What is certain is Dr XX is only a psychiatrist and he also knows that Professor Wood is only a psychologist and that neither Psychiatrist Dr XX or Psychology Professor Wood are medically qualified to determine the presence or absence of brain damage from brain scans to report their own findings to a Crown Court.

4. Would it save the time of the Court to face the truth that Dr XX has entirely made things up, and does so in other cases. Please would the Court read Chapter 10 of “Justice for William” by Helen P Simpson to see a trend regards Dr XX.

Reasonable excuse – the dissemination of truth is needed to implement the various Mental Health Acts.

5. Dr XX is a Psychiatrist who can take away a person’s liberty. To keep those powers he must get the support of his colleagues, such as two other psychiatrists with such powers to sign his renewal or else he cannot continue.

6. Therefore it is a part the implementation of the Mental Health Act 1983, 2007 and all the various updating measures to disseminate information to prevent psychiatrists who do wrong and so who are unsuitable from continuing.

7. Entirely making up significant irreversible damage is obviously a material issue to being considered unsuitable to continue as a Psychiatrist.

8. All psychiatrists, employers, regulators and insurers who may be asked to counter sign or support that Dr XX remains a psychiatrist need to know the truth, as a part of the implementation of the law (as in the various Mental Health Acts).

Reasonable excuse – Are Judges allowed to impose Restraining Orders that would collude in a potentially substantial insurance fraud?

9. A condition of being a UK Section 12 doctor is that they prove they have insurance to cover those duties. The insurers need to know if there is a history of making things up so that the doctor is obviously unsuitable as being too much of an insurance risk.

10. Preventing the dissemination of material information about Dr XX’ trend of dishonesty to potential insurers is highly improper if not potentially fraud. A Restraining Order made by a Court that has obviously ignored the facts and seemingly colludes in fraud can be at least morally wrong if not an illegality, to give reasonable excuse to ignore aspects of it’s conditions.

GMC use the “local” Responsible Officer system and so could not previously investigate.

11. By the Medical Act 1983 the GMC “local” Responsible Officer who recommended to the GMC whether a case against Dr XX should proceed was Dr Bruce Ferguson. But Dr Ferguson is his friend and is accused of collusion with Dr XX.

12. But Dr Ferguson has now retired. The GMC use a five year time limit rule Therefore by Dr XX still abusing his position as a doctor who works with police, to continue his vendetta by using obviously false reports and false comments, the GMC can start afresh and now seek to investigate.

The 12th September 2017 4th Jury trial’s main prosecution exhibit, for ‘breaching an ‘amended restraining order’ in 2014, will  be Dr XX with his MAPPA concocted records by Barbara Wilding who nearly achieved having her victim shot.

Apparently, despite the same judge ruling nothing need be removed from his victim’s websites because he had proved police collusion using their Dr XX as a blackmailed liar.

Under the standard defence in The Prevention of Harassment Act 1997 you cannot be convicted of ‘harassment‘ if successfully, as in his own victim’s case, had both detected and prevented further crime by having Dr XX banished to the other side of our Earth, South Island, New Zealand.

Cooke N

BUT is does not end there, not by a long chalk, as Maurice Kirk still suffers under his fabricated medical reports with those of the spineless Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University.

Now we have Her Ladyship, The Recorder of Cardiff ruling last week that an ‘amended restraining order’ need not relate to the original 2011 restraining order never served on south Wales Police’s victim or told about its existence in the first place!




Crown  Prosecution Service                                                           T20170239

Cardiff South Wales

28th July 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

12th September 2017 Cardiff Crown Court

4th Jury Trial for ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’ Never Served in the First Place

  1. Further to my 22nd Oct 2013 letter and my other countless applications since 2011 for disclosure of police evidence, neither unprotected by privilege nor PII for public records of my 1st December 2011 ordeal in Cardiff magistrates’ cells, I ask for them yet again for this 4th and possibly now, 5th jury trial, RCJ and ECHR.
  2. The 1st jury was flatly refused them by the Cardiff judge, as ‘irrelevant’, despite no less than four Geoamey custody officers having been required to open my cell door, as I was a MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, to serve the fictitious ‘restraining order’!
  3. Why are they not interviewed as they will confirm no ‘service’ took place as 1st jury suspected following my cross examination of the lying court clerk and Geo manager?
  4. Why will you not disclose my immediate ‘gate arrest’ in my wheel chair from those magistrates’ cells records? You knew why I ‘failed to attend’ the Musa Haringey Council snatched kids 28th Nov 2011 hearing because I was unlawfully locked up in Cardiff prison to avoid my evidence re ‘child trafficking’ witting the world media.
  5. My 2012 2nd Jury trial was also an ‘abuse of process’ and collapsed but you lot refuse to disclose relevant records for 3rd and now my 4th jury, those police records of Dr XX evidence that I had been caught at his house, in the dead of night, with cans of petrol. His solicitors, tax payer funded Blake Morgan LLP, have buried those records to defend my blocked by Cardiff County Court damages claim.
  6. Today CPS again accuses me of ‘witness intimidation’ despite using proven false police data…….(Watch this space as, of course, South Wales Police generated)
  7. Lord Justice Leveson and Mr Justice Males were successfully fooled by you lot at my March 2013 Appeal for my 1st jury trial malicious 9 month prison sentence.
  8. Extract from Their Lordships’ judgment Para 9 —

“There is a complaint also that the jury requested sight of the original custody notes and court log…..but the judge refused……there is no trace of anything of that nature having been requested by the jury

Judge Leveson

       WHO, then, will be the bloody liar at my 4th and 5th jury trials ?

The said 1st jury’s 2nd ‘jury note’ withheld from me until many months after the ridiculous trial. To this day HMC&TS refuses to disclose court log recording detail of the 1st jury note.

12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note

Both CCRC and IPCC conduct of all this appears somewhat ‘interesting’ if not predictable.

Screenshot (9)

Bloody liar

  1. I was put in the only cell with CCTV as an ‘at risk’ MAPPA3/3 very dangerous prisoner (custody records already acquired).
  2. I requested disclosure both before and during the trial of the original magistrates court and Geoamey written record of no ‘service’ of the restraining order as both had record of the failed attempt to serve it on me, in my left sock, at 1705 hrs following my being violently assaulted and dragged out of the custody suite still demanding the paperwork as to what may have happened in court that day.

One of the ‘niggers in the wood pile’ in this multi sector conspiracy is NHS’s Paul Williams, mentioned again in ‘dispatches’, as a warning to anyone awake to the fact that South Wales is dominantly controlled by devil-worship bullying, deceit and uncontrolled HM Partnership abuse that will become rampant should Brexit succeed.

16 11 11 CCRC report

CCRC Refusal of Public Records

Any new reader to this cyberspace information need to be enlightened in that in South Wales and especially in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, how I managed even a week as a practicing as a country veterinary surgeon my family just cannot comprehend once they became aware of the wide spread devil worship condoned by their very own law courts.

NHS (Wales) Paul Williams, in bed with Bridgend’s Caswell Clinic’s Dr Roger Thomas is equivalent to Taunton, Somerset’s head devil worshipper, Chief Superintendent  ‘curly’ Hawkins who had personal note book ‘borrowed’ from his office deep in the heart of Taunton police station.



In the light of new evidence concerning the 2nd ABORTED jury trial, withheld until now  by the South Wales Police to further pervert the justice in my civil claims against them, proving that the Dr XX household lied in that I had been caught by police around at their house at night with cans of petrol


coupled with His Honour Neil Bidder QC’s 17th Oct 2013 remarks, when referring to the 3rd jury trial, then a fresh application is to be made to the Criminal Court of Appeal unless someone, appropriate, apologises and corrects my erroneous medical records currently preventing both RENEWAL OF MY COMMERCIAL PILOT’S LICENCE AND MEMBERSHIP TO THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF VETERINARY SURGEONS

A chance meeting in North Devon of two winged commercial pilots now 24/7 exposing the wide spread corruption in both our UK law courts and South Wales police force


Devon's Darstedly Pilots @ Bidiford

Len Laurence coming out of his corner fighting.

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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