‘Anthrax’ and ‘Heroin’ from Cardiff Prison to Alun Cairns MP


Harassment Act? Should it be re-drafted?


Norman Scarth16:48 (15 minutes ago)
to me

Protection from Harassment Act?  Should it be re-drafted?  No.   This is not a case of a Statute which was ‘badly drafted’ : I

t was very carefully drafted (not for its supposed purpose), but as a weapon for Stasi Police to persecute law-abiding people- & has been used by them with enthusiasm! It should be wiped from the Statute Bok complete!

Norman Scarth

From: Maurice Kirk <maurice@kirkflyingvet.com>
Sent: 01 February 2021 11:18
Subject: ‘Stalking’ a Member of Parliament I would be grateful for your view on the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act as a ‘bad law’ or not?

Your view on its statutory defence, ‘to detect and prevent crime’. Is it sufficient?

Should it not be re-drafted?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
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Reply For


Alun Cairns MP

House of Commons


2nd February 2021 RECORDED DELIVERY

Dear Sir,

You will recall I was goaled in May 2019 for sending you and John Graham a ‘white powder, described by Cardiff prison officers as possible anthrax spores or heroin.

I never established what the South Wales Police analysis was nor whether you received the letters at the House of Commons or informed the police had stopped them?

Yesterday, in Bridgwater police station, I was allowed to examine one of my letters stopped from leaving both Cardiff and G4S badly run HMP Parc, Bridgend , Others included court letters addressed to HM Royal Courts of Justice, lawyers and family.

You will recall on 1st Nov 2019 I was robbed of my legal and papers by bullying G4S staff (eight of them) causing the need for my Bristol Royal Infirmary emergency visit.

Whereas I obtained the indictment under 2001 Terrorism Act, for sending a ‘white powder’ at the same time to John Graham Esq, who has already written to you on the grave matter, neither he nor I have received your replies. did you reply?

I was told at the police station neither I nor John Graham were interviewed on the matter of ‘white powder’ sent to you from my prison cell and yet it was all the prison gossip, resulting in the need for calling in the drug dogs and a 32 minute cell search while I was locked up in the shower unit, on F wing, in my wheelchair.

Where as no drugs or Lewis machine guns were found were you, Mr Cairns, contacted by the South Wales Police, at all and did you receive all my letters from both HMP Parc & HMP Cardiff?

As I was in prison for about five months, having gone no where near a court room over the incident, I never did stablish its outcome and identification of the ‘strongly smelling of peppermint white as the indictment was finally dropped.

EXTRACT of email to COPS (Wales)

A Simplification of my meeting at Bridgwater police station

Copy of my email

On Mon, 1 Feb 2021, 11:57 Maurice Kirk, <maurice@kirkflyingvet.com> wrote:

Good Morning, 

My visit today to inspect court exhibits

I need to familiarise myself on dates, times and place while at the police station 

eg, in advance for me to collect at 3pm today.

1, When and where was I charged for alleged offenses?


“You were not charged or interviewed under caution relating to Alun Cairns MP and John Graham”

2. Was I given copies of all witness statements taken by police and prison staff?


“You will have to obtain that information from the CPS (Wales?)”

3. ‘white powder’ — I am yet to be given a conclusion of its identity, possible source and laboratory data supporting that conclusion?


“You will have to obtain that information from the CPS”

4. Is it that the South Wales Police deny I wrote to Alun Cairns MP in 2019/2020 or simply refusing to supply copies of them?


“You will have to obtain that information from the CPS”

to be continued

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Norman in Eire

of 2 NS File ref: Protection From Harassment Act

The Protection from Harassment Act, 1997. 

The Quislings who now rule Britain are fiendishly clever at thinking up new laws which, on
the face of it, appear to be for good purpose, but are actually designed as a weapon to
persecute law-abiding people.   
Such a one is the ’1997 Protection from Harassment Act’. 
To go back a few years: 
Over several decades, women who had begged the police for protection from
stalkers (mostly ex-husbands or ex-lovers) were told, ”He hasn’t broken the law.  Until he
does, there is nothing we can do”.   A significant number of these terrified women were in
fact murdered by the very men from whom they begged for protection.  
Politicians did nothing but wring their hands & repeat what the police said.
Eventually, responding to calls that ’Something must be done’ , much belatedly, they did
introduce the’1997 Protection from Harassment Act’.    
Tragically, it did nothing whatsoever to reduce such murders (which continued as
(LATE NOTE: The Guardian of 26/2/2014 carried stories of several women murdered recently
“In another case, Christine Chambers and her daughter, Shania, were murdered in
June 2011 by David Oakes. In August 2012 an IPCC report found that Essex police
had failed to recognise any pattern or connection between events and identified a
failure to share information between agencies. 
Between June and September this year there have been four more domestic
homicides in Essex. The force has confirmed that at least three of the victims had
contact with it before their deaths.”) 
The REASON it failed is because it was not designed to do
what it purported to do!  It was only ever intended as a
weapon to persecute law-abiding people  - & is used with
enthusiasm by police thugs! 
The incongruity of this very badly mis-used law is beyond anything George Orwell imagined.
It is NOT a crime to walk down a street, nor to offer leaflets in a public place.   
However, if you walk down a street twice, or offer leaflets on TWO occasions - as I did - this
lawful activity becomes a most terrible crime, resulting in a massively expensive (&
most devious) operation - involving at least 15 police officers -  to arrest the ‘dangerous
criminal’ in his Sheltered Housing home (sheltered??) & drag him off in handcuffs to
Bradford Lubyanka!   
Run for your lives – he’s got a LEAFLET!       
What did my leaflets say?  I was inviting His ‘Honour’ Judge Jonathan Lee Rose to resign.    

Page 2 of 2 NS File ref: Protection From Harassment Act
There were three hearings in Leeds Magistrates’ Court, then it was transferred over the
Pennines to Manchester, where there were three more hearings (think of the expense – on
top of the police expenditure in money & manpower!)   
By the time of the first hearing in Manchester City Magistrates’ Court, I had, belatedly,
accepted that Britain is not a safe place for anyone who tells the truth, & fled the land of my
birth for safety in Ireland.   
I did send a message to the court that they should go ahead in my absence, which they
could have done, especially as the ‘offence’ had been reduced to ne which was ‘not
District Judge Jonathan Taaffe (who is NOT a magistrate!) declined to do so.  Instead, he
adjourned & issued a warrant for my arrest – WITHOUT BAIL!   He also issued a ‘Restraining
Order’, that if I dare to mention Judge Rose’s name – in any way at all – I am liable to FIVE
YEARS in prison for ‘Contempt of Court’.   THAT is the fate that awaits me if I dare set foot in
Britain again!   
There – by publishing his name now, I am in trouble again!    
Well, I have declared my contempt for those who run the British Courts, & have done so
loudly & clearly on many occasions.   
Sending me to prison (or to a Nuthouse – which is the real intention) will certainly not lessen
my contempt for them.   At the third Manchester hearing in June 2012, Taaffe did declare
me guilty, with fine & costs totalling £650, which was taken in weekly instalments from my
Old Age Pension.   
Fortunately, while the several monthly performances of the pantomime were going on in
Man City Mags, I was in the Republic of Ireland safe from the malice of Rose, Taaffe & their
What a tragedy – NOT for me, but for Britain! 
Norman Scarth.    
‘There are no bad laws, for if it is bad, it is not law’. (Sir William Blackstone, 1723 – 1780)  
in The Commentaries on the Laws of England)

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