Crunch Time for South Wales Police or HM Partnership to the Rescue

peter vaughan

After 23 years South Wales Police have ‘suddenly’ found my custody tape recording when accused of having been caught having  ‘garrotte’ type instruments on Prince Charles’ farm……bunch of bloody liars.

Courts, police, NHS (Wales) and many of their like minded petty politicians, in that area of our UK,  have conspired all these years to cover up how they managed to have me locked up in Cardiff prison on the pretext I could not be ‘identified’.

Sectioned and locked away these past three years when police then had me stitched up for ‘trading in machine guns’ due to a brain tumour……..all originating from this 20th May 1993 police incident and an early example of an inherently deceitful administration due to their mindless hatred of the English.

If it had not been for the quick thinking of my ex MP, Walter Sweeney, I would still have been locked-up in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital.

AND Who on earth is expected to believe all  these lies from their senior management?

16 04 11 Tape found 16 04 19

BS Tape Order

Cardiff County Court                                                                                                            BS614169 etc

South Wales

30th April 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

Maurice Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary

Purported Disclosure of 20th May 1993 Police Interview Tape

Pursuant to 15th April 2016 Court Order

  1. The claimant proposes his property, one copy or ‘working copy’ of his 20th May 1993 interview tape, made whilst in custody, be returned to him forthwith.
  1. It is of surprise to neither the claimant’s family nor his followers for this pathetic ‘one off’ gesture, twenty-three years later, of a purported ‘disclosure’ from so many still unlawfully withheld custody tapes, videos and other such relevant records hiding eye witnesses.
  1. Not just 10 years of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons enquiry, affecting HM Privy Council Judicial Committee’s conclusions, is to be considered but it has also affected over sixty odd claimant filed Judicial Review applications at the Royal Courts of so called Justice in London.
  1. The court should now photograph the held ‘cassette’, have it DNA tested and finger printed, it is humbly suggested and full results made public.
  1. A substantive appeal is to be filed for full disclosure of what else has been ‘held back’ from the other claimant’s delayed civil actions during these past twenty-three years.
  1. What else has been distorted by our tax payer’s funded Chief Constable’s ‘in-house’ ‘Special Legal Case-Work Department’? Orders for re-painting a Lewis machine-gun and having their victim sectioned MAPPA 3/3, under 1983 Mental Health Act, emanated from right there.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc (Claimant)

NOW READ THIS CONSPIRACY PROOF OF 23 years as a prime example of ‘passing the buck’

1754440 RL Hill Affidavit & Exhibits 1-9

1754441 A James signed Affidavit and 3 exhibits

Chief Constable of South Wales Police

Bridgend South Wales CF31 3SU

27th April 2016

Dear Mr Vaughan,

Hillsborough Tragedy Jury Decision and South Wales police’s Current Conduct

  1. There appears to be much media coverage as to accountability of officers in-charge of serious incidents within their community causing senior officer early retirement.
  1. An enquiry through the Freedom of Information Act, following the failure by your officers, then under a Ms Barbara Wilding, to cause her immediate resignation from office suggests, unless you can advise me otherwise, for the need of area Police Commissioner to intervene.
  1. Your 6th April 2016 FOI response letter  16 04 06 SWP FOI Response identifies apparently serious anomalies:

QUESTION 1: Did Barbara Wilding admit, by her February 2009 sworn affidavit, that all relevant disclosure had been dispatched to the Claimant also held by the Joint Legal Services and Special Legal Case Work Unit both housed in your HQ?

QUESTION 2: If not, why not and what evidence remains undisclosed?

QUESTION 3: your 6th April 2016 FOI response appears to also suggest that only those cases out sourced to external lawyers are rare and if so how many were there?

QUESTION 4: What are the terms of your insurance company in the light of your force solicitor being recommended to settle ‘out of court, in 1994, only for the Chief Constable to switch our dispute to a private law firm called Dolmans of Cardiff?

QUESTION 5: What are the terms of your insurance company to have caused my cases to be out sourced to a local private law firm free of restraints where the tax payer is concerned?

Question 6: Why then does Dolmans continue to be instructed in my ‘recent claims’ against the South Wales Police?

Question 7: Is it a coincidence that the moment Barbara Wilding resigned on full pension she had managed to register me MAPPA level 3 category 3, using unqualified XX, your Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for the whole of Wales, after her failed ‘machine-gun’/‘shoot to kill’ agenda collapsed to delay the case which is blocked now by HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC ?

Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                Copy to the new Welsh Secretary of State, Alun Cairns Esq.

25th April 2016

In the Cardiff County Court                  

Maurice John Kirk v South Wales Police Justice Ministry & Parole Board

Claimant’s unlawful eight month prison recall, denied both parole board hearings and medical attention, to avoid the still stayed 1CF07345 Machine Gun MAPPA3/3 ‘shoot to kill’ claim, was also reliant on XX & Professor Rodger Wood’s fanciful reports of ‘significant brain damage’ for 2009 police further attempt to have this claimant detained, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital

Dear Madam,

In response to your 15th April 16 email, asking for ‘further and better particulars’, may I suggest all three defendants have already been amply served with sufficient facts including claimant’s 11th August 2014 representations under Criminal Justice Act 2003 legislation and NHS (Wales) medical evidence still withheld from their victim by all three defendants.

To date the claimant is continuing to be denied proper disclosure in cases against your client and to include:

BS614159, CF101741, CF204141, 7CF07345, 9CF02983, 1CF07345, C90F012 etc

Yours truly

Maurice J Kirk BVSc (Claimant)


Parole Board claimFormPt7CountyCt2

16 04 25 C90F012 Particulars of Claim reponse

The following documents have been found in order to scan and print world wide just what is going on here in South Wales today the consequences of which meant the Musa Nigerian family had their 6 (7) kids successfully snatched by the Haringay Council and never to be seen again causing the CCRC  to now have had a bonfire.

A string of corrupt and very greedy lawyers, in the secret family high courts, were relied on  to prevent my attending, as a Mackenzie Friend, to get me goaled three times, (accused of child smuggling) and having the parents also goaled and then deported .

11 09 17 Musas and MJK at Tottenham Police Station

The Criminal Cases Review Commission have just admitted, THIS WEEK, they also ‘no longer have copy of the 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrates records’ (see above newspaper cutting) despite proof that the police had  already confiscated clerk of the court’s original notes, court exhibits and copy of any applications, during 4th May 2012 jury trial for breaching a ;restraining order’ I never received

But here in South Wales ‘inherent deceit’ conquers all especially if your boss is the mystical ‘HM Partnership’.

At that equally chaotic event the jury even wrote asking for them also but the learned judge, John Curran QC, refused for fear of the consequences.

But not before Cardiff court staff were seen here trying to cover up now sacked Barrister David Gareth Evans criminal conduct in the face of the court when switching court exhibits the next jury , of course also asked to see.

Only obtained by entering the court office in disguise  much later on release from prison and will the ring leaders were at lunch.

  1. the doctored court log
11 12 01 Cardiff Doctored Court Log

Many a UK court, since 1st Dec 2011, has ‘perused’ numerous versions of the ‘court file’ with CCRC possibly having the only copy left of the original before theirs, the lawyer toldme, last week, has been ‘spirited away’!

2. His Honour Judge Llewellyn-Jones QC’s penny worth, on 14th Nov 2011 being, most likely the one to cause the panic for I had already been in prison, whilst unconvicted, facing no charge that could carry a prison sentence!


3. Now sacked CPS barrister David Gareth Evans had to quickly switch court exhibits.

Crown Prosecutors had over looked the fact that the allegations levelled at me had no custodial sentence eligibility so it was agreed by DC Charles that the barrister could slip in another charge, in front of my sister, Sabine and a packed court room fascinated observers.

I actually saw the South Wales area manger in charge, no less , in his usual waist coat and Brilcream, Mr Luigi Strinati, removing as many chairs as he could to avoid the publicity.

HM Prosecutor succeeded in saying I had  posted a note to the now sacked XX not with this:


but with this one:


while his draft ‘written all over’ by district Judge John Charles, to ‘beef it up’, the court heard was to be sent down it to me for my ‘approval’ before being typed up.

5. 11 12 01 RO CPS Draft

After the jury, in May, had heard about the clerk of the court, another sacked one quickly sent out of the area participant, Mike Williams, had to hide in a court cell while the draft was ‘tendered’ to me in my cell by the liar Lee Barker with GEO Amey custody staff all looking on.

‘Looking on’, well not exactly as the police with Barbera Wilding, on the 8th June 2009 in Barry police station, had me registered as being amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the land-MAPPA 3/3 her victim to be shot. [see leaked MAPPA meeting contemporaneous notes].

6. 12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note

Judge’s reply

7. 120504 Jury request rwritten down by MF

Is there a strange or familiar aroma to a veterinary surgeon wafting in your direction?

I WARNED THE CCRC within days of my being arrested in the Wood Green Crown Court, in December 2011, while trying to give  evidence in a similarly trumped- up case by greedy lawyers on the ‘gravy train’.

South Wales Police had  to have me registered in breach of an order, re harassing the now sacked XX, the Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for Wales, in order to further delay the 20 year on going damages claim concerning incessant police bullying.

XX did not even needed to examine his patient, in August 2009, to have me sectioned away to prison, under the 1983 Mental Health Act, as their fanciful machine-gun case was looming and already looking precarious after having to paint her a different colour to try and fool the jury.

WARNING  re ‘Gulag Card’ being played on You next……

REMEMBER, the world over-if authority are frightened of you due to your exposing their conduct, first they ignore you, then try and ridicule you and if that does not shut up they fabricate criminal charges.

For some authorities, who have too much to lose and where South Wales Police is concerned, meaning their promotion and pensions.

In my case, as with certain others who will not desist until something is corrected, the authority gunning for you will have you sectioned or in my case try having you shot.

The following Home Office document, almost totally fabricated by the South Wales Police, at least has the spelling of my name right.

MAPPA Restricted

That is what goes on here in South Wales if you are so daft an Englishman as  to have dared cross the Severn bridge in the first place and then dare to openly criticise their local court customs geared purely to protect the ‘gravy trian’ financed by the unsuspecting tax payers.

The police will have such a document for YOU and you will also know nothing about it unless you have the luck I had in Swansea prison.

The sequence of events leading up to my arrest on 20th May 1993 and subsequent incarceration in Cardiff prison was not accepted in the recent civil court hearing, in 2013, when considering damages. (judgment below)

In 1993 the police excuse was that I was ‘unidentifiable’ and that I had just been found with a possibly stolen motor bike after leaving HRH Prince Charles’ farm with a ‘garrotte’ type instrument with possible traces of blood on it.

HRH Prince Charles.jpg

The truth, unbeknown to the Cardiff magistrates, was that I was being detained by the police  for extradition to Guernsey, Channel Islands, over some unpaid parking ticket or other following the Guernsey police having told their welsh colleagues, in a similarly uncivilised part of the British Isles, that I had the habit of coming to court dressed in Nazi uniform,  apparently, but not letting on why.

Nazi loose in Guernsey

A Nazi let loose in Guernsey

In 1993  was quietly  sitting on a railing, in Cardiff, waiting for afternoon surgery to start down the road as clients arrived with their animals. As I walked off I was suddenly knocked to the ground from behind by one or two police officers neither of which had explained what their interest in me may be about.

After being transferred between a police van and Panda car, in hand cuffs, to make room for my confiscated motor bike, I was then locked up in a Cardiff police cell for about six hours with no explanation, what so ever, other than that I had been in breach of PACE, Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 s. 25 (old edition) despite no name or address being requested!

  1. This is of some importance, in that the custody record states that he was “arrested s25 PACE”. Section 25 Police and Criminal Evidence Act provides,

“(1)      Where a constable has reasonable grounds for suspecting that any offence which is not an arrestable offence has been committed or attempted, or is being committed or attempted, he may arrest the relevant person if it appears to him that service of a summons is impracticable or inappropriate because any of the general arrest conditions is satisfied.

(2)        In this section, “the relevant person” means any person whom the constable has reasonable grounds to suspect of having committed or attempted to commit the offence or of being in the course of committing or attempting it.

(3)        The general arrest conditions are

(a)        that the name of the relevant person is unknown to, and cannot be readily ascertained by, the constable;

(b)        that the constable has reasonable grounds for doubting whether a name furnished by the relevant person as his name is his real name;

(c)        that –

  • the relevant person has failed to furnish a satisfactory address for service; or
  • the constable has reasonable grounds for doubting whether an address furnished by the relevant person is a satisfactory address for service;

(emphasis supplied).

The learned judge, in the 2013 civil damages trial of ninety nine witnesses, has now reserved matters verifying his 257 page 26th October 2016 corrected judgment is also stayed until new evidence is submitted.

I have submitted, for example, a previous witness the police had locked up when he was due to give critical evidence and an air traffic controller, a Mr Jonathan Clayton,  who was protected by Cardiff airport armed police from receiving my witness summonses.

Jerry Thomas was locked up so he could not give evidence for me over the police deliberately removing the number plate of the guernsey motor bike following the lies they had to make to the magistrates in May of the same year.

30 April Ruling on witnesses

26th Oct 2015 Judgment extract re ‘garrotte’ type weapon incident subject to appeal

(Heavy type is of my making thus dividing the official judgment into segments when trying to keep continuity to understanding the facts in the case).

DRAFT for Royal Courts of Justice appeal

If there was any doubt as to who I was in Grand Avenue with a garrotte then this random bundle of the Claimant’s complaints with the police,covering the earlier incident, 2nd January 1993 ( no back lights), then where was Inspector Trigg in all this if not smack in the middle?

93 Garrotte inc008


Now the police have suddenly, last week,  produced my 1993 promised copy of the interview, under caution, to be subjected to forensic analysis as it is highly unlikely to be the original a copy I had ordered or police ‘working copy’!

93 05 20 interview tape

To next examine, after  this 26th Oct 2015 judgment extract, then, is the originally released redacted transcript while we all patently await the outcome, following His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s 15th April 2016 court order, for the tape to be played on this wordpress site later.

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 1

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 2

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 3

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 4

93 05 20 BS Garrotte Transcr pt 5

This week’s judge’s order

16 04 19 BS Tape Order

Of course it will be found now to be also redacted like the overhead Cardiff road camera filming of my being dragged out of my practice car, stationary in a queue of traffic, by a very angry PC Osbourne. Later decided to arrest me for a breath test when all knew I had been before the Recorder of Cardiff exposing the fabricated switch of court documents, a regular occurrence in Cardiff, in order to switch to a ‘breach of a restraining order’ to one of common assault and far more likely to get my name removed from the veterinary register.

Action 2 claim 11 stop at junction of Newport Road and Albany Road Cardiff 5 April 200

Please watch the camera ‘shake’ to cover up the redacted police copy video for court….

to be continued shortly…….

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