2nd Sex Change found in Machine-Gun Case

 My police interview further exposing NHS Caswell Clinic/XX/Police/MAPPA/Machine-gun Conspiracy published on You Tube.

The audio version:

Part 1



This next video was taken a day before my 4th jury trial arrest for the same thing.  I was  demanding to see an Inspector Lewis for there to be a proper investigation into their own police force’s conspiracy;

The proposed 4th jury trial later this summer, it is  hoped, will eventually uncover and disclose to both me and my family, for further civil damages claims,  the original court/police records being asked for and obtained by the next jury.


I was, surprisingly, allowed to be at my own Nov 2009 bail application, when not usually allowed for fear that XX may get himself cross-examined.

He will be sent a defence witness summons in New Zealand, as my own psychiatrist, to attend in order his forensic history, extract below, is put strictly to the poof of it.

I was always unrepresented in the Cardiff Crown Courts but, unless my memory is playing up more than it nowadays, due to 26 years of this continuous police abuse, I only remember being before Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees, that month, when I was  represented by a Frank Werren Esq who had, incidentally, forgotten to bring his wig.

The transcript below, only just released to me by ‘mistake’, records no oratory at all made by Frank. All very curious to the lesser informed of what really goes on in our courts.

The Recorder of Cardiff Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees


Extract of 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates custody records indicating that I was so violent I had been registered MAPPA3/3, in June 2009, due to a brain tumour ‘diagnosed’ by XX and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea university.

Six years on and I am still waiting to be informed of this alarming medical condition or the release of the Caswell Clinic supporting medical records, most of which were before Her Ladyship for the South Wales Police to , once again, oppose my bail.

Police’s fear of my suddenly being ‘at large’, in order to prepare for the other imminently to be heard trial, my civil damages claims, requiring in well in excess of two hundred witnesses, was far too frightening a risk to be taken with so many standing to lose their police pensions.

With immediate effect of this alarming diagnosis, in September 2009, it meant the cancelling of my pilot’s licences and making my proposed application to have my name restored to the veterinary register now quite impossible.

From there on in the police continued the conspiracy up and beyond the January 2010 machine-gun trial to today where successive police officers, when approached, have not lifted a finger to investigate and seize the relevant medical and court records.

Recently even more South Wales Police MAPPA fabricated records are discovered:

Extracts from 13th Nov 2009 Machine-Gun Trial for ‘Gulag Card’ Service mysteriously before a male sounding judge.

17 05 06 blog

DEFENDANT: If I could assist the court, Dr Silva is my eleventh psychiatrist.

DEFENDANT: Am I not entitled to the psychiatric reports already being taken that are in my favour?

RECORDER OF CARDIFF: As a precondition to being examined by him the answer is no.

RECORDER OF CARDIFF: Thank you very much. As I have indicated, there is to be a transcript of that available to the judge who deals with the fitness to plead allegation.

Was that Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees or His Honour Judge Neil Bidder?

[NOT UNTIL April 2017 was this 13th Nov 2009 heavily redacted transcript, below, finally released to Dr Tegwyn William’s Caswell Clinic caged experimental victim].

The learned judge presiding in that November Cardiff Crown Court appears to have had a sex change unless there is another bail application transcript also still hidden. Remember, The Recorder of Cardiff, many months earlier, had falsely promised transcripts will be released to their victim tax payer funded].

DEFENDANT: With all due respect the involvement of the (inaudible) card [Gulag Card] being played and the question of whether I get an IPP served on me, a prison sentence of indeterminate length at Ashworth High Security Hospital, I think it is far more important than some Noddy Land allegation that I have gone and bought a machine gun to shoot Barbara Wilding. Now could I please have what I am entitled to?

RECORDER OF CARDIFF: Will you agree to be examined by him without making demands that he provide you with documents?

DEFENDANT: On condition that it is tape recorded and I have an independent witness to that questioning.

RECORDER OF CARDIFF: Thank you very much. I have no intention of asking Dr Silva to visit again in these circumstances. That concludes this hearing; I order a transcript so that it is available to the judge who deals with the fitness to plead allegation. Thank you very much, Mr Kirk. Can you take him down?

DEFENDANT: I have asked to look at the court record. There are letters going between the County Court, the prison, and Caswell’s Hospital discussing me and my future. I have been putting disclosure applications into the court to seize the firearm before it is tampered with any more, etcetera, etcetera. Could I please have half an hour sometime this afternoon to look at the letters because no one is answering my letters. The County Court is not answering my letters; this court is not answering my letters; the High Court is not answering my letters. Some have answered two months late. Could I, while I am in this building, at least have sight of the rest of it?

RECORDER OF CARDIFF: The answer I am afraid is no, however, I remind you there is a standing offer of legal representation and public funds available to fund it …

[BLACKMAIL to reveal defences to both Trial Judge and Crown Prosecutor before trial]

RECORDER OF CARDIFF: Thank you very much. As I have indicated, there is to be a transcript of that available to the judge who deals with the fitness to plead allegation.

DEFENDANT: I am not going to be blackmailed by you. You blackmailed me before and I am not going to do it. I represent a lot of people to prove what is going on and that is meltdown in this building………

[After the machine-gun acquittal, requiring no defence evidence, South Wales Police continued to racked up their campaign of harassment on their victim to prejudice the ongoing civil damages claims for malicious prosecutions against them]

I have spent over three years in prison now simply trying to obtain Caswell Clinic medical records concocted to have me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, data to which, in law I am entitled to, my own NHS (Wales) medical records


Extract from trial judge refusing my costs in machine-gun fiasco

Judge Thomas: The final matter, which is a rather unusual one, relates to a brain scan. I understand that and why Mr Kirk feels strongly about that; he made it clear throughout the proceedings, and he made it clear today, however, contrary to Mr Kirk’s beliefs I cannot award costs to pay for any such scan or indeed to order that such a scan should take place. It has no direct bearing on these proceedings. He may of course have legal remedies elsewhere but not, I am afraid, in this court at this time. They are not, in my view, expenses related to this trial or costs related to this trial which for present purposes that is as far as my powers extend. So just to clarify the situation I make an award of £1,000 out of central funds in respect of Mr Werren but that is the limit of the order that I make for costs out of central funds. Thank you very much.

Mr Werren, of course, obtained the expenses awarded by the machine-gun trial judge for his earlier attending the November 2009 hearing pretending, it has now been discovered, to have been a barrister pleading before Her Honour on my behalf!

Copy of Heavily Redacted, of course, ‘Full’ Transcript

T20097445 – KIRK – all proceedings – 02.12.09

November 20019 Transcript released to me only lat month by mistake

T20097445 – KIRK – AP – 13.11.09

My name was mysteriously removed from the MAPPA Register within minutes of proposed trial judge’s capitulation hearing in Newport Crown Court just days before the machine-gun trial was due to start BUT still police successfully opposed my release from Cardiff prison.

T20097445 – KIRK – all proceedings – 17.12.09

The 2nd apparent sex change in the machine-gun trial had  been the under-cover police officer, ‘Foxy’, the then ‘shoot to kill’ policy Chief Constable’s star witness. He/she told the jury I had attempted to sell him or her the ‘prohibited weapon’ in yet another of her maliciously brought prosecutions.


The quite bemused jury, over the two weeks, told me in the pub afterwards, following my inevitable acquittal, that eleven of the twelve concluded their verdict after the very first day of prosecution evidence.

Nine of the jury told us that the single male juror, refusing to agree to a ‘not guilty’ verdict, refusing through out the trial to engage in their in their daily deliberations was almost certainly the standard police ‘plant’ one finds in that building.

The statutory defence in any cited incident, when  accused of breaching a restraining order, is simple. If the incident indicates it was an act to detect and/or to prevent further crime by XX et al then no harassment could have been occasioned.

In this particular 4th trial, coming up shortly in Cardiff Crown Court, on exactly the same  theme of a multiple authority ‘cover-Up’ then the jury, it is hoped, will realise that was not one but both avenues of defence pleaded by the accused’s actions now previously withheld court records, asked for by the first 2012 jury, are starting to leak out.

Fortunately for me, the current Recorder of Cardiff has now suggested it would be ‘useful’ to the court (civil or criminal?) to have a ‘time-line’ drawn up, before it, covering the numerous failed police malicious prosecutions (and time and money spent on them) from when the Chief Constable’s MAPPA/machine gun/XX/planned to ‘shoot to kill’ conspiracy was first hatched by her in 2008..

Numerous malicious acts of harassment of me occured outside the UK ever since His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC had again ordered disclosure of police records and  Barbara Wilding was to sign her own affidavit that there had been full police disclosure in all thirty three incidents in the first three of my laborious civil actions for damages.

This very Friday the police will be fighting again to oppose the disclosure of my own copy of my 1993 police interview (gaoled as being unidentifiable) for fear that it will also be placed on web sites world wide.

Watch this space for my data this week


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