What State will UK’s Judiciary be in post EU?

Will our UK government now review the original principles once proudly exported around the world to those developing countries in the light of their radical reforms?

Will Articles 1 and 13 of the 1948 European Charter of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms ever be recoverable for the British people or will those remaining, in the 1989 Human Rights Act, be also abolished?

Will Code Napoleon now dominate?

As a victim from 23 years of South Wales Police bullying, promoted by their HM Court Service, HMP Cardiff and HM Prosecution Service (Wales), based in Barry police station,  all clearly accountable to no one, then it is little wonder that I have returned to England to study its common denominator, medieval ‘HM Partnership’, so unique to these islands.

I remain concerned enough to encourage evidence from others, so similarly injured, to be published on this web site in the hope we may eventually find that Blair removed remedy.

Example ONE:

In the Cardiff County Court                                                                                   BS614519 etc

4th Feb 2016 

         Claimant Position Statement

               Maurice John Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Police

  1. The Claimant’s custody first few pages of police records of the Prince Charles/Garrotte type incident (Action 1 claim 8.6, 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff) appear missing.
  1. In the light of The Claimant having already been lied to, concerning the official PACE regulated interview tape taken under caution, he applies to inspect the original tape and his 52 arch lever files that had to be prematurely been filed as court exhibits  following someone’s attempt to register him a vexatious litigant without, apparently, first informing the relevant parties in this action.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

930520 custody records

Ely, Cardiff, arrest incident, for suspicion, under old PACE, s.25, in my ‘stealing a police motor bike’, in possession of a ‘garrotte type’ instrument, just used on The Prince of Wales’ farm, ‘assault’, ‘resisting arrest’ and then thrown into Cardiff prison as ‘unidentifiable’, is now destined with 90 odd others, brought by the South Wales Police, for both Royal Courts of Justice in England and Wales and Europe

Caspar and fellow helpers, may I suggest this needs to be thrown open to ‘legal argument’ between, say, the law schools in both Wales & England, to see if their results tend to show any similarity in their conclusions.

1. Would their input, from either side of the Severn Bridge, simply hit the current 251 page Cardiff County Court judgement dispute, after 23 years of litigation in its making, proverbially ‘on the nail’!

2. Does our leaving the EU jeopardise, in any way, what Sir Louis Justice Blom Cooper QC once so helpfully suggested to me, a person still seeking that ‘man made’ concept called ‘justice’?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. Riddy Parker says:

    I, trust we are all of the opinion,that,ex convict Seys LLewellyn is arch criminal posing as judge,at Cardiff County Court,as
    I wrote earlier,we have the names of seven corrupt miscreants posing as judges,to include,Carson..Bidder..Regan..
    imbecilic Hendicott..Sherlock..ex convict,Seys LLewellyn..Phillips..we print their names so they do not forget.
    there is overwhelming proof the police are involved,we shall name them again,Ins.Burton..Constable Rhys James Pcso-Frost,.they did commit perjury in court in full knowledge of Sherlock.

    We have full evidence,of I.P.C.C.colluded with police,and forged name to hide criminality perpetrated by police.

    Council publish and issue false bills to incriminate leaseholders,then submit said claims to corrupt court,mainly to ex–convict Seys LLewellyn,disreputable cretin.

    We also have inconclusive evidence,that Land Registry are well and truly involved which of course involves central government making it hard to get justice for the working person…

    but we should not glory in the fact that our [county court}is more professional than any other county court at fraudulent
    claims in fact Carole Proctor, of County court money claims centre,PO box 527 Salford M5. OBY is equally proficient in
    her capacity of criminality.

    Information of printed matter available



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