Proven Police Conspiracy Perverts the Course of Justice

Complaint by Maurice John Kirk                                                              9th Nov 2020

A Malicious Criminal Prosecution purely to obtain False Imprisonments

No wonder both John Graham and myself cannot retrieve our stolen property from G4S Parc and HMP Cardiff including the letters listed as prosecution exhibits by Queens square Chambers, Bristol before CPS had to hurriedly burry the charges hoping it had not sparked me off , in time, into investigating how the eight G4S bully boys had violently robbed me at the gate of HMP Parc, Bridgend, with such laughter on my prison exit straight to needed Bristol Royal infirmary

My remote Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to Min of Justice

Alun Cairns letter from me, from prison with suspect heroin, was snatched by South Wales Police telling him not to answer my correspondence or inform me my letter was laboratory tested as ‘toothpaste glue

Thank you for your request dated 10th September 2020 in which you asked for the following information from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ):

“On accessing the information given relating to G4S contracts, it appears to relate
solely to HMP Featherstone and also transport for the South East Area.
There does not appear to be any details relating to HMP Parc.

I therefore would seek to make a fresh FOI for the text and details of the current
contract between G4S and the running of HMP Parc, including the latest one if it has
just been renewed, along with any former ones.”

Your request has been handled under the FOIA.

I can confirm that the MoJ does hold the information that you have requested but would like to clarify that we do not have a contact directly with G4S for the running of HMP Parc. The MoJ contracts with a consortium company (known as a Special Purpose Vehicle SPV) specifically set up to competitively bid for the contact.

G4S are currently contracted through the SPV in relation to HMP Parc, therefore are a
subcontractor providing Custodial Services at each prison rather than being a direct
contractor of the MoJ.

We are, however, able to supply you with the link to the contract award for HMP Parc on Contracts Finder. Please find below:

Appeal Rights

If you are not satisfied with this response you have the right to request an internal review by responding in writing to one of the addresses below within two months of the date of this response.

Between 2019 and 2020 I was gaoled for allegedly posting from a Cardiff prison cell an ‘unidentified’ white powder to a number of serving Members of Parliament contrary to 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act.

This is the mistake the south Wales Police made now opening a can of worms on how bullied and robbed G4S prisoners discharged from HMP Parc, Bridgend can sue in my prepared class action including those unfortunates of Caswell Clinic’s outrageous abuses on suspect and diagnosed mentally ill patients in Glanrhyd Hospital and Caswell Clinic both in Bridgend South Wales.

All welsh senior police officers’ conspiracy because the machine gun damages trial by jury looms on the horizon

Whereas similar facts to John Graham’s involvement in prisoner’s mail, were proceeded with by arrest and a long term incarcerations, without trial, the welsh police, at the same time, had covered-up the fact that an ‘oh so similar letter’ was purportedly sent to Alun Cairns MP at the House of Commons, where it was thought to be ‘heroin’. All knew it had been prison issue toothpaste, used as glue, on this prisoner’s letters for sealing them down.

Traces of toothpaste, from the same tube, were even found on the numerous other WANTED posters, off my cell wall, each highlighting an extract of a police blackmailed, now sacked, Caswell Clinic doctor’s 2009 fabricated medical report, orchestrated by Barbara Wilding, then Chief Constable for the South Wales Constabulary, to have me sectioned for life.

The past and current Chief Constable, knew all this or should have known all this, including my fabricated criminal convictions, by his senior police officers, to lengthen my prison terms, successfully block my remission time eligibility and have bail applications refused.

I refer, especially, to the parole officer’s admissions, far too late, that my listed convictions before parole boards, judges. MAPPA, FTAC and CPS, were all known by all to be false.

These false convictions included ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’ & ‘narcotics’

The narcotics convictions included, ‘production’, ‘the selling’ and the ‘use’ thereof

All part of a near 30 year running South Wales Police conspiracy to repeatedly pervert the course of justice in both English & Welsh civil & criminal law courts by welsh authorities

As with around 90% of the other failed criminal allegations that have been levelled at me, by these same bullying police, this charge, as cited above, was also dropped as found to be fictitious by the Somerset and Avon Constabulary. It found, upon enquiry, all was a pack of lies from both G4S of HMP Parc, Bridgend, during which time the police had stolen my letters, medical records, wheelchair and legal papers relating to my multi-million-pound 1CF03361 (acquitted for ‘my trading in machine guns’) and BS619165 (SWP lost 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions).

Invincible Prejudice

The welsh police have, time and time again, failed court orders, under CPR, failed to disclose relevant incriminating evidence, while successive Cardiff magistrates and judges stand idly by doing absolutely nothing.

If this charge, relating to John Graham, had not been transferred to an English court for further consideration I would now, without doubt , be serving yet another 5 years of my life in the stench of some welsh prison to again to be subjected to raw human faeces spread over my bed, buckets of putrefying urine thrown in over my belongings and a 24/7 incessant bombardment of quite foul language from, not just the prisoners but also from G4S staff. 

The welsh authorities’ hatred of the English is palpable as with their inherent deceit both beautifully portrayed in what evidence I have managed to obtain, so far.   

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

Tel 07708586202                         

My current website,  reminds you that G4S, at HMP Parc, were clearly immune to rob me for the machine gun papers for South Wales Police’s defending my various multi million pound damages claims for their 40  odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions, including  my ‘trading in machine-guns’ blown conspiracy.

Tomorrow, with the  CPS and South Wales Police refusing to disclose its court prosecution exhibits that forced their dropping the proposed charge I had been supplying  HM  Secretary of State for Wales with raw undiluted suspect heroin, to John Graham, by mutual consent and to another MP I cannot not name.

No wonder the G4S did such serious bullying of me, all last year, as it was protected by the mickey mouse Min of J J /G4S SPV contract to make it difficult for prisoners from claiming for their injuries

Ex prisoners, my contact email is and comments for post=16385&action=edit

Lastly, but far from least, I wrote to you and waited the statutory time, laid down for your CPS Review of the case. This was triggered in the light of the startling new evidence, I referred to in court, of how the South Wales Police have constantly lied to you, as they do and to me as to

where are your court exhibits John Graham has been denied?

Such is the real risk their not keeping their fat state funded pensions I am putting you on notice I am filing a Judicial Review application in the RCJ in HM  Administrative Court without further ado.

If by tomorrow you disclose or give me written assurances that those defence exhibits to which the learned judge considers, tomorrow, I am entitled to have come to me, with the CDs of my two police interviews, under caution, all within 10 days, I will turn my ‘guns’ back on the human excrement I regularly find in the Cardiff court rooms.

I need to go through with you, tomorrow, G4s witnesses, prison governors from PARC , Exeter and Cardiff, all implicated and a number of serving welsh prison staff , some 20 odd, on my last rough count, that will need witness summonses served on them as soon as a date for trial is fixed.

Thankyou  for your patience but mine is fast running out

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
Tel 07708586202                                                                  

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