White Lives Matter



Think twice before criticising the Colston verdict

Edward HenryFriday January 07 2022, 12.01am, The Times

Juries have the power to put justice before the law, a power they have exercised for hundreds of years. Authoritarian governments have always hated them for this, and the acquittals of the Colston four have, predictably, precipitated an avalanche of adverse comment.

Much of the parliamentary blasting of the verdict involves dire predictions from Conservative MPs that our heritage, far and wide, has been put at risk by this dangerous precedent. From the tenor of outrage directed at the jurors’ decision one might even imagine that resurrecting the star chamber is a distinct possibility, in preference to that awkward squad of twelve credulous individuals, the jury.

The Leader of The House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, not known for his modernity, must have delighted his legions of friends

The days of the UK jury system is sadly drawing to a close.

I was at the release of some ill informed vandals in Bristol Crown Court, this week, charged with an uncomplicated act of premeditated ‘criminal damage’ contrary to the 1972 Act. They had pulled down Edward Colston’s statue, a symbol of naughtiness like Hitler, that needs to be never forgotten.

Which leads my comment, into rebuttal from today’s anon comment, straight into the state of our democracy at MP level…….


I enclose supporting documents for long awaited matters to be resolved by the appropriate court, yours or the RCJ

1, My costs incurred relating to a bone idle MP who still refuses to respond to any of my emails, despite court intervention, concerning a robbery for my legal papers by G4S on behalf  of the South Wales Police.
2,. My costs incurred by the South Wales Police falsifying data about me to the Devon and Cornwall police to cause arrest and car confiscation over a knife.
3.My application to have my Restraining Order varied/quashed re T20200177 re MP

a) CPS admit only two of my letters reached the MP a year apart and the first was sent by Cardiff prison not by me

b) My two visits to the area Conservative Party, as a member and speaking to one member of staff only, were about 2/3 months apart when my message was not correctly passed onto the MP.

c) Now, it appears, the Speaker of the House also refuses to allocate to me with an alternative MP to address my grievance of the theft. 

In law, I humbly suggest, none of that described above is contrary to the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act even with the wildest of imagination!

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

I was told I could only communicate with an MP by email and no other way!

The idle MP not only has ignored my complaint by email, of being robbed by G4S personnel at HMP Parc to steel my legal papers against the South Wales Police over their 120 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions but the MP has put it about that the statutory procedure for my being designated another MP has been blocked by the PM, The Speaker of the House to even my own Conservative Party HQ!

So any of you out there thinking the appalling Bristol Crown Court verdict is just another ‘drop in a tea cup’ wise up, wake up, our basic rights for freedom of speech, for example, is just one more step to abolition for the New World Order dominated by freemason devil worship.

Having witnessed and the victim of so many so called unbiased juries in my day, in Guernsey, England and Wales, I can assure the general public they so often get the verdict wrong. They get it wrong due to lack of understanding of either the facts in the case or now taken in by the rampant innuendo when the prosecution ‘play ‘ the politics card.

This Bristol incident again reminds me of Cardiff Courts, in 2009, when I had won 89 % of some 126 South Wales Police criminal allegations, fictitious, fabricated or otherwise, in order to have my name removed from the veterinary register. I needed to fight as no one obtains justice any more in a perverse British court system without a huge amount of cash to pay the completely fabricated legal bills as nothing is properly ‘taxed’ at source any more by our self serving antiquated British legal system that should be abolished along with the wickedly designed National Health system also promoting uncontrollable deceit.

The ‘Gulag card’, therefore, was dealt to me by the Welsh authorities by blackmailing the sacked and now ‘deported’ to New Zealand’ Caswell Clinic forensic psychiatrist, Dr T W, to falsify my medical report, anything to block my imminent jury trial for alleged ‘trading in machine guns’ I was bound to win.

The doctor in my forced absence, locked in a cell under the court without even a lawyer or my legal papers (except those shoved up my arse), had told the 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court I was ‘not fit’ to stand and defend my trial due to ‘irreversible brain damage’ and registered MAPPA level 3, one of the 5% most dangerous roaming our streets. He was not even medically qualified to write his 19th November 2009 medical report to support his application asking I be sectioned to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for life.

With the advent of the ever damaging social media and breakdown of of the family unit, during the informative years for children being at the height of their thirst for knowledge, the future remains grim.

All we have left is the three sitting lay magistrates. at summary level, to restore some sanity to our community but when did you last see all three sitting there?

In my life time I have watched the English standards in our law courts , once much referred and exported around the world, slowly being eroded to what I just witnessed in Bristol Crown Court. The re-action by the misinformed present in the street, deliberately blocking the traffic due to the police present ordered not to intervene, was quite disgusting spectacle to watch.

Another sample of wanton vandalism going unpunished
Misguided, blinkered or is the lady I listened to, following her acquittal for ‘criminal damage’, on to something that needs further informed discussion before my country slips further down to a cesspit of deceitful administrators?

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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17 Responses to White Lives Matter

  1. butlincat says:

    I love NOT the way the actions of the monsters Colston and the bstd Hitler are described as “naughtiness” in this diatribe Tell that to the thousands upon thousands of victims who were persecuted so badly before being callously murdered for no reason. “Nautiness” my ass!


  2. Anonymous says:

    the truth as well about the evil pigs and boys club of judges
    when women they unlawfully evict with
    pakistani men
    the bastards devalued women

    when those women buy their own homes
    the evil rapist bastards in
    the police targeted those lone women the jealousy as kicking down
    their doors
    the violent men who
    did sarah everad said we want money off you and dont
    want women in safe home the jealousy as the boys club forced women naked
    and kick doors down
    as said the judges want money and
    to force you onto the streets

    the jealousy as the police said the boys
    who did sarah everad are jealous of her
    home and kick
    doors down as the dirty pigs want women with front doors open so the dirty daddys can rape for convictions

    the police and judges are only happy
    when men
    are abusing women shes bought her own home
    and the boys club in the justice system are jealous as they wanted
    her with pakistani men as the dirty daddys said shes too ugly and unemployable and the dirty inspector and her daughter said
    lets rape
    her its justice the jealousy as
    the police said its only justice when they hurt women the jealousy as the police gloat they kick
    down doors and snap her bones the evil of me
    and the evil of judges

    the jealousy as since 2009
    the police and judges wanted to murder her for
    the jealousy that the inspector and the evil force have for her as her own father wnated to murder her all the daddy’s wanted a go at her dirty men jealous as she bought a house the bastards kick
    the door and make it dirty for her as they enjoy the spite and the malice
    of evil bastards who raped her for convictions the evil of rapist bastards


    • Anonymous says:

      the jealousy as the grovelling pigs said
      the judges want steak
      for their dinner

      dirty daddys said target the lone woman kick
      down her door the bastards who raped her for a conviction in 2009
      want money off her the hard nosed inspector and the boys club jealous of her

      evil daddys jealousy of her the jealousy her father had and her landlords daddy as the men of the justice system said their goal is to make women hang the evil of dysfunctional dirty daddys

      remember the men who kicked down
      the front door of lone women those are the men who want to make womens homes
      insecure for women to be easier raped those are the
      men of swp that want to make women feel in their new homes they are never safe from
      the men kicking down doors to get revenge on women they hate

      those men of swp are the men who kick down door and snap womens bones who talk of justice dirty disgusting rapist bastards


    • Anonymous says:

      the men of swp said we help women the patronising boys club and the daughter of the inspector saying they help
      others by abusing women

      the jealousy as they resented her new home the same as the daughter of the dirty inspector resented her bike

      the plan was to make her life he’ll under swp kick down the front door to her new home and snap her right arm
      for justice the evil bastards as the police said the hate they have for her is into her bones like a cancer the gloating as like a cheshire cat the pigs were delighted when
      they kicked down her front door the dirty patriarchy as
      they want her naked for dirty judges to abuse

      the police said they want money out of her like the inspectors daughter wants thieves who take off others like burgulars kick down doors to make lone womens homes insecure that is evil lying pigs that tapw


  3. Anonymous says:

    the patriarchy said the police want
    to rape her for convictions a man from slough and her landlord are experts

    the jealousy as the police said the gang of rapists have their eyes
    on women they want to murder for convictions

    the jealousy as the police said the inspector and her daughter and the pakistani from slough are more important than her

    the jealousy as the inspector said because she’s got mental health problems the police said she’s being raped by men in

    the jealousy of pakistani bastards and the rape gangs

    as the pakistanis recruited a revolting inspectors daughter to help them
    kidnap and rape women for the justice she wants


  4. Anonymous says:

    like a wlld dirty disgusting pig the daughter was
    a gloating rapist

    like a man the daughter said she doesn’t consent but like a man the daughter is a rapist and
    the police said shes like a rapist pakistani the
    daddy and his daughter said force women naked and do the dirty as shes like a man that kidnapped and raped the jealousy of females who use power to rape other women

    the jealousy as the
    daddy and his daughter and
    pakistani are like a rape gang the gloating as the inspector said
    lets rape them
    its daddy power the evil of the daddys who hated


  5. Anonymous says:

    wow the rapists in power made me into a
    criminal as i complained 260 times of being forced naked

    like i care what those dirty filthy disgusting lying judges and judas daughter of an evil pig thinks


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