Dr XX Breaches His Own Restraining Order


22nd May 2017 MJK email to Cardiff Crown Court

             T20170239 4th Jury Trial re Dr XX Restraining Order

Following Her Ladyship, The Recorder of Cardiff’s apparent suggestion, in March 2017, that the Defendant make a ‘timeline’ document, citing apparent police harassment incidents of the accused leading up to his latest arrest:

I wish to make an application, before the Cardiff Crown Court for proper disclosure of evidence re Dr XX and Dr Janis Hilliar, my proposed main defence witnesses relating to the enclosed documents.

In the light of my recently released May1993 police interview tape, when ridiculously charged for being in possession of a ‘garrotte type’ instrument, the equally remarkable finding of the CD recording of a similar farcical machine-gun jury trial T20097445 and deliberate blocking, so far, of both my Dr XX civil claims CF035467  and machine gun damages claim 1CF03361, for more than eight years, I request my application is expedited unless you will allow this trial be heard in Bristol where the CPS usually send my more sensitive cases.

I am asking the Crown Prosecution Service to disclose Dr XX & Dr Janis Hilliar data surrounding the 1st jury trial re falsifying my medical records, 2nd jury trial following their reporting my visiting their home, one night in June 2012, with a can of petrol and similar nonsense surrounding my false imprisonment in the Barry police station without arrest, for my 3rd jury trial, while frantic police were on the phone to lawyers persuaded, eventually, produce a Dr XX victim statement to justify my, until then, unlawful imprisonment.

I am asking the CPS to also disclose to me data surrounding Dr XX’s apparent breach of a high court ‘restraining order’ (a Nicholson J or possibly, Nicholas J RCJ court order) relating to myself when unlawfully held in Caswell Clinic following police blackmail.

  1. Enclosed is 31st August 2010 police solicitor’s witness statement, from Dolmans, which is tantamount to an act of criminal conduct when reliant on Cardiff County Court’s continuing Immunity to Prosecution
  2. The current civil trial judge, bearing in mind his refusal to disclose MAPPA minutes disclosing the police were planning to having me shot or right of appeal to England, continues to block it, for six years, far from the reality of ‘Equality of Arms’ (Article 6 ECHR).
  3. Remember, the leaked MAPPA ‘minutes’, re having me shot, were served on this trial judge years ago, leaked to the Claimant together with HM Solicitor’s internal memos, with the Claimant now being refused the right to appeal to any higher law court on any of this disgusting behaviour.
  4. Now the 4th Action, 7CF07345, identifying another sixty odd acts of police bullying, is expected to progress on Wednesday when even the HRH Prince of Wales/ ‘Garrotte’ offensive weapon/Claimant goaled as ‘unidentifiable’, interview tape has been court confiscated when the Claimant was never even cautioned for it in the first place!
  5. Enclosed are machine gun cases, 1CF03361 and Dr XX/Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University 1CF03546 action also blocked because their victim was not allowed to have them heard in England.
  6. Enclosed is Claimant’s 6th October BS614159 Position Statement reminding the reader of the ongoing bullying by the also immune to prosecution, South Wales Police seeking autonomy.

Please, am I ever going to get CCRC document for RCJ and Strasbourg?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202




…FAO  Inspector Lyndon Jones re Dr XX ref 1700070489

I have acquired alarming new evidence with reference to my unlawful 2009 incarceration in Caswell Clinic and MAPPA 3/3 registration purely to influence my civil damages claims against the South Wales Police.
Despite my repeated visits to South Wales police stations since 2010,  complaining that no one will take my victim statement and/or MG11 statement, I have to turn to the Cardiff law courts again to attempt redress.
Last time when I tried this the Cardiff magistrates refused to even  process a legal-aid application with court officials secretly changing public records without authority.
Do I have to go to England, again, for help?

FAO  All Clerks of Cardiff Courts                                ref:T20170239/BS614159 et &1CF03361

21st May 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

                                            Regina v Maurice John Kirk (4th jury trial)

  1. Please find enclosed my 17th Oct 2014 letter, yet to be answered by many recipients yet alone properly addressed as to its seriousness. No disclosure has flowed from it nor from some hundred or so similar such requests for even public records when ordered by a judge!


In the letter ‘defendant’ reads as ‘Chief Constable’ in my blocked civil cases including the ‘machine -gun’ conspiracy and garrotte ‘tape’ appeal, with the former before the RCJ and websites worldwide.


  1. My refused ‘note-taking’/arrest of prison officer/entering a prison without permission nonsense case last year before Sweeney J et al was won causing that appeal to be back in the Cardiff’s high court but, surprise , surprise, someone is sitting on it as its evidence would affect the imminent 4th restraining order jury trial.


  1. This 4th alleged breach of a ‘restraining order’, never served in the first place or was quashed, it appears, by the last judge in the matter was ‘dead in the water’ ‘ from the start as you cannot harass a police doctor now proven never to have been medically qualified to inform His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC I should be locked up indefinitely in Ashworth.
  2. Dr XX and any others continue to break the law in attempting to cover up the truth, when not having my medical corrected or simply expunged from the record.
  3. This makes it my right to have reasonable cause, under the badly drafted 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, to continue to detect or prevent crime be occasioned by so many in both south Wales and South Island, New Zealand.
  4. I ask for this well over-due disclosure of both police and court records, relevant for my 4th jury to deliberate upon, despite South Wales Police /Cardiff courts joint excuses to hide/shred/redact/alter or bury them under police MAPPA 3/3, NHS (Wales) and PII legislation.
  5. You lot have successfully, so far, covered up so much within my civil damages claims by blatant failed disclosure contrary to CPR, due to your quite unchecked police brutality but your time, like my own, is fast running out.
  6. Be rest assured my family and several of my friend from around the world, who also detest the likes of you, will take it on when I am gone.
  7. Your 8 year blocking of the ‘machine-gun’ police conspiracy, to prevent it going public, is now blown open with this quite remarkable ‘finding’ of the 2010 jury trial CD.
  8. This trial collapsed in judicial ridicule confirmed by 9 of the jury to my family and friends when they told the police plant on the jury after the very first day of evidence in a hilarious if not thoroughly entertaining 2 week trial, fit to rival Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘trial by Jury’.
  9. I request a copy of the restraining order citing Dr XX as recipient of this purported court order and when, where and why by return of post, please, in order that I make an early application before the Recorder of Cardiff.

Thank you.

I also enclose, may it assist, for those within the Principality’s Authorities, still appearing to be unaware of what is still being unlawfully covered up, a website setting out, in general terms, the evilness I have personally had to witness and suffer when simply trying to go about my business in the Vale of Glamorgan, with my family close by, as a practicing veterinary surgeon.

Yours most sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202





For how many more years is it going to take before some higher authority from well outside  Wales, impervious its unique judiciary, to cause a proper investigation into the lengths some have gone, so far, in Cardiff to cover up the truth about Dr XX but far more importantly, those that blackmailed him to do it?

Who else, from being locked up in Caswell Clinic or some other similar psychiatric institution, has also suffered the fabrication of his personal psychiatric reports that have now been the cause of the destruction of their health, wealth, ‘piece of mind’ but far more importantly, the loss of their family and right to work in their chosen profession?

We have had three Cardiff jury trials on this, so far , with the 4th in a few weeks time and hopefully, the 5th scheduled for a date. yet to be fixed, in 2018.. Each jury, in turn, were denied the relevant police, NHS (Wales) and court audit trails as to who  put Dr XX up to it



This is one of the ring leaders, Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University.

We wrote one so called ‘expert’ report, to have me incarcerated for life in Ashworth with the likes of Ian Brady, for His Honour Judge Neil Bidder Q on 2nd Dec 2009, that this so called expert also detected ‘significant brain damage, from an incorrectly done SPECT  scan  ridiculed by successive professionals ever since!

That is why Her Ladyship promised me the first 20 minutes of that clandestine Cardiff Crown Court hearing quite unaware now fellow judge Richard Thomlow has since had that critical evidence by both him and Dr XX expunged from the record.

Another ring leader in the NHS (Wales) conspiracy is senior partner of Dolmans, Cardiff solicitors, an Adrian Oliver who, once assured of immunity to prosecution and that Barbara Wilding would take early retirement immediately she signed her own falsely drafted affidavit, by solicitors, in his office , Adrian was clear to personally instigate the machine-gun conspiracy coming out into the open in June 2009 by having me arrested, in effect,for attempting to ‘exchange witness statements’ at his offices that week but in public ‘trading in machine guns’ and ammunition.

11 06 10 Adrian Oliver WANTED_page001

Police Solicitor and MasterMind


Two more ring leaders.

This bent solicitor had, as long ago as 1993, been instructed by the South Wale Police to drag out my counter-claims in the civil courts for decades. This  mere ‘green light’ for the unchecked ‘gravy train’ coming trundling down Dolmans way was far to big a temptation to ignore.

None of the conspiracy could have been achieved without the significant co-operation within the Cardiff law courts, currently seeking autonomy, whose respective conduct is partly analysed in the download of the documents section, for example, in my 1990’s www.kirkflyingvet.com web site all now starting to slot together, thankfully for some persons ‘known and unknown’, who mysteriously slipped my 1993 custody ‘garrotte’ police interview tape back into open court, the ‘finding’ of the 2010 ‘machine-gun’ trial CD, when previously told it had been destroyed after 5 years.

And of course, there is still the disappearance of my civil claim files from within in the Cardiff civil Justice Centre after their travels back and forth from police offices, Dolmans and  HM Solicitor General ‘s offices when police were trying to have me registered   as a ‘vexatious litigant to block civil claims that risked their police pensions.

1993 Police interview tape revealing, as if an after thought, I was charged , without caution, being in possession of an ‘offensive weapon’ when the arresting officer had just told the custody sergeant it was similar to the embriotomy-wire seen used on his uncle’s farm with the veterinary surgeon dismembering a mummified or newly dead  calf inside a cow!

93 05 20 Interview TapeSWP court docs 19th July all files

13 02 12 files from France


I often wonder if Her Ladyship, The Recorder of Cardiff, has only just become aware that Dr XX has been in breach of a High Court Order on him directly to do with the very need of this convoluted  machine-gun/Caswell Clinic/MAPPA conspiracy dreamed up by Barbara Wilding in panic over her pension  and was it this that sparked off the fight between XX’s wife, Dr Janis Hilliar, in the Cardiff Crown Court now almost off the map in South Island, New Zealand.

To prevent me calling this Caswell Clinic lady doctor and in the same hearing, cross examine Dr XX with the truth, another of the ring leaders, Crown Prosecutor David Gareth Evans was blocked from defending his position at this my 1st March 2012 appeal farce before HHJ Hughes.


David Gareth Evans clearly dragged into the conspiracy if he wanted any business in the Western Circuit

This later sacked CPS prosecutor still remains protected with the current Chief Constable, Robert Vaughan, as of course all he has to come ‘clean’ of his own volition.

peter vaughan

Along with the 1st Dec 2011 clerk of the court, Michael Williams, they had unlawfully obtained my conviction of harassment and now several breaches of a restraining order never served re the chief police forensic psychiatrist for Wales

In Bristol Crown Court on oath, Mr Evans  admitted it was only a draft copy of the restraining order brought to the door of my court cell by Geoamey custody officer with the latter confirming just that before the first jury on 3rd/4th May 2012.

Remember, on 4th May 2012 this barrister, David Gareth Evans, indicated to the presiding judge, HHJ John Curran, the clerk of court’s contemporaneous records  and court log were ‘no longer available’ [as they had been now seized by the CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) by my immediate request to them once I was gaoled  for the breach when never being even warned of a restraining order being in existence.

Doctored court log trying to hide all 12 court appearances , identity of court exhibits that never made it to the appeal with the  applications  from both CPS and myself . Will our current Recorder now order a proper investigation rather than allow the previously proven lying that  goes on in the IPCC (Wales branch in Cardiff) with senior police officers in their cosy South Wales Bridgend HQ.

Oops, how did I get hold of this? part of sole copy of 12 hearings redacted and over written in a botched attempt to convince the reader a restraining order was served on me by Lee Barker….that is why the 1st, 2nd and 3rd jury were refused this log or contemporaneous records made of the evidence still existence at least in November 2014 when the Bristol CPS barrister admitted the fact.

Extract of doctored Cardiff Magistrates aingle page.jpg

There has been so much lying since, to cover-up so many judicial indiscretions my life continues to be risk should I venture back into that zone of depravity.

Police arriving to arrest me at Birmingham’s CCRC head office, anything to prevent documentary proof of the conspiracy leaking out to the unsuspecting general public, ‘as to what actually goes on in our UK law courts’.

mk birmingham 15may153

1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrate’s custody manager, Lee Barker, who told authorities there was only one visit that day to my cell with paper work and it had been  in the form of a  ‘partly’ hand written document that was never handed over to the prisoner or even read out to him!


So what do we have here ? The purported draft restraining order, still wet in the purple ink of District Judger John Charles’ fountain pen? To which arrested Gareth Evans alluded under cross examination in Bristol Crown Court? Or is this the document four guards tried to stuff down my left sock as I was being violently dragged from my cell at 1705 hours , across the floor and down the long corridor to exit of  the custody suite then to have to have both of my crutches thrown viciously on my head?

Mr Barker had returned this draft to David Gareth Evans via the clerk of the court who had been so frightened of their MAPPA 3/3 villain on crutches, due to brain damage and prison morphine over dose, it took no less than four guards to protect Lee Barker should he be so stupid as to deliver the piece of paper himself, for my perusal, rather than sliding it under the next purported restraining order was, re Musa Nigerian seven kid unlawful snatch by  Haringey Council family court conspiracy.


Remember, the Musa case, to be heard two days earlier could not have me attending to cross examine the crooked high street lawyers whose office is seen in this next photo  which is why I was then arrested with a draft or real one r/o stuffed down my left sock or not being in such bad shape I had to be wheeled out of the Cardiff magistrates in hand cuffs as the police had ordered my remaining locked up in Cardiff prison for the maximum term ……to further interfere with my right to prepare for my police civil damages claims trial , now put off for the 3rd time.

Until such time as The Recorder of Cardiff  orders the appropriate external police force enquiry, as no one else appears to have the required moral fibre to stomach its rather obvious consequences, should such a miracle occur.


I almost forgot my reasoning to re-iterate all the above:

Another classic police fabrication Her Ladyship wished me to list along with all the others in a time line to show the ‘over arching’ police conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by hampering my preparation for both civil and criminal trials.

Rough Copy

IN THE CARDIFF COUN1Y COURT                                                                          Case Number


MAURICE JOHN KIRK                                                     Claimant







                                                     Delay is the deadliest form of denial

The original particulars of claim have been delayed due to the repeated arrests and imprisonments that have been later withdrawn quashed or also delayed through the courts due irregular delays in court procedure acted out in both the civil and criminal courts. This coupled with the Defendant generally refusing to disclose eligible data contrary to CPR and orders from either court.

10 07 26 Hassan assault

  1. The Defendant is and was at all material times the Chief Officer of Police of the South Wales police area. Save where is otherwise indicated, the police officers referred to hereinafter were officers of the South Wales police and were at all material times acting under his or her direction and control in the performance or purported performance of his/her functions which, inter alia, included a duty and power to stop and arrest any person that they reasonably suspected to have committed a criminal offence and a duty to fully and diligently investigate any complaint from the general public in respect of any suspected criminal offence. At all material times The Claimant was or used to be a veterinary surgeon practising in the Llantwit Major, Barry and Cardiff areas of South Wales. This claim relates to the systematic failure by The Defendant to investigate no less than twenty-four (24) complaints by The Claimant of criminal offences against property and person. In consequence, The Claimant avers there was a policy of victimisation by The Defendant with regard to The Claimant as victim of crime which amounted to misfeasance in the public office of police constable in ignoring The Claimant’s entitlement to protection under the law. In consequence, The Claimant avers that individuals within the locale in which he lived and worked anticipated that police responses to reported crimes against The Claimant were deliberately non-existent and perceived The Claimant safer to target as a consequence. This laissez-faire inertia augmented The Claimant’s losses as any crime against his property was more likely to go undetected. In consequence, The Claimant suffered loss and damage thereby.
  2. On 20th July 2010 in the Cardiff Crown Court one Derrick Hassan, as a court officer, refused to allow the Claimant assistance or take delivery of court papers he knew related to civil damages claims against the South Wales Police
  3. Derrick Hassan instead, at the top of a flight of stairs, assaulted the Claimant by pushing him off his walking stick and down the stairs causing the fracture of the Claimant’s right leg.
  4. The Claimant made complaint to the police but was, instead, arrested and detained in custody.
  5. On 2nd November 2011, the Claimant was found guilty of ‘common assault’ despite evidence from Dr XX and others, having indicated the need for an adjournment due to significant brain damage caused by a possible tumour and inability to be legally represented
  6. The appeal was deliberately delayed for nearly two years in order to successfully oppose the Claimant’s applications for bail needed to prepare his continuing civil damages claims against the South Wales Police for incessant bullying.
  7. The appeal was eventually transferred to Bristol Crown Court in order to limit the damaging publicity within south Wales.
  8. Despite the Claimant pressing for evidence to be called the Crown Prosecution Service had had the predicted prior instructions not to oppose the claimant’s appeal as the court had already been served with various eye witnesses of the original incident.
  9. Loss and DamageAs a result of the matters complained about The Claimant suffered loss of liberty, injury, anxiety, distress and inconvenience and loss and damage
  10. False Imprisonment
  12. (a) The Claimant was unlawfully arrested and then unlawfully detained for a period of over six months.
  13. (b) The Claimant was charged with five offences, as detailed above, on the basis of false and malicious accounts.
  14. (c) The incidents left The Claimant feeling anxious, distressed and frightened
  16. See the accompanying Schedule of Loss (to follow).

Beatson J

14 10 17 cout application

watch this space

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