Welsh Authorities Flagrant Disregard for the Rule of Law

Oh surprise, surprise

No complaint or statement was was taken from John Graham and yet I am arrested for a letter no one will produce

Police & welsh prisons disregard John Graham’s FOI & Data Protection Act applications

Extract of J Graham’s struggle for more proof, as if we both do not have enough already, that this letter hoax is yet another busted South Wales Police conspiracy to pervert the course of justice to refuse me civil claims ‘due process’.

Today, HHJ Johnson, HM Recorder of Exeter Crown Court, refused to order that the CPS produce for me, to see , my alleged original letters I am accused of having sent to Alun Cairns MP and John Graham that prison staff told me that theMP letter believed to have been heroin.


So, readers, as welsh police and CPS continue to ignore the simple law on ‘best evidence’, by withholding alleged original prosecutions documents (if they exsted in the first place?) if you had been on the jury , when told I had sent letters, contrary to 20001 Terrorism Act. would you of accept a photocopy of it on their excuse the harmful unidentified white powder was far too dangerous to put before the jury.

All a pack of lies, desperate to hide the truth as the conspiracy kept me in prison for another year without trial or ‘evidence needing to be put to the strict proof thereof.,

J graham extract of further South Wales Police fraud

1]  The original FOIA to Jukes of SWP  [attached, last 4 attachments] wouldv’e been received by SWP on the 18 September 20. Although acknowledged by SWP, still no response as of 06 Nov. 20, so the  ICO  has been contacted as 28 days time period alotted for such requests [see attached]. The response from SWP was the refusal letter from J. JENKINS Disclosure Officer [attached, dated 21 Sept. 20]  is attached, stating to contact  both HMP Parc + Cardiff for the FOIA request – a copy of the alleged letter to myself, retained by the police / prison before it’s sending, as it had an alleged “noxious substance” on it.

2]  The Internal Review to Chief Con JUKES was asked for, shown below, dated 26 September 20, and acknowledged by SWP in their response dated 28 Sept. 20, shown below, as my FOIA request was ignored by SWP. Still nothing has been received on 6 Nov. 2020 as I write re: the Internal Review.

3]  Regarding my FOIA request to SWP’s chief constable MR. JUKES, the SWP Disclosure officer stated in his response letter [attached] stating to contact G4S, which was done with identical FOIA / DPA requests being sent to G4S at HMP Parc + HMP Cardiff on the 28 Sept. 20 [one of the identical letters to HMP Parc G4S shown below]. G4S responded on the 30 Sept. 20 by letter [below], and on the 27 October 2020 [letter attached]. But after 28 days still nothing had been received from G4S, so the ICO have been informed of this noncompliance to the FOIA request to G4S – see the letter to the ICO attached. I have called AMY BUCKLEY, Security person at G4S, author of the most recent letter, dated 28 Oct. 20, twice this week but on both occasions this person has been unavailable. The promise to contact me via my phone – as promised in my 1st call to G4S at the beginning of the week, has not materialised. The letter from MS. BUCKLEY [1st attachment] relating to my FOIA request to G4S bears little resemblance to my FOIA request to them, as can be clearly seen.
4]  The letter is attached to the ICO [and the FOIA request] re: the SWP refusing to comply to my FOIA / DPA request to Mr. Jukes, SWP chief constable. The ICO have not responded to my letter sent to them, nor  have they responded to my letter notifying them of G4S’s failure to comply with my FOIA request to them, shown below, in the letter sent to G4S at both HMP Parc and Cardiff.

From:chief.constable@south-wales.pnn.police.uk <chief.constable@south-wales.pnn.police.uk>
Sent: Monday, 28 September 2020, 11:04

Dear Mr Graham

I write to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated 26th September.  Your request for a review is being reviewed and we will be in touch with you in due course.

Best wishes

Denise Morgan

PA to the Chief Constable

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: butlin cat <adamski2012@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 26 Sep 2020 00:36
To: “Jukes,Matt swp5330” <Matt.Jukes@south-wales.police.uk>

From:  Mr. J. Graham

To:  Chief Constable of S. Wales police: Mr. M. Jukes, Police HQ., Cowbridge Rd., Bridgend, S. Wales,  CF31 3SU

26 September 2020


Dear Mr. Jukes,

 Seeing as I am denied my F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.]  / Data Protection Act request sent already [and attached to this message] to yourself, and after receiving the letter below [attached also] from a Mr. Jason Jenkins, a “Disclosure Officer” of S. Wales police I hereby ask for a formal internal review regarding the denial of my request.

It is believed the S. Wales police force does have the letter referred to in my request as Mr. Kirk was criminally charged and remanded in custody connected to the letter addressed to myself [amongst others] written by Mr. Kirk whilst previously resident in prison earlier in 2019, the letter allegedly having allegedly a possibly noxious “white substance” on it. This letter was stopped from being sent to myself by prison authorities / police at the time. The criminal charge of the letter which was attempted to be sent to myself has subsequently been dropped by the CPS.

I have already sent 3 forms of ID pertaining to myself after your request for ID.

For your information, the addition / amendment not sent with my written request, which was sent to Mr. Jukes at the S Wales police HQ at Cowbridge Rd. via recorded delivery R. Mail, is:


The Judge was again, today, reminded John Graham never gave evidence to the welsh police but they had totally fabricated it to have me unlawfully gaoled for another 8 months without trial

The indictment was , of course, a forgery but sufficient for the dozy female Taunton Magistrate , whose name I forget , was sufficiently daft to have me gaoled in Exeter prison for many weeks in a case doomed to failure and even as stupid as the ‘trading in machine guns’ Barbara Wilding conspiracy to having me shot.

My multi-million pound law suit against the South Wales Police, following forty odd failed malicious criminal and having had my name removed from the veterinary register out of sheer spite, did not just end there.

I then had years of false imprisonments, in barbaric South Wales, brought by the very same deceitful welsh police but, as reliable as night follows day, I gained my moment.

That defining moment, while I was in gaol, was my brother Tim’s eventual success, in the Spring of 2019, in his acquisition of the 2009 Cardiff Crown Court acquittal, at an exhorbitent inflated, three times as much as I had already paid a solicitor for it in 2010.

Fortunately, I had been acquitted of ‘trading in machine-guns’ that carried a mandatory ten year gaol term without the need of tendering any form of defence. Not even the need of legal representation or a ‘summing up’ to the eight strong female jury, at the end of evidence, was even needed such was the exposure of the welsh authorities’ nefarious conspiracy to pervert the course of justice was exposed.

The jury’s spontaneous bursts of jury laughter, though out the quite ridiculous trial, with their heads in unison, turning left, right, left right, not dissimilar to what is seen in a centre court final remains particularly vivid in my memory. The jury’s white knuckles, gripping the top of the wooden jury box, was particularly memorable and gave me comfort for it is rare, nowadays, for so many in a jury of twelve to understand.

Some in the crowded public gallery were expelled as had repeatedly drowned out the string of welsh judges utter rubbishy demands. It had taken, in turn, for nearly a year , for these welsh judges to keep me in gaol whilst un-convicted all knowing my denied a jury for the civil claim was listed for that same summer, requiring well over 200 witnesses. The machinegun

The police had already unblocked the film prop dummy Lewis machine gun ‘barrel’ from film, ‘Gun-bus’, prosecution exhibit One and had painted the ammunition magazine, on the top of the ‘barrel’ from silver back to black, when I had flown the DH2 at the Farnborough Air show in the hope of fooling the jury

The transcript recorded, in graphic detail, the widespread criminal conduct, not just within the welsh police but far more significantly, within the welsh judiciary and the shady individuals they had insisted in employing as HM Crown Prosecutors. It was obvious as many as eight of the jury in the pub , afterwards, told us that the whole case had been fabricated to frustrate my 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecution civil claim, imminent, and now 11 years later, the welsh police fabricated another criminal jury trial to stop the machine-gun civil claim proceeding at all

To indicate to the the new reader of my 20 years of publishing on internet just the scale of the corruption in welsh law court, prisons and police stations, I have just spent almost a year in prison, again whilst unconviicted because they knew I would be again acquitted.

This time the chief constable dreams up the criminal allegation that I had sent John Graham a harmful unidentified white powder in the Cardiff prison post

No MG11 police witness statement or police interview of John Graham ever took place

Quite illegal but who care the police in Cardiff had got a way with a criminal act again.

I was then charged and gaoled, without trial but it would of been mandatory in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland for a witness statement to be first obtained from John Graham and it did not.

Nor will the welsh authorities produce, for the inquiring judge now in England, this morning, reveal my purported original letter to Alun Cairns MP, stuffed with possible anthrax, as the prison staff told me, contrary to the 2001 ant-Terrorism Act

Under the wicked judge Paul Thomas and his side kick, lying little toe rag, now Judge Richard Thomlow, the latter’s deceit was of such a level in the near three week trial, with my facing a mandatory 10 year prison term, this resultant civil claim, arising from the acquittal had been hushed up until 2019 as successive bent lawyers, Vincent Murphy, Horsey Lightly and Holborn Adams, as examples.

First, the welsh administration fabricated the criminal allegation that I have been distributing possible heroin, not just around Parc prison in Bridgend, South Wales, last year, in order to deny me my 50% remission, ie a year early release from prison, it goes on to say I had attempted to send some in an unsealed envelope to the the then HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP.

Now the welsh authorities are refusing to disclose. the court heard this morning, any of my original letters out of prison resembling, I am told, of anthrax spores for the MP

watch this space tonight much to report later , if given the chance

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