Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30



CASE NO. 1CF 003361 B E T W E E N: 
CASE NO: D00 CF279 B E T W E E N: 
1. This matter is listed for further Directions to be given in two actions between the Claimant, Mr. Maurice John Kirk, and the Chief Constable of South Wales Police. The more significant action is that numbered 1CF03361. Both are based on Defendant fraud. 
2. This arises from the Defendant, having failed in having the Claimant shot on 22nd June 2009, as a falsely registered MAPPA cat 3 level 3 victim, in an attempt to stop the the already doomed T20097445 indictments relating to the Claimant allegedly ‘trading in machine-guns’. Concocted to block the already long overdue 1993 Claimant false imprisonment
3. The BS614159 etc Claimant civil damages claims, following 40 odd lost failed police malicious criminal prosecutions, was due that summer for the substantive trial requiring as many as 300 South Wales Police officers to give evidence on oath to bust the conspiracy.
4. The Claimant was therefore sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act without even a clinical examination while in Cardiff prison on remand. The psychiatrist had been promised immunity to criminal prosecution thought this now 10 year running corrupt proceedings.
5. This further travesty of justice, as with the BS and its associated Claimant civil claims, is also based, not just on police perversion of justice but lawyer and welsh judiciary fraud so hence the reason no outside police investigation can be obtained. Even proven with the proving the police had unblocked the barrel and had painted the Lewis a different colour, to also try and fool the jury, has ever or will ever result in independent investigation. ‘Devil worship’ dominates all aspects of the Welsh judiciary, its police force and local lawyers. 
6. A highlight in these cases is the retiring administrative judge’s last order, in November 2008, that the Chief Constable, herself, was to sign her Defendant affidavit that ‘full disclosure’ had been done according to the rule of law. SHE has also been proved a liar.
7. Since then just about ‘anything goes’ in either a Cardiff criminal or civil court, to cover-up, for example, that there has been no MG6D disclosure what so ever with criminal evidence concocted that the Claimant had been ‘served’ a 2011 ‘restraining order’. Lord Justice Leverson and Mr Justice Melling were told a pack of lies when even being allowed to know that the 1st jury (May 2012) had specifically asked, in writing, for written evidence there even existed a ‘restraining order on 1st Dec 20011 at Cardiff magistrates and served on the Claimant in the cells.

to be continued

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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20 Responses to Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30

  1. It is to be hoped that this time justice will prevail.


    • Stefan Heale says:

      Highly unlikely! British Justice is not what it once was, we now exist in in Police State in all but name and it is largely due to our membership of the EU, the most corrupt and anti-democratic regime there has ever been. The judiciary is not disinterested and almost always ‘sides’ with the police forces in this country despite most of them having proved to be incompetent, indolent and corrupt.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The inspectors daughter is like I got a flat I want to rent out lure in a white Woman for the other Pakistani tenant as she plans that they are the couple renting her flat if someone pissess
    Off the Pakistani they cut off their clothes like In Pakistan spiteful bastards

    The woman in Pakistan have no noses and they have no clothes In South Wales force them
    Naked to exploit a conviction all that matters is a a conviction hungry for a conviction they will murder for one

    They don’t care who they hurt
    As long as they get a conviction

    The inspectors daughter said undermine women to the point they see no future

    The jealousy of the community she’s bought a house let’s do her bones and sabotage her as the inspectors planned a homeless event and they get jealous as the police said only their daughters can own houses and she uses women and assaulted them with her daddy and cries that she’s more deserving and vulnerable as they torture for her


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah they cover up the grown up daughters of the police and their jealousy as the inspectors daughter said she’s out to destroy lives like her mother

    The trustee of the lady garden foundation lies and said she’s been assaulted and her daddy and his evil heart and lies saw it. Daddy said “get rid” as the police confidently supported them the family as Gwen said she plays god and decides who is a bad criminal as the police and Gwen are out for themselves.

    After daddy lied for his brat the police are like we believe their lies and their smears about you as you were born to be smeared by the police and the offer that hates you and the evil plans the Barry family have for women and their love of the Pakistani rape kings as the police said like Jesus was sacrificed and crucified for the sins of others Gwen Barry wants to crucify women she hates and the police said your tHe scapegoat for the daughter of the Inspector that hates you and her father mr Barry and his hate of you and Shariq Ali and his hate of you

    The police said the community they want is one where Gwen is god and her needs are served by the bent coppers and their hate of women

    Gwen said torture women and abuse their human rights as the police and Gwen said let’s hurt her for our egos and ourselves to prosper as the police claim the Barry women are the victims the mother said the force sexually abused her and her daughter claimed the tenant assaulted her it’s all for the Barry’ family to prosper

    The jealousy that the Barry Family have as they bring others down to abuse women and destroy lives as their skin colour is the wrong colour for the Pakistani men and their bullying brats of evil get women arrested after holidays as they
    Get jealous

    They lied and said their being stalked and poor Gwen is someone worth stalking the
    Ego of the child as she claims she is so special that Someone would stalk her as they stain people with smears that Gwen makes up

    A dangerous spiteful family of haters and the police that bully women


  4. Anonymous says:

    They spread rumours around about women the police hate and destroyed lives

    Just horrible spiteful vindictive bastards that lie

    Do you want a family they ask? We have forced you naked. Told you the Pakistani said your a racist the inspectors have said your ugly and unemployable and we need to Section you to show off our power the daughters of inspectors get to evict you and play her nasty games and we do arrest after arrest to destroy you and we ask do you want children I. This wonderful bitchy society as we went to great lengths to make you feel suicidal and now we think you want children after all that we did to hurt you


    • Anonymous says:

      The police said anyone that shows any confidence will be destroyed and put down as they tortured those they hate and they hate certain people

      The Barry women are so vindictive and so jealous and they want to brutalise bodies
      Of women and transform lives and cripple women for the dream of power and control of women they said are scary

      She’s scary and I want her to be crucified the evil trustee said and the police support her dream and the game of the police and their hate of women

      The police said women’s aid is your new home as the community is not a safe place for women as the police and trustee are a jealous force of evil in lives

      The police said force their bodies naked as the inspectors daughter said I want her to feel raped by us


  5. Anonymous says:

    The inspectors daughter and the police force women naked as the police and Gwen want to make women feel like they been raped

    The jealousy as the evil heart and force make women naked in exchange for a conviction

    Do you feel raped by us as we forced you naked in a that cell for the wishes of the Barry family and do you feel like a rape happened as the police did that for the Barry’s and the evil games they play rape her for the jealousy of the Inspectors daughter as the police raped

    Cutting off clothes and forcing women naked is the punishment the trustee of the
    Lady garden does as the police said we rape them and force them naked as the daughters of the police want to feel like they can rape lives off women

    Let’s make them feel raped the police and Gwen said their bodies are ours to hurt and abuse like men

    Like a true bastard the police and the Barry family said force her body naked as the police make women feel raped by the wishes of Gwenllian and her daddy the rape king

    Let’s rape her in a cell and the police portrayed their tearful brat and her father and her Pakistani as victims

    Rape her and hurt her is the agenda of the Barry family full of jealousy as the police said we pick on them their weak spots as the Barry family are a perfect human beings and feel that the taking of human rights off women is justified as her mother cries the force discriminated on her and now she’s getting punish stripping done for her disgusting daughter


    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Barry was a liar and stood up like a cunt and lied and gloating that for his perfect brat they got a woman forced naked and sexually tortured for his brat and then that lying heart of his gave up on his evil body and they buried the lying bastard in 2015

      The jealousy of them as they make women feel like they are raped by the state
      The jealousy of the evil bastards

      Do you feel like having a family now they ask? We want to do that to your children when they are of age to be tortured and we don’t look like abusers


  6. Anonymous says:

    Their like after the extreme bullying done to lying for our Inspectors daughter when you been tortured and abused do you feel like the community would support your pregnancy or do you think their out to hurt you and your baby?!

    Remember mr Shariq Ali said your too ugly and unemployable and need to be sectioned do you think that is the agenda of the police and Pakistani men as in his culture they abort females as they not as useful and in his culture women have their noses cut off not just their clothes so does that fill you with confidence and inspire you.

    They will bitch and slag you off for the rest of your life that nose of that coppers brat and her Inspector mother will use the police system to stalk and harass you forever the agenda to stain your character and sabotage your life for their bullying brats that claim to be altruistic and caring

    The cutting off your clothes is seen as necessary to get the convictions they want as a toxic poisonous society of haters

    The vendetta against women they hate only ends upon their death and the destruction of their lives a toxic poisonous place

    So to answer no I don’t want children I don’t want my clothes forced off me and I don’t want a horrible vindictive bitchy police woman in my life


  7. Anonymous says:

    Now your entering the menopause and after this campaign you must know the agenda the personal agenda was to hurt you so you decided that life on Earth was a horrible spiteful experience and the best you can hope for is a peaceful death.

    You won’t forget their bullying their lies and their forcing you naked to erode you and even as a mature woman they will still want to brutalise you and bring you to their injustice

    The end of the story they lie and they exist for their agenda to get convictions and its best to not bother to make any effort at all


    • Anonymous says:

      So no as someone who is going through the menopause I’m delighted I had no children I met the spawn of Satan and for 10 years was humiliated abused destroyed and forced naked so no I would never want children the Inspectors daughter can have her perfect family and I hope they get arrested and destroyed as I won’t put any kids through that


  8. Anonymous says:

    The ego of the police and the daughter of a bent copper
    The jealousy of them
    As the daughter of a bent copper dreams of prison for other women but herself

    A bent family a rogue landlord the police mak a society that works for them and their
    Corrupt bastard families

    The jealousy of the evil daughter of a copper as she bitches for a suicide

    Her mother was Inspector Shirley Barry and get bottom was groped and the evil Barry family what more money for Shirley to spoil Gwen as the pair of bithes get women to hang the daughter of a copper said force her naked I want to lie and get a conviction off her the police said the jealousy of the corrupt Barry women is extreme the greed as the police twist at bones like a cancer spreading their evil and their bullying cancerous hate of women

    Shirley and Gwen murder women in cells and the mother wants money as her bottom was groped by the bent coppers and the smirking face of hypocrite Shirley said i Set women up for forced nakedness with my daughter and her Pakistani the evil heart of the Barry women

    A bastard bitchy family

    Gwen and Shirley make women hang as they need a scapegoat like a cancer spreading their hate

    Shirley wants money for her bottom and Gwen the child of her evil heart wants to force another woman to hang the child is an abuser and the jealousy of the police as they tortured for her and her evil parents her father a disgusting dead lying corpse

    Gwen and her Shariq and their evil plans for women as the trustee is a vindictive woman a vagina full of hate and spite like her evil mother

    Shirley and Gwen exploit the public as she was a bent copper that Demands money for herself and her daughter the greed of the Barry brat and the bastards In the police as they tortured and twists bonewr for THe jealousy that Shirley and Gwen hav

    Gwen wants and her Shariq Ali wants a hanging of women like in Pakistan women are toilet paper and the Pakistani brings his hate and Gwen as her mkth was sexually discriminated on cries women are racist as the police women are hypocrites that bully others women and the mother cries sexual humiliation as the jealousy of the trustee and her mother as the police force women naked as Gwen said I’m a trustee of a woman’s cancer charity the most altruistic woman and the jealousy and the hate as the police and her like a cancer spreading her hate destroyed lives and her father a liar and his had heart lied for His spoilt brat

    The police and the jealousy of the trustee as the trustee said make women hang is the agenda of her and her Shariq Ali and her father the cunt Barnett bitchy mother

    The force is with the jealousy of the Barry women bent cunts that do evil with Gwen Barry the spawn of evil and her father was a cunt of a man

    Daddy and his brat of evil and the wife
    The inspectors that claims sexually discrimination we the mother got other women sexually abuser for her families benefit the trustee is the foundation oof the the cancerous corruption in society as the police want the women she hates dead

    Like a cancer spreading her evil Gwen and her mother murder women wiTh their love of her Pakistani cunt of evil

    The police said only Shirley was sexually discriminated on and Shirley said she deserves more money than other women the Barry family demand more than others their a drain on the public and look for women to crucify for the sins of the nasty brat as the police said Jesus died for the sins of others and the evil Barry family want you to die for the heart and jealousy of the evil Barry family and the evil eyes of Gwen Barry and her cunt of evil she had a cunthole of a flat she used to exploit people in


    • Anonymous says:

      The child of a bent copper grew up with her mother demanding women in cells like a cancer spreading their evil and destroying lives

      Gwen said her dreams are unlimited power as she wants omnipotent power to hurt women she’s jealousy off with her Pakistani friend

      The police said she’s a trustee a special woman and they want to murder with her and her father a dead corpse of a stupid man everything about. That family is stupid the cunt of a copper is a b


  9. Anonymous says:

    The trustee will claim after she’s got
    Women hurt that she’s a altruistic woman and she cares for women as the police and her brutalitse
    Women they lie

    The police said the tears of the trustee are real and genuine as she hurts women and the jealousy of she as she destroyed lives and her selfishness as the police sexually abused for her and the jealousy as the evil police suffocate for their daughters that hater women

    The police for the trustee of the lady garden foundation tortured in 2009
    The jealousy of her and her father as the police make the wishes of their inspectors daughters come true they got self harming of women for the heart of the jealousy of the trustee in 2015 the trustee has a another campaign to destroy her target she’s a vindictive woman and with the police wanted another chance to achieve her dreams of a hanging when the trustee is involved she brings a bad experience for women the trustee and the police work to destroy women and force that jealousy of women she has

    The trustee takes human rights and lies that she’s been assaulted and her father with his lying heart backs up the jealous daughter of the Inspector as her dreams for women are cells and self
    Celebrating as she wants to destroy lives and the jealousy of her as she cries and said she’s the vickr
    Is was her they hurt she claims as she destroyed women their bones are twisted as the police and the trustee are the cancer in the lives of women

    Meet the trustee and she takes lives and destroyed women as she’s taker and a hater and her mother and her stitch women
    Up as Gwen is the evil in the lives of women the jealousy that she feels as they hurt women the women of South Wales hurt women.

    The police support mr Shariq Ali your soo ugly they said and mr Ali wnats
    Your Brian impaired and the false imprisonments they do for the jealousy of the trustee of the lady
    Garden she wants women to be weeds as she and the police force their wills and torture

    The trustee of torture and her dreams for women she hates as Gwen
    Said their criminals and we want to hurt her and make her hang for the justice the police and the trustee of torture have

    The trustee is a a jealous woman and the police has her take lives off women their homes their bikes their lives their clothes as the worship Pakistani men and destroy white Woman as the trustee is a tariotr to
    Women make them
    Hang is the dream that gwne

    The trustee of the lady garden gets women suffocated she’s got a dream a bent coppers brat that murders those and is the cancer in the lies of women. She hates and wnats to hurt

    The plan of the trustee and the police is to punish strip those she wants to smear like a cancer spreading her evil and her and her Pakistani tel South Wales women are too ugly and unemployable and the jealousy of her as she hurts women and the evil police twist bones for the heart of Gwen the jealous daughter of Shirley Barry who claims the force hate women but not her darling Gwen they do gbh for her and make women
    Hang the face of evil and her plans to punish and murder women

    Meet Gwen
    And she destroyed lives and takes homes off women and makes them
    Homeless her dreams of power and to hurt as the police and her destroyed women

    She’s a trustee that is so vindictive and hurtful


    • Anonymous says:

      The trustee of the lady garden is a jealous woman she lured women in for her Pakistani to abuse and then they did punish a white Woman as Gwen hurts

      The police and Gwen planned for Christmas 2009 a hanging off women for Gwen and her father the man that said women are stupid as she conspired to murder

      The trustee was so jealous when she heard the target had a home
      She and the police wanted the house off her as she had gone on holiday and Gwen said make them hang as they come back to the uk her eyes
      Full of hate as she hurts women

      The police for the trustee twisted bones as she destroyed women as the trustee is a vindictive woman and the jealousy of her as she said your bones are destroyed and I want to hurt

      The police and the trustee have a vendetta to murder women and break their bones as the trustee is a force of evil in lives

      Keep the trustee out off your life she brings evil she is an evil woman and the jealousy of her and her plans to murder women and take them
      Lives and twist their bones is done

      The jealousy as the police and Gwen said their
      New homes
      We want to assault them
      In like Gwen did as landlord in 2009 the power of women like Gwen that hate other women

      Gwen and The police suffocated a woman and biker her bones and the bent coppers call her the trustee of the lady garden foundation she’s a trustee that tortured women for her ego and her father and her mother

      The police said all the force and the inspectors brat wnats is dead woman for Christmas aS gwne
      Destroys lives with her jealousy and her hate


  10. Anonymous says:

    Gwen Barry gets
    Away with it she exploits
    Women hurt her Gwen said she takes out the assured tenancy as Gwen is the evil vagina just makes women homeless the trustee of evil

    A sneaky bastard of Shirley and Antony as the police support Gwenllian and Shariq as Gwen said she wants
    A hang and the jealousy of the police and
    Gwen as they hurt women
    Gwen said she is the vagina the Force support
    As the police murder with the trustee

    For Christmas 2009 Gwen and the police want a dead woman and the daughter of the Inspector said let’s murder her and the jealousy that Gwen had as the trustee hurts women.

    The police and trustee murder and hurt women


  11. Anonymous says:

    You should have seen the evil daughter of Shirley Barry the Inspector that said the force discriminated for on women
    Her mother was full of hate of other women ha Diet daughter

    The police let the evil Gwenllian bully a woman
    And Gwen Barry said let’s m her hang for Christmas as the daughter of Shirley Barry said her mother af her father and her Pakistani friend Shariq Ali snarf yo will murder for Christmas the woman who helped Gwenllian pay her mortgage

    The police and cps helped Gwenllian as she said o want her dead for Christmas 2009

    The police said the force hate the woman as much as Gwenllian hates her and the jealousy she had
    The police and Gwenllian and the evil parents and g the trustee wants to murder

    Gwen Barry said we are the police and we murder women that I hate and the police said they punish strip women for Gwenllian and torture them the eyes of evil Gwen as she hurts women

    The police are jealous and hurt women with Gwen Barry and her big daddy as Anthony Barry said for Christmas Gwenllian wants to murder women and they torture women with Shariq Ali

    Shirley Barry said her evil child
    Is more deserving and her hate of women is extreme the jealousy as Shirley Barry said the police and her mother women that they hate

    The police said they will do a Thomas orchard for Gwenllian as the police said that Gwen is a vindictive woman and murders for fun

    In 2009 Gwenllian said mummy and daddy and I want to murder and hurt women with Shariq Ali and the police evil sgt
    Williamson and evil pc lord support the hate that Gwenllian has her eyes shone as she lied and said let’s murder woman the brat of evil calls a pabyco the police and cps indulge Gwenllian and her father and her bitching as Gwen Barry said murder got Christmas 2009 is her dream as the police force discriminated on women for Shirley’s Brat and Gwenllian said she wants to murder women and her eyes shone as the police inspectors brat lied and she destroyed women and calls herself a trustee of the lady garden foundation like she’s not a vindictive woman and full of evil as she cries and lies and her parents said my Gwenllian hurts women and wants the police to suffocate and murder in cells those the evil bastards hate

    Let’s murder Gwenllian said in 2009 and the jealousy as the police and Shariq Ali and her parents said we share your dreams of omnipotent power Gwenllian as Gwen Barry said she’s god and decided who to murder and the jealousy as the police are devoted to her plan to murder and Punish

    Make women hang as she and Shariq Ali and her parents said the wishes of Gwen Barry are all that matter and her evil lies are believed by the bent coppers of evil

    Gwen Barry said she’s god and is so omnipotent they can murder women that she hates and the jealousy as pc lord and sgt Williamson want to murder with Gwen Barry the force that discriminated on women that Gwen hates and her mother did discriminated against other women is allowed as its not her and Gwenllian

    The jealousy as Gwen Barry was up in court in 2009 bitching for the murder the police and her pallebd as the trustee is an evil woman the daughter of Shirley that murders other women

    Evil bastards and Gwen Barry let’s murder the force discriminated on women and Gwen and her disgusting mother know as Gwenllian said stop women naked and degrade for
    I am god and want to exploit them
    The police degrade for the evil evil bastards of Gwenllian and her disgusting father and her disgusting Shariq Ali and the evil of lord and why wiliamson make them hang as Gwen Barry wants to murder the evil power of the child of evil and her hate campaigns

    The police and Gwenllian said make her hang for Christmas 2009 As Gwenllian said I am god and murder those that don’t meet my expectations and my mother and I are hypocrites that use the laps ft the Barry needs make women hang Inspector Shirley Barry said my daughter is god and their here to serve the needs of my child and my husband and the crimes of daughters are covered up


  12. Peter B says:

    Hi Maurice, Welcome back.

    Please could send me an email address to contact you at?
    Peter B


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