FOUND: Dr XX & Dr Janis Hilliar in Canterbury New Zealand -Caswell Clinic Staff required shortly as Witnesses of Fact not Fiction


MY attempts to see, by previous invitation, my lovely MAPPA 3/3 appointed Dr Gaynor Jones at Glanrhyd Hospital, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, psychiatrist were not only stopped, of course, by police intervention but had  they had me gaoled again,  just on release from Cardiff prison for having nearly eight months incarceration over the Cardiff Cabal’s scandalously concocted ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy, only to lock me up at Caswell Clinic awaiting my appointment!

Could JK Rowling make her new book out of this tuff?

. Even Judge Seys Llewellyn QC has blocked, for six years, my civil claim for compensation for loss of my family, profession, health, wealth and damned near my sanity!


Bunch of bloody ‘small minded’ short arsed deceitful bastards and an utter disgrace to their fellow country men and women, including miners, soldiers, factory-workers and house wives, the list is endless, who fought and slaved through two world wars and for just what? This?—Only turning to Europe, not Brexit, do we have a chance of breaking HM Partnership so distorted now, that it’s prime aim appears to be driven by greed.

I cannot even get a lawyer in the land to sue the authorities for this —I am locked up accused of attempted burglary, assault, harassment and something else, I cannot remember…..just as with the 2010  2nd alleged ‘breach of a restraining order’ malicious arrest, never served on me in the first place, for my months in both Bristol and Cardiff prisons until the South Wales Police, knowing it would lose, meant the senior police officers had to eventually had over my ‘arrest file’ to the Crown Prosecution Service who promptly dropped the case  like a ‘hot potato’.

One of the HM Prosecutors, in particular,was quick to telephone me to say the allegations were, in effect,  ‘a load of bollocks’ as Drs Tegywn Williams and Hilliar’s MG11 witness statements had been fabricated by the police on the specific instructions of Barbara Wilding , the then Chief Constable of South Wales Police.

Police records , to the CPS, contain a statement that  I had been around to the doctors’ home, in the dead of night,with 4 gallon jerry-can of Avgas ……idiots.

Coronation Street actress, Michelle Collins,  over the  Musa family scandal prevented my purported 1st December 2009 Harassment Restraining Order on me getting served due to South Wales Police being asked from Tottenham not to produce me from Cardiff prison  two days earlier as a critical witness in their fight to keep their own children being snatched.  children used as the usual ‘lawyer collateral damage scam’ to steal from the bottomless HM Treasury’s coffers.



WANTED both as witnesses to give evidence, on oath, in both HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC’s 10 ongoing 23 years of civil damages claims and various private prosecutions, currently blocked by Cardiff courts, also against the South Wales Police and /or their Agents

Wilding Wanteddsc00529lee-barker-1st-dec-2011-custody-manager

Geoamey’s custody manager, Lee Barker, on the wrong end of the handcuffs, is the key witness, again,  in the next most available court hearing to see if a Cardiff judge finally has ‘the bottle’ to order his, police and court records are disclosed.

In your dreams , Maurice.

By BARKER simply revealing  all records of 1st December 2011 harassment conviction hearing from his employer, his own diary, court file, court clerk contemporaneous files, CPS (Bristol) and the police, in my immediate ‘gate arrest’ on 1st Dec 2009 release, will the Restraining order allegations will be quashed.

Then London’s authorities will get records  then released to prove the unlawful manner in which London Family court lawyers conspired with the Welsh cabal to have me unlawfully locked up, not once, not twice but three times, in order to assist in the Musa’s six Nigerian children being successfully snatched by the Haringey Council by preventing my 28th November 2011 evidence being heard. The Crown court then blocked my having an appeal despite lodging it there and then in the building.

12 06 15 K Team at County Court

11 09 09 Musas RCJ

Musa parents at RCJ, in London, fighting a losing battle for the return of their kids.

bis 45

Fowl mouthed ex Coronation Street Michelle Collins–you need to listen to the tape!

11 09 13 Michelle Collins

And her language uttered in my face but caught both on my camera and John’s tape recorder, on her own door step was very much to do with the Musa’s eventual deportation without their children after their two vindictive 7 year prison sentences and the much ‘oiling of the wheels’ for the family courts ‘gravy train’ going quite unchecked, as usual, and not dissimilar as to what we witness in the Welsh courts.

Extract of psychiatric report written by someone neither qualified on purported August 2009 brain scans nor even had examined his MAPPA 3/3 victim before recommending the police prisoner, for alleged  ‘trading in machine-guns’, be served a s35 incarceration under the 1983 Mental Health Act that immediately prevented either his name being replaced on the veterinary register nor right to pilot any aircraft in UK air space


Professor Rodger Wood who is a major cause of this protracted injustice simply due to his plain arrogance and having got away with, so far, for his fanciful 2009 psychology reports.


A library recording this lot’s conduct on a one time veterinary surgeon having been so stupid to have crossed the Severn Bridge into that evil place, South Wales.

John Graham Esq, a star fighter for the Musas, has just obtained a passport in order to visit South Island NZ, on my behalf, to trace the exact whereabouts of the couple for two international witness summonses to be served before Christmas.

16 01 21 SWP Judgment Hearing 2

Meantime, I will have a particular pleasure in serving a lot more summonses on Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University and his various devil-worshipping cronies,  senior past and present police officers and Crown Prosecution lawyers, all intimidated Dr XX into writing that Caswell Clinic MAPPA 3/3 medical report, before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC on 2nd December 2009, in the first place.

One of the seen court hearings I was blocked from hearing from start until finish.

Police fabricated in order to avoid their already concocted machine-gun trial, to have me locked away for minimum of 10 years, by both Dr XX and CPS prosecution barrister, now judge, Richard Thomlow, both recommending their victim be further sectioned but this time to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital,  IPP indefinitely,  in order to avoid any further proof of the gross police misfeasance incidents ‘going public’.

One incident, in particular, was the South Wales Police concocted  ‘garrotte’ HRH Prince Charles affair now  emerging, late, from my twenty three years of civil claims.

Police withheld that custody interview tape, to prevent my practicing veterinary surgery ever again and could reveal that no questions was were ever asked of me, at the BMW motor cycle scene or before I was assaulted by two police officers, by knocking me to the ground  before handcuffing me to be gaoled in Cardiff prison as ‘in-identifiable’!

93 05 20 Interview Tape


Then, of course, there is the documentary proof of my allegations in the next blog to be published . No wonder there is no HHJ Seys Llewllyn QC sealed order on the court lap top!

to be continued……

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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