Dr Janice Hillier & XX Caused Caswell Clinic Problems

Clinical Director

Caswell Clinic


South Wales

7th March 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

  1. I need to interview a number (15 in total so far) of your present and past staff concerning my ‘medical’ status before continuing my flight to Cape town, Falklands, Cape Horn and some wall in northern Mexico.
  2. As I propose taking up residence nearby your psychiatric police hospital and time is short then could you please allocate someone to ring me today to be the liaison officer for the next couple of months or so otherwise I will need to visit tomorrow.
  3. All reasonably anticipated expenses incurred will be paid in advance.
  4. I need my  purported  medical evidence to which Judge Richard Thomlow referred.
  5. Any deliberate delay on your part or from any of your staff, past or present, will leave some in further difficulties requiring my request for police intervention.

Anticipating your full co-operation

Kind regards

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


FOR SALE  to finance cub flight to Cape Town ….£3000 or best offer! tel.   07708586202

Cardiff court has yet again altered its records concerning the original evidence given. My visit to Cardiff Central this week, to make written statement, again proved futile

dr-tegwyn-williams-wanted-poster switched-wanted014

SO DESPERATE was the Cardiff Cabal, to cover up the truth, back in 2013, that the police had to again order HM Cardiff prison staff NOT to allow my defence statement being received by me or finishing up anywhere near a jury…..They simply stopped the postal delivery to my Cardiff prison cell.

This poster David Gareth Evans tried to introduce to the 1st Dec 2011 rodeo on the day!


Professor Rodger Wood who also  lied over rewriting the Caswell Clinic records once I had won the machine-gun trial without the need of any defence evidence.

NHS (Wales) continues to refuse to release all the medical records that were before the HHJ Bidder QC for fear that the right ones are sent to gaol this time.

Then Crown Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans of Park Place Chambers , Cardiff, now a divorce lawyer, also repeatedly lied over his knowledge, as an ‘officer of the court’, that no restraining order could ever have been served on me, as the 4th May jury had been told.

Criminal Cases Review Commission refuse to investigate as they have copy of the original 1st Dec 2011 magistrates notes an clerk, Michael Williams, notes of the fabricated ‘harassment; evidence,

Maurice was refused the right to cross examine Dr XX at both summary and Crown Court level for fear the police conspiracy would identify those in cabal in on the act to also pervert the course of justice.

This is why UK’s quite farcical ‘state a case’, judicial Review and/or appeal to the Crown Court and/or applications to an external police force for investigation will again be perused

Dyane SWP @ HQ.jpg

Chief Constable’s office South Wales Police HQ in another attempt for police to take a complaint re Cardiff court altering court records after a conviction in order to cover up the truth as to what really happened when tape recorded.

[Last time here, to Barbara Wilding’s office door, I was quickly surrounded by flak jacketed police all armed with automatic weapons and stun grenades and sporting tin hats. They were looking for a machine-gun, apparently, but no one asked me about it].



Bridgend HQ visit, on the same day, to see if anyone there would take a statement re HMCTS irregular conduct.

Yet another police station complaining re forged court records of evidence.

Finally I travel to England to try my luck.



2nd March 17 Cardiff’s 2nd Application to block Maurice’s Appeal to RCJ from 25 years of proven police bullying

Court of Appeal                                                                                                                           BS614159 +6

Royal Courts of Justice

The Strand


27th February 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

                4th COMPLAINT re Cardiff Administrative, County & Magistrates Courts

                                                          Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

  1. Today this Applicant, for his 1st March 2017 application to appeal his first three civil actions re police bullying, spent another two hours at Cardiff’s main police station trying to persuade someone to take a written complaint but, as predicted, all again refused
  2. On receipt of today’s Magistrates disgustingly misleading letter with admission, again, from Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Crown Court and Cardiff Magistrates that their respective records, relating to this Applicant’s application tomorrow, have been deliberately destroyed why cannot you lot up there do something NOW to those within the Cardiff cabal who all stick together like the proverbial to a blanket instead of just being honest for a change
  3. District Judge Thomas, only this week, refused, as to each jury so far, to supply the Applicant’s lawyer copy of the 1st Dec 2011 ‘harassment’ conviction evidence, copy of the court management log, copy of exhibits or even copy of clerk of the court’s notes of evidence purported evidence.
  4. Why? They court documents clearly indicated no ‘harassment ‘conviction have been served in the cells or upheld in law when gate-arresting police, CPS, Dr XX, Dr Janice Hillier and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University all then either lied or had deliberately misled their respective authorities, each on their own lucrative agenda.

 A previous complaint to RCJ

  1. Cardiff courts deliberately destroyed management logs, court exhibits and tapes
  2. 7 examples from the 33 incidents of proven blatant police criminal conduct
  3. Police blackmailed Dr XX to fabricate medical evidence to delay trial
  4. Fabricated machine-gun case to gaol & delay for witnesses’ memories to fade or die
  5. Restraining Order was never served and court caught destroying or changing records
  6. CCRC refuse to disclose those original 1st Dec 11 magistrate R/O records asked also for by 4th May 2012 jury but refused as too many from HMCTS would go to prison.
  7. Gilbart J/arrest of prison officer case is still on going to delay obvious outcome
  8. 20th June 1993 1st Action.8.6 ‘garrotte’/ Prince Charles incident is still under investigation re my being imprisoned as ‘unidentifiable’
  9. 4th Action of ‘evidence of similar fact’ have now been examined by a judge.
  10. This very week in Cardiff Magistrates a judge retired for 35 minutes to obtain the original 1st Dec 2001 Restraining Order records to find they had not just been altered but redacted with court exhibits purloined.
  11. My Bristol lawyers, Cardiff lawyers and myself have all been refused documentation
  12. XX continues to refuse to correct my medical records, despite 17 medical professionals via Caswell Clinic writing their reports to the contrary.
  13. In 2012 Dr Janice Hillier & Dr XX made statements to police that I had gone around to where ever they lived with a can of petrol to burn their house down
  14. Police even refused my hospital appointments when in prison or on parole that has now caused a carcinogenic condition that could so easily have been avoided if it had not been for being wrongfully imprisoned.
  15. For 16 years this unchecked police conduct has prevented my continuing my US lecture tour by WW2 cub, have my name restored to the veterinary register or get away, at last, from the stench of the Cardiff courts riddled with deceit and flagrant corruption in order to pervert the course of justice.


Those 7 police bullying examples, to which I referred, are in greater detail in earlier blogs

The Crown Prosecution Barrister, David Gareth Evans, who was arrested for knowingly allowing my 1st December 2011 Cardiff Magistrates conviction, under 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, based on a fabrication of police evidence to be aired before DC John Charles. No restraining order was ever served on me in the cells and both Geoamy and police know as all were there at the alleged moment.

Its appeal on St Davids Day 2012 also ended in predictable chaos while I was screened off in the dock from the public like police plant as with ‘foxy’ in their fabricated 2010 ‘machine -gun’ case when she had a ‘sex change’ from wishing to ‘buy’ the Lewis to giving evidence as a man!

Mandatory record in clerk of the court’s notes, tape recording by a member of the public at the time and in the notes from a room stuffed with angry witnesses, gathered from all over Europe, to the appalling event will prove in a court of law the minor conspiracy to affect my civil redress of police bullying went ‘pear shaped’. . The Criminal Cases Review Commission asked for and obtained those court records, on my behalf, for the 2012 jury trials and are needed, of course, for proposed 2017 trial. Also needed will be the ‘purported’ 1st December 2011 records referred to by District Judge Thomas, this week, when deliberating a judgment I am still patiently waiting to receive. All needed for another JR or Crown Court Appeal .

That evidence, incidentally, was denied me at 1st March 2012 Crown Court Appeal and the 4th May 2012 jury (see 2nd jury note) when judge Curran was told by Gareth no records of my Harassment conviction were available except certificate of conviction, bloody little liar.

South Wales Police therefore blackmailed Dr XX to falsify my medical records, without even examining his patient, once the opportunity of having me lawfully shot had passed. Meantime Barbara wilding , Chief Constable, held more clandestine MAPPA level 3 category 3 meetings in order to obtain my indefinite incarceration in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital with a purported brain tumour Dr TW had diagnosed a clandestine court was told.

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08 September 2010

1. Maurice is a 65-year-old veterinary surgeon with a passion for flying, a strong sense for what is right and wrong and the courage to defend himself. He was removed from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons register in 2002. His website http://www.kirkflyingvet.com is popular world wide due to the adventurous nature of the pilot and the extraordinary legal battles he‟s been fighting.
2. Maurice has been seriously harassed by South Wales Police ever since 1977, when he was supposed to have stolen the notebook from the drawer of an Inspector‟s police station in Taunton. He won this case, but supposedly was owning a machine gun later, and was again found not guilty. See http://bit.ly/cm5uOW and http://bit.ly/c4tlJe
3. On one of his flights, Maurice landed near George Bush‟s farm and was put into a psychiatric clinic in Austin, Texas.
4. In the UK, the series of harassments included sending him to the mental ward of Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital, Tondu Road, Bridgend CF31 4LN. In that process, the following reports were produced:
a.  August 3rd  2009: Dr. XX wrote a 1st Interim Psychiatric Report that formed the basis of the judge‟s decision to section Maurice under the Mental Health Act on August 7th, 2009.
The report, produced at the request of Cardiff Crown Court, was based entirely on documents and website, without interview. See http://bit.ly/cfp5QP
b. Without date: A Mental Health Services‟ Consultant and Forensic Psychiatrist from the Caswell Clinic wrote a 2nd Psychiatric Report about the charge of the possession of a firearm sold or transferred a firearm. See http://bit.ly/cfp5QP
c. August 12th, 2009: The University NHS Trust requested copies of medical records from the Austin
State Hospital, but refuses access to Maurice. See http://bit.ly/d5tiWM
d. September30th, 2009: 3rd Psychiatric Report by Dr. XX para 9: “paranoid delusional disorder”, para 10: “significant brain damage”
e.  September 1st, 2009: Dr. James Godfrey, Clinical Psychological Report, Penarth Ward: “I do not feel that Maurice’s court cases and litigious processes were initially motivated by any form of delusional paranoia. However, it may well be the ongoing effects of these court cases have had a negative impact on his mental health. The long-term effects of stress; lack of sleep; removal of other forms of cognitive stimulation, such as his work; and association with a peer group who have extreme conspiratorial beliefs may, at certain points, cause Maurice’s to be vulnerable to delusional beliefs. In my opinion, Maurice is not currently suffering from a delusional disorder.
However, it is felt that continued physical and psychological stress could have some adverse affects on him in the future. If the current stressors surrounding Maurice were removed, there is every chance that his mental state would stabilise and his levels of anxiety reduce.”
f.     October 19th, 2009: para 32 of the 4th Psychiatric Report by Dr. XX [
http://bit.ly/bzJ0wK ] contains remarks of: “clear evidence of some degree of „neuro-cognitive (brain) damage”
g. December 1st, 2009: Dr Paul M Kemp, Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Medicine writes upon request from Yorkshire Law Solicitors to comment on brain scan images: “I do not believe that there is any convincing evidence of abnormality…”
h. May 26th, 2010: NHS University Health Board states that reports by Dr Bagshaw and Dr Sylvester did not exist and that Texas Reports have been returned – without Maurice ever seeing them.

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All in order to frustrate my 20 years civil damages claim due in court next week in Cardiff County Court (2nd March 2017 2pm) where ice cream and pop-corn will be served at the intermission.


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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    XX is living and presumably working in New Zealand


    • mauricekirky says:

      XX should give evidence but each time the Cardiff courts block my witness summonses application as too many others are also culpable but are promised immunity to prosecution or Would never have been sectioned in the first place…..police refuse even to take my complaint or examine new evidence nailing them once and for all


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