South Wales Police Deliberate Failed Disclosure

South Wales Police Deliberate Failed Disclosure 

(If the English police disclose only half of the 12 examples below then ‘we all go home’) 

  1. Since Sept 2009 welsh police have withheld my (1) Glanrhyd Hospital Caswell Clinic medical records (see 26th Jan 21 GP note) including Professor Rodger Wood’s letter to Dr Ruth Bagshaw writing that my ‘significant brain damage’ was from ‘ditching’ in the Caribbean in my WW2 Cub aircraft and had been a ‘long term drinking partner’ of actor, Oliver Reed Esq. 
  1. On 1st Dec 2011 while in my Cardiff magistrate’s cell Lea Barker plus three other guards, unlocked my cell door to reveal (2) a part typed / part hand drafted rolled up paper I was much later told was a note from the CPS barrister, name I cannot publish. I refused it. 
  1. The clerk of the court, Michael, informed a later court he had taken the Magistrate’s hand written altered draft ‘restraining order down’ to the cells to witness it being shown to me by the custody manager for my approval. Michael told the court he had hid in an adjacent cell. 
  1. This conflicts with the ten supporters’ account best explained in one of the eye witness’s affidavits in this matter then drafted for the RCJ. 
  1. At 5pm I was dragged from my cell along the floor with guards attempting to stuff the assumed ‘discharge papers’ down my left sock while my crutches were thrown out on top of me in the exit corridor. Due to my Barry GP unable to find anyone (3) prepared to conduct an overdue total hip replacement, due to my being (4) maliciously registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, brain damage ‘most dangerous’, to block my civil claims against the South Wales Police, I was on daily morphine sulphate instead.  
  1. Police confiscated my court discharge papers of a purported ‘Restraining Order’, draft or otherwise, from my property whilst I was in the Cardiff cell or in transit to a London magistrate’s cell having been ‘gate arrested’ whilst in my wheel chair for FTA. 
  1. Arrested as the Cardiff prison, three days earlier, had deliberately refused to let me attend the 28th November 2011 Tottenham magistrates to give evidence concerning the Nigerian family, Musa, having had all their seven children snatched by Haringey Council out of greed. 
  1. I had originally orchestrated the London court hearing in an attempt, with Mrs Sabine McNeil, to recover the Musa’s legal aid papers confiscated by law firm in Kilburn High Street. Court data concerning London’s hearing, while I remained in Cardiff prison, is (4) denied 
  1. Lea  
  1. On 1st Dec 2011 police removed record of a ‘Restraining Order’, draft or otherwise, from my property whilst I was in transit from a Cardiff magistrate’s cell to a London magistrate’s cell. 
  1. In May 2012 the Cardiff jury convicted me of ‘breaching a restraining order’ I knew nothing about I was not even in the original Cardiff Magistrates court! I was arrested for breaking it with the jury even being refused (5) cell CCTV footage/custody log, as being a MAPPA ‘brain damage’ dangerous victim, I had been locked-up in cell 3, the only one with a camera  
  1. . Arrested as the Cardiff prison, two days earlier, had deliberately refused to let me attend the 28th November 2011 Tottenham magistrates to give highly contentious evidence concerning the Nigerian family, Musa, having had their seven children physically snatched by Haringey Council due to the lucrative child trade. 
  1. In around 2013 I arrested the original CPS barrister in order he gave evidence on oath re it was not the restraining order tendered in that 1st dec 200 Cardiff magistrate cell but a draft. 
  1. In around Nov 2015 the CPS barrister stated, on oath in Bristol Crown Court, (6) it had only been his part typed restraining order proforma over written by hand, ‘to beef it up’ the stipendiary magistrate, John Charles, was heard to say, having refused to process my Legal aid form (6) prepared and sent in by a Bristol solicitor on my behalf. 
  1. For years I have attempted to obtain witness statements and company records from the custody firm employing Mr Lea Barker (7) to corroborate most in this applicant’s account for witness summonses. 
  1. The 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates court log far from reflects as ‘to what really went on’ before my ten supporters who had travelled to it from all over the United Kingdom (8)  
  1. Tape recording of identical police unlawful conduct as I witnessed then and ever since. 
  1. From my 2013 forty odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions (BS612159 +2) civil claims I have been denied (8) copy of or even ‘sight of’ the Cardiff County Court log yet alone offering to pay for a transcript of the hundred odd witnesses evidence need for my current litigation 1CF 03361 ‘trading in machine guns police conspiracy and others. 
  1. The breach of the alleged 2013 ‘variation’ to the original ‘Restraining Order’ is steeped with even more (9) deliberate failure to disclose relevant evidence. 
  1. No one, to date, has been able to produce to me (10) documentary proof I ever had a ‘varied’ Restraining order served on me, when where and by whom? 
  1. In circa 2014/15, when I had instructed a barrister to attend Cardiff court on my behalf to demand sight of the official court files on each of the above cited ‘restraining orders’, he was (11) refused outright. I had already acquired a copy of one of the court logs to find that the page had been ‘completed’ long after the 1st December 2011 hearing was adjourned sine die.  
  1.  I am repeatedly refused either an appeal or a hearing for ‘Variation’/ ‘quash’ the restraining order as NHS Wales doctor (12) was found to have been sacked for it. 

The standard statutory defence to a charge from the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act includes, ‘ when detecting or preventing crime’.

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