Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30



CASE NO. 1CF 003361 B E T W E E N: 
CASE NO: D00 CF279 B E T W E E N: 
1. This matter is listed for further Directions to be given in two actions between the Claimant, Mr. Maurice John Kirk, and the Chief Constable of South Wales Police. The more significant action is that numbered 1CF03361. Both are based on Defendant fraud. 
2. This arises from the Defendant, having failed in having the Claimant shot on 22nd June 2009, as a falsely registered MAPPA cat 3 level 3 victim, in an attempt to stop the the already doomed T20097445 indictments relating to the Claimant allegedly ‘trading in machine-guns’. Concocted to block the already long overdue 1993 Claimant false imprisonment
3. The BS614159 etc Claimant civil damages claims, following 40 odd lost failed police malicious criminal prosecutions, was due that summer for the substantive trial requiring as many as 300 South Wales Police officers to give evidence on oath to bust the conspiracy.
4. The Claimant was therefore sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act without even a clinical examination while in Cardiff prison on remand. The psychiatrist had been promised immunity to criminal prosecution thought this now 10 year running corrupt proceedings.
5. This further travesty of justice, as with the BS and its associated Claimant civil claims, is also based, not just on police perversion of justice but lawyer and welsh judiciary fraud so hence the reason no outside police investigation can be obtained. Even proven with the proving the police had unblocked the barrel and had painted the Lewis a different colour, to also try and fool the jury, has ever or will ever result in independent investigation. ‘Devil worship’ dominates all aspects of the Welsh judiciary, its police force and local lawyers. 
6. A highlight in these cases is the retiring administrative judge’s last order, in November 2008, that the Chief Constable, herself, was to sign her Defendant affidavit that ‘full disclosure’ had been done according to the rule of law. SHE has also been proved a liar.
7. Since then just about ‘anything goes’ in either a Cardiff criminal or civil court, to cover-up, for example, that there has been no MG6D disclosure what so ever with criminal evidence concocted that the Claimant had been ‘served’ a 2011 ‘restraining order’. Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Melling were told a pack of lies when even being allowed to know that the 1st jury (May 2012) had specifically asked, in writing, for written evidence there even existed a ‘restraining order on 1st Dec 20011 at Cardiff magistrates and served on the Claimant in the cells.

to be continued

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11 Responses to Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30

  1. It is to be hoped that this time justice will prevail.

    • Stefan Heale says:

      Highly unlikely! British Justice is not what it once was, we now exist in in Police State in all but name and it is largely due to our membership of the EU, the most corrupt and anti-democratic regime there has ever been. The judiciary is not disinterested and almost always ‘sides’ with the police forces in this country despite most of them having proved to be incompetent, indolent and corrupt.

    • Anonymous says:

      The mother of that evil woman Gwenllian Elin Barry complains the police discriminated on her as her daughter smears other women

      The child of the Inspector wants self harming In a cell bent coppers twist bones for Gwenllian as they torture for her heart

      The police said mr Anthony Barry calls women stupid his misogyny as a man as his contempt is shown that men in power hate women as his wife was a bent Inspector Shirley Barry her 6ft 1 husband and father of the evil Gwenllian bullies women he and his evil voice of authority announces its a mans society he as a man calls
      Women stupid as his evil brain wants to attack and abuse them like a rapist he mentally rapes women your stupid the evil man declares his Gwenllian smirking that her mother the bent copper Shirley Barry has friends that cut Off women’s clothes as Gwenllian wants to smear them like a cancer spreading their lies and her lies and evil the police brutalise women for Gwenllian and her mother evil Inspector Shirley Barry it’s discrimination she cries I went a promotion and I want clothes of women my child wants criminalised cut off and I want her bones twisted for Gwenllian to shine and it’s nkt discrimination as Shirley the Inspector said so bent
      Coppers and their exploitation of others for their bullying brats the evil Gwenllian

      The police want women as prostitutes and heroin addicts as Gwenllian wants women them
      Stripped and abused in cells as her mother was a slag of a copper a vindictive evil

      The police twist bones for evil
      Gwenllian her now dead evil father rotten in Ammanford buried a stupid vindictive bastard who for that smirking face of evil Gwenllian pulls strings and gets bent coppers to help his evil
      Child Ahead

      Evil Anthony Barry rotting in hell and that disgusting daughter that discriminated on other women with her Pakistani rape friend

  2. Truth teller says:

    Your not the only one they destroyed

    For their evil inspectors disgusting daughter they torture and smear like a cancer spreading their lies

    Shirley and her disgusting evil 👶
    Cry the police discriminated on them as the evil evil vindictive woman portrayed as altruistic that evil woman Gwenllian Barry trustee
    Of access aspiration claims
    She’s opening the door to true potential as she wants self harm in a roll that evil
    Woman and her hate the evil inside of the child of a bent copper

    Access aspiration trustee she gets self harm and suicide she is a vindictive cancer spreading her evil the toxic face of a murdering spiteful coppers brat as daddy and her were believed as daddy lied for her devoted heart that the police wanted an innocent woman murdered for

    The eve of Gwenllian and her father and her Pakistani rape and the police who torture for the trustee of access aspiration she’s got access to cells self harm she’s a psychopath a torture traitor they murder for that evil heart of Satan’s child her evil father is a bad character a rotten heart and an evil man

  3. Liars says:

    This is the face of evil that face will lure you in for punish stripping and her bullying as mummy is a bent Inspector and 6ft 1 daddy bullied for the smirking jealous heart of Gwenllian

    Trust that she’s an evil vindictive woman https://access-workplacements.org/people/gwen-barry/

    They don’t want people working they want people in cells self harming that is her evil plan and her devoted lying corrupt evil parents Shirley and Anthony their evil spawn

    • Anonymous says:

      Bent coppers said this face of evil and her disgusting father the now dead evil Anthony Barry want women in a cell the evil child leads her campaigns as her mother cries the force discriminated on her they lead a campaign to discriminate on another women the target they have

      The police support Gwenllian Elin Barry and her campaigns the police adore her

      The evil father said his Gwenllian was assaulted the police do mr Antony Barry a 6ft 1 bastard bully and Gwenllian against the target that Gwenllian wants to smear and sabotage the police support the campaign that Gwenllian has that heart of Gwenllian is the only one that the police care about she’s a rogue landlord they support and mr Shariq Ali is the Pakistani tenant she likes the police brutalise for Pakistani men as mr Shariq Ali said his Pakistani accent showing through your so ugly and unemployable He’s from slough and him. And bent coppers will show how they destroy white Women as Gwenllian cries she’s a racist the force discriminate on women my own mother claims that but Gwenllian will lead her campaigns against other women a traitor and liar and her father the disgusting lying Anthony Barry buried stupid should be on his grave .

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course they have got you stitched up

    Just like the jealous evil bastards stitch everyone up up to sabotage them

    Women given barriers to work to force them to turn to prostitutes , arms snapped to force people to become heroin addicts their evil

    The police their daughters helped ahead as their evil children like Gwenllian criminalise other women at the Core is that jealous heart of Gwenllian and evil women like her mother that smear women like a cancer spreading their lies

    The police and Gwenllian say other women have assaulted them
    To sabotage their careers And lives the evil police want to change lives of
    Accountants as their bullying children destroyed lives

    The police devoted to the Sabotage of women thus want bones snapped for convictions for that smirking face of evil their daughters the police do brutality for

    The police support men of Pakistani origin that announce women they hate are too ugly and unemployable for South Wales police as traitors like Gwenllian want them stripped Made homeless her disgusting father says she’s stupid and the vindictive police support the brutality of women for men like that dead evil man that smirking face of evil her disgusting father the evil Anthony Barry that bar heart and evil words done for the smirking face of evil Gwenllian to gloat that coppers execute her wishes. The police said gets women who pay her mortgage to self harm that evil
    Wonan and her police friends

    Pakistani men from slough like a cancer spreading their evil wnd Gwenllian is supported by Pakistani men they want to strip and discriminate on women as the police support the misogyny of mr Ali mr Shariq Ali said it’s a mans world and him and the evil police brutalise women their men that discriminated on women their ugly and unemployable mr Shariq Ali said and Gwenllian cries that mr Shariq Ali is a perfect man and he was cooking for her as Gwenllian said mr Shariq Ali needs to cook for her as Gwenllian decides for her tenants who cooks for who the controller that the evil police inspectors rapist daughters want to pimp out to her Pakistani friends that evil heart wants women homeless as the police support the Pakistani spiteful tenants they declare by the Pakistani are too ugly and unemployable and Pakistani men and Gwenllian get women punish stripped as Gwenllian wants them transformed into sex workers for her and her evil Pakistani to exploit the police want to criminalise and torture women that Gwenllian hates as their hearts adore Gwenllian evil evil vindictive coppers that kill for the wishes of evil Gwenllian

    • Anonymous says:

      We all know the bbc and their gender pay gap and abuse of women that is why mr Shariq Ali fitted in at the misogynistic bbc as he broadcast in Cardiff courts how ugly and unemployable women are in his opinion and the police said it’s not misogyny it’s justice in a mans world and Pakistani men are allowed to smear white Women as they claim racism and the police support their brutality and bullying as Gwenllian has a flat she wants to rent and the Pakistani man doesn’t like white Women

      Gwenllian Elin Barry is an evil Inspectors disgusting daughter with her misogynistic father that wants other women to be heroin addicts and their bones twisted as the evil evil vindictive woman has their heart

      Warrants are issued as that woman wants another woman in A cell the law is different for Gwenllian she’s a rogue landlord who can evict and the police want her to shine as they torture for her evil heart a heart as rotten as that fathers decaying corpse in Ammanford

  5. Anonymous says:

    I could write all day about how corrupt evil vindictive the police are but why bother their agenda is to sabotage as many women as possible into criminals. And cripple them
    For life

    Evil jealous disgusting people who want to destroy women they hate and cripple them

    The police twisted my bone for that evil heart of that smirking face of evil that face forces her evil will onto women the police adore that evil woman and her disgusting plan to execute and cripple the police and her torture and rape their way ahead

    The police want to Cripple for that evil face the trustees of access aspiration she wants women
    In a cell self harming she’s the most vindictive woman on earth a heart and body full of evil and a toxic poisonous woman of evil

    She’s a disgusting murdering child of a bent copper they allow to smear women she’s a cancer spreading her lies and her vindictive evil


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