South Wales Police Machinegun Conspiracy Judgment

Evil Welsh Authority Bstds

The Cardiff County Court judge’s trial judgment of the South Wales Police’s, thought to be their last ‘throw of the dice’ to have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and gaoled in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital indefinitely, will be ‘handed down; at 10.30am in the Cardiff civil justice Centre

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I invite my website readers, from around the world,  to study this most ‘unusual judgment and highlight the apparent errors and obviously deliberate omissions, admitted, for the appeal court shortly.    Thankyou —my Tel 07708586202

Acquittal costs re Exeter Crown Court today Judge Evans begrudgingly said could be as much as £50 for last week’s  ‘found not guilty’ in  ‘Found on M5 with a knife in a public case’. Wow!!! What on earth  can I do with all that cash????

The South Wales Policeman’s helmet, incidentally,  was carried in the back of my WW2 Piper cub to somewhere in Ethiopia, enroute to South Africa, specifically to highlight the wickedness of top South Wales Police personnel in Gold Group, instructed by Barbara Wilding, to scupper my million pound  BS614159 civil claim from 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions.

Breton cottage, orchard and tennis court. one hour from Portsmouth ferry, for only £100,000

The bulk of yesterday’s grossly inaccurate Judge Pettts judgment was already predicted as it had been written years ago when Dolmans, only interested in the money, money, money refused to consider any mediation contrary to European law.

When did a Cardiff court ever allow ‘the rule of law’ get in the way of their overall agenda to protect lucrative police pensions despite having been proved a bunch of liars so many times?

All this was predicted 20 years ago as the level of Gold Group deceit, administering a harmless individual like me as a MAPPA level 3 top 5%most dangerous, had percolated higher.

His Honour Judge Petts appears to have ignored my N244 application form, to consider the remarkable damming new evidence, from cross examination by my barrister, Mr David Leathley,

The last judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn, when adjudicating over thirty odd  previous failed malicious criminal prosecutions,  found only three in my favour despite the thirty odd acquittals needing no legal representation! He also deliberately delayed my attempts to appeal his gibberish judgment to HM Court of Appeal by sixteen months by refusing to having it simply ‘sealed’.

It took me three visits to London’s Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice to finally get this most senior civil judge in the welsh court system to begrudgingly ‘stamp’ his seal on his own fairy tale judgment on the last day before his retirement.

At about that time I had identified 123 criminal allegations that had been brought against me, by the bullying welsh police, with my 89% success rate. The remainder of the allegations were used for a bus load of welsh coppers to travel to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, in 2002, to successfully have my name removed from the veterinary register for life.

That leaves me with about ten outstanding failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought by the Welsh police, also all remarkably only from the Cardiff and Barry area, to be put before a civil court for appropriate financial compensation.

His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers, back in the 90s I think it was,  had granted me a jury in the BS614159 civil claim, for a shortened list of incidents under deliberation but this was quickly overturned in the Swansea county court – oh, surprise, surprise!

My moving back to Taunton, England and to a climate of ‘veracity’ and and a sense of ‘fair play’, it not vey long before the police were again harassing me, It turned out to be by the South Wales Police, again, having maliciously fabricated  fictitious criminal prosecutions such as ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’ and ‘narcotics’!

The South Wales Police went further before the Oct 2019 HM Parole Board meeting advocating I was violent and a serious ‘risk’ to society but why or what for they could not explain!

With HM Parole Board’s futile attempt to get both my parole officer and police liaison officer prison guard to explain their reports, that I was very dangerous and a serious risk to the general public if released, was witnessed by my retired magistrate sister, Celia Jeune.

Neither of the welsh gentlemen would answer the Chairman of the Board’s question.

In a final act of welsh brutality eight HMP Parc G4S prison staff were responsible for violently ejecting me from my cell, on 1st November 2019, while my hands were both unnecessarily handcuffed behind my back.

Why, in order to steal both my three years of medical records, including those of the sacked and now ‘deported’ to New Zealand’ Caswell Clinic inappropriately qualified forensic psychiatrist now so desperately needed by my GP and specialists at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Also stolen, of course, were my BS614159 appeal papers and 1CF03361 ‘trading in machineguns; police conspiracy legal papers with the former civil action, still ongoing, taking a decade to reach a ‘compensation. hearing and today’s  ‘machinegun’ hearing a mere twelve. and that is before I start the appeal. tomorrow at the Royal Courts of Justice.

£39,000 Breton house with carp lake

Why, oh why, cannot the welsh authorities put aside this common theme of their spite?

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. Sheriff of Nottingham says:

    What’s the cottage about Maurice?


    • Maurice Kirk says:

      I go to Francec tomorrow to weed the garden…..I have a spare seat for Brittany….anyone interested in two houses one hour from St malo portsmouth ferry?


  2. carnabwth1 says:

    Is that the Restraining Order that was never served?
    Is this the RO that was scribbled between a band of Brothers in the theatre of the Court and never handed down?


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