Police Steal my Three Million Pound Damages Claim Papers

[Lord Sachs, I have just heard on BBC 4, a terrible loss of an ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ who got through my armour]

HMP Parc G4S given more time at Taunton Court to Defend Abuse Claim

I was introduced to Nick Hardwick in my wheelchair while he was doing a welsh prison visit as HM Inspector of Prisons

1CF03361 Machine-gun damages claim and linked MP Allegation

Between May 2019 and June 2019 G4S staff at HMP Cardiff conducted a 32 minutes cell search, with drug sniffer dogs, in the complete absence of the occupant, Maurice Kirk.

Mr Kirk was locked in the shower in his wheelchair during the search.

His correspondence was taken from his cell along with his BS614159 and machine-gun 1CF03361 damages claim privileged legal papers.

Late police disclosure now reveals both John Graham’s and then HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP’s letters were amongst documents stolen from his cell all allegedly containing ‘an unknown ‘harmless’ white powder! So who on earth said that?

Late disclosure, by way of Mr Kirk’s police interrogation on 1st August 2019 and witness statements by prominent eye witnesses, revealed the ‘investigation’ was still ‘ongoing’ despite police knowing it had been toothpaste glue all along and NOT possible ‘heroin’.

On 1st Nov 2019 Mr Kirk was violently ejected from Parc prison but G4S refuses to identify the contents of his cell. Of course not G4S had handed over their victim’s privileged legal papers and Caswell clinic medical records to the Defendant, the Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary in his multi-million pound damages claims

Mr Kirk wrote to several MPs, both before and since his 2019 incarceration in HMP Parc but still unable to recover his alleged incriminating property that included his Caswell Clinic medical records sent to the prison for him, specifically, by Dr Gaynor Jones.

On 1st November 2019 G4S staff handed to the driver of my pick-up car two packages of Cardiff and Parc prison ‘stopped’ letters, in or out.

John Graham’s ‘stopped’ letters were found in both prison’s letter bundles and containing many of his 1st class stamps for me but no letters purportedly from Mr Kirk with ‘white powder’, the purported exhibit relied on for the criminal charge that had Mr Kirk imprisoned for many, many months until the charge was dropped.

Mr Kirk’s Mr Graham letter, along with the topical MP’s letter, if true in the first place, is also being unlawfully withheld by the welsh authorities to cause his repeated arrests and false imprisonments. If CPR ‘disclosure’ occurs the case against Mr Kirk would again collapse adding to the list of travesties by the welsh and will be also buried.

Mr Kirk’s letters to MPs Alun Cairns, Selaine Haxby and Mr O’Connor’, with or without ‘white powder’, could not be found in the G4S returned stolen prisoner correspondence.

This is yet another proven welsh police criminal conspiracy to bully Maurice Kirk, to prejudice his multi-million-pound damages claims, by having had him repeatedly gaoled, for years when, when it knew this would be yet another prosecution to fail.

South Wales Police seized page one as I had not presented page two, apparently and instead arrested me for ‘Threatening to Kill the Lord Mayor of Cardiff with a Machine Gun

Dear sir,

 Dolmans’ Fraudulent South Wales Police ‘Trading in Machine -guns’ Conspiracy cover-up now unblocked by Judge Andrew Keiser QC

You know why South Wales Police concocted counter-court proceedings, that I had sent a potentially harmful ‘white powder’ from a prison cell to the then HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP and John Graham Esq.

The welsh police have now been made to drop both criminal charges, drawn up under anti-terrorism legislation but refuses to return my alleged letters (found in drug sniffer dog 32 minute cell search in Cardiff prison. nor will the welsh police send on to either John Graham or Alun Cairns MP while blatantly and unlawfully ignoring  applications for disclosure under both the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act.

A sample of the Welsh prison’s ‘stopped’ prisoner’s correspondence, in and out, returned to me last year during G4S’s brutal ejection of me from Parc Prison on 1st November 2019.


My letters out of welsh prisons were destined for the Royal Courts of Justice’s HM Court of Appeal, for my then being served full two year prison term (refused any remission)

My letters included those in and out of my family and friends and to lawyers seeking help and now, most relevant, those addressed to MPs I had previously corresponded with re this perpetual, extreme and unusual welsh police bullying on an Englishman when simply seeking PLAN F as my last avenue of redress other than suicide.

I defy anyone who knows of anyone in the UK that has won over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions brought by their own local police force with only a 11% in 113 criminal allegations before the chief constable had to plotted ‘Operation Challis’ in the hope I could be MAPPA3/3 registered to be lawfully shot.

I defy anyone who knows any one who has had to endure months locked in a prison cell, like last year, when subjected, day and night, to prisoner and staff foul language aimed at him with buckets of urine being thrown into his cell and raw human faeces rubbed over his bed.

All triggered by South Wales Police concocted criminal convictions, including ‘child abuse’, ‘fire-arms’ and ‘narcotics’, anything to stop my substantial decades running civil damges claims from progressing any further.

I therefore forced to instruct anyone out there , urgently,  to apply to an appropriate outside police force to:

a)   seize those withheld prison letters

b)   seize my G4S HMP Parc, Bridgend, confiscated medical records, urgently requested by my Taunton MP following my recent colonoscopy CT scan

c)   seize my  ‘trading in machine-guns’  South Wales Police conspiracy legal papers with original witness statements

d)  seize back my clothes, shoes and wheelchair also featuring in my numerous  civil damages claims

e)  seize outstanding Dolmans, solicitors, withheld files in respect to my BS614159 +10 and 1CF03361 multi million pound damages claims.

Much of the above  data is required for my remaining criminal matters I have to face


Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
Tel 07708586202  www.kirkflyingvet.com mauricejohnkirk.wordpress.commaurice@kirkflyingvet.com


147th law firm refuses help in South Wales Police bullying as “too complicated”

Watch this space, may I humbly suggest ,you wicked welsh country’s administration in your thoroughly corrupt cesspit of inherent deceit and intrigue

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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