South Wales Police’s 45 years of Bullying a UK Pilot

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Dear Sir / Madam,

South Wales Police’s 45 Years of Bullying a UK Pilot


1st South Wales Police Incident

9th February 1996 Alleged Breach of Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989

  1. I was prosecuted by the South Wales Police for an offence under the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act1989 due to my flying to Southern Ireland for a truly excellent day’s hunting, on 9th February 1996, with the County Meath foxhounds.
  1. Police stated, on oath, that I had failed to report to them that I was proposing to make the flight, early on the following day, out of Cardiff control zone via a farmer’s field.
  1. The relevant police officer lied in court causing collapse of the case and attending police sergeant to have to confiscate the Crown Prosecutor’s file, in the full face of the court with HMC&TS(Wales) assisting, as they do, by refusing to supply copy of the court exhibits because stating, ‘I had been acquitted’ with no costs.
  1. Senior CPS officer, Mr Mundy, specifically sent from London, was warned of the predicted outcome by my letters, copies of which are still available despite the Barry police station staff having shredded its prosecution file in their CPS office.
  1. I request full copy of the CAA’s records of this incident and detail on how I can also obtain NATS records of this incident, eg communications surrounding the consequences following my having filed a flight-plan for my G-ARSW Piper Colt.
  1. Both HMC&TS (Wales) and police confiscated exhibits containing the name of a Mr Christopher Paul Ebbs who had informed a DC Murphy that I had been smuggling pigs to Eire in both my D-Day two seat Piper Cub and Piper Colt.

EXTRACT of Evidence due for Royal Courts of Justice

South Wales Police lied from onset when:

  1.  knowing a flight plan had been filed by the Appellant.
  2. meticulous record had been kept by the pilot throughout the International flight.
  3. ‘police notes’, ‘miraculously found’ during an adjournment, were actually written overnight, part way through his evidence by DC Murphy with the full support of Bridgend Police HQ.
  4. Inspector Rice of Hill, in court for the purpose, had confiscated the CPS file immediately following collapse of yet another failed prosecution knowing its content contained still more proof of day to day ‘perversion of justice’ in South Wales courts.

2nd South Wales Police Incident

7. Following evidence from the South Wales Police, recently, it appears both police officers and NATS personnel, of Cardiff Airport, reported me to the CAA on or just after 4th July 1999, for flying my aircraft, registration G-KIRK, neither with a valid licence nor keeping at a safe distance from a police helicopter.

8.The court heard that senior management had ordered its helicopter, piloted by Captain Mosely, to be scrambled to intercept my aircraft simply to identify who the pilot in command was by taking close up video of the occupants for Cardiff ATC. Just a four-minute drive from my local police station would of sufficed.

9.Please confirm what communication police and NATS was made with you and supply full documentation for both the IPCC and Royal Courts of Justice.

10.Please note records supplied at my expense, if need be, are to contain dates and times of all communications with the South Wales Police since so many apparently dangerous incidents. and also since my Auster caved in the roof of a police car at Haverford West to cause a RAF Brawdy Hawker Hunter to give pursuit.

3rd South Wales Police Incident

11. Request for records re unlawful detention, at Swansea, of pilot and his Auster Type 4, G-AIJM, to dismantle her when heavily loaded with fresh Manx kippers.

4th South Wales Police Incident

12. Request for records of police complaint following my Auster Type 6, G-ARGI, having caved-in the roof of a police car, at Haverford West, to cause a RAF Brawdy Hawker Hunter to scramble towards our Enniskillen’s Harrier hunt ball.

13. I apologise in advance should appropriate witness summonses need be applied if I consider the CAA have failed to fully disclose relevant evidence as, with respect, was the case in numerous Crown Court and RCJ hearings in the past.

Finally, I must again thank you and your predecessors for your concern over my welfare whilst airborne, at least, during these past 52 years whilst operating over one hundred various both service and private types of ‘heavier than air’ flying contraptions.

Blue skies,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc APO RAFVR Rtd.

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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