A Deliberate Attempt to Pervert the Course of Justice

The ‘found with kitchen knife on M5 Motorway’ 3rd Sept 2021 Exeter Crown Court hearing is likely to be blocked now to protect whoever deliberately destroyed the body cam footage of the incident recorded by the arresting bully, police officer 16878 Svetlik

I note that they claim that the footage was not saved and was deleted.  They seem to argue that it is unimportant and water off a duck’s back.  This is not the case.

Police do not give any further reasons.  However, there has to now be answers as to why it was deleted, who deleted it and when and on whose instructions?

The D&C Police knew that this was proceeding to prosecution, and it is also odd that the footage was not sent to the CPS initially for them to make a charging decision.

Why was it held back? 

Therefore, this case has now become a serious abuse of process and the D&C Police have manipulated the prosecution process and as the footage has been deleted, a central plank of your defence is now denied which means that you cannot have a fair trial in breach of article 6 ECHR.

I think I may amend my Defence Statement to make these points or do I keep this back if the South Wales Police input is denied?

Whatever happens this a matter for my Taunton MP

CPS has Problems

Just as in South Wales

EXTRACT from my proposed letter to CPS today

  1. Further to your 2nd letter of the 27th of August 2021, identifying the fact that the police have destroyed the contemporaneous records, the bodycam footage of the 2nd June 2021, so then just who ordered the record to be destroyed, when and why?
  • When I was accused of being in breach of a section 139, being found in possession of a bladed article, I asked again in the police station so,please. where is the record of that?
  • Upon being charged I again asked for copy of the body Cam record so where is that? At the magistrates I specifically asked for the body Cam record and there was an indication I would.
  • The police destroyed vital evidence in order to pervert the course of justice in order to cover up the arresting officer’s receipt of South Wales Police malicious data so, where is that data?
  • I wish to have disclosure before further police record is deliberately destroyed.


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