SHOOT TO KILL ATTEMPTED FAILED, try again, you evil deceitful little shysters

8th June 2017
Crown Prosecution Service
Dear Mr Killick,
Alleged breach of a restraining Order July 2017 hearing
Why have you allowed or instructed the police to have my You Tube videos on the South Wales Police machine-gun Dr XX MAPPA conspiracy taken down from viewing?  I need the lot NOW for my 4th jury trial preparation when Cardiff Crown Court will be allocated some of them for deliberation on my rights, blocked in my previous jury trials but so simplistically written in 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act?
Upon my acquittal in 2010, from charges of ‘trading in machine-guns while MAPPA registered, now also struck out, no less than a dozen doctors have also written stating I had no sign of ‘significant brain damage’ when unlawfully locked up in Caswell clinic, I addressed members of Parliament at a meeting in the House of Commons.
What I said, cut short because I started crying, was caught on video and ideal for a jury.
WHY ARE SO MANY READING THIS BLOG IN CANADA?…..sod it, is a jury going to decide I am trying to contact someone in Canada or where ever he is?
STOP PRESS ….My D-Day cub, of 73 years ago, to the day, is having her engine, at last, being put together in Kenya….May be ready to fly by Christmas for Cape Town, which Christmas is still under feious debate (how do you spell that word?)……see facebook etc
I’ve lost leaked MAPPA memo written, purportedly, by irate Caswell clinic psychiatric staff who quickly summed me up as not far short of ‘one penny short of a shilling’ but not what Dr XX was blackmailed to write for the then Chief Constable!
Nicholas Cooke QC (2)
Mr Justice Nicholas Cooke QC
 That man sent me to prison THREE TIMES for simply telling the truth, they often don’t like that in South Wales. He then realised, upon enquiry, on the same day as to what the police were up to but did he deliberately hide what jury has caused I continue to ask myself.
A jury in Cardiff Crown Court had complained of  a police inspector in the well of the court, of all places, continually signalling the answers to a police officer under my cross examination.
My faithful secretary/PA and custodial officer for good wines, Diana, had been instructed to tail and harass all police witnesses as they left the court room after each had been cross examined to prevent, as is common practice in Cardiff, passing on the answers now needed to have me gaoled for ‘dangerous driving’ on the way, very late one night, to a veterinary case. The said police officer in the 2013 civil trial, for damages, confirmed my secretary even followed her into the lavatory to ensure no messages, at all, were sent out on the police officer’s personal radio.
The learned judge then waited a while for the incident in court to have been ‘forgotten’  to then discharge the jury as ‘no case to answer’. I objected and said it is for the jury to decide not you, this is a cover-up when the routine wicked conduct of the police of perverting the course of justice was FAR MORE important.
I was gaoled for contempt of court for what followed.
Later I was violently assaulted by liar, Inspector Howard Davies, caught in the Cardiff Crown Court prosecution witnesses’ waiting room when my witness subpoenaed to give evidence on my behalf.  I caught Howard speaking to prosecuting police officers also called to give evidence.
Llangunnor Six
This photograph of those in it is highly significant about the wide spread corruption within the South Wales judiciary, child abuse and money making industry through its judiciary….To be far worse, I warn you, after far too late Brexit which, apart from poverty, it will also mean Welsh judicial autonomy  but long after I am gone thank goodness.
 HMP Swansea release
Just released from HMP Swansea having been refused pre arranged urgent hospital visits, as recorded on my MAPPA 3/3 Prison M of J records, as ‘too dangerous and likely to try and escape’….all based on malicious policed allegations, anything to avoid my  civil damages proceeding against the Chief Constable……NOW to include their failed ‘Gulag card’ Dr XX was blackmailed to play for either Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely and when that failed, a minimum 10 year imprisonment for ‘trading in machine-guns’.
peter vaughan
Peter Vaughan the current Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary
FAO Clerk of the Court
County Court
7th June 2017
Hearing on 12th June 2017
1. I have instructed lawyers in Bristol to act on my behalf relating to the original 4th Action (7CF07345) in that has been re numbered, in my limited understanding, to DOOCF279
2. The action for damages, sent in particulars of claim last week or week before re D Hassan, ex police officer and a Crown Court official, having pushed me down the steps of the court and  breaking my leg, needs to be joined with one or both D00CF279 and 7CF07345.
Draft before police disclosure of their records……dream on, Maurice.
3 a. There were many other failed malicious prosecutions by the South Wales Police  that were missed, by error, in the preparation of 7CF07345 owing to the over whelming persecution of harassment by the Defendant over the many  years and still ongoing.
3 b. The Claimant applies for a one month’s adjournment for the above two joined/amalgamated cases to be adjourned, in order he be legally represented by the lawyers in which both he,  the Claimant and lawyers reside.
4. It is the Claimant’s wish, obviously, for the Hasan case to be joined with DOOCF279 to further confirm ‘a course of conduct’ of malicious harassment.
5. In the past, any hearings relating to Cardiff Court officers in conflict within my cases, have always been transferred out of the area, with at least one relating to D Hassan.
[eg The arrest of a barrister, from Park Place Chambers Cardiff, David Gareth Evans when as a HM Crown Prosecutor was caught for perverting the course of justice now proven]
6.The Machine-Gun 1CF03361 case is simple and need not be adjourned as legal representation is not needed for 12th June 2017 preliminary hearing other than to apply for proper police disclosure, forthwith, of their records unlike as to what transpired in the BS614159 case nonsense trial.
7. I remind the court BS614 159 continues with evidence not yet heard ie the Claimant’s own property seized by the court, one 1993 police custody interview tape re conspiracy for his extradition to Guernsey, yes, extradition to Guernsey without the Claimant even knowing and keeping him in Cardiff prison while paperwork is processed as being ‘unidentifiable’!
8. Urgent disclosure is required from machine-gun case 1CF03361, this Monday,  for Crown Court hearing, T2017239, as it directly relates to the conspiracy over Dr XX being blackmailed over Dr Janis Helliar, his wife  with Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, to have me either locked away for life, without trial or ‘lawfully’ shot, when attempting to exchange ‘witness statements at her home at  Ogmore -by -Sea.
Let us not forget their overarching criminal conduct simply to preserve their pensions.
Copy to The Recorder of Cardiff , Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees QC re July 2017 Crown Court T2017239
9.50 am 6th June 2017
It is a civil pre-trial proceedings but please look at my wordpress site later today  and read my today’s blog re Musa etc etc……Chase me as to my outcome with lawyers, this morning, as to what is going on on next Tuesday in court with an English police force asking the long over due questions.
Mean time circulate my new wordpress blog, please….This may be a bit of luck that Her Ladyship, The Recorder of Cardiff, has been made aware of all this apparent evilness oozing from Bridgend’s police HQ and to be shortly to recited to my 4th jury on the same facts in a Cardiff Crown Court.
5th June 2017 re machine gun hearing next week
Can you please answer my question?  How long is this hearing likely to go on for? Is it a sentencing hearing or the trial?  What is happening please?  jg
When is someone going to lean on poor old XX, last heard from in New Zealand, simply to correct my psychiatric records of me, now that he is almost out of the clutches of both the Taffia and freemasonry religions rife across South Wales?
Come home XX, ALL IS FORGIVEN, I need you as my star witness, very shortly with your good wife, Dr Janis hillier, in  yet another nonsensical Cardiff Crown Court trial to lock me away in the vain hope I will shut up from telling the truth. There is only one version of the facts, in my case, the truth.
(Janis will confirm to the jury the police did NOT ‘move me on’, as XX’s solicitor told the police,’with a gallon of 4 star petrol or was it avgas’, late that night out in the Vale of Glamorgan that had me gaoled for months until the CPS made their own enquiries to find it had all been a figment of her husband’s imagination
Just because the Cardiff cabal don’t like all this going public world wide then that is ‘a matter for them’ and should not be a ‘matter for me’ if the law in England is to be upheld.
Remember, those evil f’ing masonic devil worshipping short arsed bastards tried to snatch our little 10 year old Gen, on the 22nd June 2017 into a Vale of Glamorgan secure care unit, for eventual foster care disposal,  as her father was deemed by 8th June 2009 Barry police station registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 , to be one of the most dangerous top 5% individuals within our UK community.
Dr XX and other Caswell clinic staff were also at this clandestine meeting with senior police officers but not one of them from either Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend, where I finally was locked up or police ever told their prisoner or his family of his registration for fear it may become adverse to their intent to quash their victim’s damages claims about to go to ‘trial’ before His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC.
HHJ Seys llewellyn QC
Dr XX civil claim buried in the deal
9.30am  6th June 2017

I am currently with lawyers well outside South Wales, now as I write, re machine-gun hearing on 12th June in Cardiff Civil Justice Centre and to debate whether or not an outside police force should now be asked to investigate this long outstanding scandal that has caused both Dr XX and Dr Janis Hilliar to have to flee to the bottom of New Zealand.

Someone has closed down my web site, surprise , surprise, so can you please send me my photos of Llangunnor 6 for my wordpress posting and any others you think might feel to be appropriate.
Received this email this morning from Meirion
Good morning,
I will confirm that:
1. I was present with Peter Bellett when Mr Kirk received that call from a Sgt Lucas of Llantwit Major police station.
2. I have seen, read and fully understood the MAPPA instruction to have Veterinary Surgeon Maurice Kirk shot by the South Wales Police firearms unit.
3. I have circulated STORM data for my own personal protection as subject of mistaken identity with another person of the same name held on Dyfed Powys Police data in relation to deployment of firearms units.
4. I have been subject of misuse of a privileged exchange within the “police family” of flawed data held by Dyfed Powys Police that did not happen.
5. I was the subject of Operation Bream unbeknown to me to protect a paedo judge on the back of innuendo and hearsay.
6. As one of the Llangunnor Six acting in the best public interest was made a subject of MAPPA and bizarre allegations under command and control of former Deputy Chief Constable Andy Edwards who in his retirement absent of due diligence has access to students of University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids.
Yours sincerely,
M Bowen
LMPA, LBIPP, CertEd, HECertAdv
09 06 23 MG cutting



6th June 2017          D-Day + a few

Dafydd, good morning,

Whereas I understand the logic of ‘shoot to kill’ these things always boil down to the responsibility and veracity of those senior police officers with the power and are they answerable to their actions?   I was in South Wales.

Yes, I was set up to be shot ‘lawfully’; by Barbara Wilding due my civil claim and threat on her and many other police officers’ pensions

Had I, after Adrian Oliver for over 6 weeks had delayed her signing her sworn affidavit, contrary to HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC November 2008 court order, that she had  disclosed all my relevant Visor, custody and MAPPA records etc, under CPR, involving her 33 failed malicious prosecutions, then the Chief Constable for South Wales Police would not have panicked  and sent in the police helicopter to hover over our home surrounded by hoards of other armed police officers.

Few know this but had I been apart from the family on the front lawn, in June2009, when having tea surrounded by our Springer Spaniels, I would of been shot.

The sixth or was it seventh police vehicle to arrive at St Donats, came to snatch our then 10 year old Genevieve admitting to my then wife our Gen was to be taken into ‘care’ as I was ‘so MAPPA3/3 dangerous’.

When her killing opportunity failed, as I heard after, I was considered too close a proximity to the other members of my  family to be shot dead, is why Wilding et al then blackmailed Dr XX over Dr Janis Hilliar, both in Caswell Clinic, to have me locked away for life, instead, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely and without the need of a risky machine-gun trial.

The serving or not serving of a ‘restraining order’ on me, not to harass both doctors, without even informing me,  any other way, earlier that there was one in existence was a deliberate policed tactic.

Dafydd, I was with Meirion and Peter , remember, when a Police Sgt Lucas rang me from Llantwit Major to inform me  there was an arrest warrant out for me.

Remember, I went to the Musa Nigerian children trial, in Wood Green Crown Court, next day and told the judge there was a ridiculous warrant out for my arrest but my evidence to save the then six children was paramount.

The timing of the police officer’s phoning me, the previous night , was obvious at the time, as Haringey Council had to stop my giving evidence, at any cost, that the parents had reported to the police station, if not late sometimes, contrary to police evidence in the pre trial hearing.

Hence my photos on several occasions of the parents leaving the Tottenham and another police station.

That is why the ‘cocking up’ of the service of restraining order on me happened, on the 1st Dec 2011 in the cells of Cardiff magistrates and immediate ‘gate arrest’ after, in my wheel chair, for my ‘failing to attend’ the crucial Musa London magistrates hearing two days before I had orchestrated in the first place.

Wilding had prevented my leaving prison to the court, despite not being convicted, which all stems  from the ‘gravy train’ of family courts Sabine had my attending, so long ago and proved to be a real eye opener.

That is why Her Ladyship, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees, is deliberating over the dangers of my imminent 4th jury trial on ‘shoot to kill’ abuse  on her own patch.



On 5 June 2017 wrote:

Thank you for your delayed response. I already have a data request in place – see my other email. This request is already way over the 40 day period. The MAPPA data that I have requested is in direct relation to my last meeting with ,,,,,,,,, and the fact that, as we have found with Meirion Bowen where his storm data is incorrect and in the case of Maurice Kirk at SW police, where his MAPPA disclosure shows that there was an instruction to have him shot. I am aware of myself having been on MAPPA and as yet have been unable to source a copy of my own personal report.
On the larger picture, as I have also discussed with Pam Kelly the second issue that we will have to deal with nationally when my scandal breaks is police and MAPPA data where we already know, the data on any potential member of the public could be incorrect through police error or from false police intelligence, due to past scandals where the likes of……… was slaughtered, the UK public have got to have immediate access to attend their local police stations for disclosure of data. It is essential that all the national forces have the capacity with dealing with this data available at each and every police station.
As police have a shoot to kill policy, and especially in relation to the recent terrorist atrocities, where anybody going about their innocent daily business could be shot. Take for example Maurice Kirk, who could go into a supermarket unknowing that Barbara Wilding was already in store, his MAPPA document has an instruction that he could is to be shot.
It is therefore imperative that everybody, especially people who have had run-ins with police have immediate access to police storm/visor and MAPPA data.
I will also bring this matter up with Thames Valley police when I provide my report in the coming few days
I look forward to your other replies
Good night!!
Yours sincerely

Dear Mr Morgan


Thank you for your below email. In order to request details of any data that may be held against yourself can I please advise that you click on the below link which explains how to make a subject access request. There is a specific department that would deal with such a request rather than the MAPPA Coordinator direct.



Insp Anthony Evans

Dyfed Powys Police


Pam Kelly

Assistant Chief Constable

Dyfed Powys Police

Police Headquarters



MJK STILL unanswered letter to HM Crown Prosecution Service

HM Crown Prosecution Service                                      Your ref     T20170239/62EA0223516

South Wales

15th May 2017

Dear Mr Killick,

4th Jury Trial re Dr XX/Dr Janis Hillier Witness Subpoenas

  1. As you will be aware I have visited numerous police stations, since 2010, pleading for an investigation into my time incarcerated as a ‘human guinea pig’ in Caswell Clinic, Bridgend.
  2. This imprisonment culminated in a court application in my absence, for my permanent imprisonment without trial, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital. No one told me I was a registered most dangerous MAPPA 3/3 due to the fact I suffered from permanent brain damage due to a brain tumour diagnosed by unqualified Dr XX in breach, himself, of restraining order all to protect Barbara Wilding , then Chief Constable, when defending my civil claims against her for police harassment.
  3. On my first complaint visit, to Barry police station, after my acquittal for ‘trading in ‘machine-guns’, both video and signed statements were taken but police continue to refuse to properly investigate or disclose to me, for the inevitable juries to follow, this data also denied me for my December 2011 trumped-up conviction for harassing Dr XX.
  4. I require, please, those documents the 1st jury were refused on 4th May 2012, as no restraining order was served on me and the concise data police have since created following my dozen or so police station complaints on the above matters.
  5. I need this for trial as I have been recently made aware of the 2009 ‘going-ons’ between Barbara Wilding, Janis Hillier and Dr XX and their respective spouses that led to, literally ‘out of the blue’, the need for armed police to arrive from out of the skies, on a sunny Sunday June afternoon while I was happily having tea in the garden surrounded by my family and springer spaniels.
  6. Until such time as my fabricated NHS (Wales) psychiatric reports are expunged from the record as significantly erroneous due to blackmail and my family is suitably compensated for the misery it has caused to so many, then I will continue with further but less savoury publications until all the truth is out and the real culprits have been adequately punished.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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