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Imprisoned for ‘suspicion of having breached a restraining order’

No, you can’t make it up, and you can’t believe it either, for you can’t imagine it (unless it happens to you!): Maurice is subjected to over 7 months prison and psychiatric clinic because of ‘serious brain damage’ and ‘possibly … Continue reading

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If we Can’t Section him, let’s make Life at least Miserable for him

Sectioning or not sectioning – is that the question? By one Dr Rachel Smith who didn’t know anything about the brain scan, Maurice was supposed to be getting? At long last, after in 2009 it was written that he had ‘serious … Continue reading

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NHS Exposed – not only by Maurice Kirk

What is it that makes employees of public institutions behave badly? Shouldn’t they act ‘properly’ because they may risk their job? Or is everybody acting so improperly that the few who ‘have balls’ to blow the whistle are the only … Continue reading

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Accused of falsifying medical records and forensic history to obtain imprisonment without trial: WANTED: Dr XX, Caswell Clinic Bridgend

Seven months imprisonment, where 24 weeks (the maximum allowed without trial) in Caswell Clinic were worst, cost Maurice more than just his health. But despite all his desperate attempts to get to the dishonest doctor, he is still “doing his … Continue reading

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Finally: proper health treatment in France, since it wasn’t possible in Wales

As reported earlier this year, Maurice J Kirk BVSc found protection from the bullying of South Wales Police, by obtaining asylum in France[1]. Since then he has also managed to obtain surgery for a replacement hip, despite the falsification of … Continue reading

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Towards Investigating White Collar Crimes, incl. Royal Charters, the ticket to immunity from prosecution

Maurice writes about this summary: Many of the members of the veterinary profession and lawyers, across the world, also knowing all the circumstances, were confident that this extreme and unusual conduct by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons would, eventually, … Continue reading

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Operating in France with or without withheld medical records!?

Maurice’s fight for his medical records MAY finally result in success. The culprit psychiatrist XX who claimed that Maurice was suffering from ‘paranoid delusional disorder’, ‘severe brain damage’ and possibly ‘brain cancer’ is charging £6,000 costs but may release something in … Continue reading

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