Police Operation ‘Orchid’ to Snatch our Genevieve

Tomorrow morning in the machine gun case the QC for the South Wales Police will have ‘arranged’ that no more damaging evidence comes from his remaining witnesses

He will be allowed to oppose an adjournment for PC Brown and Foxy to give vital evidence on how my replica gun was hawked around the UK for over 2000 miles trying to get someone to certify it as a prohibited weapon when, already, RAF, Nottingham police and Chepstow Forensic Services certified the pieces of iron ware as scrap iron!

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Further to my text earlier today, asking for vast amounts of police deliberately failed relevant data to AGAIN be applied for in court tomorrow,  I am still unclear as to why ‘relief of sanctions’ blocked by judge Keiser et al now prevents any of this new incredible evidence heard this week not trigger more disclosure under CPR?

The remarkable level of deceit by senior South Wales Police officers must trigger the obvious disclosure behind the reasons for such an unusual and extreme level of malice by Barbara Wilding and others , too many to mention here.

Where is, for example, 21st June 2009 police ‘Operation Orchid’ disclosed data as it is not mentioned in any of the court files other than by me?

Where are, for example, the senior police written orders for staff to carry out the criminal conspiracy, when meticulously recorded in personal police pocket note books and typed in MAPPA , OASys, PII, MG6C, Gold, Silver and Bronze officially kept Home Offices records.

I never needed any civil claims like this or BS614159 and ten others for compensation had these records been originally disclosed.

AND what about the hidden police investigation over the February 2009 fabricated Adrian Oliver (Dolmans) deliberately falsifed Chief Constable affidavit that sparked my eight months incarceration???

Operation Orchid , you will remember, was when police raided our home with armed helicopter and 20 plus many armed police streaming out of the undergrowth and with marked police cars all briefed to have our ten year old daughter, Genevieve, snatched by Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff Social Services and for me to be shot, lining up outside our front gate with firearms.

The English police forensic data is currently withheld with key officer Brown allegedly now ill as ARH1 was examined by them BEFORE the welsh ‘got their dirty paws’ all over it to squirreled it away for days to Chepstow FSS for you know what!

 ‘Foxy’ must also give evidence, as ordered, with voice copy and transcript of her telephone conversations with my both then wife and me when pretending to buy a prohibited weapon Same for alleged Foxy voice heard in court this week.

Both Kirstie and Genevieve had  ringside seats on the 21st June 09 raid, Operation Orchid


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