High Level Welsh Police Conspiracy is Starting to Crumble

Your Ref/Ein Cyf: CO/00370/19

18th March 2021

South Wales Police Profession Standards Complaints Dept

Police HQ

Dear Chief Inspector Steve Grother,

High Level Welsh Police Conspiracy is Starting to Crack at its Foundations

  1. A brief summary, to assist any passing jury, of my many decades of complaints to your South Wales Police so called ‘Professional Standards Dept.’ where it continues to abuse CPR, MG6, OASys, Article 5 and other disclosure procedures.
  • Was your 17th May 2019 letter also a coincidence to me in Parc prison, quashing a police investigation into my now having proved that, not just your failed 2009 malicious criminal prosecution of my ‘trading in machine guns’ was an act of fraud but that 4th Dec 2018 HM Parole Service’s data disclosed you knew your colleagues had fed the prison and courts false serious criminal convictions, including ‘child abuse’, narcotics & firearms dangerous in order I be MAPPA level 3 cat 3 registered?
  • Was it simply a coincidence, on 17th May 2019, I was accused of sending the HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP, a bag of alleged heroin from my cell on F wing in Cardiff prison? I had also written to RCJ’s Court of Appeal but all these letters were being stopped without my being informed, were they not?
  • Is it still a coincidence that my letters, both in and out of prison re MPs offering assistance, were neither forwarded to the respective MPs nor returned to me?  It is now accepted, by Taunton police, releasing my letter to John Graham Esq where I was asking him to find me a lawyer, was maliciously stopped by your police despite knowing it contained no anthrax at all?
  • A coincidence or just another police conspiracy to frustrate my 10-year running 1CF03361 machine gun damages claim?
  • Is it still a coincidence, Chief Inspector, that the South Wales Police telephoned MPs to say that as I had tried to post, what the English authorities described as ‘harmless’ ‘unidentified’ white powder, stinking of prison issue toothpaste and used as glue to stick down recycled envelopes, was contrary to 2001 Prevention of Terrorism Act and therefore I was not to be released from prison other than, possibly, to Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely?
  • Is it still a coincidence that my ignored complaint to you, re Caswell Clinic’s rogue doctor’s 19th October 2009 false medical report, obtained under blackmail in a secret 2nd Dec 2009 Cardiff Crown Court, that I be incarcerated in Ashworth for life?
  • Are you now prepared to reconsider my previously provided facts of complaint, surrounding the 1st Dec 2011 purported restraining order ‘service’ on me when both HM Crown Prosecutors, David Evans & Chis Smyth state that was impossible?
  • Are you prepared to reconsider the criminal conduct surrounding my appointed barrister being told by a district judge that the Cardiff court files, on my numerous ‘restraining orders’ re rogue police psychiatrist, were now mysteriously ‘lost’?
  1. Are you prepared to send to a named barrister of my choice your whole file on my apparently futile complaints, over three decades, in order that current criminal allegations in both Taunton and Exeter criminal courts will obviously be quashed?
  1. When it comes to the subject of ‘misfeasance in a public office’ then there is ‘nothing new under the Sun’ where the day-to-day nefarious conduct of too many in the South Wales Police is concerned is there, Inspector Steve Grother?
  1. My 29th March 2021 Exeter Crown Court ‘disclosure’ hearing, at 10am, is far too long overdue as, in all my UK criminal and civil cases, if I obtain appropriate police disclosure of the relevant evidence then I invariably win but will you help me?
  1.  If statutory CPR procedures are abused, as has been the habit in the decades with successive Cardiff’s law courts, then I am destined not to be allowed to win, whatever the seriousness of the circumstances may be so will you disclose the evidence?
  1. For many years the English authorities have been fed spiteful and malicious erroneous forensic evidence by some in your South Wales Police and often generated following your police losing their latest absurd criminal allegations, isn’t that so?
  1. These recent criminal allegations lost by the South Wales Police was also based on the fact I had been gaoled for ‘breaching’ a court ‘restraining order’ never ‘served’ on me in the first place but will you obtain Queen Square Chambers proof on this?
  1.  Is the level of spite against an Englishman, having won 89% of 113 South Wales Police malicious criminal allegations, resulting in well over forty failed malicious criminal prosecutions being, ignominiously done BUT why will not investigate?
  1. In the collapsed case of PC Murphy caught lying about my ‘smuggling pigs’ into Eire in my aircraft why was prosecutor last seen quickly grabbing a CPS file and running for the exit if not to avoid my habit of arresting proven bent officials in courts?
  1. Why, in the collapsed case of CPS officer, Soffa, when hiding the true identity of the driver was disclosed in court following his arrest, were not the police officers not then investigated by your department for also ‘perverting the course of justice’?
  1. Also in May 2019 why was I gaoled unconvicted for having sent a ‘harmless’ white powder to John Graham and others when Cardiff prison staff knew it was simply the remnants of prison toothpaste used on a WANTED poster stuck on my cell wall?
  • The subject on the WANTED poster was the lying Caswell Clinic police doctor who still refuses to correct his 19th Oct 2009 medical report when knowing it was false and very, very damaging so why will you not help me recover that data from G4S?
  • The English authorities will never obtain CPR ‘disclosure’ of relevant evidence from Welsh authorities as it is a reason why I am unable to be legally represented. Without immediate ‘specific disclosure’ for example, relating to my stolen prison correspondence, both in and out of all three welsh prisons and for G4S refusing to return my property, robbed from me on 1st November 2019, it must come under one of your responsibilities and if not, just who is ultimately responsible?
  • Will you supply disclosure or I may not attend further management hearings as the current case is of your doing is it not?
  • The incriminating South Wales Police evidence you cause to be released would mean, would it not, my not just winning this latest charade currently in an English court but also a dozen other flawed welsh maliciously brought criminal convictions all  fabricated to prevent my reinstatement onto the veterinary register in order needed to finance my civil claims against you?
  • Will you stop my being re-instated onto the UK veterinary register and enter the USA to recover stolen aircraft despite my suing your welsh authorities for almost losing my life, loss of my wife, my health, my wealth and damned near my sanity?
  • The welsh prosecution’s motive always was and still is that I be continuously incarcerated in some stinking welsh prison in order to prejudice my now formidable ‘extreme and unusual’ ten or so civil damages claims against the South Wales authorities for their modus operandi of incessant bullying but will you help in obtaining disclosure of evidence to support?
  • Alternatively, was this bizarre criminal allegation sparked off by the Avon and Somerset Police by way of a simple telephone call from Wales, my having never forgotten my winning over 70% of many fanciful criminal prosecutions, back in the 70s in Taunton when the % win recorded should have been the other way round based on Home Office guide lines?
  • My 75% success in similarly failed criminal prosecutions, in both Guernsey and Alderney law courts, only needed that same ’put the boot in’ telephone call from the insular minded Bailiwick police, in the early 90s, to your police with their inept hatred and acts of deceit on anything English, so can you confirm that repeat for the forthcoming trial?
  • Those 113 plus criminal allegations in Wales were levelled at me in the space of about nine years so is your game to repeat such an abuse of process here in civilised England due to plain old fashioned spite for having lost 89% of them?
  • Is there a risk that the consequences of your unlawfully withheld disclosure of incriminating forensic evidence will be seen as yet another conspiracy to ‘pervert the course of justice’ as in last year’s withheld ‘machine gun’ evidence by Dolmans, solicitors and its private client, the Chief Constable for the South Wales Constabulary, you also flatly refuse to investigate?
  • Will you now investigate why the new ‘machine gun’ evidence, released ten years but not to me, proved my innocence?
  • But are you prepared to cause release, for the Exeter trial and HM Royal Court of Justice, the very relevant witness statements gathered by a Llantwit Major Acting Inspector when I was gaoled in Cardiff’s Central Police station and fined £50 for allegedly ‘attempting to kill the Lord Mayor of Cardiff with one of my machine guns’?
  • Will you help me recover my G4S stolen legal papers, clothes, shoes and wheelchair because, if not recovered by the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, before the scheduled 29th March court hearing. then there will be no point in my attending?
  • For any new reader of my website I must explain was it last year’s sheer luck or was it the deliberate stopping HHJ Andrew Keiser QC covering up Dolmans ordered to disclose data previously, unknown to me, the eleven and twelve year old forensic reports by both welsh and Nottinghamshire police and Birmingham Proof House on the ‘firing capability’ exhibit ARH1?
  • The ‘stripping down’ of the alleged section 5(1) of 1968 Firearms Act ‘prohibited weapon’ was videoed as per Home Office Regulations but why were the police then ordered by Chief Constable Barbara Wilding to destroy this CCTV footage or did it relate to her swiftly resigning her post simply to protect her pension?
  • Should I get your disclosure and yet undisclosed Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital CCTV footage, surrounding the police and CPS’s malicious criminal fabrication that I should be locked away for life, due to ‘significant brain damage’, will heads roll?
  • Why are police statements, exceeding over a dozen of them, still withheld as all were concocted by the South Wales Poli in order I be registered MAPPA 3/3 to be lawfully ‘shot’ on 22nd June 2009 right in front of my family?
  •  Why do you allow copies of my Caswell clinic leaked medical records, needed for the Exeter trial as supporting  my ‘non fitness to plead’ application, are still within the Dr Gaynor Jones sent file to G4S prison on 6th November 2018 at police HQ?
  • But why did the medical records include quotes from the arrogant and ignorant habitual liar, Professor Rodger Wood, writing my having ‘significant brain damage’ was not just due to my ditching my WW2 aircraft in the Caribbean but for being a long-term drinking partner of my veterinary client, actor Oliver Reed Esq?
  • Was I therefore deemed medically unfit and therefore unable to ‘stand trial’ for ‘being in possession of a prohibited weapon’ as all knew, by early July 2009, the prosecution case against me was, as the next, most likely already doomed?
  • Also, again not unlike the imminent Exeter jury trial, I may finally obtain that Caswell Clinic medical disclosure, too late, snatched by G4S and sought by me ever since October 2009, as the State cannot plead insanity both ways, now can it?
  • The sacked NHS doctor, however, is scheduled to return from New Zealand to give at least three days of defence evidence, on my behalf, in the trial as it was he who ‘struck a deal’ with your then boss, Barbara Wilding, in 2009, was it not, for not being reported to NHS (Wales) or to the General Medical Council for having knowingly falsified medical reports to ruin me?
  • Do these extreme and unusual levels of quite unchecked South Wales Police criminal conduct require all my civil and criminal cases being transferred well outside Wales and where appropriate, to be heard in higher level courts?
  • Will disclosure be ordered by Exeter Crown Court especially as to the 2009 forensic inspection of the ‘gun’, stripped down under video surveillance as per Home Office Regulations, only to reveal, in 2021, it undermined the prosecution’s case?
  • Was it relevant previous English police forces had, misguidedly, deemed the film prop ‘gun’ was not even a shot gun?
  •  Why withhold these exhibits and witness statements from me and the jury within twenty odd deliberately concocted superfluous files of extraneous irrelevant data if not attempting to further pervert the course of justice?
  •  Why were the same police not been investigated from having both unblocked the barrel and had painted the imitation ammunition magazine a different colour of prosecution exhibit, ARH1, just to try and fool the jury?
  • Why is your police department covering-up your colleagues and Dolmans, solicitors, conspiracy to now make my civil jury trial 1CF03361 damages claim appearing to be ‘document heavy’ to in order to bar independent scrutiny of an English  jury?
  • Why will you not disclose the full South Wales police officer’s 2010 statement, written just days before the 25th Jan 10 ‘gun’ jury trial in Cardiff Crown Court or was just another attempt to bury incriminating evidence not dissimilar to the currently still withheld Nottinghamshire and Dorset police and MG11 forensic data hidden in your own earlier witness statements?
  • Why the level of nefarious conduct by so many senior police, re exhibit ARH 1, when they already knew on the M5, at the ‘dead of night’, that this dummy film prop 1916 WW1 Lewis machine-gun that was bolted on my DH2 replica 1916 Battle of the Somme biplane in 2000, was flown at the Farnborough air and all orchestrated by lawyers in fraud, was it not?
  •  Why, today, the same fundamental flaws in the CPS psyche here in England, re purported ‘breaches’ of my ‘restraining’ orders when all know the restraining orders to ‘protect’ rogue Caswell Clinic NHS sacked forensic psychiatrist, were deliberately NOT SERVED on their MAPPA level 3 category 3 MAPPA victim?
  •  I say again, this is confirmed by your CPS and Exeter’s HM Prosecutors from Queens Square Chambers, Bristol, was it not?
  • Why do you still block the relevant disclosure confirmed by HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) and in these current Exeter proceedings where, again, charges were dropped to try and cover-up the scale of lies dreamed up by your mates?
  • Was I obstructed to defend myself from decades of police bullying and incessant harassment whilst practicing veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan, just for the South Wales Police to falsely have my name removed from the veterinary register or was to curtail my income to fund such an awesome ordeal in prosecuting, in a foreign land, such a corrupt ‘authority’ clearly accountable to no one?
  • This current criminal allegation originated from Taunton back in the 70’s where, while facing the criminal indictment of the ‘theft of the Chief Superintendent’s personal note book’, why was I given eleven police witnesses and sufficient police controlled ‘disclosure’ needed for that speedy acquittal requiring no defence being tendered so will you cause disclosure?
  • In 2019 your welsh police had fabricated that I had breached a court bail condition, this time by not returning by 7pm to a Cardiff bail hostel from my second doctor’s appointment in Taunton in the space of 24 hours but will you disclose the truth?
  • Why was I not allowed to catch a Cardiff train for Taunton five minutes earlier, before 8am or it would be a breach of my MAPPA bail terms originally handed down in order to secure my release from HMP Parc on 1st November 2019?
  • Similarly, in 2015, you refer to my 2015 re call to Swansea prison without disclosing any evidence so not now for Exeter?
  • While in Bridgend prison why was I so severely bullied and assaulted for fictitious criminal convictions dreamed up by your boyos that I had never existed? Will your department continue to ignore this complaint of mine also needed for Exeter trial?
  • Why is my sister and I refused promised Parole Board files for Exeter trial stopped by your police when it was your parole officer, in his ‘leaking’ my 2018 police prepared OASys data, revealing further misfeasance by a fabricated criminal record?
  • Why are all my legal papers and machine gun papers and MP letter log, especially, covering most of these above complaints, were clearly robbed from me on instructions from your own South Wales Police still not returned to me?
  •  Why are so many senior ranked Bridgend based police officers all refusing to recover any of them stolen by G4S, including my other legal papers, wheelchair, shoes and clothes and my Caswell clinic and NHS (Wales) records specifically emailed to HMP Parc for my Taunton GP and Musgrove hospital’s gastro-enterology teams asking desperately to have copy of them?
  • Why will you not investigate any of these above identified serious criminal allegations so easily proved?
  • It all stinks, Chief Inspector Steve Gother, does it not?


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Cc to HM Crown Prosecution Service England) & HM Crown Court Exeter.

Oh Surprise, Surprise, ,Appears Reluctant to Disclose Data like her Counterpart in South Wales


Chief Superintendent D Richards 

Head of south wales Police Professional Standards Department  

Police HQ  


Your ref SG/JDL/32/co/00370/19 

My ref T20200177 

19th March 2021 

Dear Sir, 

Police Failed Disclosure of Evidence as it would undermine its Prosecution’s Case 

Please find enclosed my 18th March 2021 explanatory complaint letter to Chief Inspector Steve Gother on website who, in decades, has never disclosed any evidence under his or your control as it undermines your prosecution’s case. 

This yet undisclosed incriminating evidence is needed for the Exeter Crown Court Jury, triggered by your officers confiscating my property and including my letters to MPs when in HMP Parc, ‘over the wall’ complaining of your officer’s incessant 24/7 bullying. 


Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

Cc to CPS and Exeter Crown Court 

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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