His Hon Mr Justice Gilbart Lied To in Cardiff Crown Court & So Easily Proven



Your Ref:   2016/PI/11303


22nd May 2017


Civil Appeals Office

Royal Courts of Justice

London WC2A 2LL


Dear Sir


MAURICE JOHN KIRK   v  Director of Public Prosecutions


I refer to your 8th Nov 2016 letter enclosed with relevant documents.

I have only managed to obtain the transcript of Gilbart J’s January 2015 hearing as it took many months to finally be given permission from the Cardiff Crown Court.

I, meantime, had landed my WW2 aircraft in the middle of a war zone in South Sudan, suffering from cerebral malaria, so you are lucky or unlucky, depending on how you may see it, in receiving this my re submission of the original application as your court has suggested.

I now have the transcript enclosed but still not obtained the corrected final version, asked for, for Their Lordships as ‘typos’ corrected version is yet to be returned to me.

As summary my case was a ‘case stated’ re prison term for my arresting a prison officer before being arrested, my self, for ’entering a prison without permission’. It was and still is my belief the prison offer, Mr Rogan, refused to return my passport in order to assist the police in preventing my urgent need to return to France to recover my files in BS614159 etc against the ongoing South Wales Police damages claim for 33 failed malicious prosecutions.

[That appeal has been to you often and refused as Cardiff repeatedly refused to seal or sign it].

My application to quash that prison term follows also from the 4th /8th Feb 2016 judgment in CO/4737/2014 in my favour by Lord Justice Sweeney et al in that neither Mrs Kirk nor Mr Ewing , during my criminal appeal in South Wales, were allowed to take notes on my behalf.

Newport Crown Court transcript is record of some of the other unfairness in that I was not allowed to have relevant witnesses, prison custody records, my legal papers or correct reading glasses in the court room, when stuck behind bullet proof glass without even a pencil unrepresented and without my hearing aids. I have had many a Cardiff hearing with similar abuse over the decades of perpetuating misery.

Swansea prison refused to take me to the Gilbart J January 2015 hearing, when in fact, I had been wheeled on to the prison van only to be wheeled off later. I heard, myself, the radio message from the control room. I assume the lies given to his Lordship was because the case was about a fellow HM prison officer and my many earlier successful complaints of injustice.

Full complaint procedures were ruthlessly carried out by me as names and CCTV was taken of the incident. My sister, Celia, rang the court on this before His Lordship had arisen stating exactly what had happened from my lucky prison telephone reachable from my wheelchair.


Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police  BS614159 etc
Further to my application to appeal yesterday, re Gilbart J, CO/4737/2014, I am being repeatedly asked if my other appeal from Cardiff County Court, rejected on several occasions due to the lower court refusing to seal it, will be heard in the next decade  now it has finally been granted registration?

06 11 £840 dr TW claim.jpg


12/09/14                                     Position Statement                        BS614159 etc


Claimant/Appellant/Defendant’s Custodial Conditions pending Respective Courts


HM Prison Telephone Monitoring by MAPPA

  1. Prisoners are subjected to police surveillance in the interests of national security.
  2. In 2009/ 2014 Claimant was registered MAPPA level 3 (5% most dangerous).
  3. In June 2014 Cardiff Crown Court HMP Cardiff Governor admitted prisoner’s telephone numbers had been blocked, on more than one imprisonment, following Barry police station’s MAPPA directions.
  4. Crown Prosecution Service refuse to disclose depositions relating to that period as it resulted in aborted November 2012 2nd ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ jury trial.
  5. Obtains early release because move to Bristol outside South Wales Police control.
  6. 2013 Cardiff Prison record confirms key witnesses, McKenzie Friend, helpers and family telephone numbers were blocked on South Wales Police orders for 3rd trial.
  7. Now Swansea Prison ‘blocked numbers’ only achieved by MAPPA induced recall to prison without access to his legal papers.


HMP Swansea (Prisoner’s recall to custody-12th, HMP Park’sW/E-18th to 21st July)


    1. 14/7 Claimant’s Cardiff telephone list blocked bar one (a foreign jurisdiction).
    2. 15/7 General app (G/A) RP confirms HMP Cardiff list of no. transferred but to re submit (MAPPA intervention) as all but one are blocked (the foreign jurisdiction).
    3. 16/7 Modified Cardiff phone list re submitted to pin clerk.
    4. Days of complaint and 2nd phone list re submitted.1st letter to Alun Cairns MP.
    5. 17/8 27th July LiP Summary and 17/8 9th Aug ‘Diary Extracts’ to Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) invoked both written and visit response-handed list of five just dialled numbers to try herself (KA).19/8 COMP 2 complaint to IMB.
    6. 18/8 G/A why previous tel list ignored?       Immediate W/E breaks at HMP Park.
    7. Prisoner tel for Claimant once then his blocked submits COMP 1, S/O W explains
    8. 19/8 Supplied with tel usage list from 15th July-copied to Alun Cairns MP & IMB
  • 21/8 Head of Security (AP) COMP2 response includes:


we have not blocked any numbers on your Pin Account’, ‘I am not aware of any restrictions on your account for security reasons’, ’you have full access to all the facilities you require to contact the people you wish to’

  1. This provokes AP witnessed by 046,058, 031,101&007 to say Gov EL , OMU Mr J and Mr GW “are also responsible”, – COMP1Acomplaint & 3rd letter to MP.
  2. 3/9 & 4/9 prisoners (tel dialling monitored) confirm, in writing, nos. still blocked.
  3. 4/9 G/A request at least to be allowed access to telephoning Cardiff courts asap.
  4. Request ‘cracks it’ ( it appears repeat tactics as HMP Cardiff blocking on wing).
  5. HMP now admit only one ‘helper’ allowed, the Claimant’s sister (case law) and confirmed tel lists are first ‘checked’ by officers on the wing before pin clerk.


  1. 4/9 Claimant issued HMP laptop but no printer or stamps allowed for this to court


Copy to: http://www.kirkflyingvet.com                                           Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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