Recorder of Cardiff really puts Cat amongst the Pigeons

Gibart renewal RCJ letter   SHIT HITS THE FAN

Today, only by Her Ladyships’ intervention does the Cardiff cabal reluctantly release the following transcript I have been trying to get released for well over two years as I had been gaoled for gaining entry to Cardiff prison trying to recover my passport.

Police, obviously, had told the prison earlier not to give it back upon my release for a breach of a restraining order as my civil court papers had been stored well out of the their hands in France.

The Relevance of the transcript

Swansea prison received a radio message on the officer’s hand phone to wheel me off the prison bus when about to address and put appeal procedure before Mr Justice Gilbart over Judge Crowther refusing to allow either Mrs Kirk or Mr Ewing in taking notes on my behalf when denied paper, pen, correct glasses and any of my legal papers at the bottom of the court stairs to the dock………..welshing justice for you, even for locals.

The case should have been adjourned with enquiry as to how the police have so much control over their judiciary in Wales.

Lord Justice Sweeney et al were quick to confirm my Newport Crown Court hearing , for arresting a prison officer , was an abuse making a precedent for the tomes in law libraries around the UK……that is why all welsh departments conspired to block this and the remaining other 20 odd transcripts needed for the new You Tube Channel published.

This 1st Dec 2011 ‘gate arrest’ at Cardiff Magistrates, re Musa Nigerian Haringey Council 6 children ‘snatch’, is why police cocked-up the ‘service’ of XX restraining order purportedly handed down that day in my absence.
bis 45,
Coronation Street Collins right in the middle of it….my photo  of her after a tirade of  her fowl abuse
11 09 13 Michelle Collins
 have been franticly, redacted, re written and or shredded in ever upward court rooms in my pursuit for justice.
Wow, who would have ever have guessed the amount of raw sewage, now oozing from the cracks of Cardiff law courts, now unblocked by Her Ladyship’s simple order for disclosure had it, in itself not, been triggered by the simple trigger of a snap police decision.
The decision was to not let my attending the London court, 48 hours earlier, when they had ordered the prison not to ‘produce’, a tactic repeated on me over six times to harm my civil damages substantive trial against their Chief Constable.
16 04 15 BlakeJ ist page Order2(1)
16 04 15 BlakeJ Order2(2)

Gilbert J Two Year withheld transcript


15 01 23 HMP Swansea Gilbart lies

A pack of bloody lies all caught on CCTV and in my official M of J complaint forms….when I could not get in the side door many guards wheeled me up the van ramp in my wheel chair and later, after the phone call I heard, presumably from South Wales Police, wheeled me off the van in sufficient time to convey a message to my sister in Jersey who then rang the court.

The relevance of the prison term on appeal was too relevant to my police civil damages claim to be allowed to happen……evil little bastards, the lot of them

Nicholas Cooke QC

This little shyster, Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, arranged to have a  clandestine court hearing with the prosecution during my collapsed 1990s ‘dangerous driving malicious prosecution’ case leading to my arrest for simply telling truth as to what I thought of the slimy creature in his cover-up over a senior police officer, caught by the jury, seen continually signalling to a colleague under cross my examination.

During my 2009 XX/machine -gun incarceration this judge Cooke goes out of his way and does it yet again!

With Her Ladyship doing what someone should have done two decades ago and  ordered disclosure I will get a few of the sensitive transcripts meaning a warrant will have now been issued in order to prevent my exploiting my right for disclosure of all the public records, on my list ie the magistrates records the first retraining order jury were denied  in both my current criminal case and His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s apparently similar cover-up in my civil damages claims over 33 police failed malicious prosecutions in the 90s.


Her Ladyship has apparently allowed my receiving, upon payment, those full transcripts clearly previously redacted in the pathetic attempt by CPS. police and subsequent string of ten or so Cardiff judges to cover-up the truth surrounding the multifaceted corruption  including the blackmailing of a relative harmless Caswell Clinic doctor.

Recorder of Cardiff

One such transcript that has surfaced, this week, through the floating excreta of the local judiciary, is judge Cooke promising me my Caswell Clinic medical records, bloody liar, whether ‘cooked’ by then or not.

On my offering documentary evidence of the police instigated conspiracy he refuses, as the penny had now dropped, and sends me to prison…..see transcript:

T20107454 KIRK – application to have medical records released – 24.06.10

I had explained to my hand picked eye witnesses, in the well of the court, to observe the anticipated lies Cooke would be forced to ‘dribble out’.

FAO Clerk to Crown Court                                                                      Your Ref  T20170239

FAO Clerk to County Court

Cardiff                                                                                                      BS614159+9 Others



9th May 2017


Dear Sir/Adam,


Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice


Further to previously unsuccessful attempts, over many miserable years, I again ask to obtain the relevant data/application forms for both Cardiff County and Criminal court stored information concerning my two hundred or so court hearings so as to get a little closer to a ‘level playing field’.


  1. I require, in particular, a CJSN email account with Cardiff Crown Court for my imminent trial.
  2. I require, in particular, the equivalent Cardiff County Court account for this Friday’s ‘garrotte type instrument ‘case’ when found on HRH Prince Charles then welsh farm.
  3. I require, in particular, equivalent data also stored at County Court for this Friday’s hearing of the amended, subject to appeal, 4th civil action, against the police primarily based on its refusal to either detect or prevent crime upon my person.
  4. I require BS614 data, the first three Actions currently lodged in London’s Court of Appeal in the RCJ.
  5. I require 7CF07345, the 4th Action, also rumoured to be in court on Friday.
  6. I require 1CF03361, the machine-gun conspiracy data all on email’


The list is far from exhaustive.




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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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