Malfeasance in a Public Office?

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, in my protracted actions against the South Wales Police for over 20 years of malicious prosecutions, has granted time for the production of further evidence of:

An over arching course of conduct of police misfeasance in a public office

The Justice of the Peace Blog: NOTE TAKING IN COURT

My right in exposing Barbara Wilding’s ‘shoot to kill’ intention, following her clandestine 8th June 2009 Barry police station’s  meeting, to have me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, has been thwarted by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC this week.

The MAPPA meeting had consisted only of senior police management and her chief forensic psychiatrist with his psychiatric nurse, Ms  Elizabeth Paul both of Caswell Clinic’s medium secure psychiatric unit  housed in Glanrhydd Hospital, Bridgend, South Wales.

The then Chief Constable had blackmailed XX to concoct NHS (Wales) medical reports to have her adversary in court, claiming damages, to be locked away, hopefully indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital without any need for the ‘machine gun’ trial.


Machine Gun Case one page summary

So who is lying?

14 01 23 Bautiful Brain

HMP Swansea Brian Scan

No evidence of Dr Tegwyn William s diagnosis of ‘significant brain damage’  or Crown Prosecutor Richard Thomlow’s pleading for MAPPA 3/3 victim be incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital, with possible brain tumour, for indefinite incarceration.

Mr Thomlow is now a Welsh judge, incidentally, which must signify the obvious while XX was sacked from the NHS for what he has done and now down in Christchurch, New Zealand, I last heard.

.I have personal experiences of NZ police, in my jaunt around that great place, in Liberty Girl, that lost more per capita than any other HM King George Country in WW2, …..Yes, I was stopped by NZ police for various mischievous allegations, BUT always with a smile!

I wish Dr TW and wife well as they will not be black-mailed by that police force, for sure


This then  flurry of mine, of futile activity ‘with authority’, was entirely my mistake on the huge assumption I would get their help, after Barbara Wilding had to falsify a court affidavit confirming FULL DISCLOSURE  had been completed:

MG Trigger

MAPPA Restricted.

So who is lying?

09 07 31 cutting.jpg09 0 08 EP leaked Doc.jpg

When she was ordered to disclose, in November 2008, her records of over forty more police incidents of harassment, together with the already thirty odd so far before His Honour Judge Nicholas and now  His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, she panicked and gave in her notice to quit the force but not before setting about having me MAPPA registered in order to having me ‘lawfully’ shot-[See leaked Barry police records].

But the Appellant had, by then, filed a Judicial Review Application with the the Chief Constable’s force solicitor, a Mr Leyton Hill, signing for her ‘acknowledgement of service’ for an action with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as joint Defendants as it was abundantly clear the lady would not disclose police records ordered to be done by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC

 His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC since 2010, it would appear, has ‘stayed’ any possible redress in the Cardiff courts, over this ‘machine gun’/NHS (Wales) matter and clearly unlawful MAPPA3/3 registration to block successive attempts, by the Appellant, to successfully apply in having his name returned to the veterinary register.

On 21st January 2016 His Honour announced the machine gun/MAPPA case may never be heard in either of our life times.

Machine gun 252x326.aspx

Friends from around the world are now all jumping up and down screaming as this conspiracy, in the heart of a judiciary now seeking autonomy with its own police fore, was the very pinnacle of South Wales Police’s malicious intent having already successfully destroyed my family life, had me struck off the veterinary register, fiddled the cancelling of all my pilot’s licences and now leaving me in poor health.

Rumour has it that her private solicitors, Dolmans, were seen sprinting after the proverbial ‘gravy train’ as it was about to leave the station having just advised her not to continue employing the force solicitor, Mr Leyton Hill.

He, undoubtedly, would of simply settled all this’piece meal’, where appropriate, with there now being well over 100 odd police incidents for the thirty odd times officer’s had successfully tried to find and so harass my insurance company not to renew my annual policy needed for my veterinary practice.

Dolmans employment, full time, came after the Prince Charles’ farm/ ‘garrotte type’ instrument/theft of a police motor bike incident, back in May 1993, to have me incarcerated in Cardiff prison on the pretext I could not be ‘identified’ while Guernsey police were being ‘leaned on’ to have me extradited for alleged some alleged treason.

93 05 00 Grand Ave Surgery Arrest

Grounds leathley24jan2016_PROVIS

Action 1 claim 

That just leaves only thirty two more incidents to go for rough drafting


Example Nine

Maurice Kirk v Jeff Matthews


This simple money claims case, now delayed in a  Cardiff court, appears too remarkably similar to that well recorded conduct as in Bristol County Court where HMC&TS staff appeared to conspire with a lying barrister, a Mr Trevit or Trevis of Queens Square Chambers, Bristol or was it Tumbridge Wells, to further delay the return of  monies stolen by Mr Jeffrey Matthews whilst I was in Swansea prison on yet another South Wales Police fabrication.

Matthews is a person afforded all the protection the South Wales Police can muster following Cardiff magistrates court having ordered his appointment as my ‘McKenzie Friend’, no less, when knowing he was tape recording everything.

He was first caught tape recording in my criminal hearings, in Dec 20011 over the XX diabolical hearing, with out my consent or knowledge but  causing the clerk of the court’s notes, at least and now proved by the hearing in Bristol Crown Court, to have been heavily redacted immediately after the CCRC had received a copy of the originals following my complaint from Wale’s Cardiff prison, this time.

Both this fraud and theft has the intended effect to simply deny me funds to proceed with the above cases against the police as well as half a dozen others, currently stayed, such as the police’s similarly concocted ‘machine gun’/MAPPA3/3 Professor Rodger Wood fairy tale, blocked these past five years to NO FAULT of my own, uncovering, now, the equally fraudulent fabrication of my medical records  to have me incarcerated, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital. HHJ Richard Thomolow stated I possibly had a brain tumour when XX confirmed I had irreversible ‘significant brain damage’…….but still no one has informed me!

Now the above facts are compounded by a straight forward money claim case, started nearly a year ago, upon my release from Swansea prison, with Matthews never having even filed a defence  in either of the Bristol High Court and County Courts, when so ordered and now yours!

It stinks, doesn’t it?

Yours regretfully,


Example Eight

Various Welsh Criminal Court Anomalies before The Royal Courts of Justice

Thomas Crowther (judge) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Still more wheel nuts are coming dangerously loose on HM Partnership’s ‘gravy train’ following today’s Royal Courts of Justice ruling, handed down by Lord Justice Burnett and Mr Justice Sweeney, meaning ‘Code Napoleon’ may be here quicker than you think?

Blatant denial in Wales, for mere mortals in their public gallery or one of Cardiff’s bullet/sound proof docks, to take notes of evidence on behalf of the police victim, is over.

This means Her Majesty’s subjects, in Wales now, may shortly also have access to what lawyers have always had – access to hear the court tapes( CDs)-during and after trials.

BUT His Lordship distinctly stated that I would continue, for the time being at least, to pay the “modest fee” charged for the transcript and things appeared different in Wales.

In this particular Judicial Review, my 64th, it cost me over £1,200 which caused an amusing interlude in such a bizarre environment when finding myself opposing an ex Taunton School prefect, Mr Douglas-Jones QC,  the CPS barrister for the Welsh Police, no less, despite being already ‘dead in the water’ fighting, rather well, a rear guard action of opposing my return of my transcript fees when reliant on undisclosed evidence of my apparent ‘conduct’ in the court below.

Having been refused the right to apply for legal aid, eye witnesses, disclosure of custody records, the three prison officers who saw me arrest Mr Rogan in Cardiff prison, for withholding my passport on police orders, copy from any one of the seven CCTV cameras also recording the very hilarious  event, my ‘conduct’ in the court below was just routine.

I Cardiff criminal courts you are invariably denied your legal papers in the court room and if a prisoner you are not even allowed to take them off  the prison wing.

That day, in Cardiff’s Crown Court, before HHJ Crowther QC, I could neither see nor hear much of what was going as my hearing aid had been pinched from my cell, my glasses secreted in in my legal papers, at the foot of the court stairs, hoping to get at the file and compounded by the discomfort from temporary haemorrhoids caused by so much legal data having to be regularly stuffed up my rectum.

I was was quickly stopped, more than once, by Their Lordships from enquiring as to what evidence of so called prisoner ‘conduct’ did the CPS refer and by whom did this HM barrister obtain such allegations if not from the South Wales Police?

A touch of the re run, I thought, of Downing Street’s HM Privy Council/ RCVS Deja vu?

This will be the next HM ‘cosey relationship’ within our South Wales Police/HM Judges/HM Crown Prosecution Service/HM Court and Tribunal Service needing to be quashed AND maybe, without even the need to cross the Severn Bridge!

16 02 04 RCJ note jugment

16 02 08 note taking CO042492014-Final Order

Example Seven 

Here is an incident later further polluted by South Wales Police senior mangement following the ‘fall out’ from XX and Professor Rodger Wood’s malicious medical reports when neither were even qualified……both driven by avarice:

16 02 06 Appl for 1stAct 6.1 pleadings to malicious


Example Six

Letter to XX solicitor after it was disclosed his client wished to withdraw the complaints against the Appellant as. no doubt, they had been entirely groundless but concocted by the police to prolong the date of judgement day and ‘machine gun’ consequences  so original witnesses would die off and files and memories would be lost

13 09 14 Bright TMW solicitor


Example Five

The CCRC continues to refuse to answer the Appellant’s 6th January letter meaning a Judicial Review application, for what that is worth, is now being drafted but meantime the following was sent this last week:


Police are called to CCRC Birmingham office to try and ‘persuade’ the Appellant not to set up camp on the green, opposite, he was threatening to do until such time an investigation is carried out as to why the CCRC had had the original harassment conviction notes, taken by the clerk of the Cardiff court, all the time despite knowing it specifically knew His Honour Judge John Curran had denied the jury sight of them, because of their content explaining why this judge, no doubt, also ensured the Appellant, whisked off for medical attention, was never to know about the jury note until many months later from a visitor to Cardiff prison.

16 01 21 SWP Judgment Hearing 2.jpgRCJ Demo

23rd January 2016

My family, today, following my unanswered 6th Jan 16 letter to CCRC, is again nagging me as to whether you intend confirming my complaint of this new evidence of still more thefts of the official HMCTS records created from my 1st Dec 2011 harassment conviction:

  1. will you go to the CCRC immediately or better still
  1. immediately  to outside police force and
  1. will you be asking the CCRC to investigate the complete disappearance of the original police court exhibits used in both 1st Dec 2011 magistrates and 1st April 2012 Cardiff Crown Court hearings so urgently needed for ECHR/RCVS and His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC in the ongoing  BS614519 cases against the South Wales Police? 

Remember, my sister, J Matthews and others all heard the Crown court office admit the police had already seized some of these court records, following the arrest of the Crown Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, which is why, no doubt, I was denied them for numerous juries and court appeals ever since.

Police protected lying XX and thoroughly deceitful  Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University will both remain immune to even an outside police force  investigation yet alone prosecution while the CCRC also continue to cover it all up.

Lord Leveson et al, in RCJ March 2013 judgement, openly admitted that Their Lordships had no knowledge of  4th May 2012 jury request, in writing, to see these clerk of the court’s 1st Dec 2011 notes seen originally being written by both me, my murmurating McKenzie Friends in the public gallery, dolman’s representatives and those of NHS (Wales) senior management.


Remember, for the very little part of the proceedings I witnessed in the chaotic ten days of  ‘proceedings’,  I saw HMCTS area manager no less, LUIGI STRINATI, enter the court room and remove all movable seating to prevent my twenty or so supporters enter a public court.

Police and court protected Jeff Matthews even tape recorded the proceedings, if you would like a copy, albeit he did for other purposes, for the Chief Constable, David Vaughan

It all stinks, doesn’t it?


Example Four

This email from a senior Dolmans solicitor caused the Appellant to wonder just who drafted the 251 page judgement, in the first place, following questions and answers in the 21st January hearing, when he was told the draft version of typos corrections had been corrected and sent to him when in fact the police solicitors, it so turns out, had done nothing of the sort..

But it did not end there, far from it.

It took Dolmans a further seven days for the, ‘to be agreed between parties’ and /or with the trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, for the judgement to be sent to the Appellant.

The judgement’s remains, as it ever was, en route to the Royal Courts of Justice and Strasbourg and remains at ‘gross variance’ to his honest belief as to the  true facts identified of his near perpetual harassment by the South Wales Police. He happened to have been present at each of the thirty three police incidents unlike any one else.

The Appellant accepts the police harassment has left him fighting memory loss and other associated ailments but he still questions whether Dolmans will ever be made to disclose the whereabouts of such key players as Inspectors Rice, Trigg, CPS officer Stan Sofa and female clerks of Barry magistrates, Ms J Caress and Jones and retired Stipendiary, Ms Watson?, once of Dinas Powis.

Being considered a liar is just’ power for the course’ in any Welsh or Guernsey law court but look at the typos in the judgement…..minimal to my standard of ability but still not corrected.

The law, my son also tells me, does not fit the facts……. why was I not re arrested for using a ‘garrotte type’ instrument on His Majesty Prince of Wales farm and where is the interview tape promised by both WPC Griffiths, while holding it in her hand and in writing by a certain inspector to cover his posterior?

The unlawfully redacted 20th May 1993 custody tape, even referred to by the trial judge as a court exhibit and had I heard all that had went on in this week’s court following the prison having deliberately stolen my hearing aid, just as I was about to go before another court, I might have left with my friends just a little angry over the continuing cover up now, once again, reliant in Her Majesty’s prerogative.


Adrian Oliver.
14:12 (17 hours ago
to me, g-kurk

Dear Mr Kirk,

I refer to your document headed 27th Jan 2016 which purports to relate to “BD614519 etc.”

I have difficulty in understanding your imprecise references to stolen documents. As far as your queries relate beyond documentation then you will be aware of the recent appearance before the court where you have been provided with the opportunity to raise matters further with the Judge, who will consider whether any further matters are to be taken into account with regard to those matters already dealt with in the judgement.

Yours sincerely,

16 01 27 South Wales Police solicitors


Example Three

Machine Gun / MAPPA fabrication to delay Civil Redress

  1. HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC has indicated a jury may be allowed for it in Wales
  2. But it will never be allowed as its consequences are far too serious
  3. Previously stayed other Actions will therefore be dragged out for years
  4. Senior management for South Wales Police will now direct my imprisonment again to frustrate the progress of this machine gun malicious prosecution
  5. Criminal Cases Review Commission/IPCC (Wales) will be directed by the Secretary of State for Wales to continue to drag their feet concerning my fabricated 1st Dec 2011 harassment conviction requiring the arrest of prosecutor and police to confiscate the court exhibits
  6. As a rather tired Litigant in Person I offer/sell my Brittany house for a financial loan/sale towards much needed legal assistance to get at the court exhibits and CDs

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202


Example Two

Where is the ‘Approved’ Judgment?

So I have to write to the Defendant’s solicitors:

South Wales Police solicitors                                                               BS614519 etc


27th Jan 2016

Dear Sir/ Madam,                                                 

Maurice John Kirk v South Wales Police

                          Typos corrections of Drafted Copy of 25th Oct 15 Final Judgement

  1. This issue was raised in court on 21st January 2016 when SWP counsel told the court his client had already sent it to me and I confirmed I had likewise failed in the manoevre of exchange before final order was to be handed down.
  1. I now understand from my son that Dolmans had not sent one and were to send me a copy.
  1. I still have no copy from you.
  1. Which version will you send now?
  1. Important as my son notices incorrect facts in the draft judgement not just in the evidence in court exhibits or oral evidence but with whole sentences being factually incorrect.
  1. May I suggest you send me, therefore, copy of the exhibits, payment in advance, as for many years I have been denied access to the court building for their inspection as there seems to be no list of court exhibits as it had been, no doubt, the Claimant’s responsibility
  1. BUT I recall proving that court files had already been purloined following my complaint to His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, the leaking of internal letters from the same building to Whitehall and when police were assisting in HM Partnership to have me registered a vexatious litigant
  1. That particular evidence of particularly unusual conduct I personally served on the court back in or around 2003/4 before His Honour Judge Chambers QC
  1. Inspector Rice with other senior police officers seriously featured throughout nine years of unusual police conduct with the CPS on a daily basis.
  1. (2nd Action p5) Who was the officer i/c attending prosecutor Mr Stan Sofa’s arrest and where are both for summonses as they confiscated court and CPS files, before me, for reconstruction in your CPS office in Barry police station?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Example One:

As an example of the rot setting in, in our UK law courts, I also refer to my enclosed 6th January 2016 letter the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) who appear to continue to ignore the police’s nefarious activity by confiscating HM court data to obtain my past three years incarcerated in almost every Welsh prison simply to rot.


CCRC                                                                                               27th January 2016

Dear Sir/ Madam,

South Wales Police Confiscation of Court Records

Please confirm your receipt of my letter to you dated 6th January 2016.

  1. It referred to now proven altered HMCTS 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff magistrate court records between my summary conviction and 1st March 2012 Appeal.
  1. The conviction was for harassment of XX, the now sacked NHS (Wales) South Wales Police forensic psychiatrist and refers to his erroneous psychiatric report to have me incarcerated in Ashworth indefinitely.
  1. The official court records were altered as XX, his wife and Dr Thomas, all of Caswell clinic, were due to give different evidence meaning the need for new court exhibits. My witness was physically excluded from hearing.
  1. The original court records and exhibits were confiscated and altered by the South Wales Police as, apart from myself, the 4th May Cardiff Crown Court jury, before HHJ John Curran QC, had asked and been refused them.
  1. Without my knowledge the jury was told they were ‘unavailable’, following the judge having consulted with original prosecutor, a Mr David Gareth Evans.
  1. 4th May 2012 was 1st ‘Breach of Restraining Order’ conviction never served.
  1. I arrested this prosecutor and obtained evidence, in Bristol Crown Court, that I only received a draft ‘restraining order’ which is to be further confirmed by Geoamey Custody Services staff but only by your immediate assistance.
  1. Lord Leveson et al, at RCJ appeal, denied knowledge of the jury’s hand written note to the trial judge requesting sight of original records etc
  1. Despite employment of lawyers in both England and Wales ‘HM Partnership’ continue to protect its members by fighting to avoid this critical disclosure.
  1. I enclose lawyer obtained current version of 1st Dec 2011 magistrates records and my letter to him dated 15th June 2015, my 12th April 2011 summary letter to Royal Courts of Justice and ‘switched’ court exhibit with medical report.
  1. In the past five years I have been unable to find a single lawyer prepared to lodge a Judicial Review Application for disclosure of this non privileged data, a private prosecution, a police investigation, by using an outside police force anything substantive from my own Member of Parliament, Mr Alun Cairns.



Criminal Court of Appeal

12th April 2011

Regina v Maurice John Kirk
Hearing this morning

Dear Sir,

Should I be unable to attend today’s Appeal and their Lordships are minded to hear the case in my absence and not adjourn to obtain clarification from XX, as to my state of mind on the day of the alleged offence, please take in to account the following not already given in my 7th April 2011 submission or in the 11th April letter employing Dr Sheida Oraki as my Mackenzie Friend, explaining the serious need for medical clarification.

1. My anaesthetist wrote (enclosed) to His Honour Judge Cooke QC refusing to operate without medical clarification from XX.

2. My Barry, South Wales general practitioner wrote (enclosed) to HHJ Cooke QC requesting he order medical clarification as to my mental state from XX.

3. I appeared before HHJ Cooke QC with copy of those letters and clear evidence of brain damage from three XX medical reports, also served on the court and his 7th August 2009 report stating I was suffering from a paranoid delusional disorder due to persecution by the South Wales Police.

4. I was in court on heavy doses of mind enhancing drugs, for analgesia, that the learned judge must have been aware of.

5. HHJ Cooke QC, with all the extraordinary medical reports before him, should have considered whether I had the mental capacity on the day to be both competent and compellable to stand trial for Contempt of Court. No relevant medical examination was carried out.

6. Should this court allow my calling eye witnesses plus HHJ Cooke QC, refused by the previous judge, they will all confirm the learned judge refused to allow an apology to be made or an explanation of my mental state.

7. The same witnesses, including the police officer present, will all confirm the learned judge had already risen from his seat to leave the court before I lobbed, a few feet, the file of medical evidence onto the clerk’s desk.

8. Any such incident, it is the Appellant’s submission, could, at most, only have carried a ‘binding over’ Order no longer relevant.

9. The prisoner was not medically examined with the view as to whether a pleading of insanity or temporary insanity should be have been considered, before the trial judge, in the light of all the confusing medical documents in the possession of both the court and prisoner.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Posted on May 13, 2011by Sabine Kurjo McNeill

True to his style, Maurice plans to drop these leaflets off from an aeroplane…

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Human Rights Activist Norman Scarth writes Admirably to HMP CardiffIn “Human Rights Convention”

Victim turned Warrior and Chronic Litigant detained by Portsmouth Police to be handed over to South Wales Colleagues


Alun Cairns Esq MP

House of Commons


22nd January 2016


Dear Alun,

Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

In your County Court, yesterday, both my son and I witnessed the South Wales Police’s conduct, again, with little regard for either the law or the Vale of Glamorgan’s community.

Simply the identity of those present was enough for an indictable offence to be drafted.

Chief Constable’s solicitor’s, Mr Leyton Hill, the force solicitor and private firm, Dolmans of Cardiff, were both present with their usual entourage of barristers, solicitors and secretaries but for what purpose?

Your predecessors, Mr John Smith and Mr Walter Sweeney, were both aware of the 2009 police fabricated ‘machine gun’ case, to have me locked away indefinitely, if not shot, in order to cover up the nefarious conduct, over many years, of a handful of police senior management that has so much affected my health, family life and right to practice veterinary surgery.

I enclose some current documents as an insight as to what is going on.

In 1993 my Bristol lawyers contacted Mr Leyton Hill with warning that the Kirk family would not hesitate in prosecuting if this harassment did not stop. I had just been unlawfully gaoled in Cardiff prison as being ‘unidentifiable’.

The police incident involved a ‘garrotte type’ instrument  found in my motor cycle panniers that  led to a multifaceted conspiracy  attempting a ‘cover up’ right through your judiciary hoping, I now understand, to be granted, shortly, autonomy from the English tax payer.

Roll on the day.

Just who gave the authority to Mr Leyton Hill to pass on these early complaints to an unaccountable proxy agent contrary, possibly, to current legislation.

yours sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


PS. Enclosed is the Farnborough Show flown DH2 machine gun then police re painted to try and fool the 2010 Cardiff Crown Court jury…..

A great day out with Jacques, our three legged Jack Russell, rabbit shooting

The first thing the South Wales Chief Constable had to do, to prevent disclosure of police records of their conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, was to go through the sham of ‘legal advise’  from their force solicitor, private solicitor,Dolmans and Morgan Cole instructed by the equally notorious NHS (Wales) to have their adversary sectioned:


11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

Yesterday’s Cardiff County Court hearing was unusual in that it had earlier enforced a stay, six years ago, on my ‘machine gun’ damages claim caused, in the first place, by a further collapsed police malicious prosecution simply concocted to slow down the  first three of these eight Actions.

The then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, was determined to obtain for me a 10 year minimum prison sentence simply to prolong and frustrate her adversary an protect her pension.

Yesterday it was allowed to continue BUT only after the 4th Action with an estimated protracted 5 years to its conclusion.

Meanwhile during the past five years, mainly spent in a Welsh prison, the police managed to have my incarceration doubled in length without even the need for a court hearing.

How did the police manage this?

Their now sacked chief psychiatrist for Wales, who falsely helped Barbara to fabricate my elite MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration status in 2009 , a prestigious name tag for an occupant of Swansea prison, is now banished to New Zealand before he spills the beans.

That damages claim is now before the court including the HM Justice Department so we all know where that will end up!

No forensic psychiatrist could be found in Wales, last year, that was prepared to sit on my expected release parole board hearing despite the 50% remission release date having past.

So much for the Welsh screaming for their own police force!


160112 Claimants Position Statement Article 3 BS614519

160113 Defendant’s Position Statement BS614519 +

160115 Claimant Position Statement BS614159 etc

160117 Claimant Position Statement case no BS614519 etc

1686543 Particulars of Claim – 5th action – 9CF02983

Forensic Analysis Medical


MAPPA Executive Summary

160120 Claimant Position Statement BS614519 etc


Mr Leyton Hill, Force Solicitor

South Wales Police HQ

Bridgend22nd January 2016


Dear Sir,

The ‘Machine Gun Matter’ – In the Interests of the General Public


It was indeed a pleasure to meet you in court yesterday, after so much time, was it in 1993?

My Bristol solicitors assured me at the time, after both the Prince Charles and then Princess Diana incidents in Ely, Cardiff, leading to my imprisonment and theft and destruction of seven of my motor vehicles, that you would advise the then Chief Constable to settle ‘out of court’ but Dolmans thought otherwise, perhaps, having perceived a ‘gravy train’ stretched out for them right over the horizon.

Successive chief constables have continued a similar ‘course of conduct’ tantamount to the 1997 Act’s definition, being that of ‘harassment, simply because I had to be a litigant for compensation.

I now understand that XX was deliberately lied to by a Rodger Wood, a professor at Swansea University, when stating he was a ‘leading authority’ in brain damage and of brain scans.

Caswell clinic records of his information of me are retained as requested as neither your client or NHS (Wales) will disclose the emails relied upon in court by the then Crown Prosecutor, now His Honour Judge Richard Thomlow, to have me locked away to avoid the imminent ‘machine gun’ trial.

Professor Wood wrote on about 18th September 2009 that my significant brain damage was due to:

  1. Ditching in the Caribbean in my WW2 Piper Cub
  2. having flown to Australia in her without a map and
  3. having been a long term drinking partner of the actor, Mr Oliver Reed.

Professor Wood supplied this text to various forensic psychologists, one being a Dr Ruth Bagshaw of Caswell Clinic secure unit, motivated by the publicity for him, no doubt, over the machine gun/MAPPA/armed police helicopter raid on our family home  to ‘snatch’ our daughter, Genevieve.

His false account, following his interrogation of me not even under caution and in the presence of the head of department, was necessary as police knew neither he nor XX were appropriately qualified in the first place and this was noted in January 2013 County Court hearing.

The current trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, as you know, stated in my damages claim against these two individuals that it was not to be ‘struck out’ as neither liars were qualified to interpret the 30th Aug 09 brain cans taken, under duress, in your Princess of Wales hospital.

By 2nd Dec 2009 HHJ Bidder QC was confronted by Mr Walter Sweeney‘s acquired top brain scan specialist’s report ridiculing their joint conduct fabricated purely for either Ashworth or Broadmoor.

This litigation, upon my acquittal of all the ‘machine gun’ indictments, only followed because the NHS had refused to disclose that same medical data under your control and because XX and Professor Wood’s had also fabricated my September 2009 report to detain under s35 of 1983 Mental Health Act. All heard before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder in m y forced absence.

Fortunately a retired magistrate managed to obtain at least part of that heavily redacted transcript of that secret hearing before it was shredded following Dolman’s advice on these civil claims.


Dolmans extract of Peter Vaughan’s 13th January 2016 position statement

 Action Six – 1CF03361

This claim, which was issued in May 2011, relates to a number of separate incidents, including in particular the “machine gun matter”. The machine gun matter involves numerous allegations of unlawful conduct made against the South Wales Police. The Defendant has filed an Amended Defence. No disclosure or exchange of witness statements has taken place. The action was stayed by order of 12th July 2011, pending the determination of the first three actions. In light of the numerous allegations of misconduct, both in respect of the machine gun matter and the other incidents relied upon, the Defendant would contend that the sixth action should be considered after determination of the fourth action, which itself should be considered after 5 complete determination of the first three actions.

All criminal and civil litigation succeed or fall, when dealing with police malicious prosecutions, on whether there is disclosure of the facts and for how long one party or the other can string out the ‘due process’ or, in this case, Claimant’s unfettered access to court to prevent loss of key witnesses, loss of files and more important than any of the aforesaid, witness memory.

Will you disclose police data, identified in the first of three of my ten actions, during our trial, that Barbara Wilding has so denied on oath about as even having existed and so requiring her to then fabricate, for her pension, my Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Home Office FTAC, Barry police station MAPPA, NHS, ‘machine gun’ and family horrific experiences to destroy my state of mind?

Dealing with you, rather than with Dolmans I suspect, may be in the interests of the general public.

Yours Truly,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc




Dandpa Denis' offspring

Gerald Alexander and Pfeiferella

Caspar & Belinda

Charles and Belinda ready for Mountlands School Taunton

Genevieve 001 b+14c+15

Genevieve mid channel

Tottenham police station custody record

South Wales Police use XX and Professor’s fabricated NHS (Wales) medical reports to have me sectioned whilst my attempting to fly six Nigerian children back home, all called Musa, the Haringey court heard.


Criminal Cases Review Commission

22nd January 2016

Dear Manager,

I would be grateful for a reply to my 6th January 2016 letter to Ms Jenny Thomas



 In The Cardiff County Court                                                              BS614519 etc                                                               

Re Dec 2011 CCRC Application

Ms Jenny Thomas,

Criminal Cases Review Commission,

5 St Philips Place

Birmingham B3 2PW

6th January 2016


Dear Madam,

21st January 1016 Cardiff County Court Hearing

New Evidence Re Cardiff Magistrates Refusal to Disclose Court File


  1. Further to Barrister Leithley’s 30th July 2015 submissions, re my later applications to you, my solicitors have now beaten the court, after my four years of trying, for HMCTS to disclose more court records albeit that some are counterfeit, over written, altered or remarkably now ‘found’.
  1. You will see that a ‘court record’, originally sent to you in January2012 to copy, before my harassment appeal and jury trial’s conviction of supposed ‘breach of a restraining order’, said served on me on 1st Dec 2011 in the court cells, is depleted yet again making it now at least six occasions of alterations by the time it has sent to you by my barrister.
  1. It is unfortunate your predecessor had not given me copy in 2012 as I would have been released from prison within days.
  1. The following six HMCTS officers each have obtained different records by now when purported to be the original 1st Dec 2011‘magistrates file’.
  1. Cardiff court were aware of my 2011 Judicial Review Application from prison and that that specific record therein, eg clerk’s variations of his original ‘contemporaneous notes’/District Judge John Charles court orders, mid trial/record of what went on in the cells/switched and added CPS court exhibits, mid trial/police seized court exhibits to prevent their identity in the Cardiff Crown Court March 2013 3rd ‘breach ‘ jury trial, was all needed for it and yet records were ‘tampered with’ by the Cardiff cabal, again, in order to assist further non acquittals as they come along.
  1. HMCTS officers. so far implicated, include those of:


  1. Cardiff Magistrates from September 2011
  2. Cardiff County Court from same date
  • Cardiff’s Crown Prosecution from same if not before
  1. CCRC from January 2012 if not before
  2. Cardiff Crown Court from December 2011 onwards
  3. Bristol’s Crown Prosecution Service from May 2011
  • Especially clandestine Cardiff Crown Court hearing in 2014
  • My Cardiff barrister from 2015
  1. And now back again to CCRC in January 2016

It stinks, does it not?

  1. You will recall the ‘court file ‘came to you following my request for seizure even before the contemporaneous clerk of the court’s notes were further altered, as also happened with the official court log, as they were the ‘only’ court record of what actually occurred in those ten or so shambolic court hearings re breach of section 2 1997 Harassment Act ‘harassment of chief police psychiatrist for Wales.
  1. ‘Only’ also refers to their police acquired tape recordings of summary hearings by their official plant, Mr Jeffrey Matthews, achieved by the same court having ordered him to be my Mackenzie Friend and so get at my defences for subsequent jury trials and various Cardiff Crown Court appeals all, of course, directly related to my ongoing 23 year running damages cases against the Chief Constable of South Wales Police.
  1. Your Annex to regulations indicates you must now disclose a certified true copy of the January 2012 received court file containing clerk’s notes
  1. Geoamey Custodial Services refuse to disclose anything at all!
  1. South Wales Police, similarly, also refuse to disclose anything. Their relevant custody record, as I had been immediately ‘gate arrested’, whilst injured from being dragged out of the custody suite by five very angry custody staff, must have registered my complaint and identity along with whatever was or was not stuffed into my trouser pocket.
  1. Earlier three of the same five guards had witnessed the hand written ‘draft’ restraining order being refused when offered to me inside the cell before it was to be returned to court for correction and typing. That was the only copy and CPS ‘switched’ to fool the jury just as the Chief Constable ordered in the similarly concocted 2010 machine gun trial.
  1. All five must have seen the comical spectacle of a quivering clerk of the court, Michael Williams (now sacked), hiding in an empty cell for his personal safety having been told by police, CPS and now Geoamey (see court exhibit prisoner movement records) that I was a very ‘violent’ (but against sacked XX only) and likely to ‘try and escape’ as a rare MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered victim that traded in machine guns and ammunition in order to burn down various doctors’ houses.
  1. Court exhibits, submitted by the CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans and requested for by the 4th May 2012 Jury, are now seized by the South Wales Police. They were last seen in a farcical 1st March 2012 HHJ Hughes appeal hearing all witnessed by my faithful Mackenzie Friends.
  1. You will recall Lord Leverson et al, in March 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal judgment, indicated (paragraph 9 was it?) that there was no record of the jury having ever asked to see these records and ‘service in the cells’ and yet their jury ‘note’ explicitly requested just that.
  1. Remember Cardiff Crown Court deliberately refused to disclose that ‘jury note’ to me, the then Defendant as trial judge, HHJ John Curran QC, had already been shown the magistrate’s file by CPS barrister Evans, be being the original magistrates prosecutor in the Cardiff cabal’s plot.
  1. Under cross examination the cell custody officer, Leigh Barker, had just told the jury he had specifically had Mr Michael Williams’ assurance, while hiding in his cell, that there would be record kept of this ‘service’ where it happened, at what time and by whom.
  1. I now enclose extract of a contemporaneous note taken by a refused defence witness, one of many, who watched with amazement from the public gallery as the judge ‘directed’ the jury that such record of Lea Barker’s draft or final court order having been served was ‘not available’.
  1. The jury retired for a long time before returning to hear the judge’s directions and then deliver a 10 to 2 verdict. I have the names of the jury for you to contact as you may find the same story as I had from them in the pub after my ‘machine gun’ acquittal. One male juror was obviously a police ‘plant’ nine of the jury believed and had stated it was abundantly clear, after the first day of evidence, I was stitched up.
  1. The 2011 Cardiff magistrate’s harassment conviction also ended in panic causing the district judge to cut short the police pre-arranged maximum prison term meaning I was immediately offered release but had refused to go without a written account as to what had occurred in my absence.
  1. At 5pm a Geoamey officer attempted to stuff papers into my pocket not Barker, as the jury had been told, for he had left at 2.40pm as clearly recorded in his personal diary. Geoamey are about to defend a JR Applic.
  1. Neither police nor Geoamey will now disclose evidence of ‘service’, of course, as I had been severely assaulted in the cells, yet again, causing Barker to have to state on oath that it was he who had served the final restraining order at around 1pm when it was impossible for it to have even been typed. ‘Service’ of such court documents, as was usual, was anticipated to be conducted by HMP Cardiff on my release date
  1. I now enclose extract of a contemporaneous note taken by a refused defence witness, one of many, who watched with amazement as the judge ‘directed’ the jury that such record of a draft or final court order having been served on a prisoner was never written down if conducted in a prisoner’s cell by the then manager in charge.
  1. My attempt to produce court exhibits and documentary proof of their conspiracy from my rectum, as I was not allowed my pen or papers in cells or court, soon scuppered my chances of being told of the jury requests, which of my witnesses had attended and not, substance of the inevitable CPS applications when their cases fall apart as in both the machine gun and fabricated psychiatric ones using XX.
  1. I will identify which Mackenzie Friend wrote these notes to support my now privately obtained magistrates and Crown court tape recordings to show there has been an abuse of process and clear perversion of justice.
  1. I enclose a summary of a remarkably similar conducted Cardiff court hearing, to protect the police informant on 1st December 2011, a Mr Jeff Matthews, as he has been allowed to steel around £20,000 of my money as, no doubt, full but not quite yet final payment.
  1. You will note South Wales Police refused to intervene and Cardiff court, this very week, have again been nobbled to protect Matthews’ barrister, Trevis, from lying to a Judge Denyer QC and Mr Justice Newrey QC in Bristol’s High Court, by this over arching HM Partnership fanaticism you all so desperately hang onto to preserve your ‘white collar’ tax payer’s funded ‘gravy train’ that funds your pensions.
  1. This twenty odd years of Cardiff’s cabal conduct has cost me, so far, my health, wealth, over three years in prison and a marked deterioration of my ‘state of mind’ and not assisted, I must say, by your insistence that I only communicate with the CCRC via a lawyer.
  1. I have now trawled London, Bristol, Taunton, Birmingham and Cardiff for legal representation since I contacted the CCRC with little success.
  1. This real lack of independence in our UK’s legal profession, when the paid players are forced to contend with being ‘HM officers’, with its built guarantee to immunity to prosecution, must receive radical reform.
  1. Having to put up with our quite outdated and sometimes corrupt judicial system is one thing but if you are well paid for it, unlike a litigant in person not even allowed his costs when he wins, then it is quite ok.
  1. Could you possibly attend the Cardiff court or do I again have to go public on more sensitive material gathered over these 23 years of persecution in Wales that is about to be granted not just with its very own police force but also its own judiciary answerable to no one.
  1. Are you prepared to attend without a witness summons?


Yours sincerely

15 07 31 CCRC deadline submissionsForensic Analysis Medical


letter to helper


23rd January 2016

My family, today, following my unanswered 6th Jan 16 letter to CCRC, is again nagging me as to whether you intend confirming my complaint of this new evidence of still more theft of the official HMCTS records of my 1st Dec 2011 harassment conviction:

  1. will go to the CCRC immediately or better
  1. immediately an outside police force and
  1. will you be asking the CCRC to investigate the complete disappearance of the original police court exhibits used in both 1st Dec 2011 magistrates and 1st April 2012 Cardiff Crown Court hearings so urgently needed for ECHR/RCVS and His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC in the ongoing  BS614519 cases against the South Wales Police?

Remember, my sister, J Matthews and others all heard the Crown court office admit the police had already seized some of these court records, following the arrest of the Crown Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, which is why, no doubt, I was denied them for numerous juries and court appeals ever since.

Police protected lying XX and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University will remain immune to even investigation yet alone prosecution while this is not done.

Lord Leveson et al, in RCJ March 2013 judgement, openly admit they had no knowledge of  4th May 2012 jury request, in writing, to see these clerk of the court’s 1st Dec 2011 notes seen being written by both me and my murmurating McKenzie Friends in the public gallery

J Matthews even tape recorded the proceedings albeit for other purposes.

It all stinks, doesn’t it?



So we will ask the Defendant direct a few questions outstanding unanswered for so long

David Vaughan Esq.                                                                                                  BS614519 etc   The Chief Constable South Wales Police

24th January 2016


                                    Maurice John Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales

Dear Sir,

New Evidence by Simple Police Disclose

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, following the publication of an unusual judgment in the first three of ten Actions, has indicated I approach whoever has the new evidence and to disclose it.

I would therefore be grateful for confirmation and incident numbers of the following:

  1. Inspector Andrew Rice and/or another then sergeant attended Barry Magistrates  court, around 1st June 1998, following my arrest of prosecutor, Mr Sofa, for perversion of justice and in the presence of the clerk of the court who’s name and address is also required
  1. the name of the police officer who secured the CPS file from the prosecutor in my presence
  1. the name of the police officer who then refused to take my complaint of police misconduct
  1. I be supplied of both Mr Stan Sofa and Ms J Caress or other clerk of the court’s addresses required for court sworn affidavits

His Honour noted what appeared to have been Mr Rice’s collar number had been recorded as being one of the officers present but this fact has been denied by this same officer from the witness box

  1. Inspector Rice’s reasons, when the Barry custody officer, refused my release on bail?
  1. Inspector Rice, without my knowledge, ‘jumped up in the cab’ of Mr Michael Murphy’s recovery truck and took take away one of the veterinary practice’s vehicles to Penarth
  1. Inspector Trigg’s address for service for an affidavit for court he having been the central figure in my complaints re police harassment , see enclosed my May 1993 letter and 1993 ‘garrotte type instrument’ incident draft document for appeal
  1. Gerald Morris alias Thomas , of Barry, was arrested during our 2013 trial in the County Court  but retained in custody despite his having my witness summons served at his then  home address for his attendance over his witnessing part of the police removing my BMW motor bike’s number plate causing still further  delay in  its recovery to its rightful owner
  1. The whereabouts’ for service, of PC ‘Yosser’ Nigel Hughes police motor cyclist who can identify those in the incident and why the police removed the number plate
  1. Mark Davenport, in 2013, caused twelve police officer’s to attend 175 Cowbridge Road Ely following his eviction and alleged assault on the Bristol County Court Bailiff subsequent to a complaint surrounding an alleged fraud to cause an investigation requiring police attendance at that same address  for my arrest and many months in prison with no apparent intention of the police ever intending to proceed
  1. The whereabouts for service of the then PC or Sergeant  Crutcher, on 20th May 1993, who unlawfully arrested me with probationer PC Thomas, on a section of 1984 PACE, when both have now admitted to His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC  I had not even been asked for my name, address or driving documents
  1. why, on seven occasions, have I been stopped by your police only to be ordered to produce my driving documents which I refuse, each time, has not led to a single prosecution?
  1. Why was I not re- arrested but put in Cardiff prison, instead, for it for my being in possession of a ‘garrotte type instrument’ just used on His Majesty’s farm and purportedly still all covered in blood?
  1. Did the Crown Prosecution Service have my identity before or after I attended court on 21st May 1993?

Enclosed with this email will be the relevant rough drafts destined for the Royal Courts of Justice

  1. Are you prepared to’ settle out of court’ for the machine gun matter concerning the unlawful MAPPA registration of your victim by using a blackmailed XX to obtain my sectioning under the 1983 Mental Health Act?
  1. In the light of widespread acts of malfeasance amongst your officers, now disclosed following their further cross examination, are you now prepared to ‘settle out of court’ for the remainder of the outstanding actions currently being blocked by His Honour presumably for that very purpose?


Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

So who is lying?


Action 1 claim 8.13 stolen motorcycle not returned.Action 1 claim 8.6, DDD 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.

Action 1 claim 8.6, DDD 20 May 1993 arrest at Grand Avenue Cardiff.



About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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11 Responses to Malfeasance in a Public Office?

  1. Tony Butler says:

    I hate to say this, but you cannot defeat corruption in public office using the politicians who employ them.
    You are the victim of a crime and therefore have an unassailable right to summon those who wronged you to a Common Law court of law.
    Why not take your case to the Nottingham Grand Jury?


  2. Guerllia Ape says:

    THIS IS DATED 20 JAN 2016 – so as current as it gets:

    Another case study – showing the sneaky way a copper drops into an apparent different communique some bait for the journo to seize upon – that of a live high profile case of banging a woman’s head, but I must say I’m amazed knowing tabloid journos that they hadn’t shown more interest in the purile sex story; some credibility then:


  3. Guerllia Ape says:

    Launching the consultation today at a symposium at King’s College London, Professor David Ormerod QC, Law Commissioner for criminal law, said: “It is vital that the public have confidence in their public officials and in the legal framework that sets the boundaries of their conduct. But recent high-profile investigations and prosecutions of misconduct in public office have brought the problems with this offence into sharp, public focus.

    “Our objective is to decide whether the existing offence of misconduct in public office should be abolished, retained, restated or amended.



  4. Guerllia Ape says:

    What happened to my 2 previous posts? Did exactly same procedure but they have not materialized!

    OK in brief – as per above – Law Commision announced with spectaluar timing on Wednesday that they are to hold an inquiry in to MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE, an indictable offence.

    Top bod Prof Omerod himself at the helm, I wonder if they can draw Ashworth out of retirment too (lawyers never truly retire, though we wish they’d fade away :-))….. ooh I fel a sumission coming on.

    Some case studies of this widspread scourge:

    Here’s a specific case which illustrates the crafty lengths a copper will goto in order to subvert his office and impugn the rule of law. How disuguises the true purpose with purile sex stories, which surpringly even the tabloid journos managed to see through to a high profile case which dominated the media for quite some time. What the story doe s not dwell on is how the corrupt system went on to subvert justice, in particular the jury, and have the in flagrante comviction quashed as the bent legal machinery bled ample fees from the public purse to let this thug back in and keep us upstarts down.

    Look to the thug in the G20 Tomlinson case and how history is likely to be repeated.

    The law should be there to protect the public not this new aristocracy of those untouchable and accountable.

    The Criminal Justice System is not a justice system, its primary currency is popularity, it is a popularity contest, they might as well get Ant n Dec to preside over it. Otherwise why else does a cold blooded killer like Sarah Sands get away with murder, even doing the cardinal sin of taking justice into own hands so mooted, subjugated to the hysteria pervading the media culture. it the chap had been a “terrorist” too maybe she would have got a medal. Why else does a cold blooded killer Marine Blackman, or recidivist firearms offender SAS Sgt Nightingale , get little to no puinishment for cynical exploitative crimes and in the case of Danny Nightingale he even tries to shift blame to a fellow SAS trooper, that alone worthy of a spell in the glass-house. Why but for an ignoratn populace and an even more ignorant press corps that miss or distort the facts in lieu of some jingoistic fantasy… oooh he’s in the SAS so he has to be innocent. Would OJ Simpon have got off if he hadn’t been so popular, or Pistorius? Pistorius is a good example, unlike the 2 cases above held in (quasi) secret on an army base the world got to see the farce in Pretoria, and unlike in OJ’s case had access to tinternet and the unpopularity of the initial decision meant the legal profession had to rectify it; he has still got away with it (hell he’s free at this moment) but the intellectual argument has been won.

    Well MJK is v unpopular, the powers that be really don’t like him; it used to be that eccentricity was a cherished British attribute as Cpt Carruthers and Mr Chumley Heath Robinson Esq would be doing something obscure such as climbing the Eiger or Everest with a a full dinner arrangement in order to sup on the South Coll, or decide the make a battleship out of matchsticks to defy the Bosh; or lock one selves away and take 20yrs to write a book (Origin of Species) and some such ostensibly fruitless endeavour which invariably MJK may well be attempting some contempraneous facsimile.

    The pressure to conform is unbearble, stifling, only yesterday some poor chap, acquitted in Crown Ct last year, was subjected to double jeopardy intrusion by the Police as they secured a Sex Notice Order against him, that he must now provide THEM with 24hrs notice before HE WIILL be having sex, and is to defy data protection laws and provide all the details of the lucky lady to THEM, and her whereabouts!!!!!! I have no idea the circumstances should he fail to perform or the lady take umbrage from the fact he had informed them of her intimate details, will the police delete the information or retain it like DNA & fingerprints of innocent people?

    MJK will not conform but our timid corporate media again seem only interested inthe conformist agenda, because it is nice and profitable. Would Shaker Aamer be out of Guantanamo had he not become a cause celebre? Or look at the smear campaign orchestrated against the parents of Aysha King by the Police, which in turn allowed them to subvert the rule of law and the legitimate use of the Europen Arrest Warrant perverted into a tool of oppression, and OUTSIDE OUR (& the police’s) JURISDICTION! Cultivating the image of impropriety the Police turned those parents in to villains through the media, imagine what would have had happened had they been able to physically lay hands on them and little Aysha? They wouldn’t have seen him again…. and neither would we as he vanishes into the purgatory of the Family Courts system and it’s Houdini inspired practices. What now though, now that the public have been allowed to obtain the truth and that Aysha’s family are minor celebrities, the Police wouldn’t dare touch them.

    MJK once had the ear of the press, but they have been threatened and cowed by shall we say “dark forces” in the shadows. Often what happens is a member of the press may actually attend a preliminary hearing in one of the HUNDREDS (possibly even towards a thousand) of cases brought against him, only to be spotted and then lent on not to attend further.

    It happened in the machine gun case, a case of constitutional relevance, the Daily Mail published on day 1, but absolute privilege was engaged and the important aspects of the trial like the jury’s verdict at first instance being refused by the judge, or a female police officer was replaced in court by a male officer on the stand giving evidnce under oath (behind a screen as if this burly welsh rugby playing plod was as vulnerable as an abused child – the law which was used to protect his identity), and many another extraordinary occurence that demand airing and analysis by the Fourth Estate, that vital limb of any true democracy. How could any newspaper pass up the story of a jury so horrifed at what they witnessed that they sought out and took the defendant out for dinner after the case, it would be the talk of the town, and Westminster?

    The last time such a thing happened was in the build up to Iraq War and the so called Ricin plot which Blair had the Police, CPS and CJS fabricate in order to have a trial at the Old Bailey and then furnish this ostensibly genuine terrorist act, this genuine trial held in a court even Americans have heard of, many venerate, furnish it upon Secretary of State Colin Powell to cite it as justifciation for war in the hallowed chamber of the United Nations. There never was such a plot, not even Ricin, and the jury were so appalled at the time some risked prison themsleves by going public about the trial they had attended.

    That the CJS can be subverted in such a way and for such a purpose, the awkward matter of this pesky aging scruffian MJK is hardly going to trouble them is it?

    Or is it?

    ” The search for the notorious London Monster – who had slashed and stabbed women in vicious, unprovoked attacks, thus striking fear throughout the capital – was apparently over.

    Corrupt and inept police, under intense pressure to find a man, had done just that.
    It didn’t matter that two honourable witnesses could testify that he had been with them ….. All that mattered was that the baying crowd were about to get their blood. ”

    Unlike this fellow MJK has always had to face the onslaught without the likes of William Garrow to defend him, indeed no lawyer of any kind just the occasional waif & stray, sometimes literally picked up off the street, to try and assist him from life sentence.


  5. Some excellent Comments, especially from Guerillia Ape, about the ‘serendipity’ of Law Commissioner Professor David Ormerod’s concern about the Common Law offence of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’: “Our objective is to decide whether the existing offence of misconduct in public office should be abolished, retained, restated or amended.”.
    It should certainly be retained, but, more importantly, it should be USED!
    If all such cases were prosecuted, the crime figures would go sky high, The prison population has doubled from the time that mass murderer & war criminal Fony Blair came to power. Trouble is, the wrong people are in them!.




    – Her indoors


  7. Rhiddian Parker says:

    Please read the complaint I have sent off to the IPCC …

    On 22 January 2016 at 11:56, Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police wrote:

    > mauricekirky posted: “Alun Cairns Esq MP House of Commons Westminster 22nd > January 2016 Dear Alun, Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police In your County > Court, yesterday, both my son and I witnessed the South Wales Police’s > conduct, again, with little regard for eithe” >


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