Prison admit stopping my 30+ letters last year

1. Stopped letters returned only this week from 2018
2. HM Probation Service now admit police informed AOSys court data I have both ‘child abuse’ and ‘fire-arms’ convictions clearly fabricated during the 2009 machine-gun trial too block my bail for next 10 years of my life… welsh deceitful bastds
3. Eviction on Thursday back to prison unless I find a room etc in England by then tel 07708586202

4. Anyone with any ideas gratefully appreciated

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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22 Responses to Prison admit stopping my 30+ letters last year

  1. Jake Maverick says:

    wish i could help Maurice 😦


  2. mauricekirky says:

    Uncharted territory, even for me!


  3. VeraMaureen Jenner says:

    Have you tried St Mungo’s ? They might be able to help, or know someone who could. The little place I bought last year is still being refurbished and I’m having to board out indefinitely until it’s habitable again.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The police were like the inspectors daughter and the police women are jealous of you. If you do well they hate you even harder as they make life hard for women they hate

    The home office support certain women they love the vindictiveness they do. They say your a bad woman and would
    Be a bad mother and claim themselves to be better women as they get a spiteful kick out of brings women

    The police poke their noses in and say we are god and we bury women the police don’t like

    Let’s bury her they plan as they hate women and want to hurt women

    The police claim they don’t hurt people because their altruistic as they torture and abuse and justify their lies and consider when they hurt women it’s justice

    Like the suffragettes they still want to twist bones of women and hurt them

    The police hurt people and their bullying daughters that are grown up hurt women as well

    Spiteful people

    She’s spoilt they said and to make it equal they want to punish women as they torture them and have them

    Punish women that they think are spoilt so they feel better as they slag off women and say she’s mental and we are not mental bullies

    Bullies and spiteful vindictive people full of hate of others

    Jealousy is in the community and the that’s why it’s a police FORCE as they force their bullying jealousy around


  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s bully vulnerable women like vultures they feel better about their pathetic selfs as they abuse power

    She’s common as muck they smear the jealousy of them all

    The inspectors daughters are like I am a superior woman and I devalue others to boost myself and my agenda

    The inspectors husband said she’s a stupid woman and the community wants payback as their a jealous community

    Cut her clothes off and label her mental as the police said in Pakistan they do the noses of women not their clothes as punishment for being who they are

    Stupid disgusting people


  6. Anonymous says:

    The jealous eyes of an Inspector and grown up daughters as the police said she’s too ugly and she’s to her sectioned as the Pakistani man doesn’t like her it’s all her fault they said

    Like Jesus was crucified they need a scapegoat for themselves and their sins

    She’s not got kids they said so we can hurt her as they consider it justice


  7. Anonymous says:

    And hillsborough


  8. Anonymous says:

    And Thomas orchard suffocated


  9. Anonymous says:

    The jealousy that Shirley Barry and her evil family have of women

    Shirley is out for herself and the jealousy of her and her brat as the evil police make other women hunt for the Barry’s an evil family and her daughter calls herself the trustee of the lady garden as she’s a foundation to cancer spreading into women she’s the cause as she’s a vindictive woman and the jealousy of women the bent Barry family have

    The police and Gwen have a dream to make women hang for the Pakistani rape friends the face behind the torture and evil on women is the Inspectors brat and her mother

    That family and the inspectors force women naked and she herself claims sexual discrimination as the police sexually abuse for the Barry family

    The police and Gwen said we get you naked a. The jealousy of that evil Barry Women and her evil father

    The police respond to the need of Gwen and she wants a conviction as she works with the police to murder women

    The police and the Barry family and her Pakistani want to do punish a white Woman day and like a cancer spreading her evil the traitor trustee of the lady garden foundation Said make them
    Hang as she hurts women

    The police allow the force to discriminate on women for Shirley when it suits her

    The jealousy and the evil that trustee does to women as she claims that she’s a caring women
    The jealousy as the evil woman wants and does destroy lives

    The police and Gwen said they want to hurt women. And the home office support the trustees dream of being a cancer in the lives of women she destroyed like her mother the most evil family

    The fake tears in the eyes of evil Gwen as the jealousy of her as women are suffocated to death for her and her claims

    Meet the face of evil the trustee and she destroyed lives a toxic poisonous woman and her dead daddy was a disgusting bastard and a liar for the evil brat that murders like her cunt of a mother

    South Wales police and their inspectors and brute grown up daughters that torture and destroy lives and the deluded family call their brat the trustee said of the lady garden foundation as the face gets self harming of women in 2009 the women is a vindictive cancer in the lives of others and destroyed lives and calls herself a trustee that is the foundation to the evil that the bent coppers do and their bullying brats that want to murder women

    Gwen Barry full of vindictiveness a trustee of the Lady garden that face behind the torture of women the evil she does she’s the cancer In the lives of women. A toxic poisonous force of evil whose ego is beyond god she thinks she is god and that is a dangerous family of evil

    Her father went to his grave the evil man in 2015 he would bully women for his brat the trustee of torture of women she’s got an evil heart inside that body like her father an evil daughter of a bastard cunt who kills those in the community that won’t meet the needs of their jealous brats


    • Anonymous says:

      That face of evil calls herself a trustee of the jays garden foundation she’s like a cancer spreading her evil the lies out of the Barry’s

      The mother and her fake claims of sexual andher child that is like a cancer spreading her evil Inyo other woman’s lives the most toxic poisonous family you can meet and the dead daddy his corpse not calling me stupid now is he buried 6ft and his disgusting daughter the liar and his wife the inspector their a disgusting family of evil and her daughter is like a cancer spreading her evil and their so dysfunctional and vindictive they call her a trustee as she claims she stands with all women and not herself she’s against other women she plans on how to destroy them
      She’s a toxic poisonous bastard of a dead daddy that is just a corpse and her bitter mother that wants more money for her bottom being touched their a disgusting family and the daughter should be called the trustee of the torture chamber
      For women the cancer that destroyed lives of women a jealousy and a vindictive woman

      Evil bastards South Wales police are and their
      Disgusting evil bastard brats


      • Anonymous says:

        That woman is the face behind the reason I self harmed for her disgusting daughter the trustee of the evil lady garden got me arrested they destroyed women for their daughters

        That evil family force women naked as the daughter of the bent Inspector wants a conviction and a hanging for Christmas 2009 she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden foundation she’s the cancer in their lives her mother and her a pair of evil bastards that torture women before I met that evil woman I had never self harmed and she’s a great liar that lies so the police treat
        Women like shit and achieve self harm she’s a vindictive woman and they tortured and destroyed lives for her

        Gwen Barry the face behind the evil woman suffer and she calls herself a trustee of the lady garden foundation as she’s a vindictive traitor to women that wants them
        To self harm as she’s a vindictive woman that sabotages other women as her mother was an Inspector she pretends to be altruistic She’s a spiteful vindictive woman

        The police and Gwen Barry murder women she’s a rapist their tactics are to force women naked and sexually abuse them
        Before that face of evil gets the conviction she wants as she hurts women that spiteful vindictive heart inside that evil body and her manipulative devious brain
        She’s a vindictive woman and claims she’s the trustee of the lady garden foundation

        You will wish you never laid eyes of the jealous face of Gwen Barry and her mother and her evil father as the trustee gets
        Lives destroyed she is the cancer spreading her lies and evil about other women the
        Foundation to corruption and the jealousy that police women have for


      • Anonymous says:

        In 2009 Gwen Barry and her evil mother and farther get
        Women to self harm it’s all disgusting Gwen Barry wants for Christmas that disgusting family of evil and Shirley
        With her claims that the police force discriminated on her
        As she and her brat for Christmas 2009 got another
        Woman to self harm as she and her Pakistani hate the woman she calls herself now the trustee of the lady garden foundation that destroyed lives of women a selfish vindictive woman her
        Mother Shirley

        For that family they destroyed lives
        And how a bully
        That destroyed women can
        Call herself a trustee of a woman’s cancer charity she’s the most vindictive vagina you will ever meet like her mother any power
        Goes up to that evil brain and how she can
        Stitch women up like her evil mother did the
        Spawn of Satan the trustee of torture


      • Anonymous says:

        They love her South Wales police as she’s like Spock lacks empathy as she and the police destroyed lives she’s the trustee of torture that spreading her evil into lives a disgusting woman

        They destroyed another woman’s life for the jealousy of the trustee of the
        Lady garden foundation she’s a vindictive woman into rape of other
        Women forcing their clothes off a sick
        Woman I Hate she’s a vindictive woman and
        Destroys lives just as her mother Shirley Barry was. A bent Inspector they destroyed lives for her a murdering child of an evil Inspector grown up and a vindictive woman


  10. Anonymous says:

    Their always the most loveliest of people the
    Police and their families as they make offenders anyone who does not please a copper
    Gets hurt and brutalised as they do gbh for themselves

    Horrible bone breaking vindictive people that hurt women and she calls herself a trustee of the lays garden foundation the foundation that erodes women she hates and destroyed


  11. Anonymous says:

    The trustee of the lady garden foundation said she’s a good woman and declares herself a trustee

    The same face of evil that lies and bitched off w hanging in Cardiff magistrates and crown court she forgets the evil and lies for the fake conviction and lies the evil woman said

    Now she calls herself the trustee the murdering traitor that she is

    The trustee of the lady garden foundation the s fukl of jealousy and with her father the daughter and the father and Shariq Ali said they want another
    Woman to hang for Christmas as Gwenllian hurts them

    The trustee is self righteous and the evil police support the dream and plans of the trustee as they tortured and snapped bones as the eyes of Gwenllian lies the real criminals and offenders

    Gwenllian and her Judas parents the traitor the liar as the police said she’s a trustee and so full that t hypocritical statements as they tortured for their evil inspectors brat

    The police and the trustee that murder women she’s against women and hurts them
    The hypocrites and the liars Gwenllian and Shirley and Shariq and the evil Antony Barry that treidd to murder a woman and now Gwenllian said she’s a trustee the trustee of torture and the evil child 🧒 f a bent copper and a disgusting and ugly heart inside that body of hers

    The evil that Gwen Barry said to a woman and the danger she is to
    Women not a trustee she’s a traitor and a bent coppers brat that the police use power to hurt other women for

    The trustee is evil and her disgusting father as the trustee tried to murder women the police and her evil hypocrites that hurt women

    Stupid disgusting Gwenllian and her disgusting father and her disgusting mother and her disgusting Shariq Ali and the jealousy and hate of the disgusting force as Gwen Barry led her campaigns to murder women the trustee of the lady garden foundation is a traitor and a liar and a devious an disgusting woman


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