Peter Hofschroer Unlawful Arrest Update 2

Maurice is listed as one of the whistleblowers who gets the ‘whistleblower treatment’ rather than a fair trial and ‘justice’…

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Information is coming in fast so this is a fresh second post, in which I will add and correct the last post as needed, but I will leave the original intact for the future.

It is believed that Peter Hofschroer has been set up with false charges, to stop him carrying on with his private criminal court case against his mothers abductors, and to draw attention from the real criminals who abducted his mother and who are intertwined with those who frustrated justice by hiding Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconellis crimes.

Peter Hofschroer is supported by people who have a long history of anti child abuse campaigning and childrens rights campaigning, and do not believe the fabricated charges against him are in any way true.

North Yorkshire Police refused for 3 days to even confirm if Peter was alive or dead. He has been kept out of contact with everyone…

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3 Responses to Peter Hofschroer Unlawful Arrest Update 2

  1. willow says:

    Nyp set peter hofschrier up many others too
    !new world order doh involved hmic francis qc midstaff set up no criminal liability Professor liam Donaldson responsible for deaths poisoning drugging people.malevolent persecution.
    Link yorkshire obey no law torture abuse and murder.


  2. willow says:

    Yorkshire most dangerous place in
    britain mob rule turn up unlawfully
    section and drug murder crim e unrecorded
    doh ms may cover up ms may ignored
    1.000s deaths nhs /abuse neglect safeguarding not may and the
    PM Cameron behind this.


  3. willow says:

    Peter hofscroer needs urgent help
    a lawyer and psychiatrist frmo a broad
    inter terroisim and coercive mind control no doubt drugged up! Celebs polutical bono peter gabriel pink ect russell brand pm cameron theresa may behind it.


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