Maurice’s Proposed New Restraining Order

Our Wales’ Crown Prosecution Service has proposed a dramatically varied RESTRAINING ORDER, contrary to the orders of the previous trial judge, to be agreed between the parties, if I understand it correctly, on or before the 17th November 2017 listed Cardiff Crown Court hearing:

The defendant, MAURICE JOHN KIRK, must not:

1) Contact, approach or communicate with ……………………. directly or
indirectly, by any means whatsoever;
2) Display or disseminate any material, photographic or otherwise, relating to …………….;
3) Become a party to the display or dissemination of any material, photographic or
otherwise, relating to ………………….;
4)  Place any information on the internet concerning ………………………..;
5) Become a party to any material being placed on the internet relating to ……………….;
6) Display or post or continue to display or post any material relating to ……………on the internet or in social media;
7) Permit the display or continued display of any material relating to …………………………on any website or in social media in the name of the defendant or under his control;
8) Attend within the curtilage of the Caswell Clinic or its grounds.
This Order is made to protect …………………………. from further conduct which amounts
to harassment or will cause fear of violence.

This Order lasts until further order.


Response from the Defendant

Not a problem of course, where I am concerned, just as long I am assured by the learned Cardiff trial judge at the next court hearing or by the CPS, long before that hearing, either that the originally blackmailed police doctor reports the relevant facts immediately to the GMC and/or that my fabricated machine-gun forensic history, including my MAPPA level 3 category 3 medical reports, will be appropriately corrected.

I have, only two days ago, just had sight of this ‘variation’ to the the Crown Prosecutor’s 1st December 20011 version maliciously never served on me, in the first place, in order to cause my numerous false imprisonments amounting to around three years in prison.

This proposed new ‘restraining order’, irrespective of its merit,  is, I assume, in order to avoid our joint planned 5th alleged  ‘breach of a restraining order’ jury trial due to be listed for sometime in next spring?

How come it is drafted in complete contradiction to my previous judge’s directions, His Honour Judge Rolands,  during one of the seven , so far, clandestine hearings you have convened, in my forced absence, in the vain hope the truth will never come out?

How is it I was told, before Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd,  I was served the 2nd  so called ‘restraining order’, on the 12th April 2013, when I do not remember even being there or remembering the laid down procedure, for prior agreement, the workable wording was not considered nor allowed to be appealed against, again, contrary to law?

Your promoting the current conduct of your local police force, is entirely a matter for you at the moment and may be alright for your local victims but it is not going to be tolerated by many crossing  the River Severn.

Your visitors’ expectation of human rights, only achieved by our 10th Dec 1948 signed convention, fought long and hard for from  two bloody world wars, will not remotely relate to the standards within their own society from whence they originally came..

After eight years common sense within the South Wales Police force is apparently appearing, at last, to evolve and float to the surface of their notorious cesspit.

As you well know, following my visit to several law firms well, in the past few days well out of Wales, I have been allocating instructions, accordingly, to put a line across this continuing scandalous conduct by your lucrative client.

Your reign of incessant help to your client’s incessant bullying of me, when both enjoying the protection of your particular level of  judiciary will,eventually to come to an end unless Brexit is proves to be successful.

I have just been going through the mappa brief used at IAG meeting on 1st June 2009 by Barbara Wilding bitch lying through her back teeth on much of what was passed across the table to lay advisors and bemused senior police officers knowing, full well , the lies could be so easily proved

Have such medical data, below, in such an effective WANTED poster, Mr Killick of CPS changed  to the truth and I will be more than willing to agree the current proposed CPS drafted restraining order , ride naked up the steps of Cardiff Crown Court in my Taunton Vale Fox hounds top hat, if need be.

Even a week-end hunting in Ireland was intereferred with by the bullying deceitful south wales police

Action 2 claim 2-9th Feb1996 flight to Ireland


Just received two October 2017 CPS letters AGAIN turning an Admiral Nelson ‘blind eye’ to the fact that  no first ‘restraining order ‘was ever served on me before arrest, Their Lordships were lied to on 14th March 2013 when  HMCS&TS (Wales)) denying the 4th May 2012 jury had specifically written a ‘jury note’,  also withheld from me, asking for proof of 1st restraining order service……evil bastards.

17 09 16 Application for Court Disclosure T20170239

17 10 07 CPS Discl Req T20170239

17 10 23 CPS Warning Letter re false medical reports

17 10 23 CPS refused disclosure17 10 23 CPS Warning Letter re false medical reports

AND where is proof of service of 2nd 12th April 2013 restraining order that I had applied to have access to psychiatric examination at Caswell Clinic and then denied legal process AGAIN to amend/ appeal both restraining orders

All bloody liars, a way of life for them in South Wales


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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2 Responses to Maurice’s Proposed New Restraining Order

  1. Meirion Bowen says:

    Having had at one time called upon the French Government to protect him from those of South Wales HM Partnership totally inebriated wallowing and feasting on their abuse of power.

    Before Brexit, is it not feasible to lay his case before the PETI Committee of the European Parliament.

    Just as foreign children get stolen by the state, surely there must be foreign nationals locked up courtesy of HM Partnership wrongfulness?


  2. Jake Maverick says:


    can i suggest you send me copies of all such material…..and i’ll make sure they’re kept ‘safe’ for you….? 😉

    certainly no restraining order on me… might also help me out if they came after me for that….I’ve been trying to get the fuckers into court for over 17 years!


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