Alun Cairns MP Alun Michael Complaint re South Wales Police Criminal Conduct

A very quick correct reply from National Assembly stating UK Parliament is responsible for current state of both the South Wales Police and Cardiff civil and criminal law courts.

Photo: The infamous Cardiff cabal, possibly or to some in northern Kenya, the well armed Kenyan Wild Life Service’s daily catch with snakes as part their of reptile research…..see face book supporting Maurice Kirk in Africa




The Secretary to

The Welsh Assembly


South Wales


3rd Feb 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,

Rampant Malfeasance in Public Office

I consider it my responsibility for Assembly Members to be made aware of the facts briefly set out below and if needed, to supply further and better particulars:

The South Wales Police

I enclose my complaints again both ignored by your local police and law courts as the evidence within is far too damming as to allow any investigation, however small, for the risk of further criminal conduct being occasioned. To ignore the enclosed will do just that.



23rd January 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,


COMPLAINT re Cardiff Administrative, County & Magistrates Courts

Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

For more than 20 years the above courts have appeared reluctant to expedite ‘due process’ of the law as is their mandate as HM Court & Tribunal Service (Wales). I can find no lawyer to act on these matters for the obvious reasons or even serve an application to have ‘my’ restraining order quashed.

Examples include:

  1. Cardiff Administrative Court has been delayed without good reason in the following case:


10th Sept 16


Court Transcribers

R (Ewing) v Cardiff Crown Court CO/4249/14 and Kirk v. DPP CO/4737/2014

I would enquire as to the costs of transcribing the proceedings before Mr. Justice Gilbart on 21/01/15 in the above two cases heard in Court 7 at Cardiff Crown Court sitting as the Administrative Court in Wales.

The judgment given by Mr. Justice Gilbart has been transcribed but there was discussion beforehand lasting around some 20 minutes with legal submissions as this is what I am regarding.

The Cardiff court has ignored numerous communications from T Ewing and myself. This court has even conducted Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon hearings in my absence over the production of police evidence and without my even knowing as a party in the proceedings!

2.. Despite my visits to lodge an appeal Cardiff County Court has continued to delay, for well over a year, BS614159 +2 judgment in a form acceptable to the Court of Appeal. The trial judge told me I was not to see the ‘court management log’ and following His Honour’s retirement the court now state there never was one nor Claimant exhibits that were filed with the court over the 20 years.


Extract of 20th Jan 2017 letter to Court of Appeal

Cardiff County Court appears to have just released both of the above but continue to pretend there is no such thing as any record of each 20 years of day’s hearings (court management log) as in criminal courts.

It denies existence my exhibits in form of 80 odd arch lever files served on police, CDs and my Whitehall leaked letters handed to HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC and referred to HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC as my exhibits.

The red file from whence they came, marked MAURICE JOHN KIRK-Potential vexatious litigant and seen at public counter 10 years or so ago is now denied as having ever existed.

Is it any wonder why I was then banned from any Wales’ court buildings unless as a victim?

Their corruption blossoms and it is not yet Spring!


Extract of complaint copied to Court of Appeal earlier this week re police failed disclosure.


HMC&TS Manager,

Cardiff County Court

South Wales 

20th January 2017


                     Maurice Kirk v  South Wales Police                        Case no incl.   BS164169

Dear Madam,

  1. Your today’s letter appears confusing in that you deny a court management log, promised by the last court clerk to identify dates when evidence was given, even exists. It identifies when my court exhibits were filed with the court for starters. 
  2. My 54 exhibit files were handed to the police solicitors about 10 years ago NOT the 30 odd defence returned ‘cherry picked’ court management files for 2013 trial.
  3. December 1016 costs order paras 8/9 identifies the trial judge’s order for police to IDENTIFY police in each of 33 incidents RELEVANT for him and have them produced.
  4. Examples of trial judge’s disclosure orders ignored as all identified in my exhibit files.
  1. In ‘smuggling pigs’ incident Sgt Hill was arrested by me for stealing the Crown Prosecutor’s file from anti-Terrorist Crown Prosecutor, Mr N Mundy, in chaos.
  2. In ‘speeding’ incident Sgt Andrew Rice stole CPS Soffa’s file admitted as incident “he wished to forget” the QC defence barrister said as I had arrested the former in the full face of the court, by the scruff of the neck, for withholding truth.
  3. In ‘Gafael/police break-in to my veterinary surgery with sledge hammer’ I was detained in custody, summoned twice, before all charges were again dropped.
  4. In ‘police helicopter chase’ armed police blocked witness summonses served.
  5. In ‘dangerous driving’ incident police inspector was caught signalling to witness in the box to cause collapse of trial but on switched excuse of ‘never an offence’!
  6. In ‘garrotte’ incident Sgt Trigg featured heavily but blocked a summons to attend

Miss T Davies, please send ‘sealed’ judgment direct to RCJ as court indicated it would do.

As for your today’s reply to my letter to area manager, Mr Strinati it is a cover-up:

Para 2) a lawyer informs me the Cardiff court HAD been in contact with the Court of Appeal

Para 8) will you now ‘inform’ yourself of the ‘red court file’ shown to me at public counter marked Maurice John Kirk – ‘potential vexatious litigant’ and DISCLOSE ITS FULL CONTENT for RCJ? The clerk was made to stamp and sign each document I then filed as court exhibits.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc.     SHOULD not an external police force investigate all this corruption?

  1. 4th Action 7CF07345 is possibly the main action of a dozen indicating ‘an over-arching conduct’ of police harassment by still more malicious failed prosecutions, refusals to properly investigate crime committed on the Claimant, his family, veterinary staff or his property. Their 2000 direct contact to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to have his name removed from the veterinary record, was based on their 11% success from over 110 criminal allegations ie complaint based on plain spite.
  2. Cardiff Magistrates (C of A Case No. 201203241) have altered and re-written their ‘court management log’ of evidence contrary to Criminal Cases Review Commission records that confirm no restraining order was ever served on 1st Dec 2011 in court cells. Neither organisation will disclose the relevant records despite original HM Crown Prosecutor, in cross examination, admitting it was his ‘draft’ order that came to me in the cells and that His Honour Judge Rowlands indicated, in april2014, that, yes, the order appears ridiculous and so Mr Kirk’s website postings may remain.

Extract from Claimant’s 9th Sept 2016 application to quash said restraining order:

I now understand from both HM Crown Prosecution Service and Criminal Cases Review Commission following the disclosure of new evidence, some of which was referred to by XX’s solicitor to the police in October 2013 without my knowing means I have plausible argument that the purported ‘restraining order’ should be quashed…..

Any heard appeals from either Cardiff magistrates or Cardiff County Court have been ridiculed to a level of insult to my intelligence. In case BS614159 there continues the ’interview’ tape not finished!

  1. HM Swansea prison took over a year to convene a hearing for my immediate release on the written excuse it could not find a Welsh forensic psychiatrist, except XX, to sit on the board for their MAPPA category 3 level 3 victim. All this, with 7 year delay for my machine-gun damages trial must be sufficient for someone, at last, in London to intervene?

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc




27rd January 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

COMPLAINT re Cardiff Administrative, County & Magistrates Courts

Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

  1. My 23rd January 2017 complaint to the Court of Appeal was for very good reason as the new judge in my South Wales Police case has just ruled, copy enclosed, that the 1993 court exhibit is not my property.
  2. This police interview tape, in a Cardiff police station, was carried out without caution where an indictable offence was concerned. I was then charged with ‘being in possession of a garrotte type instrument’ that the Crown Prosecution Service refused to entertain.
  3. The duty solicitor, seconds before the police interview, was made to see my name attached on a piece of paper on the charge book and informed of Inspector Trigg’s direct involvement in my prolonged custody having received, less than hour before by hand, another of my 22nd May 1993 court exhibits my letter expressing complaint of continuing police harassment.
  4. The new judge and the trial judge indicated there was ‘no record of it in the court exhibits’ as to who, in the police station, offered me over the telephone my copy tape.
  5. Still further, Claimant court exhibits identify Mrs Griffiths, tape librarian at Fairwater police station, which may be why I am still denied access to the court management log and list of Claimant court exhibits

In the light of Judge Harrison’s January 2017 judgment, refusing the return of my property, which I again ask to have reconsidered or appealed to the appropriate court, will you now allow me to, at least, inspect the court management log and list of claimant exhibits taken into account by His Honour, the trial judge, in both his October 2015 and December 2017 BS614159 judgments?

Yours sincerely,


As Secretary to The Welsh Assembly are you prepared to seek advice as to whether the above matters need Assembly investigation on behalf of the general public in Wales and if not to whom do I complain in England?

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Cardiff County Court and Royal Courts of Justice
3rd Feb 2017

                     Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police


Dear Mr Willis,

1. The Claimant’s 17th Jan 17n244 application to stay of 4th Action proceedings (see 29th January 2017 two signed applications)  is considered by a local barrister as the main action as examples of police misconduct in refusing to protect their victims property or investigate criminal damage featuring within almost all of the ten proposed actions against the South Wales Police.
2. The Claimant has been wishing to appeal the striking out of police prosecutions in the 4th Action that was stayed by HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC  so long ago until the conclusion of the first 3 Actions.
3. Following the refusal by HHJ Newey to return The Claimant’s 1993 custody interview tape (Ist Action 8.6 ‘garrotte incident’) means the first 3 actions are not concluded in the lower court as a full transcript and original tape returned to the Claimant was promised and unlikely to occur as too serious.
4. The Claimant has never been given a ‘sealed’ October 2015 judgment of the first 3 Actions nor he suspects has court sent one to the Court of appeal as no confirmation has yet arrived from London meaning the case is not concluded in the lower court in order that the Claimant to appeal as the Cardiff cabal are simply patiently waiting for their victim to die.
5. The too serious aspects of police criminal conduct in the first 23 actions are omitted from the October 2015 judgment, apparently and  are therefore identified in the Claimant’s series of January 2017written complaints to RCJ and local police force to investigate in both Lokichoggio and Cardiff.
6. The complaints of police misconduct to the South Wales Police and outside forces, prior to 2017, exceed a 100 times since 1993.
7. 4th Action must have generated some relevant judgments for the claimant to appeal or are they yet to come?
8. Please send any already handed down upon which the Claimant can appeal

Oh, surprise, surprise, at last the Cardiff County Court is actually now ‘considering’ releasing a court judgment, from which decade  is yet to be a surprise, upon which I can make a pre -arranged futile application to appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice, Cardiff High court or to some bar in St Peters, Guernsey or Merdrignac, Brittany.

Reply to e-mail:

Cardiff County, Hearings <>

13:37 (1 hour ago)

to me
Dear Mr Kirk.
Please can you provide me with a contact at the court of appeal. If you provide me with a name, I will in this instance only, send them a sealed copy of the judgment dated 26th October 2015.

Many Thanks

How long is ‘an instance’ Madam, you lying little welshing bitch somewhere towards the bottom of the shit heap of shysters that make-up the Wales judiciary and South Wales Police force? Of course your court are in touch with RCJ ( see my last letter in your direction). I travelled by train twice, posted the lot once as you lot very well know, to the RCJ with my 2016/2017 appeal applications, after being made to wait 25 years to do it, prepared at great expense and time only to be refused at the counter each time as there was no ‘sealed order’ …..Wrong court, of course, in any event but no one told me …All of you thought it all a bit of fun to run a Litigant in Person  a song and dance for another 10 years. If any one needed turning up-side down and used as a money box, it was you. Your inherent deceit oozes from every one of your sweaty glands every time I see you…..Remember my shredded court ‘ vexatious litigant file’, remember my snatched files to Whitehall shredded, remember all my court destroyed court exhibits for the BS614159 25 year running case, but your pension is protected under HM and withdaft  Brexit your future in HM is well assured. Will you send me copy or to any of my family, when I am gone, of the BS614159 court management log? Of course you cannot , that was systematically shredded at the end of each day you thoroughly deceitful individuals.
Kindly get that spineless wonder HMC&TS area court manager, Strapinni to answer my simple questions and I will try and find a name for you. xx

Lord Denning wrote something, I remember, about parties and courts causing delay, deliberately….. 25 years of it in my case… “justice delayed is justice denied” or similar?


2nd Feb 17
Court of Appeal
Dear Sir,
I have located a name, ‘Hebdon’ at your Court of Appeal and the Cardiff County Court delivery manageress, Ms Tracy Davies, has asked for a name in order for the release of a sealed signed copy of October 15 judgment by HHJ Seys Llewellyn Q C to Mr Hebden to allow an APPLICATION TO APPEAL first attempted and served on your court within 3 weeks of judgment being first handed down. More evidence has been reluctantly been disclosed by the south Wales Police in accordance with previous ignored orders by both HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC and the 2013 trial judge.
Please confirm you have someone of that name in order to inform Ms Tracy Davies to expedite the situation. Thankyou
I enclose an earlier draft of an associated application to you or Cardiff, I remain mystified which, to why this delay has appeared to have occurred.
A new statement will accompany my N161 form when I know you are actually, at last, in p0session of a judgment that, this time, your court will accept as valid
PLEASE inform me if and when it arrives at RCJ


Kirk <>

11:55 (6 minutes ago)

to Civil, Cardiff

Kirk <>

11:55 (6 minutes ago)

to Civil, Cardiff
Thank you but I request copy of this proposed correspondence and previous from Cardiff courts for Strasburg and RCVS…..thankyou
Thank you but I request copy of this proposed correspondence and previous from Cardiff courts for Strasburg and RCVS…..thankyou

SWP court docs 19th July all files

So where are my 54 Arch Lever files of exhibits recorded in Court Management Log?



This magistrates hearing was heard in secret in order to try and avoid the publicity



The fabricated ‘unidentifiable vet’ 20th May 1993 imprisonment incident in fuller detail


Police Complaint                                                                                     29th January 2017

By paragraphs 8 and 9 of the costs order, where the learned judge had reminded himself that his original instructions as to which defence witnesses were to be produced for trial, the Defendant failed in doing so in all 33 incidents. It also failed in producing its Visor and other records of each incident or produce relevant police officers identified in the Claimant’s 54 arch-lever files served as court exhibits following similar directions that had been given from His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s predecessor, His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC and recorded in the ‘court management log’ along with other handed-in Claimant trial exhibits.

Examples include:

  1. In the 1st Action 8.23 incident, when both Sergeant Andrew Rice and PC Killick attended, the Crown Prosecutor was arrested but Sgt Rice denied it, on oath. He even confiscated the prosecutor’s file. Leading defence counsel indicated Mr Sofa would avoid giving evidence at trial due to his Crown Immunity status.
  2. In the 1st Action 8.6 (garrotte like instrument incident) trial judge denied there was any identity evidence of the police librarian holding the Claimant’s interview cassette despite but both her surname, initials and address are clearly recorded
  3. In the 1st Action para 7. Air Traffic Controller Johnathan Clayton’s witness summons was blocked from being served by the Claimant by armed police at Cardiff airport despite his having admitted the police helicopter had been flying dangerously too near the Claimant’s aircraft (see police video) contrary to both The Air Navigation Order and specific police regulations.
  4. In the 1st Action incidents featured Inspector Trigg in records for a witness summons but was also blocked at the Barry police station as being ‘not known’
  5. In the 1st Action 8.13 (Claimant stolen motor-cycle incident) the eye witness to the police removing its number plate was only detained in custody in order to prevent a witness summons having been served on him by the Claimant.
  6. In the 2nd Action para 2 (Flight to Ireland 9th February 1996) this was yet another collapsed magistrate’s hearing following the duty police officer, Sergeant Hall, confiscating Mr Mundy’s prosecution file in front of the Claimant.
  7. In Action 2 Paragraph 11 (‘Claimant stop in Cardiff 5 April 2000) this incident was caught on the Defendant’s overhead CCTV as an angry PC assaulting the Claimant and then dragging him out of the car with neither arrest nor good reason. This exhibit was denied disclosure by the Defendant for over 12 months to avoid the Claimant’s Crown Court appeal, for ‘failing to give a specimen of breath’, to ensure his name was removed from the veterinary register.
  8. In 2nd Action para 14.3 (breath test required at veterinary Surgery 20 Dec 2000) was yet another incident of known police being withheld from trial as witnesses.

Chief Cardiff magistrates courts legal adviser

31st January 2017

Dear Mr Morgan,

Quash Restraining Orders
I note your five year reluctance in disclosing the 1st December 2011 court records to either me or a local lawyer who has asked on my behalf.
I note they have been fabricated since the CCRC intervened 2011 in order to be ‘unavailable’ for my 4th May 2012 jury despite all 12 asking to see them via jury note along with written evidence in custody records that I ever received your court’s daft and unlawful restraining order.
I note 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act is so clear on this point as you very well know.
I note my previous applications to quash and for disclosure of court, custody and police records are also being ignored. Had I been born in Wales would I have received such malicious treatment but be in possession of them by now?
I enclose yet another application to quash supported by a lawyer’s statement touching on some of the appalling issues in this matter for an Englishman to be persecuted by.
yours, MJK

Clerk of Court

Cardiff Magistrates Court


19th January 2017

Dear Sir,

Application to Quash XX Restraining Order

I again asking for a hearing date re 1st Dec 2011 retaining order never served on their English victim.

  1. He did not even examine me before having me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act
  2. He was not qualified to interpret the brain scans
  3. He used the wrong equipment for scanning
  4. He lied to Judges on the facts
  5. He has never been cross examined on his findings
  6. I have always been denied his medical evidence relied on for his recommendation I be further sectioned to Ashworth indefinitely
  7. Professor Rodger Wood also fabricated data at the Caswell Clinic to avoid machine-gun trial
  8. CAA psychiatrists found no evidence of brain damage or psychiatric reasons for preventing my flying to Cape Town as captain in command of a British registered aircraft
  9. Seventeen doctors and psychologists at Caswell Clinic prison found no evidence to support the findings of either Wood or XX and so refused to countersign their findings.
  10. Crown Court has ruled the order as null and void following new evidence.

I can find no lawyer in Wales to make this application.

Now, I wonder why, surprise, surprise?



Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Court of Appeal ref BS614159 etc etc



Dear Sir,
Over Arching Police Conspiracy
I have just heard, literally minutes ago, there was a possible judgment re striking some 20 or so, malicious police incidents all off which I had won.
These further indicated the animus generated when having to suffer South Wales Police bullying for over 25 years.
This 4th action His Honour Judge Nicholas chambers QC very well understood and said hinged on the outcome of the first three of my 10 or so Actions against the South Wales Police.
Kindly send this judgment as I do not remember receiving it or know when this was handed down and by whom?
I appreciate, daily, my memory is no longer always ‘fit for purpose’ due to the police relentless criminal conduct causing terms of unlawful imprisonment.
Please take this letter as notification of my intention to appeal the 4th Action judgment, out of time if need be now the machine-gun conspiracy 1CF03361 is deliberately delayed yet again.
 His Honour expressed the view the 4th Action should have been taken into account  in the conclusion of HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC’s debacle destined to continue now  for a few more years.
His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC again so clearly intimated the above when ordering the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to sign her own affidavit that I had been given all relevant Visor and other police records of the first 33 malicious police incidents in Actions1, 2 &3.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC in para 8/9 in his December 2016 costs order reminded himself of same.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
Tel 07708586202  /+254713600723

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