Wow! Cardiff Crown Court Judgment for European Court of Human Rights

UPDATE on Dr XX and the little bastards who put him up to it – with highly significant arguments:

17 07 24 Review on Dr XX

This was a HM Partnership classic performed in Cardiff Crown Court

09 10 Dr TW medical report (2).jpg

Well, what a fascinating case yesterday, before The Recorder of Cardiff with McKenzie friends crowding the public gallery just to hear Her Ladyship to rule.

…..I had ‘received’ a restraining order in the cells of Cardiff Magistrates court on 1st December 2011!…..

News to me and there are still at least seven witnesses to confirm I did not, but who is left with the ‘bottle’ to ask for their evidence, just like the 1st May 2012 jury asked and told to ‘go to hell’?

News to me, boys and girls

17 07 24 Cardiff Crn Crt 4th jury trial

4th jury trial on the public scandal commences on 12th September 2017……sticky buns and tea will be served at the interval.



As you recover and as I escape that place, Wales….a short memory of Dad…. while on the way to Tim’s vinery extrordinaire in Devon.






You ask about  my a/c. She was a DH2 Airco replica built by my old mate, Viv Bellamy, most likely at Lands End, Cornwall, for Thorpe Air Park near London in the early 70s.

My experiences, mid Towy river estuary off Ferryside, Carmarthen, when the prop snapped off on my return flight from 2000 Farnborough air show, still carries vivid and sweaty palm memories.

The unbalanced engine immediately began being torn off the fuselage. Five brackets, each of two bolts for the radial ‘pusher’ with now one snapped clean off and two others almost completely torn off meant my 12th or 13th engine failure, was it, was likely my last.

Had it not been for ex RAFVR training on DH Chipmunks at Filton, ‘switches off, panels out & goggles down’ might have been 5 seconds too late so my mortal remains would now be with the fishes somewhere in the Bristol Channel,

The DH2 was our only a/c in early 1916 up to the battle of The Somme that was any match for the German Eindecker as the DH2 had a forward mounted Lewis machine gun and could out-turn anything in a dog-fight.

We only had synchronised guns forward firing through the propeller later than Feb 1916 when the DH2 was first put into service in the Royal Fly Core

The first Welsh VC for an airman was to a Captain or Major Hamilton after flying his DH2 in the summer of 1916.

Viv always used to laugh at the way I would fly down in my ex army 1946 Auster 6a Tugmaster, G-ARGI  to watch his WW1 replicas being built. He had four other Lewis guns decommissioned with mine, in mid 70s with mine, now on other a/c and during much of my time while I was on remand in Cardiff prison before the farcical trial.

The identical gun in Hendon’s RAF museum I was told about, after my 2010 acquittal, was mounted on a Sopwith half strutter, from memory, that caused panic with the CAA at the time but no one was even interviewed, of course, by police.

Viv laughed as he knew I had an aversion to any airfields, the last place your would ever want to take your aeroplane.

I would land in amongst the cabbages, in the field outside the perimeter stone wall and climb over for a cup of tea!

Asking for her registration? Memory nbg now a days due to trauma from 25 years of South Wales Police’s incessant persecution, sorry. Something like G-AVH?


You missed yet another cracking good pre-arranged judgment in Cardiff courts, this week, with Cardiff’s cabal now frantic, with the 4th jury to ask the obvious, intent on covering up the machine-gun MAPPA Dr XX and bastard, Professor Rodger Wood conspiracy all for tax payer’s cash.

AND now for something ‘completely different’


As you recover and as I escape that place, Wales….a short memory of Dad…. while on the way to Tim’s vinery extrordinaire in Devon.

How to expunge from one’s memory of the stench of yet another corrupt welsh court cover-up by my sitting, in camouflage and in absolute silence, watching the dippers, dragon flies and king fishers on the river Tor deep in the heart of a civilised Devon.

to be continued….

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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