Dafydd, I don’t Like This a Little

I like it, rather a lot:




Llangunnor Six

Did you forget some one that started all this for me in Wales?

Norman Scarth Esq who had to flee for his safety from his home in Yorkshire into a remote part of Eire following his name being cited by Dr Tegwyn Williams in 2009 MAPPA 3 meetings as ‘extremely’ dangerous to both him and his family (see  my withheld November 2009 medical reports placed before Her Ladyship, Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees, to deny me bail).

16 05 07 Norman Abbeyshrule

My secret rendez-vous, in foul weather, having just smuggled harmful papers to the Welsh State for Norman out across the Irish Sea to this much feared, it is rumoured, special level 4 category 4 MAPPA terrorist cleverly disguised in ‘cloth cap’.





About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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21 Responses to Dafydd, I don’t Like This a Little

  1. guy matthews says:

    Yup so do I they are clutching at straws

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  2. Jake Maverick says:

    not read it all yet but very intrigued by this ‘George’….anybody got contact details for him/ her?

  3. mauricekirky says:


  4. Jake Maverick says:

    i’m also very concerned and curious….how does one find out if they are on the MAPPA list? I’m probably on it but no way to find out for sure….

  5. mauricekirky says:

    The South Wales Police deliberately, with malice aforethought, never told me I was MAPPA level 3 category 3 in order to shoot me when attempting to exchange witness statements at Barbara Wilding’s house in Ogmore by Sea, Bridgend……all simple stuff in Wales, boyo

    • Jake Maverick says:

      i didn’t think they would as that would defeat the point…..i know there was a whistleblower, but there must be a register with everybody who is on it….that is what needs leaking!

  6. Ianto says:

    MAPPA a gang of power crazed public servants that meet in secret making decisions based on shared information / evidence that is often flawed and here-say made by individuals’ interpretation of what is laid before them.
    Police Intelligence systems are only as effective as the level of intelligence and interpretation of the person that accesses and inputs that information.
    There is an obligation to share information whether of true or false in nature.

    • Jake Maverick says:

      they also just blatantly lie to get the result they want as well, I’ve seen that enough in the private sector….and that can be just as life threatening!

    • mauricekirky says:

      I am told from within that very few have ever dared expose SOUTH WALES POLICE’S abusive use of MAPPA, such a good safeguard to the community it should be, because few know anything about MAPPA and they are nearly all lawyers ….need I say no more!

      • Jake Maverick says:

        it’s not just South Wales, it’s everywhere mate….not ‘allowed’ to travel anymore but I did use to travel from the North to the South, around London and currently surviving somewhere in the Midlands now, but everywhere I go ‘I get it’/ the abuse, violence etc….makes a mockery of the cover story of them all being separate units! then again my targeting comes sanctioned from top level, i’m sure of it…not just one area…but that is also the point, all it takes is one of these individuals with ‘God powers’/ access to the DB to type a few words in and everybody else joins in……

      • Ianto says:

        The principle behind MAPPA is good but just as anything that is good there will always be someone who will abuse its and their power to make personal and political gains. When you have got people of influence with conflicts of multi interest meeting in secret, they’re never going to allow a torch to shine into their dark spaces, for fear they’ll see themselves.

      • Jake Maverick says:

        you think murdering people is good? really? i think at best you have been swallowing too much propaganda….

      • Ianto says:

        Jake – as a person once placed on MAPPA by a bias psychopathic bald headed power crazed man weighed down with shiny badges and medals, who had a reputation to influence outcomes, I decided to delve and research into it. I suggest you do the same. Then, perhaps at best without irk revisit my comment to read it again.

        Maurice – The problem is getting enough support in pressing for outside police forces to investigate other forces such as Welsh Police Forces. With loyalties and multi interests within the “police family” there will always be those protecting each other at whatever consequences to others. To aptly use the words of Dr Phil Frampton in respect of the child abuse enquiry – “If you have people with conflicts of interest, they’re never going to shine a torch into those dark places, for fear they’ll see themselves”.

    • mauricekirky says:

      I am told from within that very few have ever dared expose SOUTH WALES POLICE’S abusive use of MAPPA, such a good safeguard to the community it should be, because few know anything about MAPPA and they are nearly all lawyers ….need I say no more!

  7. mauricekirky says:

    Jake, find me more like you with hard evidence but beware, I am more right wing on these sort of public safety issues than perhaps you realise……I cannot believe for a moment, a nana second, England’s police forces behave any thing like what I am the witness to in South Wales.

    • Jake Maverick says:

      Maurice, I doubt you can be more ‘right wing’ than me on this now…I want every pigyob and browncoat in the cuntry rotting in jail for rest of their lives along with every fucker on 60 minute makeover for a start and an actual police force established as that is what restoration of the rule of law actually means…..they’ve driven me to that now! Can u really beat that? & i do think your case and mine are different in the sense that it seems to me that you are a victim of one or two ‘people’ and everybody doing what they they’re told and covering up….mine seems undoubtedly to me state sanctioned at highest level and is a continuation of what used to be called contelpro/ mkultra….i’m seriously depressed at mo as i just hit 40 and still waiting for my life to start…..geeky people like me…only revenge we ever get on the bullies at school is to live extremely well….i was perfect age to build an empire with that ‘internet gold rush’…but now i literally dnt have a pot to piss in and without papers there is no hope of that ever changing, never mind the rest of it…..parents likely dead in a few years so i think it is institution for remainder of my ‘life’ after that unless i top myself or get enough publicity on it to actually change something…..but as you know, it’s impossible when you’re up against the power of the state as we are….every g-man in the country has that power in effect now and with no rule of law that is never going to change, Grenfell being another prime example….thousands of people being abducted from their homes now without notice under the threat of violence….that was me i would hjave already started stabbing the fuckers by now and i bet you they would still be refusing to confirm or deny if they know who they are…

    • Jake Maverick says:

      dude, just the other week anonymous masked suspected pigyobs were just storming around threatening to murder people with machine guns…week beore that they did it to a bunch of MPs, and they turned around and thanked them for it….i mean WHAT THE FUCK?

  8. mauricekirky says:

    Ianto, A forensic analysis by an outside police force, from well out of Wales, will find that the whole XX/machine-gun/MAPPA conspiracy was hatched in Barry police station in the hurriedly convened 8th June 2009 level 3 MAPPA meeting without even the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) being aware! Those present, so far confirmed, were two very senior police officers, XX, their pet forensic psychiatrist and Elizabeth Paul, a senior psychiatric nurse also from Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd hospital, Bridgend. I offer a substantial financial reward for the contemporaneous notes from the six clandestine meetings of anyone else who was present.

  9. mauricekirky says:

    FAO Ianto : Sadly Sir, you are all apparently correct when trying to get an outside police in to independently investigate as was done in the old days.

    The problem I hope specific to the Cardiff cabal is that there are too many amongst their tribe that are inherently deceitful which compounds our problem when simply seeking ‘justice’.

    A word I remember from the privilege and fond memories of going before Lord Justice Blom- Cooper, back in the 80s in that hell hole called Guernsey. His Lordship actually tried to stop wasting my life fighting the all omnipotent HM Partnership by retiring from court only to return just for me to quietly ‘suggest that the word, ‘justice’, is a man made concept (and nothing what ever to do with what ‘really goes on in our great Britain law courts’).

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