Machine Gun Conspiracy Case Back in Court

machine gun summary

After five years  from when His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC first blocked the hearing of my damages claim, for being unlawfully incarcerated in Caswell Clinic, Bridgend and then again back in Cardiff prison by the police blackmailing their Chief forensic psychiatrist, the ban has been suddenly listed in the light of his 250 odd paged judgment covering the first of three out of about ten claims so far filed at Cardiff courts.

MAPPA Restricted

Particulars of Machine Gun Claim resulting from the above fabricated MAPPA 3/3 RESTRICTED document that lead to my being sectioned from both a Breton and London police station, twice from prison being prevented from having a NHS (Wales) urgent general anaesthetic, release onto parole until eight months later and seven times prevented by welsh prisons for attending my own court cases as a forced to be Litigant in Person (LiP).


1686539 Particulars of Claim – 6th action – 1CF03361 (1)

Machine Gun

South Wales Police denied my stolen BMW motor bike had the Guernsey number plate on her when my client with the pick up truck collected the crashed vehicle. The thief was seen running away and throwing his helmet over the wall.

BUT Mr JM had been listening in on the police with his scanner and arrived with police surrounding the scene of a bike on her side sporting a foreign number plate.

Even without the number plate the recovery truck owner quickly identified the bike’s history off the tax disc and chassis serial number.

  1. The then Sgt Booker had told HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC  court he saw the thief on the bike with no helmet?
  2. At the Prince of Wales’ farm, a few weeks earlier, where I had used a ‘garrotte’ type instrument, causing my imprisonment, I had been using veterinary drugs from the panniers all clearly marked ‘FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY’
  3. Probationary police officer, Mr Thomas, in front of his supervisor, PC Beer, falsely arrested me under PACE 1984 when reason given as no request for driving documents had yet occurred! Key police documents were soon shredded that very night.
  4. In front of my Cardiff clients, in handcuffs, I heard much remonstration such as, ”
    What are you doing to our veterinary surgeon?”
  5. The police then charged me for ‘being in possession of an offensive weapon’ without the CPS knowing and conducted the magistrates hearing without them to obtain my imprisonment as not being identifiable!
  6. Yesterday I retraced a witness to that same bike the police ‘could not trace’ the owner of’ seen crashed in the Barry town clearly with the number being read from a hundred yards.
  7. I enclose a copy of his statement of truth as he is willing to give evidence denied by the police in the 2013 99 witness civil damages hearing by locking him up:


16 02 18 JM witness St R

Then we come to Mr Clayton, Cardiff Air Traffic Controller, who described the video taken by an over zealous police officer from their helicopter while dangerously buzzing my aircraft.

Mr Cleyton will say in court the video camera was ‘so dammed close’ he could even read on my tea shirt, ‘I’d rather be flying G-KIRK’

But the police had threatened me with arrest if I tried again to serve a witness summons on Mr Clayton

cub crash fireman

Oh, and there is so much more completely unchecked deceit in these Cardiff so called law courts…….

W.B.Freeman (1)

‘Truth will out’









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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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1 Response to Machine Gun Conspiracy Case Back in Court

  1. mauricekirky says:

    THIS LOT WILL NOW BE BLOCKED……just watch this space:

    Cardiff County Court Application: BS614159 etc

    For a 28-day stay in the proceedings pursuant to the reasons partly listed in section 10 of N224 form

    Sect 10:

    1. By not allowing Actions 1CF03351, 7CF07345, 9CF02983 & 0CF03921 to proceed is unlawful

    2. By HMC&S not allowing transcripts of evidence, ordered by this claimant, is unlawful

    3. By not correcting the approved judgement of facts, not found in evidence, is unlawful

    4. By not, under the CPR Slip Rule, correcting the 4th February 2016 order is unlawful

    5. By not now ordering the defendant disclosure of now identified police records is unlawful

    6. By not now ordering magistrates disclosure of records, in all three Actions, is unlawful

    7. By not allowing the claimant sight of his court exhibits, eg Insp Kilberg’s conduct, is unlawful

    8. By not allowing proof of independent and competent eye witness, in p7, would be unlawful

    9. By not allowing CCTV forensic examination in PC Osborne assault (2nd Act par.11) is unlawful

    10. By not allowing claimant right to listen to court CDs as the court and police do, is unlawful

    11. By HMC&TS not returning court fee or disclosing court records, in 9CF02983, is unlawful

    12. By not ordering the defendant to explain why his subpoenaed eye witness, in 1st Action para 8.13, was detained in prison during the 2013 trial, when known to be innocent, is unlawful

    13. By not ordering defendant to explain its refusal to accept witness summonses is unlawful

    14. By not ordering 3rd Action ‘theft of cheques’ from surgery police records, to date, is unlawful

    This list is far from exhaustive

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc
    18th February 2016


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