Do Come to Machine-Gun Trial Farce on 12th June17 10.30am


Cardiff County Court hearing will start at 10.30am when the  wickedly designed plot hatched by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and using  numerous South Wales Police, lawyers and  many within the judiciary, was simply to have me locked away for life without even a trial in order to further disrupt my civil damages claims against her quite unaccountable Cardiff cabal.

MG UK Column Jan 09010


An extract from a typical Cardiff Cabal delay tactic, by each judge staying claim 1CF03361 proceedings at every turn, for a minimum of 10 years since I filed the claim to the earliest possible date of evidence of the police conspiracy being heard from members of the 2010 Cardiff Crown Court  jury,  so far traced. I offer a reward of £500 for each juror found and gives evidence.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

  1. “Claim no. 7CF07345 shall be listed for a further directions on a date to be fixed with a time estimate of 2 hours when further consideration will be given to the future conduct of this Action, and Action 1CF03361, which otherwise both remain stayed”.

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC


“And now for something completely different”



fr cub & chafinch


The Cardiff Cabal has succeeded in having, not just my face book account and web site to be wiped out but has now been granted,  by a Cardiff ďcourt, yet another two years adjournment for my remedy to injustice.

This will make the machine-gun civil damages case never reaching a jury, if ever, euntil, at the earliest, 2019.

Machine-gun Application

17 05 30 MG Hassan appl

ERROR, to catch the eye, in application form —Machine gun delayed case should read 1CF03361 but no one will notice, as in most of my cases, they are already fixed long before I even arrive at any court building in Cardiff.

Take this grossly inaccurate and misleading police solicitor’s  statement to ‘justify’ yet another two year delay to bury yet another example of the deceit and corruption routinely witnessed in the Welsh judiciary

16 02 17 Hill Signed MG

17 05 20 Particulars of Claim Hassan

That is a full ten years after the South Wales Police, as the Defendant, conspired to further disrupt my rights under the ‘rule of law’ for compensation in my first of 33 malicious prosecutions simply to have my name removed from the veterinary register.

Barbara Wilding’s ‘shoot to kill’ policy was proven to have been aimed at me, in June 2009 (see leaked MAPPA records), if her malicious conspiracy with Dr Tegwyn Williams and daft MAPPA machine-gun allegations all failed to have me gaoled for a statutory minimum of 10 years or indefinitely without trial, of course, risking a jury.

09 06 23 MG cutting

This malicious act could only be achieved, at the time, with the direct help from Dr Tegwyn Williams to appear before Judge Neil Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2011 with similar false evidence to that of Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University.

wood R Prof

This was again to disrupt and delay my civil trial for damages for prosecutions that all miserably failed other than ruining my life and state of mind.

The 2008 MAPPA/Machine-Gun conspiracy achieved a further five year delay from an already  10 year delay  for the chaotic 2013 substantive trial on evidence already lost or forgotten.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster.jpg

Following the mysterious police  ‘finding’of  my 1993 Garrotte/Prince Charles/gaoled as ‘unidentifiable’ interview tape, over 22 years later, for my yet unfinished 1st  Action 8.6 claim  now we have this!

We have the equally mysterious ‘discovery’ of a Cardiff Crown Court CD, following Her Ladyship’s diktat that paid for transcripts must be disclosed for my 4th jury trial for breaching an illegally concocted restraing order wrongly created

It appears to be record of my 2010 two week Cardiff Crown Court machine -gun conspiracy trial and can be now purchased for yet another £9000 to again, to prove a ‘perversion  of justice’.

A diktat is a statute, harsh penalty or settlement imposed upon a defeated party by the victor, or a dogmatic decree. The term has acquired a pejorative sense, to describe a set of rules dictated by a foreign power or an unpopular local power. The phrases “To impose its values” or “give orders” can be synonymous with giving a diktat

I had been facing a mandatory 10 year prison term and/or indefinite incarceration in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital had it not been for my knowing the indictments were so daft they could all be quashed from my cell in solitary confinement in Cardiff Prison.

Without even the need of preparing a defence case, give evidence or call defence witnesses, is an indictment in its self of the evil within Cardiff’s judicial industry bound for autonomy.

My application for defence witnesses, in any event, were all refused by the then trial judge, HHJ Paul Thomas QC,who should of stopped the bloody nonsense.

Machine Gun Case summary

Nine of the jury confirmed with us my acquittal after, they said, the very first day of clearly cooked police evidence.

It was so obvious to both myself and my family, in the public gallery,  why the judge refused me ever defence witness applied.

They watched the then HM Crown Prosecutor, His Honour Judge Richard Thomlow,  deliberately trying to hide the official log books of the aircraft under a pile of papers in the full face of the court, when I started to direct the judge’s thoughts about proof of innocence in them as I was getting bored.

Paul Thomas QC WANTED11

This week, contrary to the cabal’s  County Court’s further two year concession for the police to be reprieved of further public ignominy, while they all anxiously  wait for me to die, a stroke of luck….

I am now given an opportunity but only due to Her Ladyship, in being granted a civil ‘trial by jury’ and most likely for this machine-gun hearing to be heard in Bristol that will also greatly  reduce the risk of yet another ‘police plant’ on my jury.


The Cardiff cabal was determined to disrupt if not shatter my carefully gathered 20 odd years of incriminating evidence, proving South Wales Police had and still has a ‘course of conduct’ for malicious prosecutions when knowing they are answerable to no one.HHJ_Eleri_Rees_cropped

Meantime, The Recorder of Cardiff has indicated that it may be ‘useful’ for a ‘time-line’ to be drafted for her court, currently  deliberating over the merits for the need of my 4th NHS (Wales)/Dr Tegwyn Williams jury trial when fully aware of the very real risk, now, I may then obtain to what I am entitled, court, police and prison records of their victim’s custody on some one hundred or so occasions whilst he was simply trying to work in peace in that particular part of the UK.


watch this space

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