I am Refused Recorder of Cardiff’s Hearing Evidence

Another classic example of UK’s missing antifragile agenda, this time within our protected and thoroughly outdated judicial system now losing any chance of radical reform before Brexit, devoid of a good tactical withdrawal.

I am facing my 4th jury trial, shortly, over the manipulated Dr Tegwyn Williams medical data originally instigated on a police black mail agenda  within the South Wales Police’s Caswell Clinic in Bridgend in the Vale of Glamorgan.  The current Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP, has been fully briefed, the Vale’s parliamentary representative.

Judge Hughes QC

Two Judge  Hughes’s  locked me up in Wales over the Dr Tegwyn Williams /WW1 Lewis machine-gun conspiracy both  appearing to have accepted the ridiculous police fabricated evidence. Anything to disrupt my civil damages claims for police persecution.

B20090055 – KIRK – PROCEEDINGS – 25.06.09

B20090055 – KIRK – EXTRACT – 25.06.09

16 09 23 1842729 4. Defendant’s Schedule of Analysis of amended pleading 23.09.16

16 04 20 4th Action PS

FAO Clerk to Crown Court                                                                 Your Ref  T20170239

FAO Clerk to County Court

Cardiff                                                                                                     BS614159+9 Others


9th May 2017


Dear Sir/Adam,

Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

Further to previously unsuccessful attempts, over many miserable years, I again ask to obtain the relevant data/application forms for both Cardiff County and Criminal court stored information concerning my two hundred or so court hearings so as to get a little closer to a ‘level playing field’.

  1. I require, in particular, a CJSN email account with Cardiff Crown Court for my imminent trial.
  2. I require, in particular, the equivalent Cardiff County Court account for this Friday’s ‘garrotte type instrument ‘case’ when found on HRH Prince Charles then welsh farm.
  3. I require, in particular, equivalent data also stored at County Court for this Friday’s hearing of the amended, subject to appeal, 4th civil action, against the police primarily based on its refusal to either detect or prevent crime upon my person.
  4. I require BS614 data, the first three Actions currently lodged in London’s Court of Appeal in the RCJ.
  5. I require 7CF07345, the 4th Action, also rumoured to be in court on Friday.
  6. I require 1CF03361, the machine-gun conspiracy data all on email’

The list is far from exhaustive.



Maurice J Kirk BVSc



FAO Clerk to Crown Court                                                                              Your Ref T20170239



8th May 2017


Dear Sir/Adam,

Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

Disclosure update

  1. ‘Time-line’ production, suggested by the Honourable Judge to highlight apparent police interference in my civil damages preparation against them and to hinder my complaints to investigate crime, is in ‘log-jam’ due to continuing failure of Cardiff courts to disclose their records in both civil and criminal proceedings as they implicate Dr Tegwyn Williams et al.
  2. I have only obtained one new transcript, so far and that was by mistake, from the transcribers, despite the urgency. I enclose this Dr Tegwyn Williams damming T20097445 transcript, T20097445 – KIRK – AP – 13.11.09 apparently dated 13th November 2009, never seen before, by me, despite it having been circulated, no doubt, amongst the Cardiff cabal at the time of their evil application to have me sectioned to Ashworth prison for life, without trial, instead of dealing with my recently diagnosed brain tumour.
  3. The subsequent hearing to which this transcript is related, 2nd December 2009 Crown Court hearing T20097445 – KIRK – all proceedings – 02.12.09 & T20097445 – KIRK – all proceedings – 17.12.09 before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, was deliberately redacted in a bungled attempt to disguise the fact that Dr Tegwyn Williams had been summoned to court, that day, to support his fabricated medical evidence yet to be revealed outside your own court.
  4. I want that medical evidence and I will get it despite the number of times I have to go to prison to succeed. A conspiracy directed , throughout, by the then Chief Constable of south Wales, Barbara Wilding as she was immune to prosecution.
  5. The redacted parts of 2nd Dec 09 hearing together with Her Ladyship’s hearing and January 2010 machine-gun trial have still not been disclosed despite the latter having been paid for and when the previous Recorder of Cardiff stating in my illegally forced absence I was to be supplied with transcripts, in June onwards, free of charge, in this doomed machine -gun trial
  6. The HM Crown Prosecution Service have still not disclosed those things reasonably requested in my 23rd April 2017 letter to them, enclosed.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

HHJ N Bidder QC

His Honour Judge Bidder QC, quite rightly, indicates the idea of my ‘breaching a restraining order’, allegedly never served in the first place, is flawed from the start in that he was a witness of the manner in which now Judge Richard Thomlow lied , on 2nd Dec 2009, before him, as crown prosecutor, when all in the room, including Tegwyn knew I NEVER HAD A BRAIN TUMOUR NOR ANY INDICATION OF ITS PRECURSORS.


T20097445 – KIRK – all proceedings – 02.12.09



Judge Lewellyn Jones who sectioned me to Caswell Clinic

Judge Llewellyn-Jones QC who had me sectioned, in July 2009, to Caswell Clinic psychiatric hospital despite Dr Tegwyn Williams having never even examined me. Further supported , without me aware of the false report, below, totally reliant on South Wales Police trumped up forensic history printed by The Ministry of Justice.

Ah, but not without the assistance of this other individual, Judge Nicholas Cooke QC who refused me bail, in my absence and again in October 2009 in the machine-gun case

I am told this individual in my absence during that riotous hearing, when I was finally forcefully dragged out of the dock to the cells, he divulged my personal medical history to the general public, as if seeking some pathetic instant  gratification to try and abate  an ever more angry crowd.

Norman Scarth ESq, veteran from the 19942 Atlantic convoys, was also dragged out of the court as he was also speaking plain truth at him with nothing of it on transcript.

16 05 07 Norman Abbeyshrule

Little  of this is found on transcript, of course, as it was unlawfully redacted as they have the habit in doing do so often do,

Cooke N

Judge Nicholas Cooke QC

See page 3E promising free transcripts , free legal representation..bla, bla…..lying little toe rag….Before Her Ladyship in 2017 I can have any transcript as long as I pay…..now 10th May 2017 and I have not manged to get one, ….even in this below transcript Cooke and Ace have already had a secret discussion on how to get me locked a away with the mandatory machine-gun indictments before them both.

T20097445 – KIRK – REMARKS – 30.07.09

Judge Morris refused to even consider my bail application in the summer of  2009

judge morris


judge vosper

NO Disclosure from yet another Cardiff judge, His Honour Judge Vosper QC, …and he also accepted Dr Tegwyn Williams’ findings on face value in August 2009 and therefore also refused me bail in the machine-gun nonsense.

T20097445 – KIRK – AP – 03.09.09

That leaves us with the withheld transcript of current Recorder of Cardiff HHJ Eleri Rees’s bail refusal, in November 2009, I have just been reminded about, when it was all to apparent to her prisoner, at the time, that Her Ladyship had the proverbial ‘one hand tied behind her back’ when confronted with above South Wales Police drafted fairy tale, the Ministry of Justice document above , placed, before her by the lying little shit, the then Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow.


NO DISCLOSURE from this letter to CPS either:

HM Crown Prosecution Service                                         Your ref 62EAO223516/RKillick




23rd April 2017


Dear Mr Killick,

4th alleged Breach of Restraining Order case no T20170239

Further to your intriguing 29th April 2017 letter it is either written by someone not aware of the CCRC role in all this or it is yet a further game to prevaricate to withhold information for next jury and ones after that in the civil court in Cardiff Justice Centre (BS614159 etc) for damages that have been running for over 25 years.

This prevarication on your part is to delay, may I suggest, of my machine-gun civil damages claim (1CF03361) into its ninth year only achieved, so far, by the Cardiff cabal of thoroughly deceitful individuals.

Police delay needed for the current judge, expressing the tabulating of dates where apparent malicious, if not already proven,

  1. Saying Her Ladyship has now had returned from the CCRC all original ‘case papers’ ever held by Cardiff magistrates, for my 1st Dec 2011 harassment conviction of Dr Tegwyn Williams, could be nothing further from the truth. If that had been the case the CCRC would have disclosed to me before my 1st March 2012 appeal BEFORE Judge Hughes refused the lot.
  2. For years, using London to Bristol to Cardiff lawyers to obtain same has proved quite useless.
  3. For Her Ladyship to suddenly to be having CCRC ‘papers ‘clerk of the court’s full contemporaneous notes of evidence/exhibits/court log has my family fascinated meaning I should not have spent three years in prison. Instead I would have won my appeal following evidence of CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans, admitting it was a draft taken to me in cells to read and then return to the awaiting court with or without my approval. I never read it.
  4. CPS refused juries copy of that returned CPS draft part written on in blue ink by your District Judge John Charles draft who then panicked and altered my sentence without informing the other relevant authorities all assuming my return to prison first before document service.
  5. The clerk of the court’s records of evidence will not be ‘contemporaneous’ as already proven by the arrest of CPs barrister David Gareth Evans nor will it list successful and refused applications by both CPS and myself. Record of attempted ‘service’ of my receiving a restraining order in the magistrate’s cells by a custody officer are still withheld by clerk of court, Michael Williams, Geoamey custodial services managers Jackie and Lee Barker and police following my ‘gate arrest’. Why? Because service of order never happened, got that?
  6. Upon cross examination of Lee Barker it was proved he was off duty by the time any alleged attempt to serve may have taken place but that would be recorded in triplicate.
  7. The identity of the five guards, at 1705 on 1st December 2011, remain withheld because many had violently dragged me out of complex across the floor as I could not walk without crutches. No operation for replacement hip, remember, because of my Caswell clinic diagnosed brain tumour I am yet to be officially informed about yet alone treatment!
  8. The enclosed brain scans had been disclosed to me in custody simply to try and fool me while sixteen, no less, Caswell Clinic other professionals opposed Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University deliberate falsification of the fact. This was proved in France following my acquittal from your ‘machine-gun’ malicious prosecution.
  9. I have been refused at five police stations, this year, to take this complaint in that Geoamey Custodial Services and police still refuse to disclose my custody records the jury asked for. Remember, 4th May 12 jury asked for court clerk and Barker records but was refused also.
  10. As for Her Ladyship promising me full transcripts of criminal cases within her jurisdiction ‘dream on’, with respect, as you very well know that for eight years I have applied for most only to be refused, each time, by Cardiff Crown Court as they had been unlawfully redacted.
  11. By chance, top of your 2nd page, you specifically refer to 30th April 14 Crown Court hearing attend to by CPS barrister, Mr Thelfall. I have already paid but as with 2nd Dec 2009 hearing before HHJ Neil Bidder QC the beginning of the transcript is also deliberately redacted as it covered Dr Tegwyn Williams argument, present, via CPS barrister Richard Twomlow that I must be locked away, indefinitely without trial, as your imminent ‘machine-gun’ trial was already doomed to failure as I refused legal representation to tip you off on my every move.
  12. I asked for the CPS records for your next proposed jury with a police ‘plant’ again, no doubt, as in the ‘machine-gun conspiracy.Your disclosable records, devoid of successful MAPPA PII argument, include from:
  1. 2011 Harassment prosecution despite now proven was conducted contrary to law
  2. 2012 1st breach of restraining order trial despite the jury then asking for part of which Her Ladyship is now promising to produce, reincarnated exhibits and notes of evidence
  3. 2012 2nd breach of restraining order trial collapsed as police doctor again proved a liar
  4. 2014 3rd breach of restraining order trial when again jury refused all this new evidence I note you have again refused disclosure of above as content will not ‘undermine’ the prosecution case. I do not believe you and ask the lot be given immediately to the Crown Court. If that were the case then why not disclose unless something irregular has occurred within them such as when I was refused knowledge of the ‘jury note’ asking for sight of the clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes, a fact also withheld from Lord Justice Leverson et al (see judgment) all because Dr Williams has never been in any court on his spurious allegations such as I had been at his house with cans of petrol causing the police to simply,‘move me on’!

13. Bristol Barrister, Mr Smythe, my ;ace in the hole’ defence witness, had travelled to Cardiff magistrates to examine the contentious magistrate’s records and found redactions and clumsily re written pages, all part of the cover-up. CPS showed me those pages in Bristol Crown Court quite un aware of their significance. Pages NOT in the official court file, released to me via my Cardiff lawyer, then where did they come and why is he now prosecuting me as my bagged witness other than yet another abuse of process?

14. Immediate application to Her Ladyship for above data will quash the prosecution’s case

15. You also refuse to release the dozen or so DVDs made of other similar malicious arrests and questioning under caution when the same fact remains as in my 11th November 2011 defence solicitor’s letter to CPS and court identifying that original harassment conviction was based on an ‘abuse of process; from start to finish such as needed for juries always being refused the cell CCTV in Cardiff magistrates’ cells and corridors.

  1. Lastly, I need the help of CPS to obtain witness statements from PC1718, new on the scene and custody officers Rob, also new on the scene, both Jackie and Lee Barker, custody managers and clerk of the court, Michael Williams together with police and their records caused by my ‘gate arrest’ immediately after release from 1st Dec 2011 magistrates court

I require data in internet format as lawyers are always allowed, anything to deter a forced to be ‘Litigant in Person’ (LiP) in Wales.

Yours sincerely,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

12 06 15 K Team at County Court

FAO Clerk to Crown Court                                                                      Your Ref  T20170239





23rd April 2017


Dear Sir/Adam,


Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice


Further to my many direct requests and via court orders over the years, even through lawyers, to transcribers for critical Crown and County court hearings transcripts concerning the South Wales Police criminal conduct I have, so far, failed due to police repeatedly intercepting in order to protect their Chief Constable’s pension in the numerous civil damages claims stupidly filed at the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre following my refusals for an English court room.

I, Maurice John Kirk request an order by The Recorder of Cardiff for Word Wave Ltd, of Exeter, Devon, to transcribe the already identified to them hearings first starting with:

1)      Nov 09 Cardiff Crown Court failed hearing re bail in machine-gun /Dr Tegwyn Williams/ MAPPA 3/3 conspiracy before Her Ladyship The Recorder of Cardiff, Mrs Eleri Rees.

2)      The full disclosure of police records surrounding those seven Cardiff Crown Court judges refusing bail to allow adequate preparation for that same summer’s substantive, largest in living memory, civil damage trial against the police. This was compounded by my similarly illegal frightening three month’s in Dr Tegwyn Williams’ experimental forensic psychiatric prison, under the euphemism, Caswell Clinic of NHS (Wales) Glanrhyd Hospital.

3)      2nd Dec 09 Cardiff Crown Court hearing when Dr Tegwyn Williams was present before HHJ Neil Bidder QC to support, the now judge Richard Twomlow’s police application for a permanency[MK1] , having run out of their mandatory maximum incarceration time of their victim, under section 35 of1983 Mental Health Act, in Caswell Clinic. I was to be transferred to Ashworth High security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely, due to permanent brain damage from a brain tumour despite the ‘patient’ yet to be informed of its existence!

4)      Similarly, 29th/30th April 2015 clandestine Cardiff Crown court hearing with not just myself again being barred but also members of the public, why? It was before HHJ Rowlands, with CPS Barrister Thelfall, who considered the original never served 1st Dec 20112 restraining order and rumoured latest variation, were now ‘ridiculous’ upon the uncovering of new already known about police evidence of the faked psychiatric reports of both Dr Williams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University.

5)      Police fabricated forensic history for HM Ministry of Justice, without latter first checking the purported ‘facts’ to oppose bail, had also now been found to be false in no less than 13 printed facts (below) by David Vaughan, current Chief Constable of South Wales Police.

Reference reading surrounding a 26 year travesty of justice driven by avarice


Yours, Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Encl: Justice Ministry leaked MAPPA 3/3 forensic history & Claimant draft Court of Appeal file

Frank Werren at Caswell Clinic jpeg

Frank Werren Esq, with police escort, at Caswell Clinic following  my arrest for apparent burglary when simply trying to get all my fabricated medical records…..all I achieved in the end was a cool drink!

Caswell Clinic (2)

This is part of what the little shysters were trying to hide from me, an extract from one of their many clandestine Barry police station MAPPA3/3 meetings with senior police officers and Dr Tegwyn Williams.

Caswell Clinic Medical Records Leak REDACTED

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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