Shyster South Wales Police (part 2) (part 1 on face book)

24th July 2016                                    Claimant Position Statement                        BS614159

7CF07345 etc

            Maurice John Kirk   v   Corrupt Welsh Judiciary

Both Sabine McNeil’s & Claimant’s Restraining Orders are from original ‘Snatched Musa Nigerian Children by Haringey Council’ ones in order to prevent the latter attending courts as a ‘Litigant in Person’ because all 7 exposed HMC&TS Malfeasance

Thank you for your offer of help so I enclose a copy of a purported restraining order, never served on me in the first place, currently giving me ‘a spot of bother’.

A Purported  Restraining Order ‘served’ AFTER I was gaoled for breaching it!


It It is my legal right to expose the facts surrounding my incarceration in the hope to get NHS(Wales) to correct the now sacked and deported chief forensic psychiatrist for Wales, XX’ medical report. He was being blackmailed to do it by the police owing to other alleged ‘indiscretions’ surrounding other Caswell Clinic medical staff.

Ten Cardiff judges, no less, conspired with malice aforethought, to try and prevent my conducting my own defence in 2010 ‘Machine-Gun’ conspiracy, arranged for a 10 year mandatory prison sentence, as they already knew the police had painted the decommissioned antique WW1 Lewis gun a different colour. Someone else’s bolted on to an aircraft, log booked entered, 1916 Somme reproduction  DH2 fighter, simply to try and’fool the Cardiff jury’. Even a second ‘machine -gun’ was then mounted st them, a Browning 30 ml machine-gun, throughout much of the trial purely to intimidate the jury amongst which was the judge’s sanctioned male police under cover agent to continually update the HM Prosecutor, Thomlow, as to what the jury was thinking.

All ten judges also knew or should of known XX brain scan 0f their victim was also falsified by a team of Welsh ‘advisers’ within their incestuous cabal contrary to numerous expert opinions at the very start.

Judge Paul Thomas QC and Judge Richard Thomlow especially conspired to allow You Tube video (see also on face book), taken after an afternoon of excellent rabbit hunting, to be shown to an already bemused jury.

The jury asked on the very first day, “Why on earth is the Dorset museum proprietor, who first sold the Claimant the Farnborough Show display aircraft and Yorkshire museum proprietor, who bought her from their Defendant, not up in the dock beside him as well, instead of being very frighten prosecution witnesses for all the gallery to see? Both were blackmailed, of course, with gaol long term sentences if they did not both ‘oblige’.

Enclosed in this missive to a helper are also notes of Cardiff cabal’s typical conduct leading up to the claimant’s 2nd Dec 2011 ‘restraining order’ much of which was witnessed by Sabine McNeil and eight other equally horrified ‘Mackenzie Friends’ as to how a typical welsh court operates.

The Cardiff Court manager, Luigi Strinati, was even seen personally removing as many of the court room chairs as he could, in the time, in order to prevent further worried, as already briefed on the HM Partnership conspiracy, friends to be allowed in the room.

That is why a Cardiff barrister now refuses, in order to keep his job, to serve either a JR application before the RCJ, on the CCRC, for not disclosing their court copy of DC Charles’ farcical hearing because they were obtained before the few remaining HMC&TS records were also shredded, or JR against those holding custody records in the cells of HMP Cardiff, Carudiff and Haringey magistrates court and police cells. The Welsh po[ice had seized the 1st Dec 2011 CPS exhibits deliberately to be unavailable for their victim’s 1st, 2nd , 3rd and now eagerly awaited 4th jury trial .

A Defence pointless barrister letter for CPS/police disclosure just before the 1st of numerous ridiculous jury trials all on a theme of a breach of a court order never even served on their Cardiff Cabal’s victim in the first place.

13 03 12 request to CPS

This eventually led the 4th May 2012 critical ‘jury note’ being slipped to me as it had been deliberately withheld from Lord Leveson et al and claimant at the March 13 appeal.

12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note

WHY?  Because all know, by only needing to read Cardiff police, Geoamey and Cardiff Crown and Magistrates public records, the whole prosecution process had been conducted ultra vires in order to block my entering court buildings and this 4th civil damages claim against their court gestapo who had only recently violently pushed the claimant down the Cardiff Crown court stairs, to fake yet another arrest but leaving me in custody with a fractured ankle.


XX’ falsified for courts’ brain scan’ by Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University and others who all appear, so far, to have got way with it! I’s called ‘devil worship’, a welsh requisite in many of their obscene cartels.

1st Dec 2011 ‘gate arrest’ to cover up both Musa seven year goal term scandal and its also not ‘served’ restraining order on their victim until gaoled again under the 1983 Mental Health Act.

Re Arrested re MUSA Conspiracy


Now HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, the trial judge refuses to recuse himself, is seeking to have this, my 4th damages Action, to be also ‘struck out’ to further cover-up, it appears to too many, if one reads his 250 page 2015 summary of the first three of ten Actions re police harassment.

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

This judge refuses to order the South Wales Police to disclose their Visor/PNC records of 23 years to stop this police prevarication in its tracks knowing Welsh legislation is more and more under the control of the Welsh Assembly instead of an elected government.

His Honour’s police cases, for this victim, are not the only one currently before the Cardiff courts , all part heard, but all also ignored by successive judges, following an ordered disclosure is only to amuse. eg

In The Cardiff County Court

Case numbers:                                                                                                        C70CF041/3CF01374/T20097445/A20110290/2012/3241/D2/CO/3970/2012/A20140005/A20140082/CO/4737/2014/T20130801/T20131144/A20130139/CO/7342005/CO/6226/2004/B/2006/2307/CO/Misc/6381/2007/Misc/490A/2013/B2/2006/2307/BS614159/7CF07345/CF101741/8CF02269/1CF03546/B76YM324/1CF03361/7CF07345/62EA0223612/JDB & 40 more.

with the current Secretary for Wales, Mr alun Cairns, to answer any of the victim’s letters, over these past 10 years

This continuing police harassment and countless false imprisonments make this 4th Action ‘out of time’ or so the police say, the very purpose of their 30 years of nefarious conduct and started long before their 1993 ‘garrotte’ HRH Prince Charles, Guernsey attempt, by falsely having me imprisoned as, ‘unidentifiable’, whilst awaiting its victim’s extradition to Guernsey!

Could Enid Blyton have topped that fairy tale I wonder?

Now His Honour also refuses let me see any of the court exhibits, court log book, to obtain 23 years of transcript or hand over to the rightful owner, myself, the 23-year-old custody ‘untampered with??’ interview tape surrounding my having been ‘found on The Prince of Wales’ farm whilst lawfully in possession of a ‘garrotte’ type instrument.

The judge refuses because the tape now identifies many of seventeen or so, breaches of the 1984 PACE Act, just to ‘play for time’ to receive Guernsey’ extradition papers for yet another one of their usual perfunctorily handed down indeterminate prison terms.

Purported 1993 HRH Prince Charles Garrotte  custody interview , without caution’ interview, tape now snatched by Cardiff Civil Justice Centre.

93 05 20 interview tape

Can you, CAN ANY ONE, find me a solicitor, please, as a ‘front’ at least, to do the JR for my barrister, as he is briefed of the salient facts of the Criminal Cases Review Commission & Geomey Custody Services 1st Dec 11 cover-up ordered in the first place by the Welsh police.

We now lodge remaining three Actions re police harassment IN AN ENGLISH CIVIL COURT

Thank you.

(I have lost the LINKS in my notes, below, amongst well over 200 arch lever files caused by the Welsh police and corrupt Welsh law courts now seeking autonomy)

Maurice J Kirk 24th July 2016

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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