#MauriceKirk in mortal danger in #HMPBristol – labelled #SexOffender – the ultimate weapon???

Maurice’s sister writes: Just had phone call from M. The prison authorities are being made to get him to sign a piece of paper to do with sex and children etc. This has been produced from within  BARRY POLICE STATION so that M will be killed within this Bristol Prison because they do not realise that the evidence is false (they have not seen the evidence of Welsh Justice). Apparently the Cardiff Prison understand that no way is M a child sex offender. He expects to be moved to the ‘special wing’ where he will have no contact with other prisoners and will remain at the mercy of the prison staff.

He was denied his court hearing on Friday because he complained about being ‘set upon’ on two separate  occasions by first, GeoAmy and then Bristol Prison Staff. They connived to stop him journeying to Cardiff for his Family Court Appeal. A prison officer was dozy enough to come into his cell and read out his complaint form and the response from the senior handler. He had written…‘we cannot process this form because we cannot read it’ but that dozy officer could!

Publicity is paramount if M is going to leave the prison other than in a pine box.

PLEASE sign and share our petition: https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-please-release-maurice-j-kirk-bvsc-from-hmp-bristol-where-he-is-in-mortal-danger

Latest call started with a description of his recent suffering . He is in a chair with wheels, the type porters in hospitals use to wheel patients about. He is not able to propel himself.

He was taken to his bathroom area where he was left for 7 hours. He ran a bath and called for help to get in by ringing the bell (which I think rings until it is attended to) He ran the water , let it go cold and filled again seven baths in all. NO-ONE came.

5 officers arrived at 9 o’clock at night and moved him back to his cell. The last bath was filling but not one of them switched off the water. It flooded the bathroom and his cell where his files were arranged in boxes on the floor. He did his best to save them but many will need careful prising apart and drying out. Of course they took no notice of his bell that time either. As revenge they have made sure that :

he has had no medication yesterday nor today .
No hot water in a flask to make tea today,
no breakfast,
no lunch.
no photocopying

He believes the TV will be removed , a luxury that arrived on Thursday when the log jam of no mail etc was eased.

He did get a response from one assault DIRF form dated 1st December. No police did come in to investigate assault complaint. At least he was still alive to make the call out.

Another supporter writes:

I understand that the current plan of South Wales Police is to apply for IPP, on the grounds of Public Protection. On the basis of the conviction of assault against the prison officer they will say that Maurice is a danger to the public and will on the basis of his previous convictions seek an Interterminate Public Protection Order which will mean he can be kept in prison for ever and never be released. He is already of level 3 mappa which is reserved for the most serious of terroists.


Be careful to watch for anything to do with MAPPA/ child protection/ or IPP.

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