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Oh ye of little faith,

  1. Jeff Matthews went to the Cardiff Crown Court in circa April /May 2014 on my stolen money and clearly heard the same judge, name escapes me, that had just gaoled me, contrary to 1(3) of the PHA text book defences. Crime was clearly being committed for Peter Vaughan and a host of other senior South Wales Police officers to be now fighting, as with Barbara Wilding did, for the ‘machine gun’ civil damages case to remain stayed with the single judge, like for the past five years! As you no, Caspar, a jury will be a disaster again.
  1. The judge Rowlands or Crowther was it, did not realise who Matthews was in that 2014 empty court room at the beginning of his conversation with a CPS man with his back to the public gallery. Nor was he aware JM had already started to tape record it all for, we now know, for his own perceived surveillance with ACPO. Remember, I was again being refused by the prison to attend a court (5th time?) on that day for the usual reasons.
  1. After seeing a member of public in his closed hearing the penny must have finally dropped causing the judge to signal to the CPS man, to bloody well shut up and change the subject. That judge was fully aware of my numerous applications before and after harassment and collapsed 2nd restraining order jury trial to vary the restraining order now Walter and Nuala had blown their cozy little HM conspiracy wide open.
  1. If Matthews had not gone and employed that lying little shyster barrister, Robert Trevis was it? from Bristol, I could now be quite happily saying to Matthews, “you keep my £20,000 in return for all those tape recordings you have talked about relating to me in court starting at 9.45 am on 1st December 2011.
  1. A contingency of legal academics came down to that from London for that one, I remember and could not make head nor tail of it all having not had it explained to them the concocted harassment conviction was flawed without allegation number three.
  1. Police seized those CPS switched exhibits, remember, during the 2014 jury trial, JM reported with my sister, after CPS lap dog man, David Gareth Evans, had added that 3rd ‘course of conduct’ incident, mid 2011 trial, following Judge Llewelyn-Jones QC havaing pointed this out a few days before that nothing, so far, carried a custodial sentence ALEADY SERVED!
  1. His Honour Judge Llewellyn-Jones QC was the single judge who had me sectioned to Caswell Clinic prison, Bridgend, in 2009 to delay this ‘machine gun’ trial with the hope I would, instead, be incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital indefinitely.
  1. The judge purely accepted a fax sent to the court from XX that he had both examined me and I was mad and serious danger to the community being just one of many lies uttered over the next few years to keep me locked away.
  1. What a great pity other subjects of the realm do not appreciate the ‘denied note taking’ win, this week , in the Royal Courts of Justice before Burnett J and Sweeney J as being just the tip of the ice berg as to what really goes in Cardiff courts and their bullying South Wales Police,
  1. Judge Rolands was too late in his masonic manoeuvres, it seems, as the ‘less informed’ CPS man had already referred to my having exposed the slimy crimes in Caswell clinic by both XX and Dr Thomas, since at least 2008 and so the ban was no longer tenable.
  1. 19 doctors by then, remember, all had contradicted police and Professor Rodger Wood’s trumped up evidence for my needing to be incarcerated in Ashworth but the black mail was over on XX and therefore no longer effective with his having married her.
  1. The 2014 Judge Rowlands court heard the never served restraining order, in its current form with my MAPPA brain tumour blown out of the water, was to be quietly HM ‘air brushed’ from the court records, Austin psychiatric hospital, Texas style…hence so many closed courts without any one’s knowing………so how did Matthews know of this case, in the first place?
  1. I was repeatedly refused even an application to Cardiff courts to have the restraining order varied for fear of my cross examining any of these evil little shits would further expose the conspiracy behind it all, no longer being protected by the YJCE Act for the likes of solicitor Williams of Swansea spectacle, ordered to ‘defend me’ against clerk of the court Michael Williams in their tribal and incestuous world on the ‘gravy train’.
  1. Para 2a of 1997 Act was alive again once malleable Tegwyn was now sacked from police force work and banned from NHS (Wales). Do you know? No, do an FOI why NHS lawyers earned so much money. Do you know just how much is paid over by NHS (Wales) to Morgan Cole, for example, every year to hush up mine and others issues??
  1. What caused him to up stick and emigrate to New Zealand….remember, his London lawyer, Mr Bright, had pleaded with the Barry police, in October 13, not to have me gaoled for the third time for an alleged ‘breach of the restraining order because the ‘truth’ was at risk.
  1. Tegwyn was blackmailed by the police to get Mr ZZ also locked up in Cardiff prison on similar fabricated reasons and then me………read the last pages of Dr XX’s fanciful 19th October 2009 psychiatric report that was, in final desperation to avoid the listed ‘machine gun’, jury trial that was placed before Judge Bidder on 2nd Dec 2009 in yet another secret Cardiff Crown Court! It was only your Aunt’s quick thinking and a ‘little help’ from a ‘Jenkins’ in Cardiff prison did Celia acquire part of the clandestine transcript before the HM court tapes were shredded

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

93 05 00 Grand Ave Surgery Arrest

  1. Machine Gun Case one page summary

Extract from lawyer’s witness statement

  1. 20160216_131716

I will give you a better coherent copy of all this tonight, hopefully and my brief thoughts over success in RCJ this week with both Lordships clearly puzzled over a Cardiff crown court about to be granted its own welsh police force and its own law!

Ewing v Crown Court Sitting at Cardiff & Newport & Ors [2016] EWHC 183 (Admin) (08 February 2016)

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