Prison admit stopping my 30+ letters last year

1. Stopped letters returned only this week from 2018
2. HM Probation Service now admit police informed AOSys court data I have both ‘child abuse’ and ‘fire-arms’ convictions clearly fabricated during the 2009 machine-gun trial too block my bail for next 10 years of my life… welsh deceitful bastds
3. Eviction on Thursday back to prison unless I find a room etc in England by then tel 07708586202

4. Anyone with any ideas gratefully appreciated

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7 Responses to Prison admit stopping my 30+ letters last year

  1. Jake Maverick says:

    wish i could help Maurice 😦

  2. mauricekirky says:

    Uncharted territory, even for me!

  3. VeraMaureen Jenner says:

    Have you tried St Mungo’s ? They might be able to help, or know someone who could. The little place I bought last year is still being refurbished and I’m having to board out indefinitely until it’s habitable again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The inspector daughter Gwenllian Elin
    Barry is like my mother is a
    Inspector and we zero in on women we hate as Gwen Barry said her welsh vagina has more human rights than other women and if they have an Arab name she hates them
    And said it’s the west on the middle
    East and Gwenllian wants and the hostility of Gwenllian Is shown her hostile
    And desire to take their jobs
    Their homes as she said we can do what we want to their bodies as the home office said my Vagina is a more deserving one I’m
    So beautiful Gwen Barry and she’s so
    Ugly and Shariq Ali says the truth he’s from
    Pakistan and the police love his brutality and bullying of women as Gwen Barry said let’s get her and hurt her
    For fun the bent coppers and Gwen are like the tax payers fund us and our lives our gratification as we strip them naked for my personal fun and evil vindictive entertainment

    The wishes of Gwenllian and her dream
    For women she hates as she want them in a cell the bent coppers and her father

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gwen Barry is the trustee of the Lady garden foundation she arranged the torture of women as their bullying is supported the
    Wonderful Gwen Barry and her harsh punishment for
    Women as she said im a charity cancer foundation for women

    The police said as she runs around Hyde park
    Women’s cancer she wants
    Women in a cell as she smirks that they deserve harsh treatment and punishment like a cancer

    The police said they decide who to punish and
    Stress for the gratification of the trustee of the lady garden foundation

    The police said she hates other
    Women and she’s out to punish them
    It’s harsh treatment not compassionate care but harsh and vindictive torture

    • Anonymous says:

      Gwen Barry said she’s got contacts that will blow women’s heads off for revenge for her and her bent copper mother

      The police said they make women hang for
      Gwen Barry the spawn of Satan and her jealousy

      The police said they want to
      Murder women that Gwen
      Barry and her disgusting father and her disgusting Shariq Ali hate they claim racism to justify the punishment of stripping women naked for the needs of Gwen
      Barry and her evil heart and her father the cunt of evil now a rotten and decaying Corpse
      In ammmanford piss all over the bastards body he was a disgusting rapist of a man a true cunt for that disgusting child that came
      Out of that evil vagina

  6. Anonymous says:

    Their disgusting evil bastards in South Wales police their children
    Are disgusting

    The inspector Shirley Barry and her jealous spawn as Gwen Barry and her mother said the home
    Office said they will murder to satisfy that face of evil Gwen Barry the gratification the child
    Of an evil inspector gets as she claims herself to be a good person and the police back up that lie as the trustee of the lady garden foundation said let’s make her hang those brown shitty coloured eyes hungry for Death the woman determined she wants a family as the trustee had not been punished and stripped and tortured and sexually abused at the request of the trustee of torture

    The trustee of the lady garden foundation is like my baby coming out of my vagina is going to be another vindictive spawn like me and my mother Shirley and her bone twisting evil they do for the heart of Gwen Barry her heat her gratification of thr pleasures of hearing the police twist and brutalise and torture for her heart the child of evil her spawn is the spawn of evil and is the child of Satan her mother is the most vindictive woman on Earth the establishment that sever the needs of Gwenllian Elin Barry she her Pakistani rape friends Shariq Ali that she plays games with she’s too ugly and unemployable the vindictive Gwen Barry said and her Shariq Ali let’s rape her and the police see the jealousy in the eyes of evil Gwen
    Barry and how she wants to rape with her Shariq Ali and her daddy the disgusting Antony Barry thr vunts and the evil child of Shirley and their murdering eyes

    Gwen Barry is like my child that comes out of my vagina will bad character women like I did as the home office and I forced women
    Homeless for my greed and my heart that is as evil as my now dead bastard father the cunt of evil Antony Barry the rapist the police support the rape of the evil bastards do for Gwenllian and her disgusting cunt of a father

    Bent coppers and their hate of others as Gwen Barry said let’s make them
    Hang I’m HR and she loves inhumane and degrading treatment the nasty vindictive woman and is bitching in Cardiff crown for the hanging their brown Shitty coloured eyes desire

    Look at Gwen Barry her hungry eyes as the trustee of the lady garden foundation is getting women raped by the state with her wonderful Shariq Ali thr cunt of a Pakistani whore that Gwen Barry adores

    The bastards Antony Barry and his disgusting evil mouth as he called the target stupid the cunt of evil and his hypocrite child who claims to be a trustee of a cancer foundation for all
    Women when those eyes are hungry to hurt others as she’s a vindictive woman of a bent copper they murders and tortured for her heart and gratification of the evil child only happy when she’s destroyed liege with her devoted father as they make women hang as Gwen Barry is a disgusting human being full of spite the jealousy of her as she cries that she’s the victim
    And the police want to
    Blow off the targets head to make her happy the jealousy as she boasts that the police will shoot
    Dead women she hates for her gratification

    The evil bastards and Gwen Barry said she deserves to die we are the bent coppers of South Wales full of jealousy and vindictiveness and Gwen Barry came out off one of those nasty bitchy spiteful vaginas

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