28th Jan Police Machine-gun Fraud in Cardiff County Court

Clerk of the Court Cases no BS614159etc  &                                County Court
Cardiff 1CF03361/D00CF279

 18th January 2019                                                                                                                                                                    Maurice Kirk v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police

  Claimant’s Attempts to Appeal

  1. This week, after a dubious 10 year-ban, the claimant was allowed to attend your public counter in order to try and establish, at last, the actual ‘audit trail’ of the above joined cases. The BS case started in 1993 for an English court and on the strict understanding the claimant was given a jury and relevant police disclosure of the facts. He was denied all these things
  • His 1993 Cardiff imprisonment, on the pretext he was ‘unidentifiable’, was whilst charged for being in possession of a ‘garrotte’ type wire just used on The Prince of Wales’s farm. This triggered a Guernsey police call where the claimant had recently practiced veterinary surgery but described as both ‘extremely dangerous and likely to try and escape’.
  • Incidents, since 1993, exceed 100 with, by way of example, had caused the claimant to stop 7 times to ‘produce driving documents’. Despite his blunt refusal no convictions were achieved.
  • On 1st Dec 2011 the claimant was convicted of harassment in quite bizarre circumstances but never given or told of a ‘restraining order’ to ‘protect’ a police doctor. The defendant had told the 2nd Dec 2009 Crown Court the claimant had ‘significant brain damage’ and PDD, paranoid delusional disorder as he believed he was the subject of police persecution! The defendant had concocted the application for his adversary to be incarcerated in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, for life, as BS disclosure of facts was now imminent in Jan 2010 civil court.
  • The BS cases covered 40 odd failed police malicious prosecutions and the start of decades of failed police disclosure (MG6D) of relevant evidence despite court orders to the contrary.
  • The defendant had complained, backed with false evidence, to have the claimant deprived of his veterinary income since 2004 and had caused his 4 years in gaol by an act of fraud. Its erroneous medical report was also to avoid the doomed Jan 2010 ‘trading in machine guns’ trial. The defendant’s unblocking of the decommissioned WW1 Lewis barrel and painting her a different colour, to try and fool the jury, was, with sex changed ‘Foxy’, also criminal conduct.
  • The ‘handing down’ of the 2013 judgment was not ‘court sealed’ for a further unexplained 16 months despite it having been taken to the Appeal Court office within the statutory 21 days. Why the ‘appeal’ was returned to Cardiff for a further 3 years remains a complete mystery. The defendant has orchestrated false forensic history, not just to MAPPA register the claimant but to obtain more than 2 million pounds in costs by delaying the claimant’s right to justice.
  • The Claimant is only now aware that his request to appeal was ‘struck out’ in 2017 and the ‘sensitive’ tape of the claimant’s 1993 police interview, hidden until 2016, will not be disclosed so he again applies for both BS transcript and list of exhibits disclosure. He again asks for ‘print out’ of the court’s ‘audit trail of events’ referred to, off screen, during his 4 visits this week.

It stinks, does it not? Copy to Secretary of State for Wales   

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8 Responses to 28th Jan Police Machine-gun Fraud in Cardiff County Court

  1. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    There is much that is rotten in the principality, and the source seems to emanate from those who are supposed to uphold the rule of law and order.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe you Maurice but the truth is they lie and they lie and lie and They will convince the whole world and you that your mental it’s their mindset

    Even if they say your mental don’t get upset just stay away from them

  3. Anonymous says:

    They want a society that works for them and their daughters the power of the police and the force

    She loves it luring women into her flat to bully and abuse
    Her and her sneaky bastard father as they changed the locks and evicted and the power she felt as she enjoyed knowing I was standing in just the clients I had on and her claims she had been assaulted and how the power of the police to destroy women is done

    The police were then your homeless the jealousy of you and now she wants you to pay for the big yellow storage company as she exploited you for rent and convictions and the games as she said I only want to give back certain items
    As her vendetta and the power to hurt women is done

    The police said
    The trustee of the lady garden foundation is the foundation to the corrupt and vindictive force of evil the lives destroyed for that face to prosper

    The reason your bone was snapped was for that smirking face and her lying bastard daddy to make you hang the sick evil bastard and her family

    They said their fair and just people a stupid
    Family of haters

    That face is the evil that longs for hangings of women and her smears and claims that she’s a perfect human being as she does her evictions with her daddy of people she finds scary

    She’s scary that is why we want to evict her and break all the laws to brutalise her

    Well hope all that money gets them a supersonic fast ticket to hell as her daddy is already there rotten corpse in Ammanford. Was all the lies really worth it as opposed to being a decent human being

    The sneaky bastards have to hurt and be nasty to get ahead as they hurt people sick and twisted

  4. Anonymous says:

    The jealousy of the daughter of an Inspector was so much and she planned to brutalise women

    The police had a vendetta with Gwen in 2009 the plan to achieve the hanging that Gwen wanted as she destroyed lives years on her Torture plans were done again in 2015 the target has a house and a car and a job and once again the trustee wants to destroy women
    Make them hang is the agenda as Gwen Barry wants them
    In a cell and suffocated

    The police said their inspectors are jealous you have a home and their dream for
    You is not a family but a cell as she destroyed you and her plans for your death and your life are executed

    The jealousy of the police and their
    Daughters as they brutalise women Gwen hates them
    Having a home and she destroyed it with the police
    Get them when
    They been
    On Holiday the bitter child
    Wants her bones and home as her father and her mother said make the
    Women. Of South Wales hang for the jealousy of the trustee that cause so much trauma and harm
    To women their homes got destroyed by the chi’s and her god comped

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are criminals their inspectors and their daughters the police said their daughters want the target in a cell and the police do unlawful evictions and false imprisonments for their daughters

    The taking off human rights off women their daughters hate as the police a criminal and jealous gang torture those their liars of daughters hate

    The criminal unlawful acts they do as their inspectors and their husbands call women stupid and their inspectors daughters tears are all they care about as they torture and the callous bastards destroy lives

    The daughters of the Inspector the real offenders said she wants to hurt people so the police and their bullying daughters hurt women and the jealousy of them as the REAL criminals hurt women they hate as they tortured and twisted and destroyed disgusting people full of lies and hate as the wishes of their inspectors daughters are executed a disgusting evil force that bullies lone women evil is done by a force of evil

  6. Anonymous says:


    Shirley Barry and her disgusting daughter that force women naked and hurt their bodies in 2009 as her daughter is a jealous woman and the police support women v woman as the bitchy ego of the Barry family is supreme

    The police said mr Ali and him
    Want power to Section women to hurt their Briana as mr Ali is A man who craves power and contoll

    Power and control section women the men hate and the daughter of Shirley Barry feels is scary as the controllers want their brains useless

    The maliciousness of the Barry family
    Of haters and the hurt the force do
    To women they hate

    The force hate women and the jealousy that the jealousy police women have of other women is profound

    • Anonymous says:

      All they want is convictions and money off the public

      When it suits the senior inspectors the police women are believed when

      Shirley was not believed when she claimed sexual discrimination but her more truthful daughter was believed when she wanted to hurt a woman with her 6ft 1 daddy the police said these are real Men and real daughters of a bent force that hurt women and mr Ali said the woman is to be sectioned as it’s power and control off women they hate

      Your an offender the police said to the white Woman as they brainwashed her as the police said the power and control the sexual humiliation and degrading treatment suffered was for the heart of he daughter of Shirley Barry and a vindictive lying family of evil

      She does unlawful evictions and the police force that’s why it’s called a force they FORCE them

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