NOW All Three Barristers are being Investigated for micro or nana seconds?

From West Wales Llangunnor Six


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On this police incident(s)  the police in Barry were waiting for me to drink far to much wine and waited in the hope that I may drive but instead, to their chagrin, I had simply gone to bed.




With senior police having set the plan in motion I am soon woken up from my slumbers in my house by a female caller from 101 police general enquiries office  at HQ.

She had been instructed not to let me be put through, on the telephone, to a police officer on any account as they continued their overarching agenda, since 1992, to ignore my complaints but instead to provoke, if they could, an arrest…….the well trodden ladder to promotion.

My query with the police or court was simple.

Her Ladyship, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees, had just granted me bail from prison on a ridiculous matter the police soon were made to drop as ‘stupid’ following the CPS’s initial investigation of the facts. I had been deliberately kept locked up, in prison, for months pending trial to ensure that I could not obtain the police audit trail still in existence needed for the jury.

I was due to come before Her Ladyship to consider a court ordered medical examination due to the fabricated 2009 police medical written without the patient, myself , having even been examined by the doctor.  Dates were changed leaving the medical appointment clashing with court date.

His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC’s apparent castigation of this Dr XX related matter failed to achieve my bail to prepare for trial as I was arrested on the following morning for ‘making a threatening telephone call’. The police had rang me whilst technically drunk, the night before, purely to obtain a further 18 months false imprisonment to harass my ever mounting police damages claims.

I had again been deliberately kept locked up, in prison, pending trial to ensure that I could not obtain the evidence and witnesses needed.

My earlier call that day to a police officer and court was to no avail, of course but had sparked off the conspiracy for later that evening.

That following morning, when a ‘little worse for wear’, I went to the police station to sort out, I go to court only for it to be futile or do I keep the medical appointment?

Also I had now traced the name of the thief of my £1,500 and just caught his car registration in time for his blue BMW to be traced.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had by then, struck out in perfunctory manner,  my civil claim for this particular loss due to blatant police malfeasance despite the police having admitted refusing even to interview yet alone arrest the villain, at the time of the incident, already known to them!

Clear CCTV footage filmed by someone who had tipped me off was confiscated by the police so I could not use it against them in the civil court or by private prosecution catching the criminal fraudulently cashing cheques stolen from my veterinary hospital.

The other reason to go to the police station has to register complaint so far ignored by the police, namely the whole Dr XX /MAPPA/ machine -gun conspiracy and to obtain copy of my earlier statement under video in April 2010 at the very same police station.

By refusing to connect me to a police officer, on the telephone that night, on a serious matter of new crime was why I needed to up date the NHS and police authorities on Dr XX’ conduct, he having been their very own police psychiatrist before being sacked needing to leave the country.

Dr XX and Professor Roger Wood of Swansea University had conspired to concoct my medical report following promise of police protection if jointly they could get me locked away in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, possibly for life.

As I explained at the police enquiry desk the police had other I ideas and had me locked up for an hour in an office having been given no PACE arrest /caution procedure what so ever!

Guess what? The police had been on the phone to Teqwyn’s London solicitor, in a nearby office for best part of an hour trying to get his reluctant client to fabricate yet another complaint of harassment when all clearly knowing by now, third time round, you cannot harass someone when either detecting or trying to prevent further crime. ( Prevention of Harassment Act 1997).

This week, out of sheer spite, the South Wales Police dragged in two Ministry of Justice barristers from London to join their own QC, on his annual £100,000 retainer, clearly at least one lady unaware of either police ‘motive’ or their true ‘intent’, an essential ingredient in any one’s case.

The police, alone and despite clear well documented evidence to the contrary, caused my being maliciously recalled to HM Swansea prison within a few days of my release to double my 2014 prison term without even the need for a HM Parole Board hearing or criminal court ruling!……..Not a bad day’s work, eh, when you can get it!

So my little sister, a retired magistrate and who had actually been an eye witness to much of this atrocity was contacted by Tony Gosling of Bristol Dialect radio who had often interviewed me, over the years, on the police weird goings on across the Seven Bridge!

Complaint to the Police re Perversion of Justice

My continuing application to simply make police/CPS and Courts to hand over copies of many found to be public documents…..continues, some of which the Crown Court judge, HHJ John Curran REFUSED the 1st jury or HMC&TS personnel  may go to gaol.  This is an indication to readers from around the world as to just how deceit  in Wales rules ‘king’.

The jury ‘note’ the Crown Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, withheld from me while informing the judge that the clerk of the court’s notes, by Michael Williams of my 1st December 2011 harassment conviction trial, were ‘unavailable’…….bloody liar.


David Gareth Evans

David Gareth Evans sacked Crown Prosecutor, one of many within the welsh judiciary  who buried the truth for the money

17 06 25 CPS appl




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully none of the senior police officers
    and the solicitor QC are affiliated with the
    Corrupt Hillsboro lot I smell a rat you can run
    But you cannot hide you . The truth will prevail.


  2. mauricekirky says:

    Nothing would surprise me, any more, emanating from a welshing court room.


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