Back to Lokichoggio to Repair the Poor Old Cub

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I leave early in the morning with prop undercarriage leg and tools to run the engine and if OK, put on the wings back on and then the awesome task of refitting the cockpit all over again! She was severely gutted by the locals at Narius, South Sudan and need much on the following  wish list.

  • hand held radio
  • emergency beacon
  • ferry tanks
  • 4. petrol tubing/ connections and out board primer pump
  • 5. transponder stubby aerial/vhf aerial
  • 6. 2x mobility dry cell 12v batteries
  • 7.emergency led nav lights
  • 8.c 90 continental engine or parts there of (may be ok)
  • 9 cub prop (from UK hoped) 10. undercarriage leg/ piece of cabane ( from UK hoped)
  • 11. Galaxy mobile phone
  • 12. 1st Aid kit
  • 13. fuses/electrical wire
  • 14.small venturi
  • 15.Cub J3L4 part of engine cowlings
  • 16. Wing root fairings or parts there
  • 18.Don’s equivalent of ‘get dents out of leading edges’ kit!
  • 19. Any old Garmin GPS
  • 20, a small bubble compass (they pinched both)

 21. And a comb!


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