Mrs Sabine McNeill

Sabine was one of the boffins in Cerne laboratories Switzerland, back in the 70s, who worked on to create cyber space/emails mobile phones… you know those?

Sabine was one of those, at 6 months of age in a pram being pushed for her life across the cobbled streets of Dresden in Feb 1945, by mum who I had the pleasure to meet, running to keep ahead of the 1000 bomber raid cock -up (no bank base of Nazi gold) ‘fire storm’ sucking the oxygen from the atmosphere that eventually kill most in such extreme explosions.

Sabine was surrounded by mainly female ‘nutters’, SHE TRUSTED, all now hiding under the furniture or coming to court to gloat.

Sabine was seriously misled, was stupid but never should be a political porn for the current cyber space situation in the UK

I bet she has never even had a parking ticket before this exemplary sentence but I did, purely by chance in Southwark Crown Court, see and speak to a key parent to be ‘enlightened ‘ as to what all this quite unnecessary mental damage has caused.

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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12 Responses to Mrs Sabine McNeill

  1. Jake Maverick says:

    I have the serious suspicion she was set up and manipulated by agents of the state on this one….


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  3. Anonymous says:

    The inspectors daughters stand up smirking and declaring themselves good people the same
    People that suffocated Thomas Orchard and the Inspector will say that it’s an act of god and the police are gods that murder and then smirk and gloat that it’s the punishment the community Want a jealous and vindictive community that hates women

    The daughters of inspectors see their mothers bullying using force the home office consider reasonable so the daughters get to assault others and their above the law as the police said anyone that challenged the ego of a copper or its spawn is mental and the police and their bullying daughters murder like they did Thomas Orchard bent coppers that murder and hate and punish

    Let’s punish her as the desire to hurt women is inside of their mindsets the hate and the hurt they do to women

    The jealousy of the evil bastards


  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s good work the altruistic coppers said as we suffocated Thomas Orchard a jealous society

    The jealousy is around as the police get overwhelmed with jealousy and target women they deliver injustice in the interests of their grown
    Up jealous daughters and the plans to murder women the brats hate the jealousy as they smirk we hurt people for their bullying brats

    The jealousy of the daughters of inspectors as they get warrants wanting to murder and sabotage women as the police said the daughters of inspectors are above
    The law and like god the police deliver injustice as they tortured innocent lives for the heart beating inside a jealous woman and the jealousy of the community and the hate of British born women

    The police and cps and their daughters said take the homes off women born in the uk and gift them
    To others as the police said we want to hurt British born women

    The jealousy as they hate women and want them
    Homeless the dream the community has and the police and their bullying jealousy of lone women

    The inspectors bully until their plans for women their daughters hate are executed self harm was their dream a disgusting family the father a man that abused women she’s stupid he said and then buried
    That rotten corpse of his and his stupidity with bun. As men said the patriarchy society said women are stupid and his disgusting daughter was Like murder another woman for me and my needs stupid evil bastards


  5. Anonymous says:

    Justice the police and the jealousy as they laughter as they watched she’s struggling to breathe as the police did force on her body for Gwen

    The delight as they suffocated her as the callous heartless men for Gwen twisted bones and the bent coppers said it’s justice to hurt

    The police said jealousy is a powerful force


  6. putting it mildly Maurice 😦 I think it was mostly done to get her site taken down TBH…..they made the threat and then did it to her anyway when she did finally break and hand over the keys 😦


  7. Anonymous says:

    The inspectors daughter said break her body and her mind by torture and the police make
    The wish of their inspectors daughters come tire the dream of power to be god and omnipotent and the power to torture as they hurt women and she said we
    Never hurt women the trustee is altruistic and so caring and so wonderful never told a lie in the whole of her self righteous life and she said I’m a lady that gets other women’s bones snapped as I lie and say I’ve stalked to justify the jealousy she feels and the police have for women

    Force them the trustee off the lady garden foundation said as she said excessive force is allowed by us in power god is omnipotent she said and she said use the power of the home
    Office to break bones and the police and her show off their power and control as the trustee is god and she said bone snapping is good for women as the trustee said she’s on the side of all women and boy against them

    The trustee is a jealous woman and her lies get the bone breaking of women and she cries and said I’m the Victim she said I’m broken as she stands with an unbroken body her lies and her evil and her jealousy as they tortured for her and her father and her disgusting needs


  8. Anonymous says:

    The truth of the police and their bullying daughters Shirley Barry and her dangerous daughter

    The force that discriminated on women as the daughter of Shirley Barry in 2009 said she’s out to hurt the white Woman for her Pakistani tenant as the husband of Shirley stood 6ft 1 and called the lone woman her daughter wanted bullied stupid the men of the force for their inspectors and her daughter and husband really hurt the woman as Gwen and her mother said that force have women they hate

    For the Barry family the woman was sexual abused as the jealousy of the Barry women Was done
    Her naked body as Shirley daughter hurt her and her husband the big man and the wonderful Pakistani said she’s too ugly and unemployable and the bent coppers said the Barry family and the Pakistani went want her sectioned as the evil the daughter did to women as like her Mother she got women brutalise f their bodies naked as the men snapped bonded tot the Barry family and their hate of other women

    Remember the force and the police women yjar are traitors to other women they tortured and force naked for the demands of the jealous police inspector Shirley Barry and her plans to force women naked as her daughter hates them


  9. Anonymous says:

    Try to be nice people there is no justice at all just lies and smears and self righteousness by the people in power that use that power to hurt and harm this’s they want to destroy and punish and they torture and hurt and feel themselves above punishment as the jealousy they have of others as they take Human rights and humiliate in their sick games as the daughters of the police smear women as racist to hurt women she hates


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