Dimwit Maurice Too Slow for ‘Garrotte’ HRH Prince Charles Incident Conspiracy

Appellant’s Position Statement Cases BS614159 + 2

Dozy me I have only just found  time to put together a page from a copy of one of the court management files  copy , prepared by the police, purportedly from their choice of the claimant’s documents (court refused prosecution exhibits) stored for more than two decades in hidy holes in both France and England to finally get the lying little welshing bastards off his back by needing to take the civil action route – in a welsh court room , of all places once the jury trial promised by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC had been proved a fallacy and only put into place to delay the prosecution of the bullying police by a further five years.

Today is the first time, also, that the claimant  has had the chance to copy those cherry-picked documents released eventually from the Judge’s Chambers about two months ago withheld from the Claimant by dolmans first doctoring the prosecution exhibits before being released back to their client’s victim.

The following pages (photos) is from the triage of files of same number (incident) and put along side each other to see what the police were attempting to hide by way from being  identified as police officers cited in each of the thirty three incidents. Ninety nine witnesses in the 2013 was but 20% of the witnesses the claimant was wishing to call.

The Claimant’s 90’s memo sheet, made up mainly of his then secretary’s writing,  appeared in the court police prepared copy, the judge’s own copy but NOT in the returned copy from the police via Dolmans solicitor’s offices, in 2003, to me with  my original papers in the fifty odd lever arch files.

The police made damned sure he  did not see the content of it as it identifies those undisclosed police officers that he had been deprived of throughout the RCVS London 2004 disciplinary hearing at the Privy Council in Downing Street all implicated in ‘garrotte’ conspiracy.


Inspector Griffiths (one of same named in non-cautioned in custody interview on ‘garrotte’, I wonder, Caspar?) knew about all this and, yet alone inspector Manners, was it, not allowing me to call these witnesses, concerning my imprisonment on the excuse I could not be ‘identified’ or giving sufficient time for the Guernsey police to have the Claimant extradited (see previous blogs). Griffiths, for the new Chief Constable, Vauaghn, again still refused to produce the witness statement attempting to cover-up this as in at least three other related incidents to be included in the mid 2013  substantive civil trial before His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC.

BUT Inspector Griffiths confirmed to His Honour that Chief Constable Barbara Wilding’s six week late February 2009 personally sworn affidavit content had been correct in that full disclosure of police records had already been disclosed according to  Welsh  Law.

All routine stuff in Welsh courts  when all knew they were immune to prosecution, in any event,  so well experienced now by  a then very naïve veterinary surgeon who had originally  only crossed  the bridge from England for a two week locum tenens position.




and here is another, a court withheld exhibit of my notes of what was said in Cardiff magistrates …a pack of lies throughout-if only I had known this sort of conduct was common place in Welsh courts I would of ‘high tailed it’ back over the bridge to England!

93 06 21 garrotte mag notes.jpg


93 05 20 Interview Tape

The Claimant’s May 1993 custody interview tape ‘found’ by police in 2016! Oh surprise , surprise ……so why did it belatedly get disclosed and for the current judge to then swiftly seize it?   Don’t hold your breath for the truth as you are witnessing a police force being aloud to continue to operate unchecked ESPECIALLY now so many voted Brexit for the ill conceived Welsh judicial autonomy policed by it’s own hand picked bully boys.

So who was it so observant as to seeing on the document the name Inspector Hill and why the police had withheld the Claimant’s own document at the time of the Whitehall ‘vexatious litigant’ fairy tale story, the then Mr Burdon, had spouted such nonsense, in 2003, to HM Solicitor -General frantic to stop this civil claim.

Inspector Hill , remember, was the police officer who burst into the Barry court following the collapse of the case when Anti-Terrorism senior CPS officer from London, Mr Mundy ‘offered no evidence’, following PC Murphy having been proved a liar, while on oath, meaning the confiscated Crown Prosecutor’s file, yet again by a senior Barry police officer, had been achieved yet again in order to shred the concocted police evidence by the Chief Constable driven only by avarice in the first place.

Hill, in the full face of the court hearing, snatched that file just as Inspector Andrew Rice had when the Claimant had been accused of smuggling pigs into Ireland.

The Claimant was accused of having no car insurance when there has been no offence or evidence tendered in the law court to that effect. That had led to CPS solicitor, Stan Soffa, being arrested there and then.



Yet another police cocked-up conspiracy with the current judge again refusing even clerk of the court’s Ms Caress records of it being in the civil trial, convinced there never had been a Barry Magistrates hearing in the first place!

Any way,  Wilding had stated that in her affidavit thse two trials never happened so the judge must be right. The small matter of His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, mid trial,  then noting that on one of the Claimant’s court records of the solicitor being arrested were both led  away in hand cuffs by Inspector Andrew Rice and then PC Killick, the latter yet another not having been allowed to give evidence court case took place.

World -widereaders fail to under stand, quite often, that  Englishmen in Welsh law courts are not always allowed access to public record of the pr0cedings as Lord Justice Thomas emphasised before Patrick Cullinane Esq and the Claimant, in RCJ, while, apparently, hiding the RCVS legal argument. the veterinary college decision  was based entirely on South Wales Police complaint of 6th January 2001 to have his name removed from the veterinary register so no revenue was available for the Claimant to employ a lawyer.

The Claimant does not forget Lord Justice Sweeny and Mr Justice’s 4th February 2016  judgment, either, citing Cardiff Crown court’s habit of not allowing an Englishman’s Mrs Kirk’s notes from being taken in a Welsh court public gallery especially as the victim usually brought in his own notes, per rectum.

Their Lordships had denied him his right to take notes in their court but also seemed to have an issue with the strange goings on , so often reported in the Principality’s law courts:



ALL relating to this admission by the ‘ being in possession of a garrotte type instrument’ charge, given without caution, arresting police officer to force solicitor:



Exactly, again, this accepted police conduct in the Welsh courts is seen in the 1st Dec 2011 District Judge John Charles ‘harassment’ conviction fiasco of similar police conspiracy, with ordering of the destruction of the court file following XX having been proved a liar in court whilst on oath- see police withheld records of Claimant’s ‘gate arrest’ immediately upon release from the court cells.

The Claimant was purported to have been escorted away from the doctor’s house, in the dead of night carrying five gallons of AVGAS in order to burn down XX and Dr Janis Hillier’s house for having given such totally conflicting psychiatric reports within the familyof one of their more affable laboratory specimens to experiment on in Glanrhyd hospital’s Caswell clinic.

And who else is there withheld from me as Claimant witnesses identified on the document but Inspector Trigg, a detective constable, PC 3961 Dilworth & PC 1798 Walker Adam and Kim , all of police staff, confirming my personal copy had been set aside from the station shredder for posting to its rightful owner.

The photo above  identifies the Claimant’s secretary’s note following police librarian, Mrs Griffiths, apologising in first promising to post the police victim’s copy of his custody tape and then having to state senior management had now over-ruled her.

‘Nothing new under the sun’ where the South Wales Police are concerned when dealing with the English.

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