Complaints to UK Government & Welsh Assembly and now President’s Trump Deja Vu?



The Court manager                                                                                                                 BS614159 +2

County Court                                                                                                             7CF07345   4th Action

Cardiff                                                                                                                       1CF07345 M/G Action


6th Feb 2017


Dear Mr Neil Pring,


Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

Extension in time to Appeal Oct 2015 HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC Judgment


  1. Further to my unanswered letters to Mr Hebden, your clerk of the court, Ms Davies as delivery manageress and Mr Strappini, as all Welsh courts manager, will you also refuse me copy of the court logs and court exhibits so far lodged with your court for my five above named civil damages claims due to your police failed malicious prosecutions?
  2. Will you release court record for their transcript preparation for the Court of Appeal and for my proposed 1st March 2017 County Court Hearing seeking disclosure of Visor and other police records referred to in His Honour Judge Newrey’s January 2017 judgment when refusing return of my 1st Action 8.6 1993 ‘garrotte’ incident custody interview tape?
  3. Your court continues to refuse to furnish me with my last attended 4th Action hearing transcript, essential to instruct a lawyer to sct on my behalf for the first time. Your Ms Tracy Davies denies I ever made that written request for a transcript first to the presiding judge and again on the relevant court staff before even leaving the building. Why?
  4. If I am entitled to transcripts will you forward me relevant forms and estimate for court fees?
  5. I say this as, further to numerous requests, your court continues to refuse the transcript for a purported Cardiff High Court hearing when your Welsh police prevented my attending court for the seventh time despite Gilbart J specifically moving courts to accommodate my attendance. Your court staff informed my public court that I had refused to get on the prison bus when prison records clearly indicate to the contrary. Why?
  6. This highly significant related Cardiff Administrative Court hearing, on my being bullied by the South Wales Police to prejudice my civil claims, has also been delayed for no lawful reason, why?
  7. To yet another new judge in this public scandal, for a predicted futile 1st March 2017 hearing in another attempt to cover-up the wide spread corruption in your building , does this extract from my 23rd January 2017 letter to the Court of appeal clarify the current position?




10th Sept 16


Court Transcribers

R (Ewing) v Cardiff Crown Court CO/4249/14 and Kirk v. DPP CO/4737/2014

I would enquire as to the costs of transcribing the proceedings before Mr. Justice Gilbart on 21/01/15 in the above two cases heard in Court 7 at Cardiff Crown Court sitting as the Administrative Court in Wales.

The judgment given by Mr. Justice Gilbart has been transcribed but there was discussion beforehand lasting around some 20 minutes with legal submissions as this is what I am regarding.

The Cardiff court has ignored numerous communications from T Ewing and myself. This court has even conducted Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon hearings in my absence over the production of police evidence and without my even knowing as a party in the proceedings!

2.. Despite my visits to lodge an appeal Cardiff County Court has continued to delay, for well over a year, BS614159 +2 judgment in a form acceptable to the Court of Appeal. The trial judge told me I was not to see the ‘court management log’ and following His Honour’s retirement the court now state there never was one nor Claimant exhibits that were filed with the court over the 20 years.

Extract of Claimant’s 20th January 2017 letter to Court of Appeal

Cardiff County Court appears to have just released both of the above but continue to pretend there is no such thing as any record of each 20 years of day’s hearings (court management log) as in criminal courts.

It denies existence my exhibits in form of 80 odd arch lever files served on police, CDs and my Whitehall leaked letters handed to HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC and referred to HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC as my exhibits.

The red file from whence they came, marked MAURICE JOHN KIRK-Potential vexatious litigant and seen at public counter 10 years or so ago is now denied as having ever existed.

Is it any wonder why I was then banned from any Wales’ court buildings unless as a victim?

Their corruption blossoms and it is not yet Spring!

Extract of complaint copied to Court of Appeal earlier this week re police failed disclosure.


HMC&TS Manager,

Cardiff County Court

South Wales 

20th January 2017


                     Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police case no incl.   BS164169

Dear Madam,

  1. Your today’s letter appears confusing in that you deny a court management log, promised by the last court clerk to identify dates when evidence was given, even exists. It identifies when my court exhibits were filed with the court for starters. 
  2. My 54 exhibit files were handed to the police solicitors about 10 years ago NOT the 30 odd defence returned ‘cherry picked’ court management files for 2013 trial.
  3. December 1016 costs order paras 8/9 identifies the trial judge’s order for police to IDENTIFY police in each of 33 incidents RELEVANT for him and have them produced.
  4. Examples of trial judge’s disclosure orders ignored as all identified in my exhibit files.
  1. In ‘smuggling pigs’ incident Sgt Hill was arrested by me for stealing the Crown Prosecutor’s file from anti-Terrorist Crown Prosecutor, Mr N Mundy, in chaos.
  2. In ‘speeding’ incident Sgt Andrew Rice stole CPS Soffa’s file admitted as incident “he wished to forget” the QC defence barrister said as I had arrested the former in the full face of the court, by the scruff of the neck, for withholding truth.
  3. In ‘Gafael/police break-in to my veterinary surgery with sledge hammer’ I was detained in custody, summoned twice, before all charges were again dropped.
  4. In ‘police helicopter chase’ armed police blocked witness summonses served.
  5. In ‘dangerous driving’ incident police inspector was caught signalling to witness in the box to cause collapse of trial but on switched excuse of ‘never an offence’!
  6. In ‘garrotte’ incident Sgt Trigg featured heavily but blocked a summons to attend


Miss T Davies, please send ‘sealed’ judgment direct to RCJ as court indicated it would do.

As for your today’s reply to my letter to area manager, Mr Strinati it is a cover-up:


Para 2) a lawyer informs me the Cardiff court HAD been in contact with the Court of Appeal

Para 8) will you now ‘inform’ yourself of the ‘red court file’ shown to me at public counter marked Maurice John Kirk – ‘potential vexatious litigant’ and DISCLOSE ITS FULL CONTENT for RCJ? The clerk was made to stamp and sign each document I then filed as court exhibits.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc.     SHOULD not an external police force investigate all this corruption?


  1. 4th Action 7CF07345 is possibly the main action of a dozen indicating ‘an over-arching conduct’ of police harassment by still more malicious failed prosecutions, refusals to properly investigate crime committed on the Claimant, his family, veterinary staff or his property. Their 2000 direct contact to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to have his name removed from the veterinary record, was based on their 11% success from over 110 criminal allegations ie complaint based on plain spite.


  1. Cardiff Magistrates (C of A Case No. 201203241) have altered and re-written their ‘court management log’ of evidence contrary to Criminal Cases Review Commission records that confirm no restraining order was ever served on 1st Dec 2011 in court cells. Neither organisation will disclose the relevant records despite original HM Crown Prosecutor, in cross examination, admitting it was his ‘draft’ order that came to me in the cells and that His Honour Judge Rowlands indicated, in april2014, that, yes, the order appears ridiculous and so Mr Kirk’s website postings may remain.

Extract from Claimant’s 9th Sept 2016 application to quash said restraining order:

I now understand from both HM Crown Prosecution Service and Criminal Cases Review Commission following the disclosure of new evidence, some of which was referred to by Dr Tegwyn William’s solicitor to the police in October 2013 without my knowing means I have plausible argument that the purported ‘restraining order’ should be quashed…..

Any heard appeals from either Cardiff magistrates or Cardiff County Court have been ridiculed to a level of insult to my intelligence. In case BS614159 there continues the ’interview’ tape not finished!

  1. HM Swansea prison took over a year to convene a hearing for my immediate release on the written excuse it could not find a Welsh forensic psychiatrist, except XX, to sit on the board for their MAPPA category 3 level 3 victim. All this, with 7 year delay for my machine-gun damages trial must be sufficient for someone, at last, in London to intervene?


Yours faithfully

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Above letters ignored to date


Image result for trump images cartoons

5th Feb 2017

EXTRACT of what really goes on in so called democratic law courts originally exported from the UK

 Acting solicitor general Noel Francisco had argued on Saturday night that the President’s authority is “largely immune from judicial control” when it comes to deciding who can enter or stay in the US.

The federal government warned thwarting enforcement of the executive order risked harming the public and added aliens have “no constitutional rights” to enter the United States.

The Welsh Assembly consider the state of  their police force and  law courts is none of its responsibility.  It advised I direct my complaints to Her Majesty’s Government in England.

So I write again to the Cardiff court:


Mr Willis

County Court


4th Feb 2017

Dear Sir,

Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

BS614159 +2, 7CF07345 4th Action & 1CF03361Machine-Gun Action

Appeals re Oct 15 Judgment its Dec 2016 Costs Order and 4th Action Ruling

  1. Further to Claimant’s unanswered letters, including 25th January 17 to the Cardiff County Court all relating to his Actions against the South Wales Police, does the Defendant have permission, yet again, to cause the 2010 1CF03361 machine-gun case to be stayed?
  2. Similarly, the Claimant’s paid January 2017 application for a ‘stay’ is also not confirmed while October 2015 sealed BS614159 judgment is still not being released to either Claimant or Court of Appeal as promised. There is still no Claimant copy of the court management log or court exhibits all needed to order transcripts and trace court lost files and other lodged exhibits, why?
  3. The Claimant is only too well aware of both the police and court’s tactics to cause his entitled ‘due process’ of his 26 year running damages claims to run ‘out of time’ but he is no longer locked up if he keeps out of Wales and he is still breathing, why?
  4. Claimant signed and served 9th January 2017 applications to the Cardiff High Court require court fees at some point with either N244 or N161 forms but he is at a loss as to what to do if his and Defendant’s applications for a temporary ‘stay’ are still ‘in limbo’ with the 1993 custody interview tape and no police Visor records disclosed.
  5. Please clarify as to what is needed by the court and confirmation that the Claimant’s n244 application was received and a receipted copy is returned for action at Strasbourg and RCJ.



Maurice J Kirk BVSc



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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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