Cardiff Courts Destroy Trial Records


Maurice Kirk’s attendance at 20th Feb 2017 Cardiff Magistrates Court to quash Restraining Order

(Maurice has had to return from Africa and his cub flight to Cape Town)

His application to Cardiff Magistrates Court is simply to obtain copy of original Criminal Cases Review Commission’s, magistrates’, HM Crown Prosecution’s, Geoamy’s and police’s records for their 1st December 2011 victim.
In the likely event of the contemporaneous notes taken by the clerk of the 1st Dec 11 court not being disclosed, as the 4th May 2012 jury were also refused them, please withdraw, on my behalf, from the proceedings and apply to a higher court in England.
It is the Applicant ‘s understanding, following the above listed persons repeated failures to produce required records, that reference may be made to His Honour Judge Rowland’s remarks following the CPS application to vary the purported original order never served on their victim in the first place!
The Applicant also applies for his erroneous Dr Tegwyn Williams 2009/10 MAPPA/Caswell Clinic medical records to be disclosed to him before being expunged from police and NHS (Wales) records and for the same doctor to produce, within 28 days,  a revised report relevant to the statutory defence under the 1987 Prevention of harassment Act.




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