Sir Paul Williams the Root Cause of XX Fleeing to New Zealand – The Final Solution?


The New Judge, His Honour Judge Harrison, to try my 1993 Garrotte/HRH Prince Charles incident, gaoled as ‘unidentifiable’, buried these 25 years, with little doubt, due to the amazing revelations within this ‘trigger’ incident for decades of police persecution  to high light the apparent ‘short comings’ within the current Welsh judicial system.

Defending the Chief Constable for South Wales Police  in the other corner, in my multiple damages claim is, would you believe, from the very same Cardiff barrister’s  chambers as the learned judge’s, a Mr Lloyd Williams QC who wrote this delightful little ditty, below, for his stable-mate  to consider next time in court.

How much more incestuous can this trial get with the original delay of the same ‘garrotte’ appeal, originally lodged in 2015 at the RCJ, may again be tape ‘corrupted’ before Lord Justice Thomas again, no less?

Last time before His Lordship, with Patrick Cullinane Esq., the RCJ tapes of the hearing were ‘accidently on purpose’ found to be ‘corrupted’ to dash any hope of my appeal ever being returned to the HM Privy Council or ECHR, over the RCVS repeatedly, when acting on the  complaint from Barry police, refused to list my application to practice veterinary surgery before their disciplinary committee.

This, these fellow freemasons very well knew, was contrary to law (1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act etc) while a London lawyer, also jumping on the gravy-train, then charged me £20,000 just to print out a seven page legal argument for HM Privy Council, himself,  knowing it was to be blocked, in turn, by the Privy Council’s respective clerk of the court and with brexit all this deceit will continue to flourish.

What use is there of the ‘Rule of Law’?

Lloyd-Williams QC


Garrotte defence skeleton argument

14 10 08 P10 MP zero tolerance shoot to kill policiesPaul_Williams

4th RO Trial Dr doc 4

If ever there was an example of ‘devil worship’ behind Dr XX’s plight and the need for a 4th Jury trial, shortly, then, surely, this gentleman has the answers?

As my priority defence witness, with XX and a dozen or so of both past and present Caswell clinic professionals, all will be needed to attend Cardiff Crown Court with true copy of their records between the Autumn of 2008 and my 1st Dec 2011 harassment  conviction’s appeal on 1st April 2012, anything to prevent vital evidence of my innocence throughout this damned nonsense.

Damned nonsense dreamed up by another ‘untouchable’……’shoot to kill’ policy maker in the Met, Barbara Wilding tucked up in bed, no doubt in her house in Ogmore-by-Sea.

Wilding Wanted

This forth coming trial could be as much fun as the police fabricated machine-gun trial when the Chief Constable had insisted on a ‘police plant’ within the jury to daily up-date the prosecuting barrister.

Gun Dog

‘Gundog’ , Snipe with our Gerald in DH2

Who, apart from those 8th June 09 senior police officers in Barry police station, with their respective trouser legs rolled -up at their emergency MAPPA meeting, is better suited than Paul, the now retired head of NHS (Wales), to explain things to the jury?

South Wales Police June 2009 ‘Shoot to Kill’ policy

Extract from the notes taken at the clandestine 8th June 2009 Barry police station MAPPA level 3 meeting when freemasons plotted on how to get me eliminated

But this was not what Dr Meters, at the PEH, had both heard and recorded before reporting his notes back to my own, for 25 years, Cowbridge Health Centre general practitioner to whom I had so stupidly first sought help when seeing my life was at threat. upon my machine-gun January 2010 acquittal I was banned from the Cowbridge doctor’s premises with a threat of calling the police if I came again requesting copy of my medical records.

Corruption breeds corruption as I was banned from two more medical practices in the area on the moment I asked for copy of those fabricated medical notes that were needed  for the chief constable having  me being registered amongst the top 55 most dangerous in the country, not to the general public but the Cardiff based cabal and their fat pensions.

[Unlike most readers of what I publish or you hear about, as to what I get up to, I was the best witness in Guernsey, as the partner to a brilliant veterinary surgeon. to having his veterinary practice, building and, in the end, almost his sanity stolen from him, by just the very same lying , cheating bastards that I see so successfully operating in their South Wales Cardiff patch also immune to both civil or criminal prosecutions.

10 09 27 Medical MAPPA 4 pages

With my  civil trial against the police, after years of being deliberately blocked, it was now fixed for that that summer with this judge ‘picked’ to be the ‘judge’ for it.

The civil court trial judge refused to have the case returned to Bristol

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC.png

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC

This judge dismissed this ‘2nd trigger’ civil damages claim of mine denying the fact I had been goaled as ‘unidentifiable’ in Cardiff Prison! All charges had to be dropped as ridiculous with the Crown Prosecution Service refusing to entertain any of it, right in front of me in court, leaving a police inspector to do the prosecuting hearing!

This judge was told all this was witnessed by my veterinary nurse in the back of the court who  saw me writing it all down, my court exhibit under his nose:

93 05 21 Garrotte mjk notes

Likewise was this newspaper cutting key exhibit of mine to show malice , also under his nose, confirming the magistrates even apologised , knowing damned well I was the ‘local vet’, saying if the police do not know who I am we do not have the power to release you from custody!……

The  magistrates’ words are still ringing in my ears, 24 years later and it should of warned me of what was to come if I tried to live in Wales.

(Was all this discussed between Adrian Oliver, Leighton Hill, the in house police solicitor and others, also jumping on the ‘gravy train’, in a typical clandestine meeting with the current judge rather like when the machine-gun conspiracy was first hatched at Bridgend’s police HQ?

My many custody & court records have always been  withheld by the Welsh authorities for fear of the truth leaking out but the little bastards overlooked their own local newspaper letting it slip that I had been gaoled for being ‘unidentifiable’.

A fact also denied by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, incidentally.

93 08 04.jpg

The 2013 civil court trial judge. HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, was told by the police QC (Quaintly Corrupted or ‘just doing his job’? ) I had later been released from prison  on bail at a later hearing on 3rd August and to report twice a day to Barry police station.

Bloody liars, the lot of them

I was only released on 23rd July once the prison governor saw my passport and blunt letter from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Kirstie had brought to the prison gates.

As for the police’s vindictive demand I then had to report , twice daily to the Barry police station, for months on end until the jury trial, that was easily sorted.

As the routine ‘night vet’ I would simply ‘clock in’ at the police station at 23.59 hrs and return later and ‘clock-in’ at 01.01hrs on the next day.

This judge., HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC knew, all along, my gaoling had been about a secret deal with Guernsey police to have me extradited back to the Bailiwick……for what we have never been able to establish. Anyway, it failed but behaviour of this magnitude, either in Wales or Guernsey I have noticed,  is never answerable to anyone and will be far worse if brexit succeeds.

This following quasi police version of the interview transcript PDF is the South Wales Police’s typical  tactic when  attempting to cover up the truth.

Newrey J blocked the return of my property in a matter of nanoseconds, last month, to allow even more delay in getting at the tape content and truth.

This ridiculous police incident carried over fifteen or so breaches in the 1984 PACE Act legislation and being committed even before police officers jumped on my back.

Their conduct of searching my BMW motor bike’s panniers, parked outside my surgery front door without first making diligent enquiry was illegal before we even start to study what clumsy cover-up that then followed through the night.


I had been quietly walking in the park waiting for my surgery to be opened.

93 05 20 Garrotte Interview

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 6

93 05 20 Interview Tape

burglary Boverton

16 04 28 SWP Alan James Affidavit

The police interview tape, copy belonging to me, the prisoner, unlawfully withheld for 20 years to avoid its being played in the 20013 trial, suddenly popped up in court over a year ago!

I am denied this, my property back, as it further proves multifaceted criminal conduct by so many in the Welsh judiciary machine to ruin any unsuspecting Englishman having crossed the Severn Bridge.

Garrotte Insp Hill tape libraian note (2)

It is May 2017, 25 years later and still the filth are pulling every dirty trick not to allow the royal courts of Justice a reminder of what goes on in Wales and what was actually was recorded at that Cardiff police station interview.

I was never cautioned for an ‘offensive weapon’, an indictable offensc, dreamed up in their panic for having arrested me, handcuffed and locked up WITHOUT even telling me what it was about.

All the above is provable but who cares in the stench of  a Welsh court room especially when their current victim is not one of their own masonic tribe?

————————————————————————————————————————————–  — Is this the common denominator?


Eventually, with records, witnesses and memories lost, in 2013 there was a sort of trial conducted with around only half of the originally proposed two hundred witnesses , the very reason for delay.

A judgment in no way representing the facts that had occurred from 1992, when Barry police allowed my WW2 D-Day Piper Cub to be burnt out up to today, has been accepted by Their Lordships in the Royal Courts of Justice.

Working RCJ AppealWorking RCJ Appeal

(Looking for ITV news clip on You Tube following first Barry police ‘grilling’ accusing me of arson until they found our family museum of veterinary memorabilia, with the cub in the garage, was not insured either!).

Meantime, my cub refurbished:

Air Race 2001 London to Sydney – YouTube

However, Caswell Clinic staff and within the Cardiff law courts, in turn, have slipped to me internal data for ‘masonic eyes only’.

09 06 08 MAPPA Notes


Caswell Clinic (2)

Anything to disrupt my civil damges claims against the Cardiff cabal of devil worshippers I am yet again arrested, this time for ‘attempted burglary’ but not the ‘theft of a milk bottle’ whilst attending the clinic by prior appointment…….All makings for a book, by some one, to rival Enid’s ‘Famous Five’ or some overdue JK Rowling book I have heard so much about, lately.

Both Paul Williams and Adrian Oliver could  also explain to The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees, my harassed family and friends as to why I had to be so illegally 35 sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act by poor old XX who, no  doubt, was never prepared to succumb to being a freemason and also daily ‘worship the devil’.


Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Extract from my 2009 MAPPA/police induced police psychiatric report written under the threat of blackmail and all so easily proved had the Cardiff judiciary the ‘guts’ to stomach its obvious consequences

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster.jpg

The Recorder of Cardiff has specifically asked for or suggested that I draft a ‘time-line’ to highlight the acts of police harassment appearing to have coincided so often, in these past 40 years, with my having to fight so many police ‘doomed from the start’ malicious prosecutions, false imprisonments that has finally ‘unhinged’ my mind.

Nazi loose in Guernsey

Nazi loose in Guernsey


11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

Part of the documents in my one million pound damages claim against Professor Rodger Wood and  this other freemason of Cardiff’s judiciary and police force with the need for the fabricated  police allegations that  I was harassing Dr XX.

Arrogant Wood was known the truth, all along, behind his having to fabricate medical evidence, to persuade XX, that my brain tumour and brain damage was from having been ‘a drinking partner’ of Oliver Reed, the actor.

All concocted to have me locked away in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely, to scuttle my 33 civil actions for 33 failed South Wales Police malicious prosecutions.





93 05 00 Grand Ave Surgery Arrest

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED

09 12 17 INDICTMENT T20097445

Dr Kemp’s written rebuke over Dr XX unqualified report for Judge Neil Bidder QC, deliberately in my absence and  egged on by that idiot and liar, Professor Rodger Wood, simply seeking personal gratification and quite unconcerned of its consequences to both XX’s life and mine.

I wonder if Rodger would benefit with a ‘home visit’, one evening shortly, to correct his daft and erroneous  medical reports?


09 12 01 Medical Kemp

watch this space


So, there you have it…..from a Dr Metter’s April 2009 set of notes from just a 10 minute consultation until I politely left the room when tumbling to the fact I was being set up to be shot.

‘Notes’ never ever disclosed to me, of course,  the proposed police mental ‘patient’.

With their ignominious collapsed machine-gun conspiracy the Chief Constable and his fellow evil brethren set about altering the Dr Meter’s notes to the following:

MAPPA Restricted

Why?  In order to double my term in prison for a further eight months from 4th July 2014 to March 2015.

16 07 29 Parole Board Particulars of Claim

An evil bunch , don’t you think?


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