Two Can Play at That!

An expert in the art of suing the police has  explained just  what the Cardiff Cabal are up to–I must be bankrupted in order to stop my remaining nine cases arising out of decades of police bullying and inactivity to protect my property, me and my family.

First, there had to be a perverse judgment on the first three damages claims which is wrong in both law and fact an when do I get ‘sealed’ copy, ‘handed down’, I will never know!

Secondly, the cabal must prevent the judgment from ever reaching the Royal Courts of Justice for the Court of Appeal…….see previous blogs of what the cabal will stoop to in order to preserve their pensions all paid for by YOU.

And thirdly,  then apply for my bankruptcy in order to wipe-out all my remaining seven damages claims against the South Wales Police, at a simple stroke, including my feared  MAPPA 3/3 Machine-Gun NHS (Wales) two million pound claim for falsifying court records, crown Prosecutors lying to a succession of judges all wrapped up in malicious prosecutions to delay and delay these civil claims until after I die from natural causes or am shot after their first bungled attempt.


This has been deliberately blocked by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC for six years, so far, as I have proved malfeasance right across the South Wales judiciary  currently, incidentally, seeking autonomy with its own police force!

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

judge’s draft Judgment

DRAFT for Royal Courts of Justice appeal

So I file with the court the following application:

In Cardiff County Court BS614519/CF101741/ CF204141/ 1CF03361/ 7CF07345

Maurice John Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Police

Claimant Application for an Early Hearing to:


  1. Have machine-gun 1CF03361 case listed for hearing as six-year court delay is an abuse of process
  2. Add Claimant’s 2010 malicious Caswell Clinic arrest incident, unlawfully fabricated for a purported restraining order, to amended 4th Action as it is an abuse in preventing Claimant obtaining that court withheld evidence in that he was only gaoled as a registered MAPPA category 3 Level 3 victim as diagnosed with ‘significant brain damage’ from a brain tumour
  3. Allow Claimant an adjournment from proceedings in the first four of his ten Actions after 23 years of relentless but unlawful police delaying tactics for Claimant and all witnesses to forget evidence, go senile, go mentally ill, emigrate, get lost or simply die off.
  4.  Adjournment applied for is from 1st November 2016 to a date in early January 2017 yet to be known

5. Expedite the return of originals or copies of his property, tampered with or not, from

i)       those copies of Claimant 90s exhibits held by the Defendant from original Claimant files not now found as court exhibits as Defendant prepared the ‘trial bundles

ii)     a court copy of his potential vexatious litigant file sent to HM Treasury Solicitor

iii)) the purported court seized Claimant’s 20th May 93 ‘garrotte’ police interview tape

6. . Provide Claimant with:

i)   a copy of the court logs from all above listed cases since inception-cash still waiting

ii)  a copy of the Defendant’s ‘corrected’ version of the original judge’s draft copy of the purported final judgment sent out to both parties in October 2015, now returned to the court for preparation of the purported ‘sealed’ handed down judgment

iii)  a copy of the purported October 2015 learned judge’s hand down ‘sealed’ judgment yet to be received by the Claimant despite being informed that the same court no longer has a copy of it on its computer while The Court of Appeal continues refusing the claimant’s appeal application without it

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

3rd October 2016


So, if the Welsh police are allowed to slip-in their new defence exhibit for His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC to then immediately confiscate my purported property, when the ‘original’ tape was made over 23 years ago while their conspired malicious allegations started to fall apart in their faces, then so can I.


lloyd-williams-qc A great snap-shot, where credit is due,  I complement the photographer



Another typically concocted criminal allegation, against an Englishman, was when I had to arrest Stan Sofa, the then HM Crown Prosecutor for South Wales’ police and their crooked Cardiff cabal.

While the police successfully withheld content of my 52 arch lever prosecution exhibit files, from the learned trial judge, when served on them around 10 years ago, their now doctored ‘offensive weapon’ custody interview tape, just released this year to the civil court, of my being found using ‘a garrotte -type instrument’ on HRH Prince Charles’ property, can still be snookered.

Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

93 Garrotte inc008

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 2

Take another random police incident, from the hundred or so currently withheld from an English court say, Stan Sofa’s current whereabouts? A witness subpoena was to be served on him for at least a dozen court hearings, in the 90s, being withheld by Dolmans solicitors, no less and their barrister, Mr Williams, on a £100,000 retainer per annum to defend my action for damages.

How did it go, ah yes, one police barrister was just leaving the 2013 court room, during the 99 witness trial on very limited evidence, when she said something like, “where are all your witnesses, Mr Kirk?” (after 20 years gone missing, emigrated gone gaga or dead BUT not the key police officers asked for) while the other, the QC (to some meaning ‘quaintly corrupt’), was heard to say something like, “Mr Sofa (is not here) prefers to forget the embarrassing incident ever happened (in that chaotic Barry magistrates court hearing as  court staff were all seen dashing to their respective exits!

It caused Inspector Andrew Rice, PC Killick and at least two others, also out of breath, come bursting into the court room while Mr Sofa hung suspended from his coat collar following his arrest for withholding evidence, the speed-trap photo recording just who the driver really was that day.

Action 2 claim 5 2nd Oct 1997 speed camera St Nicholas F

But in Wales, in both civil and criminal cases, this QC, MR Williams, has no duty what so ever to divulge to the respective judge the fact that he had, throughout, given orders/instruction advice, take your pick, that none of my witness summonses, delivered to the police, were to be processed.

For example, Inspector Trigg (Prince of Wales incident 1st Action 8. 6), inspector Hill’s ‘smuggling pigs to Ireland’ 1968 Terrorism Act incident or barristers advising Dolmans on how to have me surrounded by armed Cardiff airport police to prevent my witness summons being successfully served on Air Traffic Control’s Mr J Clayton, who saw the  spectacular police air-to-air video proving police criminal conduct by deliberately endangering life.



 Mr Justice Gilbart LIED TO by Welsh Authorities

If ever there was an example of Cardiff cabal prevarication it is this one.
Lord Justice Sweeney et al have already handed down the judgment, in my favour, directly relating to my false imprisonment because of the nefarious habits within both Cardiff civil and criminal court accepted, apparently, by the locals such as:
1. refusing me an application to consider legal aid,
2  refusing me my legal papers in Cardiff court rooms
3.  and latest, not even allowing Janet Kirk the right to take notes on my behalf in the public gallery of a Crown Court while your victim is held behind sound- proof glass dock unrepresented and without his reading glasses even.
Seven times I have been refused access from Welsh custody to my own court hearings, whist unrepresented and this incident followed the police instruction to Swansea prison to wheel me off the prison van so I could not attend a win/win case of a malicious prosecution before gilbert J now proved by another route.
My sister, ex magistrate, has vivid recollection as she was quick witted enough to have told the court the prison had wheeled me off and taken to my cell refusing to deliver
YOU are still sitting on my applications since February 2016 RCJ judgment that was inevitable to be in my favour BECAUSE it was heard in a n ENGLISH COURT OF LAW.
Will you confirm receipt of this email and list an early date for a hearing and provide the transcript of the Gilbart J court hearing and HHJ seys Llewellyn QC as I keep asking for it for world wide web sites?
This information is for HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC re police deliberate attempts to snuffing-out an Englishman simply exercising his legal rights in a so called UK law court.
Enclosed is just one of my applications currently ignored by your Cardiff building……oh, what is new under the sun?

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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