Maurice Faces 4 Year Prison Term on 3rd Sept Exeter Crown Court – Gross Abuse of Process


Gross Abuse of Process

The cps man, Mr Rendle or Randle, played the  road incident’s nasty police man’s body cam  to himself while live in court in virtual mode, from some office in the UK, BUT neither magistrates nor I were aloud to see or HEAR it……a gross abuse of process which is why I said, “right I have heard enough of this nonsense and picked my papers, consisting of the days daily Telegraph and stomped out of court threatening to attend the 3rd September hearing when the ‘gloves will be off”

and so the South Wales Police perverse conduct continues unchecked

Written by an observer today

 MAURICE WALKS OUT OF COURT – Today at the 23 minute Exeter magistrates ct hearing the prevarications and dictates and railroading from the court, along with the total ignoring of Maurice’s explanations and requests, led to Maurice leaving the court during the hearing, and who could blame him?

Disclosure of the charges facts was denied to Maurice [CPS denied giving disclosure as it is believed it would “undermine their case”] – only a summary was available – which Maurice disputed. In other words: Maurice is disallowed the very details of the case[s] against him, even the police-worn body worn video camera footage is denied!!] and what he was arrested for.There were 3 charges:

1] “possession of a bladed article” [large kitchen knife] on 2 June on M5 motorway [CPS prosecuting “Chris Rendell said this was amenable for a summary trial] – the clerk then said the matter would be dealt with at magistrates court level, unless Maurice wished otherwise.

Maurice was then asked did he wish for the matter to be dealt with at magistrates and he declined stating “jury trial”. Maurice was asked time and again over the 23 minute hearing would he be getting a legal rep., which, ultimately, was left unanswered as the question of 2 years worth of costs regarding the case whereby he was a acquitted recently is still in limbo and not dealt with – completely unfair and possibly very illegal.

Legal types demand paying to represent one and hardly ever come at a reasonable and proper price – most accused defendants are not millionaires and legal reps. charge unearthly amounts and if someone in the halls of power decides theyre withholding the defendants costs for a recent case then paying expensive legal reps. at a later date [such as this case] is put in question.

All is carefully thought out by these public servants – and not always in the favour of citizens such as Maurice Kirk.Alarmingly, the 2nd + 3rd charges [“driving his car without a valid licence” and “valid insurance”]  have already been dropped, and   Maurice was asked how he would plea – he said he was unable to as,[with disclosure by the CPS being denied also]  he was “a little confused” as Taunton magistrates had already “quashed those charges” and, what’s more, “last year the police dropped those same charges” too.

The astonishing resurrecting of these 2 charges in this present court case surely shows something clearly wrong, and shows ultimately how far the prosecution will bend the rules regarding prosecuting someone when those very charges have been dropped BY 2 SEPARATE AUTHORITIES.

Regarding the charges Maurice stated he was never given a “producer” by the police on the 2 June [to produce his documents at a police station within the time period allotted] so it seems that, oddly, the CPS have re livened the “no licence + no insurance” charges after they already had been dropped merely  to bolster their “knife possession” case and help Maurice into jail yet again via another sentence. This obviously highly questionable adding of these 2 already deleted charges surely needs serious scrutiny into them by honest responsible parties.

South Wales Police instigated again, of course.

Taunton, a month ago……. my car is confiscated as my having ‘no driving licence’, later returned to me and told to drive away but the crowd of police refused to examine the kitchen knife I told them I had in my car!

I had told the Exeter Magistrates, to day, I had only returned to England at a cost of over £1000 just to plead if I was given a copy of the police body cam of the incident then I would know how to plead

I was refused as did the court refuse my tendered my defense statement explaining why I had good reason of having, not one but two kitchen knives in my vehicle.

Incidentally, having just won last month’s jury trial, brought by the South Wales Police concerning three charges, sending suspect anthrax and heroin from my Cardiff prison cell to Members of Parliament, it was of no surprise to be told my costs awarded, to cover £4000 out of pocket expenses, was a mere £237 because I had not asked for Legal Aid!!!!!!!!!!!

Now stopped by 17 police in routine police road check of vehicles they refused to examine the knives I was carrying in my car and told to drive away. Now work that one out!

The 3rd September, now there is a memorable date!

Ironic, post MP stalking acquittal?

This order you sent to me appears to be only a partially filled in T2020177 costs order for only £257 allowed for my two years of ‘out of pocket expenses’

I must have a fully filled in costs order, please, for the RCJ’s  MoJ department or it will reject it and especially as the latest farce in Exeter magistrates court yesterday appears to be a repeat performance and heading down the same route.

Welsh courts, of course, never ever gave me a penny of costs over 30 years in the south Wales Police’s 40 odd maliciously brought failed prosecutions as I am English so all this costs jargon now, at my age, is quite a ‘minefield’ to me 

The 2012/13 change in the rules on Legal Aid, due to lawyers etc fleecing the taxpayer as unaccountable, indicates that had I applied for it at commencement of prosecution, two years ago I would have been reimbursed for the £5000 odd  ‘out of pocket’ costs.

Remember, my alleged sending from my Cardiff prison cell ‘white powder’, believed to be anthrax, to an MP and John Graham Esq and heroin to Alun Cairns MP, I would have been reimbursed the £5000 odd in full but Operation Bridger, Operation Chalice and the South Wales Police unlawfully blocked all that.
It stinks, does it not?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

Tel 07708586202               
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Ironic, my Conservative MP, despite Exeter Crown Court’s order to respond, continues to ignore my letters for help re G4S run HMP Parc robbery of my ‘trading in machine guns’ substantive civil claim legal papers


Maurice Kirk <>11:03 (20 minutes ago)
Holborn Adams solicitors and attending QC to be sued in Taunton’s County Court

I suspect fraud and ask for advice from Law society following the theft of my £5000 by the above purported Hatton Garden fronted money laundering  lawyer gang

This email was sent to the ‘money laundering’ department’ of the Law Society

extract from today’s letter to Bristol County Court

Good morning,  I have spent more hours today on this following the recent judges order to re submit N244 application and fee.
I spoke to James, of payment dept,   just now reluctant to take my money as I have received, already, a sealed 25th July 2021 set aside receipt for hearing.
Last time at your court you made me pay £700 for a court fee that was, I said at the time, ultra vires and it took months to get my money back with multiple visits to the court  office with no apology
Exactly the same games I have experienced with 1Cf03361 (machine guns conspiracy) and T2020177 (Taunton MP conspiracy) etc CASES ALL FLOWING FROM SOUTH wALES pOLICE criminal conduct that successive courts and my Taunton MP deliberately ignore
Who in London in Operation Bridger and Operation Chalice is behind this decade of criminal conduct or do I have to join the devil worshipping brethren?


Dear Maurice J Kirk,

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