Arrested for Road Rage with a Carving nife?

I’m barred from eating in the Half Moon by court order so I have filed with the RCJ an appeal which they keep denying they received!

Such is the power of ‘big brother’. In this case the aftermath of the Met police’s ‘Operation Bridger’ following the tragic demise of a great girl, Jo Cox MP involving a knife

Today’s lunch in the rain at Stoke St Mary Taunton

So, it is of no surprise South Wales Police is still flogging my MAPPA badge of distinction as level 3 category 3 being one of the 5% most dangerous people in the UK!

No wonder the alleged rumour of theM5 road rage with me ‘wielding a carving knife’ at armed response police surrounding me and aircraft trailer!!

No wonder the ‘white powder ‘ the welsh prison sent to MPs purely to blame it on me as possible anthrax or heroin from my prison cellbut they get awayu with it time and again.

Now their latest South Wales Police spiteful prosecution is in Exeter’s court again on Tuesday …..’found in a public place’ with a pointed bladed article exceeding 3 inches in length

I buy lunch, as usual, for all attending for me as this has the makings of exposing, ‘what really is going on in our UK courts’.

Could Enid Blyton have made it up, I ask you?

HM Crown Court                                                                                                                      T20200177   Exeter       (Acquitted of Stalking my very own Conservative Member of Parliament)


And to Clerk of Bristol County Court                                          case number: G00TA220

8th June 2012                                                             

                                                  Application for a Public Enquiry

Dear Sir/Madam,

  1. Further to my today’s telephone call to establish the police allegation was to apply for a variation of existing restraining order and/or lay information of an alleged ‘contempt of court’, in my apparent detecting and preventing further crime by some Somerset, Dorset and Devon estate agents still running a price fixing ring, I have decided that it may be helpful for those un aware of the full South Wales Police conspiracy to further explain this insulting nonsense.
  • The South Wales Police are ‘hell bent’ on stopping my substantive monetary claims re BS614159 (40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions) and 1CF03361 (their also failed malicious criminal prosecution re my ‘trading in prohibited weapons’ including machine gun)!
  • This Exeter further failed South Wales Police malicious criminal prosecution, T20200177 (alleged stalking ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,) was doomed from the start as above.
  • Such is the level of spite as of 2nd June I now face charges including ‘being in possession of a kitchen knife on the M5 motorway’ contrary to section139(1) and (6) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 and driving ‘without appropriate driving licence’ or Insurance cover’!
  • On or about 8th Jan 2020 South Wales Police begrudgingly attended my Taunton residence for several hours to take my detailed statement of criminal complaint following the violent G4S robbery on me, on 1st November 2019, when being ‘ejected’ from HMP Parc, Bridgend.
  • This was deliberate to confiscate both my legal and medical papers relating to my police civil claims, including against G4S Custody Services, having been a party to fabricated malicious criminal convictions and assaults, whilst in prison and to prolong my 2019 incarceration. The Welsh police recorded message to …………………..MP, recording I had sent to her what was believed to be anthrax spores’ and to Alun Cairns MP possible heroin from my Cardiff prison cell, meant, she was assured, I would not be released in May 2020 but would remain in the prison for at least the rest of the year without the need of any further court of law process!
  •  This Exeter acquittal, denied defence witnesses or exhibits, release of Welsh prison custody records or return of my stolen property by either G4S or South Wales Police was, alone, a gross abuse of process in an attempt to cover-up the level of deceit in our Welsh authorities.
  • All other charges were withdrawn, including my G4S stolen letters to John Graham asking he find me a lawyer confirms, again, many in the South Wales Constabulary are congenital liars. John reminds me of G4S’s conduct re depravation of medicines and medical appointments.
  • During the course of Exeter’s jury trial, it was revealed that Welsh prison staff had unlawfully locked me in the Cardiff prison F Wing’s lavatory, in my wheelchair for 32 minutes, while four officers with drug dogs stole a sizeable quantity of my legal papers and letters to my then MPs and NEVER returned them. Even my specific court applications nothing was returned from Wales with admission even the CPS (Bristol) was refused it as it was incriminating evidence.
  1. It was abundantly clear to the South Wales Police that the primary cause of the G4S robbery, also including theft of my two wheelchairs, clothes and shoes, was to snatch back my Dr T W and other similarly concocted medical records of Glanrhyd Hospital (Caswell Clinic) specifically sent to me by Dr Gaynor Jones to HMP Parc. It is now proven those falsified medical records deny the return of my commercial pilot’s licences and membership to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, ie income, falsified under South Wales Police blackmail.
  1. I do not suffer from ‘significant brain damage’ as unqualified Dr T W had insisted, PDD, ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’ nor conducted myself, confirmed by HM Crown Prosecution Service, time and again, to have warranted, in June 2009, my registered MAPPA level 3 Category 3 (within top 5% most dangerous in the UK), a pariah to my own children.
  1. My 2010 civil trial, BS614159, clashed with the prohibited weapons trial, deliberately, as it was to be heard with 300 plus witnesses, which was, in any event, blocked by the then Chief Constable of the South Wales Constabulary, Barbara Wilding, for my alternative life remaining in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital. The ‘machinegun’ conspiracy jury trial only carried a mandatory 10-year prison term so South Wales Police concocted the MP fairy tale.
  1. In 2020 I therefore had to file unlimited damages claims, including G00TA220, in Taunton’s High Court for a minimum million pounds against the Welsh prisons’ joint nefarious conduct with the South Wales Police by having to deposit a non-returnable £10,000 court fee.
  1.  I proved in Exeter’s prosecution’s insulting evidence, by cross examination of the few prosecution’s witnesses I was allowed, that the South Wales Police, Operations ‘Tilt,’ ‘Bridger’, ‘Daisy’ and ‘Challis’ etc had all taken part, again, in perverting the course of justice all originating from an NHS sacked Dr T W for refusing to correct his 19th Oct 09 medical report.
  1. There requires a public enquiry into this unusual and extreme conduct of a Welsh Authority


Maurice J Kirk BVSc



[Is this a case of a bullying policeman  or ‘sour grapes’ following my recent Exeter acquittal?]

Registrar of Criminal Appeals
Criminal Appeals Office
Royal Courts of Justice

R v. Maurice John Kirk – Making of Restraining Order – Exeter Crown Court

I have already sent the Form NG and Grounds of Appeal by email to
both and regarding a restraining order
made by HHJ Johnson at Exeter Crown Ct on 20/05/21, copies enclosed.
However, on 1st July 2021, HHJ Johnson varied the Restraining Order under section 5A(2B) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

I wish to appeal also against that variation, but have been advised that section 5A(5) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 only gives a right to
appeal to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in respect of the making of the original Order.

Can you confirm that this is in fact the case and that any appeal against the subsequent variation of a Restraining Order made after acquittal should be made by an application to state a case under section 28 of the Senior Courts Act 1981.

Maurice John Kirk

2 Attachments

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Court Enquiries

Exeter Crown Court

and HM Crown Prosecution Service

Re Costs Determination – R v. Kirk T20200177 (alleged stalking MP acquittal)

Further to my earlier email asking you to keep the derisory £237 compensation for two years of my life ruined I am writing regarding the determination of Defence Costs in the above matter.  Firstly, I do not as of yet appear to have received the Costs Order.

Secondly, it seems that the court officer did not have authorisation from the Lord Chancellor to determine these costs as the appropriate authority, which was required under regulation 5(2)(c) the Costs in Criminal Cases Regulations 1986.

I have been advised that the Taxing Office in the Supreme Court Taxing Office should have determined these costs and that the application should have been sent to MOJ at

Therefore, I would enquire, please, if you are setting aside the determination so that I can resubmit the application for determination of expenses to the correct dept. in MOJ?

The next jury trial already concocted by Welsh MAPPA (found in possession of a knife on the Exeter M5) needs to be transferred to Taunton HM Crown Court

Maurice John Kirk

I have been sent an email with two videos remarkably similar to my current police persecution-

–I apologise with the bad language within but one remarkably portrays my Welsh GP’s wicked conduct and Caswell Clinic’s Dr T W’s criminal conduct, to have me locked away for life, while the other video is mirror image of officious fire arms police, 6878 Svetlik, on my leaving Exeter after acquitted for stalking an MP violently arrested me on the pretext of what ever.

Civil Disobedience


Arrested for Road Rage with a Carving Knife?

Sabine Macneill, like myself, had ‘blind’ faith in ‘the rule of law’and like me, failed to see the evil within UK’s distorted outdated judiciary until too late

Sabine refers to the Nigerian Musa family where the parents received a staggering seven year prison term and then deported with all their seven children put into the ‘UK’s money making adoption sausage machine’. I followed that public scandal accurately in both Crown courts and RCJ law courts–and who paid the staggeringly inflated lawyer bill for all of it?

Letter extracts from Dafydd Morgan to a law firm in his home town

Sunday 11th July 2021

Re – Sabine McNeill

Currently – Prisoner A8115EC, HMP Bronzefield

Sabine McNeill is a mathematician, system analyst, software designer, event organiser and one of the original team that brought the world wide web into the United Kingdom. She is married to Ian McNeill (deceased) who was one of the most senior leaders at the Greater London Council.

Should you care to do a search you will find that she is also the leading children’s rights campaigner and been involved in exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) for considerable time. She has persistently brought these issues to the attention of leading politicians and the European Commission.

Sabine McNeill – EU meeting – Children not for sale


Sabine McNeill – It’s too much

This is the video that that has most enraged the SRA activists and caused Sabine McNeill the vicious backlash from the establishment for speaking out.

Sabine McNeill is now half way through her incarceration and UK Government is looking at deporting her to Germany.

This is completely unacceptable.

Sabine McNeill is a British citizen and needs to be rewarded for her courageous work. Now is the time for the London mob to step up, reward her for her leadership and find an amicable conclusion.



20th July 2021 @ Exeter Court Centre


Incidentally, two pre-war Taylorcraft for sale & Breton cottage £28,000 the lot!

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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