WW2 Piper Cub to be ‘Rapidly Rebuilt’ in Captain Twigg’s Kenya Front Garden

Guy, does it not want you to just weep?……the man hours out in Mike’s field, below the Quantocks, in all weathers trying to get radios etc fitted in time for Cape?…..care she does not shrink before tightening the bolts or it will be another cooking Simpson Desert escapade of broken prop bolts and not enough locking wire to leave Pprune arguing over it again.

16-12-27-stripped-cockpit-2 16-12-27-stipped-cockpit-32016-12-28

Khartoum incident was a ‘donkey stop’ on ‘finals’ due fuel (rectified by strip-down of fuel system in hangar next day) No ‘hard landing’ or any requirement for any assistance to vacate the active runway either

Memories of Texas newspaper accounts on how I landed my cub on President Bush’s front lawn when no FAA regulations had been infringed that day!

Now to work on cub and have her engine running by lunch time?

Dream on , Maurice, not even a hydraulic jack in Loki, available, yet alone two needed!

no tools , so how do they work on their cars?

So, rock for a mallet and multi-knife and little else to change an under-carriage system for a Cub J3 L4 in the blazing heat!



The Times Article



Is that propeller bent or is it just my imagination?…..Video screen shot …she fired up on the 4th pull through! so next job wings on, find a chain-saw to lop a few of Twigggy’s oriental trees and fly her out for direction south dct!


I am sure that prop was not bent when I bolted her on just now…must be the humidity or lack of it! Care she does not shrink before need of tightening the bolts or it will be another Simpson Desert escapade of broken prop bolts and not enough locking wire for Pprune contributors to argue again over it









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