4th June 2017                                    4th Restraining Order Trial T20170239

                                                           Machine Gun Damages Claim 1CF03361

Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA/Parole Board Damages Claim C90CF012

Wales Police Damages Damages Claim BS614159

             Maurice Kirk  v  Chief Constable of South Wales Police


To whom it may concern,

1..The Claimant is somewhat anxious over still more excuses from so many who have now also jumped on the ‘gravy train’ to delay his civil damages claims arising from numerous South Wales Police/MAPPA/Dr Tegwyn failed malicious prosecutions.

2. The Defendant’s in-house solicitor’s 16th Feb 2017 application letter to Cardiff County Court, enclosed, is to further delay the machine-gun case by at least two years and is a further abuse of process and highlighting the overarching conduct that appears to be unlawful.

1686539 Particulars of Claim – 6th action – 1CF03361

17 02 16 MG Signed Statement of Mr Hill

Machine Gun CPS Brief to Jury

10 12 7 MJK MAPPA Executive Summary


3. 1CF03361 (Machine-gun Case)

During the first 20 odd years of the still ongoing 33 failed malicious prosecutions, requiring the Claimant’s three actions, including BS614195, the presiding Judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, refused to order, despite numerous Claimant applications, normal CPR disclosure, including the release of Defendant’s data.

These included victim’s Visor records, their custody records of the Claimant  including those of the Welsh prisons, countless Welsh police stations, relevant Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) data, in their possession, Geoamy Custodial Services custody records, MAPPA records, after classifying the Claimant in the top 5% most dangerous in the UK, relevant Criminal Cases Review Commission or mountains of Cardiff  court records’ generated by some two hundred court hearings.

His Honour refused to uphold witness summons ignored by police officers with very relevant evidence.

The Claimant therefore tenders no documentation and therefore not ‘document heavy’, in support of his prosecution of the case only to allow a civilian jury, without further delay, to hear all the relevant facts under the control of the Defendant.


4. C90CF012 (Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA/Parole Board False Imprisonment) 

The Parole Board has admitted liability in that no forensic psychiatrist in Wales was prepared to attend the Claimant’s parole board hearing, for his immediate release from prison, by simply going against the Claimant’s still undisclosed MAPPA/ Dr Tegwyn Williams’ concocted NHS (Wales) medical records.



5. This sudden not so mysterious, perhaps, release, after seven years, of the Claimant’s machine-gun criminal trial audio by the Cardiff Crown Court, when the Claimant was facing a mandatory ten year imprisonment at the time, is sufficient evidence, alone, for any jury, either civil or criminal, to see that Dr Tegwyn Williams et al, many of whom are shortly to be cross examined under oath, will be proved culpable for their blatant  criminal conduct.

6. This is yet another ‘reasonable excuse’ for this Claimant to have detected Dr Tegwyn Williams et al’s  crime for the 4th and 5th proposed juries, on the same subject, to deliberate upon.

7. THIS REFUSAL TO DISCLOSE CARDIFF COURT. CPS, POLICE and CCRC RECORDS endorses his continuing right to carry out a ‘course of conduct’ to detect and prevent any further crime while  his MAPPA and Caswell Clinic records remain  uncorrected.

8. The Claimant therefore proposes to call no documentary evidence in this case as, again, he need only rely on the full disclosure of documentation under the control of the Defendant.

9.This Parole Board/MAPPA claim will therefore also be eligible for a jury, if not the very same jury to be used in the ‘machine-gun’ damages case as little new evidence will be needed from HM Justice Ministry records to again prove there has been an overarching ‘course of conduct’ of nefarious conduct by those, again, in positions of privilege and again apparently quite unaccountable to anyone.

10.  After the ‘machine-gun’ acquittal, the Claimant was denied a total hip replacement operation for over nine months due to no general practitioner nor anaesthetist, practicing in South Wales, being found to agree to assisting in the urgently needed operation once confronted with Dr Tegwyn Williams/Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University/MAPPA deliberately fabricated records.

11.  Likewise, no anaesthetist in South Wales could be found, either, to conduct an endoscopy examination whilst the Claimant was imprisoned in Bristol, Swansea, Park and Cardiff prisons.

12.  Again all due to the very same MAPPA/Dr Tegwyn Williams medical reports and now new false forensic history fabricated for the Ministry of Justice just to delay ‘due process’ in the parallel running civil claims against the Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary.

13.  The Claimant, following nearly a year or so of severe pain requiring much morphine sulphate and other medication, due to the delay in surgery, suffers premature brain damage.

14,  He could only obtain the hip operation  and endoscopy by having both done privately and aboard.

15.  The Claimant’s ailments, following his delayed release from Swansea prison, has caused significant carcinogenic lesions, now requiring surgery, due to Dr Tegwyn Williams et al not having corrected their victim’s MAPPA level three category 3 NHS (Wales) psychiatric reports.


16. BS614159+2 (Thirty Three South Wales Police Failed Malicious Prosecutions)

This sudden not so mysterious release, after 23 years, of the Claimant’s original copy tape of the unlawfully taken police interview, following his being assaulted by two police officers by jumping on his back, believing the Claimant had ‘stolen’ his own BMW motor bike parked directly outside his own veterinary surgery in full view of his own clients, some with there animals in their arms completely shaken as to what they saw.

17.  By the time their prisoner appeared in Cardiff magistrates the arrest was for ‘failing to give name and address’, apparently and in prisoned because their victim was ‘unidentifiable and found to be in possession a ‘garrotte type’ instrument….real Enid Blyton stuff.

18. It was  an embriotomy wire just used on His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’s cattle farm in the Vale of Glamorgan.

19.  Both court and prisoner were quite unaware, meantime, that the police were attempting to expedite an extradition order for their victim to be returned to Guernsey, for what it has never been established.

Copies to: Cardiff Crown Court

Cardiff County Court

South Wales Police

Maurice J Kirk BVSc (Claimant)

4th June 2017…


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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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