HM Partnership & Criminal Case Review Commission Depravity

With Brexit all most in ‘the bag’ our ‘HM Partnership’ judicial system, practised now for centuries in my cherished United Kingdom, appears safe once again, well for the time being, as it was after May 1945 when the cartel was last threatened with foreign reform.

Meantime, if Sharia law is allowed to further pollute our children’s minds then, of course, I for-see yet another conflict for the ‘HM Partnership’ beneficiaries ‘to fuel’ in our midst, anything to ‘divide and rule’ in order to control  the ‘ragged dissidents’ daring to expose, via cyberspace, the wide spread corruption practised in our British law courts.

Come to Sheda Oraki’s ‘lawyer fraud’ case, as an example, in court No. 7, this Thursday, at 10 am in the RCJ’s Rolls building, in Fetter Lane on 4th August 2016. Yet another classic example of ‘HM Partnership’. protecting its bent lawyers, trying to bankrupt anyone who dares to expose ‘what really goes on in our law courts’. The case originated by some London lawyer’s firm palming Sheda off with their office ‘tea-maker’ as ‘an officer of the court’, yes, a lawyer.

Diana & Sheida RCJ

RCJ Sheda

I have quietly and sometimes not so quietly, been noting ‘HM Partnership’ at work elsewhere as it was within the lowliest of South Wales Barry magistrates courts, for example, back in the 70s, following my arrest at Cardiff Airport and inevitable acquittal, to present day with each of my applications before the Royal Courts of Justice being refused, when seeking my name be restored to the veterinary register and if not, why not?

It was therefore, again, of no surprise to me last year when His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC handed down such a clearly perverse 250 page ‘judgement’ in my first twenty four years of litigation seeking redress for the damages caused by the South Wales Police.

My civil court success was so dependent on breaking those repeatedly refused disclosures of ‘HM Partnership’ public court records as each record, the very purpose of it being made, exposes acts of malicious prosecutions and in my particular case, found in almost 90% of all police criminal allegations brought in South Wales.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and so called ‘European Court of Human Rights’ have all been bombarded by my detailed complaints about ‘HM Partnership’ protecting the South Wales Police with a Ms K Reid finally stating that the Commission will no longer accept any application from me relating to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).

In British law courts, currently, HM judges’ ‘powers of discretion’ are enough, sometimes, to even to blot out the the sun light of the mythical, ‘rule of law’.

In this current example of a typical ‘authority cover-up’, all ‘officers of the court’ had been warned off to assist or represent me so I therefore had to arrest the Crown Prosecution Barrister, David Gareth Evans, myself.

The 2008, or before, conspiracy was and still is between certain Cardiff judges, CPS and various other equally deceitful ‘officers of the court’ all promised immunity to prosecution if the police are likewise protected from civil or criminal redress.

I was reliant, before I arrested a prison officer for withholding my passport and prosecutor for lying in court, on the CCRC obtaining the December 2011 damning court records as neither my 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court jury nor myself could obtain them from the thoroughly corrupt Judge Curran when he was trying the first of my many alleged breaches of a XX Restraining Order never served in the first place!

Nor even did Their Lordships, Lord Leveson et al, know of the ‘jury note’s existence, at our Criminal Court of Appeal hearing in March 2013 when the ‘note’ had specifically asked for the recorded evidence of the 1st December 2011 magistrate’s harassment conviction.

[I never knew of the ‘jury note. request, handed to Curran during my May 2012 jury trial as I had been forcefully removed from the dock for trying to disclose copies of court exhibits etc now with the originals seized by the police so as not to allow them being introduced to the 4th jury so far as all are ‘tarred’ with ‘evidence of  similar fact’.

It has only taken five years, so far, to find the CCRC have also deliberately conspired to protect ‘HM Partnership’ when now hiding the critical evidence within the 1st December 2011 court file despite the 4th May 2012 jury having been told, by witnesses on oath under my specific cross examination, the clerk of the court’s notes existed!

The December 2011 clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes still existed in November 2014 and confirmed by the CPS barrister telling the court Michael Williams, who had originally written them , had specifically asked the prosecutor not to allow them in the appeal.

That is why my case was moved out of Wales, an appeal against a ‘conditional discharge’ conviction following my having arrested the corrupt CPS barrister, Evans, for lying so much.

By withholding the evidence, contemporaneously written in the magistrate’s clerk’s notes, confirm the level of daily depravity found in the Welsh law courts to help cover-up, as in my case,  that no ‘restraining order’ was ever served on me in the cells, in first place, following their ‘cooked’ harassment conviction.

Far more to the point neither Geoamey Custody Services nor the South Wales Police needed to disclose the evidence , proving my innocence, as they are also, with the lawyers, also part of Great Britain’s cosy ‘HM Partnership’.

Geoamey did, however, make a half-hearted attempt, at 1705 hrs on 1st December 2011, to try and stuff into my pocket some paper while as I was being dragged across the floor, down the cell complex corridor, towards a police cell and my wheel chair.

All five were caught on various CCTV cameras but , as with the police helicopter chase and intricate CAA investigation that followed the dangerous incident , that video was also not to’surface’ to the top of their slurry pit they all appear to live in South Wales.

No less than thirteen other Cardiff judges, so far, along with HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, have knowingly conspired to try and cover-up these years of damage these false imprisonments have caused and so soon after their botched ‘machine-gun’ plot in an attempt to have me  incarcerated, without trial, indefinitely, in a maximum security psychiatric prison.

Criminal discrimination, it would appear, against an English veterinary surgeon just trying to go about his work and have a peaceful life with his family.

Now the police have been into the Crown Court and confiscated the court exhibits and one which the prosecutor had tried to introduce, mid trial, before another very corrupt spineless man, District Judge John Charles, all quietly tape recorded from the public gallery while he convicted me in my absence. I had been refused the right to cross examine the police or XX, the chief forensic psychiatrist for the whole of Wales, so I saw little point in leaving my cell.

Stupid Charles had been ordered not just to not allow my cross examining the police but to hand down the maximum sentence, six months, to affect my civil damages claims for countless malicious failed South Wales Police prosecutions.

The idiot panicked when he saw Sabine and a huge number of other Mackenzie Friends in the public gallery, bused in from all over the UK. Luigi filth Stranati, area HMC&TS court supervisor, was watched while he pathetically barred any more entering the court until he had to personally  remove the court chairs as an excuse of a ‘fire hazard’!.

I warn any of you, if Brexit is not overturned, this will be routine stuff also soon in English and Northern Ireland courts.

A string of Cardiff Crown court judges, by now, now understand no ‘restraining order had not even been typed-up when I was was to be ‘released’ at lunch time—-The Cardiff judges know also, not ought to know, they know that it was not just recorded by Lee Barker, cell manager and Michael Williams, magistrates’ clerk, when both tellling 4th May 2012  May 2012 Crown Court jury , to cause all twelve to ask for them, all recorded in public transcripts, I have, but the spineless in Cardiff and now  CCRC, it would appear, have now deliberately assisted in having them shredded.

That late December 2011 afternoon, in the Cardiff magistrate’s cells, I was not falling for their disgusting routine again and therefore refused to leave my cell. So,  for four hours, until they gave me documentary evidence of the outcome of the case and I was served the court papers.

I never was, of course, only to be dragged out by five angry Geoamey staff as confirmed also in my custody records in the Musa Nigerian Children ‘snatched’ by Harringey Council case, on the following day, in a London court after a night in a police call.

An immediate ‘gate arrest’ from Charles’ pantomime to a police cell, for ‘failing to attend’ the court two days earlier! Cardiff prison had been ordered, by the police, not to allow my transfer to London on 28th November 2011 as the Musa’s legal -aid lawyers, Powell Spencer had successfully refused the return of their own legal papers, to get their snatched six children back, so the corrupt layers needed to have a ‘visit’….[If papers were relinquished to a past client then the legal aid ‘gravy train’ comes to an abrupt halt].


Sabine, just  as the observer to the terrified Musa parents having just failed, yet again, only because the police arrived to secure HM ‘gravy train’ and a chance of part of the tax payer ‘share out’.


All good routine Enid Blyton stuff!

15 02 27 CCRC Dilks

16 02 27 DL to CCRC

16 06 12 CCRC Failed Discl

16 07 20 CCRC Admissions Letter.jpg

12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Noteswitched WANTED014


South Wales Police2 on my 4th July 14 release immediatedly conspired to have me imprisonened for another eight months on a concoted ‘recall snatch back to prison without access, of course to any court room….did you get last bit?

14 08 11 particulars of claim

This REWARD is still outstanding

Following this  disappointing CCRC attempted cover-up, entering another year, I will now  be looking for a Christchurch based lawyer, in New Zealand, to press for criminal charges on the ring leaders in the conspiracy starting with their now locally housed  blackmailed Caswell Clinic doctor,

Numerous Cardiff judges are at the heart of the conspiracy, of course and always were when edged on by past and present Chief Constables of South Wales and  Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors. Goading the judges on for they are the HM guarantee, each time, to oil the ‘gravy train’ wheels.

Wilding Wanted





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